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(Continued from Pago Ono)
fraction above tho nvcrago cost. The
following table prepared by Chief
Clerk 0. Ed Hobs shown tho results
in Augustt
.Mess MenN Total , Cost
No. Served Cost Per Mow!
1 314 $103.31 .32'.)
2 2.4B9 678.32 .235
3 1,931 50S.19 .262
4 3,131 0.87.52 .22
Total. 7.S35 1.874.37 Ave .239
After dinner tho party proceeded
on toward camp 2. Tho Uovernor
and others left tho nutos between the
two camps and proceeded over tho
canal by root, tramping along
through tho dirt and dust for a mile
or so. wherever tho Governor wont
he shook hands with the men on tho
works and talked with tnem. At
camp 2 tho party boarded tho nutos
again and drovo to camp 1. Knch
camp Is located In n lovely spot, but
camp 1 Is tho most Ideal as It Is
down by the Tuninlo.
Diversion llnm or Concrete.
At camp 1 tho trench Is nearly
excavated for tho concrete connec
tion which win be made with tho
flume that will start a few hundred
feet from the intake. The canal
hero Is to bo concrete lined. The
diversion dam across tho creek will
be of concsete, with an earth wing
to keep any high water from over
flowing into the concrete-lined canal.
Furst Ilros. of Bend were nt camp 1
when tho party arrived. They had
a load of cement on their auto truck
but could not get It across the creek
on account of the bridge being too
weak. Mr. Laurgnard at onco got
In touch .with County Commissioner
Hayley on the phono and he agreed
that tho county would pay for lum
ber to rcplank tho bridge. A team
place tho ono that now crosses tho
resorvnlr site has boon taken up by
tho Desert Land Hoard. Convicts
from tho state penitentiary will bo
sent over to build three and u half
miles on the cast sldo of tho reser
voir, and tho roadway will cross on
tho dam. Tho convicts will do tho
work nt some tlmo when they can bo
spared from other construction oper
ations. Plenty of Work to He Had.
There' can be no just complaint
from laboring men Hint they cannot
got work on the project. There are
150 men employed now, nearly every
one of whom is a Central Oregon
laborer. It has not bcon possible to
get as many mon cb were wanted,
nnd so this week Knglnecr Laur
gaard sent to Portland to get 20.
Men to lie Paid Off Quicker.
Governor West, in his talk to tho
men nt camp 3, told them that here
after they would get tholr money
expecting to go on to Astoria to spend
LAIDLAW, Sept. G.-Ono of tho
biggest receptions over given In l.nld
law was that last evening In honor of
Miss Kern llobbs, private soorotnry
to Uovernor West. Miss llobbs ar
rived hero last Monday on n visit
with friends, and tho affair for her
was arranged by tho project otllclals
It wus held In tho hull ncrona, tho
street rroin the project omco, nun tno
room proved far too small to nccom
modato tho crowd present. There
wore 17 nuto loads of poopla from
Ilond, Hcdmoml, Deschutes and other
points, and tho crowd was estimated
nt 176. Excellent muslo was fur
nished by Prof. JSInko'M orchestra
from lledmond, and Bovcrnl solos
were sung by Mrs. Wolton. Tho
mnln feature of tho entertainment
was dancing, which lasted until after
midnight. At 11 o'clock n lap sup
por was served, consisting of coffee,
sandwiches, pickles and cake, and
during the evening there was lemon
ade for all.
A. J. Welton was tho floor mnn
agor, and welcoming talks wore mado,..- i i.n. i,nn .., htiuy r, i.nurgnuru aim .mt. Meriting.
ih iinvmii i, nt . Sittnm nn.i en ! Tho committee on arrangements con-
thrnieh thn rncnlnr ehnnneta lioforft ?"0 P' '" Schuller. P. W.
tho vouchers are Issued, but the Gov
ernor Bald that n new way had been
found to comply with tho law In
every respect nnd yet get tho money
duo tho men to them In n shorter
tlmo than has heretofore been pos
sible i
Makes Tnlk In Town.
The Governor nnd party did not
hnvo tlmo to make n trip to the
reservoir site, returning from camp
1 to Lnldlaw whero tho Governor wus
booked for nn address. At 4:30 n
crowd of more than 100 gathered
and heard n short address from the
Governor and others.
"About n year ago." he said. "I
discussed the situation with you here.
and wo did not then dream that
lleasley, G. Kd Itoss and 1 N. Wat-
The biggest delegation enmo from
lloud, In flvo nutos, those attending
being: Mr. mid Mrs. It. M. Smith.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. M. Prlngle. Jamee
Ilynn. Misses Anne, Gertrude nnd
Nell Mnrkel, Mannhelnier Hros., O. C.
