The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 24, 1913, Image 1

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The bend bulletin
NO. 4a
fnr Tariff ahoola showlnR tho oxnet
rntns nrn not yot available, hut na
aoon as thoy aro dotnllod Information
will ho Riven hy Tho Hullotln.
;iutfiKCM EffrcllvoJiiiuiitry I Will On.
y Add to IHlllcnllli'N On Hllvor
Lnkn Iilnn HircN4 Rules To
iict Hitcrplng Cut In CoiiivU'.
Tho parent post tyRtrn Inaugural
ed by Uuohi Ham In playing havoc
with tho purso of tlio contractor mi
the tnnll roulu from llond to Hllvor
Lake, with the iiromlno of even gront
ir damage bolng wrotiKhl lifter Jnnu
u ry 1 when tha no-pound limit law
become offcctlvo. It I stntod by
olio who Is In it poult Ion to know that
Contractor Cormitt In now losing
from 10 to 112 n day. Tho mnll
rtitiM do heavy that tlinrn I llttlo
vliAtico to carry express nnd bnggago
its In Dm dnyit of yoro, wlillo tho nu
tomoblles hnva prnctlcnlly tnkrn tha
nntlro psssongor business which used
to bo n rovonun hrliigur.
Aftur tho Tint of tho year. U It
ald, ninny or llm merchants to tho
.south Intonil to havo tholr goods ship
ped In horn hy freight nntl thnn mako
nil of It they onn tip Into 60-ikiuiiiI
package "nil mall It. Tho mall rnto
on 60 poumU to Hllvcr I.nko. which
lit In tho second xone. will ho 5 cunts
for tho first iounil nnd 1 cent (or
meh additional poiunl. or a total of
l eeuts. Tho rnto charged liy tho
freighters la now 101 cents a hun
dred to Nllvor I.ako. making tho mall
cbaago hut 7 oentn n hundred high
er. Tho mall Is upod to ro
throHKh In 48 hours, h gnst Rain In
time over freighting. If thin method
Im employed, thn contractor will lie
obllNod to put on freight tenuis to
rnrry tho mall, thereby adding to hit
already dully loo. And. wontt of
nil. bis contract do not expire un
til 10. 1914.
.NcW Mall Hortlrn Not Wt-ek.
A double dally railway mall service
will twgln on tho lid. with thn going
Into ffoot of the ooHtrnrl with tho
O.-W. It. & N. Co. AeoordliiRtn MM
onielal Information received here,
thla will ho thn saiiio sort of aorvlco
hi la now on tho Oregon Trunk. Mnll
from tho Hast will reaoh horo mora
than IS houra oarllor than at proa
vnt, and thorn will ho null to nnd
from I'ortlnud hoth mornlnR nnd v
OnrlnR tho paat wcok tho local
post office pooplo havo had tholr aharo
of tho trouble of thla world. Tho In
coming nnd outRolnR psckagra havo
been like n flood. For Inatanco, on
Thursday lfl IiIr aacka wont out, on
"Friday 18 nnd on Halurday 30. Down
at tho express offlco there haa been
110 approolnhlo rush, na It la cheaper
to send hy parcel post than by ex
press. Nnrrplng Reduction February I.
However, Undo Sam la not to Rot
nil thn business. Aftor n year of
tiulctudo, tho express companies hnvo
nwnkenrd to tho fart that thoy must
make reductions to moot tho govern
mont competition. Advance Informa
tion hna boon rocolvod hy Agent Cor
holt horo that thoro will ho soino
MWoplnR cuts nnd ovon on somu ar
tloloa It will ho chonper to havo thoin
co nin In from Portland, for Instanco,
hy express than hy frolRht. Thuto
now nili'B 11 ro to 1:0 Into effect Febru
nry 1 naoordlnRlo word rocolvod so
lhe Deschutes Banking (ft Trust
south o f Beim
llor. H. J. Ilulgln to bo Clilef HKvk
en -Tliroo Cliurrlie Join In Pro
motion Also Musical Features,
Undor tho nuaplcoa of tho Protost
nnt churches of llond, n series of
rovlvnl aorvlcos will ho hoRun on Hun
day nlRht, Hoy. K, J. IIiiIrIii conduot
InR thn inrotlnRd. Ho Is oxpnotod to
nrrlvo Haturday iivoiiIiir. nccomptin
lud hy .Mr. nnd Mrs. lloso. who will
assist In tho musical fontiiros of tho
Mr. IliilRln, who la known In thla
country. ImvliiK conduolud 11
cniiipnlRn In I'rlnovlllo two yoars no,
la nl prosont complntltiR n sorloa of
incctliiKs at Hod llluff, Cat., nnd will
cotmt from thoro direct to llnnd. Ills
homo Is In Portland, whom ho has
llvnd mIhco lonvliiK tho reRulnr ministry.
