The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 17, 1913, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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    rXott i.
RKND ttUIXKTIN, BRND, ORM., WKDNKHOAV, llKCKMllfelt 17, 10111.
Klilpincnt of 114 of the 'ttiuuo Ulirili
Arrived 'itcCciitly llnvo lloon UN
tribute. Among Itnnoliox For
JP V'lmrJuTmjy Ouurt Aid;
TIiq (Jhlna nheasants whloh tho
Stnto Fish and Camo Commission
proposed to send to Central Oregon
' arrived a short tlnio ago nnd have
been plnccd with ranchers In different
parts of the count)' to bo kopt thro
tho winter. In the spring, when thoy
will havo become In sonio measure
acclimated and when weather condt
tlons will bo better, they will be lib
erated. It will be soma time nftor
that before tho birds may bo shot,
and measures have been taken to
protect them aeainst Illegal killing
In tho interval.
This shipment comes through tho
efforts of Ciydo M. McKay, district
pamo warden, who has been in cor
respondence with officials of tho state
commission nearly all summer mak
ing arrangements to have the birds
Bent here. When thoy woro secured
he began to provide for having them
taken care of on arrival and as a re
sult fouud four rancher-sportsmen,
who agreed to take thorn until tho
spring. These men aro W. D.
names, of Lsldtaw; C. O. Pollard,
of Prlnevlile; Wm. Phoenix, of Red
mond and J. S. Stanley of Bend, who
have received six pairs of the phea
sants each, there hnvlng been 48 in
the shipment from the game farm at
For protection against killing the
pheasants before the law Is taken off
them, the County Court has offered a
reward of $2S for information which
will lead to the conviction of a poach
er. In addition under tho state law
n fine of from $50 up Is provided for
killing out of season, half of which
goes to the Informer. It is expected
that these provisions, as well as tho
sentiment of the sportsmen of the
count) will serve to protect tho birds
until they will have gained a foot
hold here.
As showing that conditions aro fav
orablo for the pheasant, Mr. McKay
cites the cage which several havo re
ported to. him of a cock pheasant
which has been scon with a flock of
sage hens in the' vicinity of Antelope
Springs south of Mlllican. It Is not
known how he camo to that locality
but ie has -apparently dona well
there and has gone through at least
one winter without difficulty.
. iW W -m - BUH
'"'it. aV"
If You Value
Your Child's Eyesight
their rlvnls. Vber IjUihI uiul Mcuf clles
mi numslni; niievdotu of diplomatic life
In tho eighteenth century,
In 1711 Count Hostusluw was sent
by the emperor of Itussln to HtocUtmlm
to put tho taii'stUm of war or pence to
tho Swedish government, upon unlv
iiiK tho count mndu known lit mission
ami (lieu waited patiently for nn mi
Hver. Fltuilly when ho liud nliunt kIvou up
hojio of Kottlutz u reply ho rtivlved u
Unit: loiiiinuiili'iitlon from tho Hwedtsh
mliiNter of wnr. Hngerly Count Uentu
show oh'Iiih1 the letter, for he knew
that It loiittiliied the hum oxptvtod mi
swee Itul to his donpulr ho found it
so em umbered with olllelnl phrases
and formalities that he could make
iiothluK "' It" nnwnlnif. For two hours
ho Mii'CKled In vuln to roniireheiid the
coumimhI dtH'Uiiieut. Then lie luMteneil
to the minister of war.
"Sly deal Count IIohIuhIiow." snhl
the minister when the count hint ex
plained his dlllleulty, "I have no .an
thorlty to i-omimmlente Jo you orally
tho coiiteulM of thin document. I could
not thluk of It."
"Hut I have puttied over this for
two hours, mid still I can make noth
ing of It."
Tray, do not lihimo yourself, count,"
said the minister. "You could hnrdly
expect to unravel In two hours a doc
ument that took me two days to knit
nud knot toeother."
You will provide him with a poqd oil lamp. K
Scientists agree that an oil light is best for study- 0
ing and reading. hI
. The
k use
give a soft mellow light. An ideal lieht for the
home circle. Scientifically constructed. No
glare: no flicker. Easy to lieht and care for.
Ask to see it at your dealers.
Standard Oil Coihpany
Thomas W. Irfttrson Sending live
stock to Crook County.
The following dispatch sent out
from Doston will be read with inter
est in Crook county, where tho Bos
tonlan's grandchildren, the children
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCall of
Prlnevlile, live:
"Thomas W. Lawson is sending out
to his grandchildren In Oregon this
novel Christmas gift in a special
freight car:
"One hundred and fifty Plymouth
Rockand Ithode island hens with
two roosters.
"Two Slameso cats.
"Two English bulldog pups, names
to be supplied by grandchildren.
".Five Jorsoy and Holsteln oows.
"Two sons of champion Flying
Fox's son, a nrizo winner."
How You May Hear It 41 It Sound to
Oth.r Persons' Ears.
Laloy, who appear to have scien
tifically investigated the mutter, as
sure us that uot only does one not see
himself as others see him. but that he
does pot hear himself as others hear
him. Bomu interesting experiments
were madb by tho French savant in
thju connection.
in order to ascertain whether a man
really knew the sound of his own
voice, liloy has been at some pains to
determine tho facts. Ills experiments
show that If a person record on a
phonograph disk a few sentences pro
nounced by himself, together with oth
ers recorded by friends, and causes the
machine to reproduce these, it most
frequently happens flint the mau more
easily recognizes the voices of his
friends than bo does his own.