Henkle. V. A. l'orbos, J. C. Ithodos,
Miss Catherine Trnutner, Miss
Unrrlet Dolsen, Ward II. Coble,
George S. Young and Mrs. John
LAIDLAW. Sept. C During tho
'recentlon last nlcht Mrs. John Doll.
things would bo going on now as well I wife of a locnl rancher, wns stricken
was sent to Anderson Uros.' mill for as they are. I am more than pleased i with paralysis. It was thought at
tho lumber and a crew of mon from " finding what I do find. Tho work tho time that she had fainted, but an
the works to tho bridge to put it in
shnpo so that the cement could b
gotten across. Work on tho diver
sion dnm will start in a short time.
Although It had been but llttlo
xnoro than an hour since dlnnor was
eaten, the part was Invited into the
mess hall at camp 1 for a cup of
coffee. Tho cook there holds tho
honors for making the best coffee on
the works, and rightly so, It seems,
as what he "toured for the visitors
would be hard to excol anywhere.
On the trip the feed canal was
mentioned frequently, and It seems to
have the right name for evorywhoro
wo went they wnnted to feed us. and
the members of tho party seemed
equal to otfery opportunity In this
Canal Ncnrlnff Completion.
The feed canal Is getting well along
toward completion. It is seven miles
long and nil but abqut a mile has
been excavated. Next year water
will be turned Into the canal to su
ply the settlers who have been served
heretofore by the old Columbia
Southern ditch. Seven hundred feet
of steel flume will bo used in tho
canal. None of this has yet been
received, but It is probable that It
will all be Installed before work Is
closed down for the winter.
Oood Order Maintained.
Although there are ISO men em
ployed on the works, only tho host
of order prevails at all the camps.
That this may continue the Governor
has commissioned Alfred Hansen and
Axle Dye, superintendents, and Harry
Itupple, englneor, as special police
officers. At each camp Is posted the
following notice: "Anyono commit
ting a nuisance within 200 yards of
camp will lie discharged." Similar
signs are posted regarding intoxi
cating liquors.
Tho health of the men Is Iookod
after by Dr. J. F. Hosch of lledmond.
The project has a contract with him
for medical attention and each man
on the works Is required to pay $1
a month for medical care. In case
of sickness he is then treated with
out any oxtra charge. All the money
derived in this way goes to Dr. Hosch.
Convict io ltuild Itoad.
Engineer Laurgaard stated that
the matter of making a road to ro
lling done is of a high class, and examination this morning by Dr.
thoro is much moro of it than I ex-Hosch of Itedmond showed that her
pected to find. I want to see this i left side is pHrnlyzud nnd the physl
work a success because I want to see clan states that her condition Is
you prosperous and contented and
because the Inauguration of this
policy, if successful, will moan that
the Legislature will give us help to
complote the projects on the east
side of the river. I want to show
that the work can not only be carried
on honestly, but In an expeditions
manner. It wns largely through
your efforts and tho efforts of the
business men and settlers on tho
othor sldo of the river that we have
LAIDLAW, Sopt. 7 The local ten
nls players "not defeat again today,
the llend playors taking every match
played- horo this morning. The
Laldlnw enthusiasts have lieon too
busy recently to have tlnui for tirae-
been able to accomplish what we'tice, and consequently did not mako
Attitude to Morson Project.
Tho Governor touched briefly upon
his attltudo to the Morson project at
La Pine, saying: "My fight on Mor
son Is simply to prevent a repetition
Of whnt Is seen on this project."
Mr. West stated that Morson's con
tract docs not expire till April 1,
1914, and the stato's contract with
tho government not till October 31,
191C. His contention with tho land
board Is that thero Is no hurry for
.isklng an extension of time and that
Morson should be called on ror a new
contract when his old one expires,
with surety bond instead or tho pres
ent bond, and that then the stato
would have plenty or time to ask tho
government ror an extension or time.
He said he believes that the board
as good n showing as they hnvo tlotuVJ
heretofore. Thft following are tho
results of today's matches:
Hudson and Keyos vs. Torroy and
0 rots, G-o, 0-1. G-2.
Davis and Hoffman vs. Schaller
and P. W. Iloasley. C-l, 0-0, 0-4.
Hudson and Koycs vs. laurgaard
and George lleasley, 0-0, 0.0.
Hudson and Keyos vs. Hupplo and
welton, C-l. 0-0.
Davis and Hotfman vs, Gllkey and
Torrey, CO, C-3.
The Dend men played an exhibi
tion game which resulted: Hudson
nnd Keyes vs. Davis and Hoffmnn,
C-l. C-l. T,
Tho visitors came down In Mr.