To assist In tho aervlcea 11 choir of
70 voices haa been aolectod from tho
thrnn churchos nssoclntod. Tho choir
will moot Haturday ovnnliiK for ro-
hoarsal with Mr, nnd Mrs. lloso, on
tholr arrival.
All tho meotliiRa, which will ho
hold n k htly. will ho hold In tho Pros
hyicrlan church, Larso audiences
nro uxpoclod, n number of pooplo bav
in k indloatod tnoir intontion or com
Iiir from nearby towns. Itoomn for
a number hnvo nlrondy been en Raited
hy Itedmond nnd Prlnavllla church
pcoplo who nro Intorcstad .
Tho committee who hnvo made or
ranRomonta for tho mcotlnRs, Include
tho mlnlsdira of thn three churches
nnd i. I). Wlcst, ltnsa Karnham, I).
P. Winter, C, H, Donaon nnd Mrs.
Ntlillntv MnrkMiieii Oimliiir. t' To
Oirry On" I'liio Cup Thoy Kny.
KiiKliieer LaurRaard of tho Tumato
projeet was up from Lajdlnw Monday
and stated that tho l.aldlaw marks
moil will be here In form tomorrow
nnd ttxpoct to oorry away llm cup
whloh will ho oompotod for In th
CMiitrnI OroRou ahootliiR tournainoHt
to ho hold oil tho Rrounds or tho Hod
nnd dun Club. Tim cup Is here and
Is n dandy. fthontliiR will lieiiln at
10 n. in. Homo of tho 'hoya" woro
out Sunday ReltlnK their slRhta In
Tho l.aldlaw oluh hold tho third
ovont In lt shoot Sunday, IiIrIi man
holiiR T. (I. Itcckor. with SO out of
2j. Next Bundny tho fourth ovont
wilt coma off nnd In tha ovont that
C. P. Decker Is IiIkIi man tho cup will
ho cinched by him, as ho won It on
ThanksRlvlns; day,
Wlllard II. Wlrta nnd Miss Avar
Dobhs of Prlnevlllo wero married last
Wednesday ovnnlnR nt tha homo of
tho hrlda'a parents at tho county
aoat. Only a few Intlmnto frlonda
and relatives of tho coupla wero pres
ent. Mrs. Wlrlx Is tho dsuRhtor of
Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Dohbs nnd alstor
of. Miss Nora Pobbs, who was In tho
llond telophone exohango for so mo
weeks In tho summor. Mr. Wlrtx
Is tho popular county attorney.
To Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Coffey, on
December 10, a boy. The child died
To Mr. nnd Mrs. M. U llnlloy. on
Docnmbor 10. n hoy.
To Mr. nnd Mrs. Ooo. Couch, on
Docomhor S3, n boy.
To Mr. nnd Mrs. Theodore Luna
InR, on Decombor 18, a boy.
North Canal Project Matter Taken up With Secre
tary of InterlorRccjamatlon Service Engineer
In Pavor of State and Federal Aid.
(Hpeclal to Tho llulletln.) 1
8AI.HM, Doc. 22. Settlors on tho
North Canal unit of tho Central Oro
Ron Irrlnntluu Company's project will
bo milled to moot In llond Haturday
afternoon, January 17, to consider
Governor West's plan for brliiulim
about co-operation between U10 Rtiito
nod tho fndentl Rovornuiiint In taklni;
over tht unit of tho prwjeet and coin
plutliiK It, nnd thus enable tho om
piiny to llnnnco tho romnlndor of tho
Opposition of State MiiRlneor .lohn
II. Uiwls to tho Governor's plan for
corporation has had tho effect of
iiccoleratl.iK tho (lovornor'a uctlvltio
and ho has already taken tho matter
up with K. (J. ilopson, suporvlsliiR
enulneor of tha reclamation aorvlco
of thla state, nnd with tho Hocrotnry
of tho Interior.
