The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, November 26, 1913, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
,545(1110 IRE
lclrf Interior Department to Mntrli
Tiimalo Appropriation Willi Hlrnl-
,1'r Amount For Additional lloo
tarnation Went of llin lllvrr.
KHurulnii from n meeting of tlio
r.-tibi Coininlwtlim in rortiuuu nun
dm, Htittn Itiipniaoiitnllvo V. A.
Iir'i'd In broaching a project for
I '.ii I ml Mrmrnti riinliiinulliill I hill will
im-n imicli to IIiIm territory, should i
II tin roilHUIIIinntoil, UK will lim Rinion
Tiitnalo projoot, In which he also had
h lurwu tilinrn.
llrlnfly, It la promised to
gVt tlio federal government to inntch
thr state's uiirotrliitlou of $460,000
granted for tlio Tuinnlu work, with
nil equal ninoiinl to tin used In Irri
gating some 20,000 acres adjacent
t'i tho Tuinaln laud.
Already tlio Department of thn In
(trior has signified It lntonit In
H'loh n project, nnd desiring to Rot
n tlon In thu matter, Mr. Forbc him
i.ddressed letter to thn Commercial
lIuliH or Itcdmond, Sister, taldlaw
Mini llend niklng on-opcrallvo ondoa
, llollnr for Hollar Policy.
"You will roinhar Hint ut tho tlmo
of tho Introduction by tho taKlsla of tho hill which mndn pohallilo
the construction of tho Turnnlo proj
t, tho Secretary of tho Interior In
ITift slated thnt hi policy woulil b
to conlrlbuta to tho stale one dollar
out of thn rcoUmftluri funil of ha
i H for every dollar nxpondod by
the state In reclaiming It arid
ImiU." wild Mr. Ponies. "Uirnn this
t,..iirv the wMTntury wade flood In
innnHtlon with tho Dwrfhutea In
vintlKHtlon. bavin contributed tho
tititu of tRo.noo anil the itutii lb aum
..r t'"
Mr h..rla Minn tVttlfllllMll Hint lllH
nt..rl( r Department ha also "made
i mm, i,i in hm HttittiiiH lowaru mo i;o-
Hl.. i.mlwil llm nilHIHllMlOII Of Wlllell
il i in h mr)iuiMr iinvniK jnm utmii ,
MikiI Hint llt.uuu ima o.xni u
aside ly Hm federal government for
no-operative investigation (hero with
thi state.
"In vlw of tlio evident attitude
,nf Him ndmlnlstraUon,'' added Mr.
Purlieu, "thorn acoiua Rood reason to
hollovo that 4SO,00n enn ho obtain
d. thU amount 'matching' thn Tuin.
uto appropriation. It la estimated
Hint tho Innda referred to enn ho Ir-
rlgatcd for loaa than tho above
II r. L'nrKiu' ilnalm la In liaVA lllO
I'ouitnunlllca ohlnfly Interostod po-l
tltlnn ror i compicio inviwiisaiiim.
A comparatively aninll appropriation
' would accomplish this, or, Indeed, n
twullnn of tho "Deadlines aurvrvy"
, fund could ho utlll.od. Thou, noxt
summer, with nil data on hand, steps
could ho taken to have tho projoot
f atnrtcd,
In vnrloun pnrta or Crook County,
oapcrlnlly In tho I'nullna Mountnlna,
are well known Ico envoi, nnd now
comrn tho nowa or tho dlacovery or
n hot envo not fnr from llend. Hnin
lllukelcy la the dlacovoror. I.nat woek,
he, with K. T. (lorrlah, wna crullnK
In tho mountnlna about 10 mlloa
H'luth-iiaat or town In n IlKht imow
Mtorm when ho onme on a amnll pntoli
. r:
-fir -
The Deschutes Banking 8b Trust
slmith . o f Bean
' iiJ ,y ' t i
of ground from which tho nnow did
iipponrod iim noon na It foil. Invoiitl
KiitltiK ho found that thla apot waa
wnrni mid that from n Jiolo In tho
emitor, u current or wnrm nlr nroao.
llnlow nooinod to ho n cnvorii of aoino
hlin. An It wna Into In tho dny tho
dlticovnrora mndo no detailed Invuatl
Kntlou hut thuy now plnn to ko out
iih moo n na they enn and innko a
thorouuh exploration. .
llorkct In I-Ilil, Hut Contnlna Hnv
onil (7im I'Yoin Ilcnil Woilc Will
Ho I'IiiMhmI In Hliort Time.