It appears that the differences lies
In the quality of tho tone. One hears
his own voice not ouly through tho
aTr. as do his auditors, but across the
.solid parts between tho organs of
speech and thnoo of hearing. The
sound thus produced has a different
timbre from that conducted to the ear
by the air above.
If one entertain any doubt as to thk
let him try the following pxprnmcuts:
Take the end of tdon rod between
tb lertu and pronounce the rowel
continuously. Let the other end bo
taken alternately between the tooth
and released by another person who at
tho same time stops his ears. The lat
ter will find that every time ho seizes
the rod in his teeth the sonnd will be
si ro riper than when It reaches tho ear
through the nlr Rbovc and that It has a
different quality. The passago of
sound through n solid body nugmenta
Its Intensity and modifies Its quality.
Harper's Weekly.
It Wasn't Tied In a Tannl. Jutt For
the Fun of the Thing.
Ever since diplomacy was first In
vented Its most eminent practitioners
have expended their best efforts In
tnystlfylug if uot In actual! deceiving
las Way They Manage to Risen Their
Fust In Holland.
It was nut nutll I8KU when Poetsch
Invented the "fiveslng method." that
llolhiud'M ciuil fields becnum of any
practical vuluu
Where coal Is encountered immedi
ately under the willd rock there U u
stratum of drift sand that contains
great quuntltlcs of water. This con
dition of things mtidy It practically
liuHlbto to build the shafts. The
freezing method, however, has suc
cessfully imiIvmI the problem, and Hol
land now has a flourishing mining In-
On the spot where tue s tin ft Is to be
dug frtuii twenty five tu thirty borings
are made dowu through the drift siind
to the solid ruck In a circle five feet
larger In diameter than the projected
HluifL riM are then sunk Into these
bore holes, nnd through these Is circu
lated by K)Werful frtvxltig iimehlues n
rheuilenl sulutlun cooled down to be
low xeni.
In this way the drift sand coiitalnliiu
I lie water Is frozen ns luinl as n rm-k
nftcr the freexlng machines have been
working day nnd llglit for two months.
In this frozen cylinder of sntid a shaft
It then dug nnd lined from bottom to
top with strong segments of cast Iron
serurvly soldered together with lead.
Chicago .News. ,
One thorn of experience U worth n
whole wilderness of wcrnln-I.owell
' t -, H?u
tfl V !.
Clover Leaf Dairy
P. W. STAATS, Prop.
For Christmas
Electric Irons . . $3.50
Electric Percolators 250
Electric Disk Stove 5.00
Electric Grills . . .' 500
Desk Lamps .... 3.00
.Reading Lamps . . 6.00
Electric Toasters . . 3.50
Electric Hotplates , 8.50
fiend Water Light Sb Power Co.
New in Bend
"Say, I am now in Bond, and havo got
to purobaoo a bill of oatablou. Whoro
io tho boot plaoo tfo buy thoui? Whoro
do you got your grooorioo?"
"Well.,' air I'll toll you. I havo
tried thorn all, and I think, or at
loaot my wife oayo, that SHUEY'S GASH
GROCERY really givoo the boot all
around oatiofaqtion. Ad for good
quality, low priooo, and prompt de
livery, they cannot be beatan."
"I boliovo I'll try them."
Hest enne sugar, per cwl - - - $5.?0
Hast standard pack Tomatoes pur can 1 Oc.
No. '2 .solid pack Tomatoes - - 10c.
A fine line of candies at 10 cents per
pound and 13 cents per half pound.
Shuey's Cash Grocery
Building Material
The Miller Lumber Company
Bend, Oregon.
Our nursery is located on Powell IJuttc, fourteen miles
cast of Uend. Our trees are the kind we recommend
after over thirty years experience in the fruit business
in tli is neighborhood. Our prices and treatment will
please you. Catalog free on request. Come nnd see
our orchards and nursery. Ofllce address, Priucvillc. Ore.
We Deliver the Goods
liny, Durley, Onto, Wheat nnd Brnn nt lowest prices.
Tho Largest Darn In Central Oregon.
Bend, Oregon.
Holiday Home-Going Rates
Christmas and New Years
FHOM OltEOON TRUNK 1'OINTS to 1'olnta In WashlnBton, Ilrlt
lah Columblu, Idaho nnd Oregtn.
Reduced Tickets Sold ?
December 1H to U I. I-'liml limit January fl, 10U '
BpoVano f 10.70
Tacoma- , ,.. 15. 2Q
,Coeur d'AIono, Ida. ,.'17.75
Salem 4 , . ,. . .11,90
Kugono 14,70
Portland 0.90
Vancouvsr, Vn. ... 9,00
Vancouver, 11. C, ,, 22,90
Seatilct , , 16,90
North Yakima ,..., H.3G
Further details on request,
Tho "Owl," dally, betwoon Central Oregon and Portland,
saves a day each way, Xoav'6 Uend 8:30 p. ni arrive 1'ort-'
land 8:10 a, m. w
J, M, COItnKTT, Agent, Ilend; Ort.
II. n. CnOZIF.U, A. a, V. A Portland. 40.43
' !" "i,imi-"- ""Zigxp,