It Is tho (lovornor'a Idea to submit
his plan first to tho settlors on tho
projoct and hoar tholr objections If
thoy havo any, and then take It up
with tho llond Commercial Club,
which will bo asked to Rot back of
tho plan nnd conduct an educational
camnalKn amonir tho other eomniar-
clal clubs of thn stntc. Then ho will
present tho plan to tho Oregon Irri
gation Congress, which wilt moot In
February nnd seek Its endorsement.
When tho plan Is doftlnltoly worked
out tho Oovernor will protont It to
tho Secretary of tho Interior, nnd
when tho LoRlslsturo meets n mens
uro ombodylnc tho plan will bo In
troduced. Already tho Oovernor has naked
tho Secretary of tho Interior to Rive
assurance, that In nvenl tho project
Is found to bo feasible and satisfac
tory, ho will favor expending 1400.
000 or 1S00.0Q0 of novornmont funds
on the hosts of dollar for dollar with
tho State.
HopMiii Apprme tho Plan.
KnRlnoor Ilopson of thn reclama
tion sorvlco has Riven his approval
to tho Idea. The oomiMUiy stales
I there nro 34,000 Irrigable acres in
tho unit, nnd $300,000 haa been spent
on It nn nbout JdOO.oOO u needed to
complete It.
"I do not hrsltnto to oxprcua my
conviction that thla project la a very
low priced ono, tho low cost bclnR
merely duo to tho peculiarly favor
ablo to)ORrnphy nnd the cheap canal
construction posslhlo In this locality,
also to tho absence of storano re
quirements," says Mr. Ilopson In his
letter to tho Governor. "I bellevo
sufllclont la known about this project
to warrant n careful examination of
tho situation by tho atato and gov
ernment, toRothor with an appraisal
of tho company's plant, theso to bo
natural resources can only bo solved
tho company, with a v1ow to tho ulti
mate elimination of tho company's In
terests and tho oarly completion of
tho project by tho stata nnd nation,
or both."
West Writes To Secretary Inne.
Governor West mado a strong ap
peal to tho Secretary of tho Interior
for co-operation In connection with
this projoct.
"Many of tho most difficult prob
lems now before us In ut'Ilklng our
by hearty co-opcrntlon between tho
stnto nnd nation," wroto tho govor
nor. "Tho Doschtitea co-operative
InvostlRallons now In progress may
bo ox poet ed to open up a largo nnd
J I . 1 1 1 in I V
J " v ' '"''' ' " ' I
Bend Hardware Co.
useful field for future work. During
your last visit horo and slnco your
return to Washington you havo ox
pressed appreciation of tho attltudo
of Orogon and your Intention to allot
n sum for co-oporatlvo construction
of an Irrigation projoct In Central
"The state la now constructing the
Tumalo project In that region and
tho work has every Indication of suc
cess. In tho vicinity of tho Tumalo
project thoro Is a largo segregation
under tho Cnroy Act by a company
known as tho Centrnl Oregon Irriga
tion Company. This work was vis
ited by you last August. Work by
thin company hna been tiractlcnlly at
a standstill for a long time, owing
to tho Inability to finance further ox
tensions of tho work. Tho company
desires to Have tlio state or nation,
or both, anpralsn and tnko over an
Important unit of Its work, Including
soma 34,000 acres, thereby relieving
In of nn obligation under which It
cannot mako good.
"1 have given tho matter much
consideration and havo obtalnod ad-
vlro from qualified experts. Includ
ing tho reclamation service. Enclos
ed Is n copy of a letter from K. O
Ilopson, supervising englncor, U. S
It. rt. written In answer to my roquost
or a row days nco. 1 am reasonably
convinced this Is ono of tho cheapest
and most fosslblo projects In the
stato: tno cliaractor of tlio country
you will yourself recollect.