I'ltlNI.VII.l.M. Nov. 25. Tlio Do
cctuher term of Circuit Court will
ronvonn noxt Mondny. Thn orluil
niil iind civil docket nrn IlKht. Tho
null or Itev. J. M. Crcimhaw iiKnlnnt
iiuiniiroua Itodinond cltlzana la on
tlio docket hut will hardly ko to trial
nt thla Minn. Other cimum tiro umiliint
W. I). Curie), Hllvln I'nrrlHh, Chnrloy
.Mnaon, l. ( Myora, K. It. Wllkey
nnd l. II. Htruhlu. nil or llend; K. It.
lliuitliiKlon, Wllllntu llooth nnd John
Hwut'teu, nil or Mndrna.
The followlnt? luivo hoon drawn
ror Jury aorvlco: O. V. WnllenhurK,
W. (I. Muatnrd, Chna. K. I'nrlah, I.
I" Hlmtl. A. II. 1'arkey. Jntnca Hynn,
I. V. MiuhnuKh, V, J. Mock, A. C.
Thomnaon. V T. I.uollyn, wm. no
I'Kll, J. M. MontKomory, I.uwrcnco
Mniilx, T. A. Taylor, Henry N. Wnlto,
Arthur Tomplcton, I. Chltwood, A,
M. lxKnii, (leo. Nohlo, John Demarla,
Onenr Morrla. Mnnforil Nye, M, A.
Lehman, M. O. I'lllotte, Walter l.lth-
kow, i. II. White, H. K. kiiik,
Henry Twcot, J. W. Hlnnton, Iee
Jinlc llrndnhniv HoliU City or Itrnd
Hewer AmeMiioiit I'nijxT
Thn Injunction hrouKht hy ownora
or piupurty In l.ytle rwLrnlnliiK the
f'lty ot ltnd from collttliiK newer
anfrdMiiiontM wna dlaaolved hy JudKo
W. I,, llradahnw nt The Dale l&at
wk. Tha victory or the city conn
after n comprulionalvn heorlnK urant
d both Vidua when Vernon A. Korb
and II. II. Do Armond, nttorneya rep
rtMicniInK City mid plulntina. rmipee-
tlvely. npirarHl borore JiiiIkk nraii
ahnw 1hi month.
The following were tho plnlntlffa In
the action, who broiifjlit the Injune
tlon. J. It. Heed. C.'C. I'rlnule, M.
It. Knutann, P. M. Hoy, Corn A.
HruHtorhou. It. O. Iiowaer, II. K,
Joam, W. II. Crawford. The Injunc
tion wna RTiiuted by County JudRo
Kprluftor, nlloKatlnua liolnn mndo on
aovernl Rrounda, ninoiiK them thnt tho
iiMeaament waa too IiIrIi and thnt tho
entlro work wna conducted hy tho
olty Illegally.
Candidate Can l-'llo Petition up to
Noon Monday,
Tho annual olty election will Ik
hold next Tueaday, aa announroO In
tho oirtclnl notlco printed In thla pa
per. Candidate hnvo until noon on
Monday to file their petition. Tho
followInK hnvo filed ao fnr: Mnyor
II. A. Miller; councllmon J. I). Dnv
Idaon, II. J. Overturf, Hnlph Poln
dexler. Thoo. Aunb. M. I). Knutaon;
trenaurer Mla Mnry K. Coleman.
Anyone who la hna not roRlatorod
hut la othorwlio qunlined may vote
by boltiK "worn In ut tho polls.
North Carolina Korn Krnckor la
on hi wny lioro. Adv.
.y t
.' ?
Htnto HiiRlarer Allcgpa All I'rovlaloiia
of Ititliiiiwitlrtn font met Ilnvo Not
lleen Chrrleil Out llotvnnl end
Klcnrna Appi-ul to IVourd.
(Hpeclnt to tho llulletln.)
BAI.KM, Nov. 24. With aottlora
ImtrHtleut ror patent titles to their
lauda, HoHcoo Howard, Keneral man
after, nnd Jeeae Htoarn, ancrntary and
nttoruuy, or the Central OroRon Irrl
nation Company, attended a meetltiR
or tho I)eart hand Honid lant Thum
dny and aotiRht to rench an ngreo
inent whorohy 8tnto KriRtnocr John
II. l,owl would cortiry n proposed
patent list or about 20,000 acroa.
Tho patent ennnot bo obtnlnod from
tho Rcncrnl land (jfMca without tha
certification or the ntata engineer,
thnt the Innda hnvo been reclaimed.
Icwla refiiHod to certify to the Hat.
anyltiK thnt ho would not do ao until
all tho provision or thn contract ror
reclaiming tho Innda hnvo been car
rlod out.
Mr. Hownrd chnrged I-ewls with
dolaylng tho obtaining or tho patenta
by laying down an arbitrary rule that
an Irrigation canal must hnvo a two
root bank above tho surfneo or the
water. Iwla denied mnklng audi n
rule, and nald he Intended to pane
iixin each cnnnl according to It
own conditions.
The company oftlclals advised the
board that tho work or enlarging tho
Central Oregon canal nnd extending
It about a mile and n half wna done
with tho exception or about $4,000
worth or work which I to be dune
next Hpring- When the work la com
ploted and approved the acreage In
cluded In the llt proposed ror patent
will be considered teelalmed under
the provision or tho law. Mr. How
aril refiuoKiou tne ataie engineer i
certify that these Innd were roclain
od now. so the lint could bn patentc1
Inimedlntoly, but Utwl refused. .M
Hownrd pointed out thnt If tho coi
liniiy Blioiild fall to comploto tho woik
noxt spring, the board hold onouih
of tho oompiiny'n aecurltlen to assure
the work being done.
State Bnglneer I.owln nlno rofus d
to ngrro to certify that thu lands wrt-0
rcclnlmod when tho capacity of t to
cannl la aufflclont according to speci
fications, until after a tnoasurormont
la obtained of tho water and It la
definitely known thnt tho cnnnl will
nctunlly deliver to tho land the
amount of water specified, which la
1.8 acre feet. This brought up tho
question of seepage, tho specifica
tion requiring that tho aocpago shall
not exceed 30 per cent of tho water
turned into the cannl. Lewis nald
ho had not yet obtained Information
an to what the seepage waa, but that
U It was over 30 per cent ho would
consldor it tho duty or the company
to closo up any exccaalvo loiika ao aa
to bring the loasea within the 30 per
Howard and Stearns virtually went
over tho state anglnoor'a hoad and
appoatod to tho board to tnko fnvor
ably action on their request ror a cer
tificate that tho Innda nro rcclnlmod.
The hoard took no action, but re
quested Hint tha aonipalty present Its
side or tho matter In writing.
Latest and only successful
remover of . Carbon in ,
Automobile t Cylin- .
Bend Hardware Co.
.Man Whom Hprlnj;cr Attacked Hhotrn
tip Hntlro Domonatrntlon J'nrm
Matter, Am Well A HI Anxnll
ant, With I.okc and Wit.
- WHAT KPHINOKU Wltfyrif. -
The appropriation la made no
now If old man Moriwn and
- other apoculatora will bo patlont -
wo hone tboy win tie nolo to un-
load their Jack Pino town Iota
and land ror at least nil thoy
nre worth. Tho county court
however la more Interested in
thn funnor than the promoter
- and tho County Judge ha
enough faith In thn good sense
or Uio voter that ho dare dory
nil grnftor and promoter, ao
brother Morwm Ir you havo a -
- "reonll" up your alevo rale,
turn it on. O. BPlllNOKIt.
- County Judge.
To O. Sprlngor,
County Judge.
In tho "Springer Column" of Tho
llend llulletln or date November 19,
1913, you havo seen fit to make an
attack on mo because of an artlclo
appearing In tho La Pln6 Intor-Moun-taln.