"I bellevo an oarly examination
and appraisement of all legal and
physical facta bearing on tho project
nnd pertinent to a possible ncqu'al
tlon to tho Company a plant and the
early completion by tho state and na
tion In co-operation should be made.
"If the project l found feasible
It might he built during 1914 and
1 ill IV. poMlhly being completed in
1915. Presont Indications are that
all oxpetidlturoa, Including the ac
quisition of the presont plant will
not bo more than $800,000. While
nothing should bo dono that would
commit either tho Stato or Nation to
a project not yot fully Investigated
or determined upon, I would llko to
havo. If possible, an Informal asstir
anco from you that you will alldt
some $400,000 or $500,000 for n
dollar for dollar co-operation with
tho State, In the event tho project
bo found generally foaslblo and sat
isfactory. On my part I will pledge
my earnest endeavors towards seeing
a similar sum In duo time provided
by tho stato."
Icnls Oppose AVcst.
Stato Engineer tawlg says ho Is
opposing the. Governor's scheme for
co-oporatlon because he thinks the
government owes it to tha state to
take over tho project by Itself and
put up all tho money for its comple
tion. Ho hns presented his vlows
In tho following statement:
"Tho rapid settlcmont of 34.000
acres of Irrigable land In tho vicini
ty of Redmond and Bend Is Involved
In President Stanley's offer on behalf
of tho Central Oregon Irrigation
Company to turn over for $300,000
Its North oanal project, to tho Unltod
States, or tho stato, or both, In co
oporatlon. "Tho Hon on Carey Act lands ad-
( Continued on Page 8)
Tho wants of all In Hand In the
way of a Christmas dinner nro today
bolng cared for by tha First National
Hank. Baskets of food hnvo been
provided and nro being distributed
to all who would othorwlso pass the
day without a special foaat. Each
baakot contains groceries nnd other
things to caro for the wants of m
The llond lodge of Woodmen has
elected tho following now officers:
Howard Polmor, V. C: O. A. Thor
aon, W. A.; N. P. Wlcder, Clerk; E.
A. Sathor, E. H.: W. C. Griffin, ss
cprt; C. O, Vlnyard, wctchman; M.
It. Knutaon. sentry; M. It. Knutson,
A. A. Hanna, C. W. Iloech, board of
trustees; U. C. Coo. II. Forroll, A. L.
Williams, physicians.
New Year's Hall Will bo Iniortint
Social Etent.
Tho Now Year's hall which tho
Knights of Pythian will glvo promises
to bo a loading social ovont of tho
holiday season. It lias been dennlte
ly decided to hold It In the new It.
M. Smith building, Instead or Bather's
Hall. With this largo floor avall
nblo It is expected that a big crowd
will bo In nttondanco. Thoro will
be no entertainment of any kind at
neighboring towns, nnd many out of
town people are expected to be here.
Ilenil Company Will Hnvo Holler To
0crato Planer Next Week.
Tho IJcnd Company hns begun the
creation of a now boiler house to
tako tho place of tho ono destroyed
by firo on tho night of December 9.
It la expected that one boiler will be
In oporatlon next week furnishing
power sufficient to run tho planer,
and tha two others will bo set up
In the winter In time to start sawing
whon the soason opens.
Inspection by oxports showed that
tho loss was not so great as at first
believed, being only about $2,000.
Tho shells of the liollors wero prac
tically undamaged, but now steam
fittings are necessary. Tho building
will be rebuilt.
Vernon A. Forbes, a mombor of
the Celllo Commission, went to Tho
Dalles Sunday to meot with tho other
members and make nn Inspection
trip along tho Columbia. Mr. Forbes1
returned Monday night. Tho com-
mission has choson Wllllnm E. Mor-.
rl8 of Portland na Its engineer. Mr.
Forbes and Stato Engineer Lewis
wero appointed to represent tho com-)
mission at a meeting of tha directors
01 the Oregon Irrigation Congress in
Portland next month.