I do not own the Intor-Moun-tain,
I do not own It editor, nor did
I directly or Indirectly Insplro an ar
ticle In tho Injor-Mountnln, In which
It I insinuated that n a farmer-artist
you dovoto your tltue to paint
ing BKita on hogs, ror exhibition
purposes. I do not own the La Pine
townalte. nor Bay atoek In the com
pany that doM own It I have no
town lot ror aale.
. I know very Httle or you person
ally. What I do know of you la
inoatlr iv retiute and of tlis eeM-pool
brand, but the re-rol by compari
son would smell aa frncrant aa co
logne and look as beautiful at, the
Hone or Sharon. I do not purpose
further herein to reply to your per
sonal attack. Had you not elgnou
vour name In your official capacity
I should have rofunod to notlco your
Illiterate Jabbering.
And now ror a fow words concern
Ins your conduct In tho matter of
demonstration rarmn In Crook coun
ty. In Juno or 1911 there wns held
nt Prlnovllle, a meeting ror tho pur
poso or organlxlng tho Central Ore
gon Development League. You may
hove been present. At thla meeting
It wna proposed to raftc S 10. 000 with
which to corry
on in irooK county
work In farming,
under the direction or tho Oregon
Agricultural Collego. until tho noxt
Logllnture met, at which tlmo It waa
hoped an act would bo passed author-
lrlng In somo mannor experimental
.iiiinni In lh illlTnront nnttntliMi in'
tntinna In the different countlea In
tho state, and providing In wholo or
In part money to meet Uio oxponse. 1
know whereof I speak as I was pres
ent at the convention, took part In
the proceeding and was n mombor
of tho committee appointed to nt
tomnt to rnlso funds for immediate
Professor Scuddor, agronomist,
representing tho Oregon Agricultural
College, wns prosent when the suo-
(Continued on Pago 3)
? .
Lnldlnw line the oldeat living -
- ox-oinclnl In tho ntnto, according
to II. K. Nichols, tho holdor of
tho record. Mr. Nichols wrltea:
"I waa electod ahorlff (under
- tho provisional government of
Oregon) of I'olk county tho Aral
Monday In June, 1840, 07 ycara
ago. Again In 1852, under tbo -
territorial organization, I waa
elected sheriff; orved two yoara
and was ro-elcctod, serving two
consecutive terms."
Provloualy I.. U. Whltcomb of
Saginaw claimed tho dlstlnc-
tlon; ho hold office 58 yearn ago.
Miller Lumber Company Win
Largrnt Cement Order In Territory.
Two Hend firms were the aueeeaa-
ful bidder on Turnnlo Project con
tract awarded during tho last lew
dava. Tho Miller Lumber Company
draw tho big ond of the InrgeMt ce
ment contract over let In Central Ore
gon, nnd Aune uroinora secure uio
hauling of oror 200 ton of atcol
The amount specified In tho cement
contract Is 5,000 barrels, and or this
the Miller Lumber company geia
thrco-rourtha. However. It la certain
that tho ultimate orders will run
close to 10,000 barrels. Involving in
oxceas or 120,000. That a Hend
firm, bidding In competition with
practically every firm In tho North
west, could land such an Important
order speak well for tho wlde-awako-ncsa
of local business men.
It, II. Glutt ond Mr. Wright Wedded
at Prlnc.llle, Friday.
The accrct looked out today that
It. II. Cibb and Mr. Nellie Wright
were married. Tho ceremony waa
performed at Prlnevlllo last Friday
afternoon by Justice A. II. Kennedy,
wttneeee being Mr. and Mrs. Jean
Mm. Wright went over to the
county scat aa a wltnos for Mr. Hoi
tore In connection with hla securing
naturalisation paper. Mr. Olbb drlr
Inr the warty over In her auto. Oono
Getehell went as another witness fori
Mr. Hollore, and the marrlago secret
was even kept from him.
Mrs. Wright Is proprietor of the
Hotel Wright. Mr. Olbb camo to
Hend tho first part of tho year, ho
being a cement work contractor.