Slightly more than an Inch of snow
rn Qimrffiv ihnrl flitmitt nit mtirh tost
night and today. The earlier fall haa
stayed on xno grounu nuu iw nr-
.!.... n-lll mill, m whlln Phrlilmin.
although thoro ! hardly enough for
aieigbinf: aa uicru won met j if
Vin Mtm nv nt t1A nnv thn worm
sunny days that were enjoyed during
mo earner pari 01 wie moum iu
gono and tho feel of winter Is final
ly here.
Hilly Hunt, whoso record as a
IiixV hiinlnr hna benn described In
The Bulletin, broke his left fore arm
and out hla nana sevcroiy on xnonauj
whlle hunting about three miles out
from town. Ho fired at a squirrel
when tho gun burst nnd Injured
him. Dr. Coe dressed tho wounds
nnd ho was nblo to be out tho next
wShKSssw ft
71&4kil.- wMLxm: LTOiL,m
Ki t.r-toP -- 7ft -f -mmikr
m --- -- uifAmsv
"i . v&mntm'
Clu'istmns, with its good cheer nnd its joy for the chil
dren will never go out of fashion. It is money spending
tiiffe, , Hut if you have been BANKING your money all
year you can spend a' few dollars and not feel it. It will
make' a" lots more Merry Christmas to- have money in the
bank, Suppose you give your wife or child a BANK
AgCqjNT for Christmas.
j Make OUR bank YOUR bank
The First National Bank of Bsnd.
Spark on Roof Relieved to Havo
Started Maze No Water Available
For Fighting Flames Much
Property Carried Outf Saved.
The building In which was located
tho creamery and Ico factory was
burned to the ground last Thursday
night. Tho flro U supposed to have
started on the roof of tho creamery
sldo of tho structu.o, from sparks
from tho stoveplpo. The total loss
Is estimated at $13,500. Insurance
of $8,000 was carried.
Tho flro' started about 10 o'clock
and the one-story building burned
very slowly, not being consumed until
after midnight Had It been possible
to get a good stream of wator on tho
burning structure, it could have been
saved, but the nearest city hydrant
was too far away to be of any service.
Tho best that could he dono was to
get out all of tho contents that was
rofrlble, and a big force of volunteers
iiccoedod in saving a Jargo amount of
goods. Theso conslstod of about two
carloads of beer In kegs and one car
load of bottled beer In barrels, to
gether with soma 400 boxes of ap
plies. This was practically every
thing that was In tho cold storage
room of the building. Something
over 100 pounds of butter and a lot
of empty milk cans wero saved from
tho croamory. It' wag also possible
to get considerable machinery from
tho Ice plant. Including the electric
Tho chief loser Is the Central Ore
gon Ico & Cold Storago Co. Tho
company owned the building and the
Ico factory, Its ontlro property bolng
valued at $12,000. Insurance car
fled totaled $7000. The Pioneer
Cream Company's loss Is estimated at
$1G00, covered by $1,000 Insurance.
Plans for rebuilding havo not yet
been made but It Is expected that a
stone or brick building will go up.
H. Kersten of tho Ice concern and S.
R. Cooper of Prlnevlllo. tho creamery
owner, went to Portland Sunday
night to havo a conference with par-
tics Interest as to plans ror the fu
ture. In the meantime the creamery
office Is located next door to J. A.
Eostes' and cream will be shipped
to the Pioneer creamery at Prlnevlllo
and butter aent back until the local
plant can be re-established, 'as it
will be whether or not a building Is
put up again on the old site.
The Ice factory and creamery be
gat, operations here in the spring of
I'll 2 and have been very successful.
Thr Ice factory supplied nil the towns
Inputs part of the state,
At the Pilot Dutto Inn yesterday
morning at 10:30 Clarence V. Enloe
and Miss Flo McKoehUn were married
by Rev. E. G. Judd. The witnesses
wore Mrs. Hoveta Eendres and Miss
Myrtle Chapman. J. F. Taggart and
Miss Chapman accompanied the
young couple to Prlnevlllo Monday
to get the license. Mr. Enloe lives
at Sink. In Lake county. Mrs. Enloo
formorly resided In Bend. After
spending a few days hero they will
go to Sink to mako tholr homo.