Tho rosebushes which W. D. Chen
ey donated to tho Library Club have
arrived and are at the Hudson homo,
whore buyers may got them. There
jio 2G3 of them, consisting or the
following varieties: Grus an Teplitz,
Itlchmond, Jeanetto Heller, Pink
Mamnn Cochet. Frau Karl Drusthkl
and Caroline Testout. These woro
plckod lor thla climate by an export
rosarlan ntter a study or local con-
uiitlona. Ttiey win no soia a. ov
! cents each or J 5.00 a dozen.
' Several dogs have been poisoned
ilb,a vminnl.iv I.. C. Rudow'n fine
,. nng d(ed nnij jI j Main's Is
,..i ,... rvrim
dying. Mont O Donnell says he just,
"beat his dog to a pleco ot meat ly-1 These are now being killed for pork
Ing In tho streot, and ho Is having nnj tho profit Is shown to bo about
tho moat auaylyzed for poison. In-, -no per cent on the Investment. In
dlgnant dog owners. It Is understood, other words, even the swill Is.utll
havo raised a purse and are ondcavor- XC,j:
Ing to traco tne airty woric to us.
Don's, forgot the big Thanksgiving
lunch at tho Hend Hotel from 12 to
2 and tho big Thanksgiving dinner
from G to 8:30. Adr.
FIRE? FIU.E! FINE! If your house should take fire
you are apt to be so excited that, even though you have
plenty of time, you will rush out and leave behind, to be
burned up, YOUR WILL, other valuable papers and jewelry.
The best way is to put them into one of our SAFETY DE
POSIT BOXES in our fire and burglar-prool vaults. A
private box will cost you only $3 per year.
We also solicit your BANK ACCOUNT.
The First National Bank of Bencfc
Dreplto Additional Expense of Bteel
Plume, Cnt of Feed Canal 1 He
low IXIntfltc -Detail of Con
struction Progrrn to Date.
(Bdltorlat Correspondence)
LAIDLAW. Nor. 24 With' flvo
months of operation behind It, local
people and citizen of tho state at
large are specially Interested to know
somewhat of tho progress made on
Oregon' flrat officially-conducted Ir
rigation enterprise, tho Tumalo proj
ect. How are the costs working out?
That Is apt to be tho first query of
a taxpayer, many of whom entertain
sneaking suspicions that in tho end,
somehow, their pocket books aro go
ing to get the worst of this Initial
encounter with state reclamation.
However, the outlook to dato, is most
reassuring. The work is actually
costing well under the estimate. For
Instance, at the tlmo of making an
estimate on the work, the cost was
based on wood flumes throughout.
During the early part of thla soason,
however, on tho advice of tho project
engineer, metal flumes were substi
tuted for tbo wood flumes, tho cost
being something like $15,000 more
than tho estimated cost of wood
flumes. Evon with this additional
cost, the feed canal will still stay
under the first estimate.
Indeed, raarvolous to relate, there
aeemn to bo neither causo for com
plaint or actual complaints. About
tho only peoplo who eror howl are
thoo who are compelled to offer
competitive bids for whatever they
are to supply the project, In labor
or materials; for all purchasing Is on
the strictest business Imals unlike
most governmental enterprises and
the man with the lowest nrloe, nual-
ity considered, get the Job. So costs
are about as low as they can be.
To bo sure, this method Is often
hard on tho Central Oregon merchant
, who cornea nearer having a Just
I "kick" than anyono else, lor tho
1 Portland houses seem to sell to tho
I project at lower tlgures than thoy
' will to the merchant himself, so that
little or no money Is spent "at home.
However, tho project engineer sim
ply says that ho was told to put tho
job through as economically as pos
sible, and ho assuredly appears to bo
following instructions.
F.ven Kettlera Satisfied.
Even the settlers seem satisfied
and anyone will admit that a satis
fied settler on an Irrigation segrega
tion Is tho eighth wonder of tho
An amusing and characteristic
Instance of "Laurgaard's way" has a
hog for the hero: In the early spring
a number or small pigs were pur
chased and kept around the camps
0rt tne waste from the moss houses.
nut or course all the efficiency Is
not duo to Mr. Laurgaard nlonoftho
corps of men working with and under
llIm nas a iol to do with it, for In
personnel and enthusiastic spirit tho
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