Hudson's auto, accompanied by A.
S. Collins. They went back by way
of Deschutes.
will yet come to an understanding
.Ta,ghntaelneTounrerwn,nna,,)"iPRINT MSPAPFR AT HflMF
The people of this community were ( " ' ' '" """
compllmented on the remarkable
manner in which they have stood to-1 LAIDLAW. Sept 8. This week's
gether. finally winning a victory. Issue of the Tumalo Times will i.e
Governor West paid V. A. Forbes, i printed at home, according to Kdltor
who was present, the following com-' Drown. He and Kdltor Palmer of
pllment: "Ho deserves a great deal ' the Itedmond Spokesman have sever-
of crodlt for riio work ho did for this
project, and so do Mr. Corking and
Ollipr Kpeukertt Heanl.
Following tho Governor were sev
eral other speakers. Including Mr.
h or lies. t. H. Hudson or Iiend, A. O.
Walker or Alfalfa, and William John
son or Deschutes. Mr. Gerking presided.
Mr. Wost and Miss Hobos left this
evening for Portland, the Governor
Through Night Train Daily
Central Oregon and
arSf'YtTT'VvSfcJ I llllinBJ 1 III IbbIbW I ill
V ! A$iJWK 1 WllWIUIilllUlilll
led relations, llrnwn having bought
mo pmni or tno Terroimnno Oregon
inn. He Is now Installing It hero In
the Itarnos building. It Is under
stood that the Terrebonne pnpor will
bo printed at Metollus until land
notice now running are published
the requlrod number or times, after
which the Oregonlan will suspend
publication. Mr. llrnwn did not get
out a paper last week.
Stovo Henderson spent Bundny at
Prlnevllle, and his prosenco on the
tennis court was missed
Miss Franc Newman loft Thursday
evening for Rugeno to attend the
wedding of a friend,
James Henry, who Is with tho
United States Koclainatlon Service,
arrived last week to work on tho
Tumalo project.
A horso on the J, W. Drown ranch
was so badly cut by barbed wire last
week that It had to bo destroyed.
Mr. Gllmore, formerly with Mlse
ner nt Iiend, Is now clerking In the
store of J. II. Wlraer.
There is talk among tho local
Knights of Pythias of starting a
lodgo here, as thoro aro quite a num
ber or Knights In this community.
An order has been placed with
Robert Davis for tho lumber with
which to construct the fair building
tuat win no erected hero.
: Two nuto toads or Hand people
came down Saturday afternoon ror
wore C. 8. Hudson. J. P. Keyes, V, A.
Forbes nnd T. If. Foloy nnd in J'. C.
IthodoH', C. M. McKay, II .V. HkUH9
and It. M. Smith.
LL'AVi: POItTLAND....7:00 P. M.
Arrive Macjras 0:00 A. M.
" ' Motolius. ...,.,, 6; 1C A. M.
" Culver ,,.., 6:28 A.M.
" Terrebonnd. .'. . . . 7:08 A. M.
" Redmond 7;23 A. M.
" Deschutes 7:43 A. M.
AltlUVUtUEND 8;00 A.M.
LBAVK I1KND 8:30 P. M.
Deschutes $:48 P. M,
" Redmond 9:10 P. M.
Terrebonne. ,... 9:24 P. M.
" Culver 10:02 P. M.
" Metollus 10:20 P. M.
" Madras 10;30 P. M.
AltltlVti PORTLAND... 8:10 A. M.
Connections for Willamette Valley, Puget Sound, Spokane, Montana and
all Eastern Points. Details, and folders at office or by mail.
R. H. CROZIER, Asst. Oen'l Pass. Agent ,....,.. Pprlland, Ore,
J. H. CORDETT, Ajtent Dend, Ore.
W C, WILKES, Asst'. Oen. Frt. & Is. Agent , Portland, Ore.
(Culver Trlbuno.)
Everyone in tho county should
know J. N. II. Clerking. It will bo
an Inspiration to all who are racing
problems In this new country, to
learn or tho light mado by Mr. Oerk
Ing to get the Tumulo Irrigation Pro
ject settled. The best part of It is
that he will not profit so much di
rectly, as water bus been adjudicated
to him under tho old system. The
effort was made by him to a very
large extent for tho boneflt of all or
his nelghbois. And while he will or
course profit by the completion of
the project, It was a wholehearted
desire to see his neighbors prosper
ous which directed him In his work.
That type of citizen Is worth ten
thousand men who spend a,l of their
days trying to ivo how wealthy thoy
may become.
Another Important fact Is, that tho
cttuoun of Lntdinw imvo bestuwud n
gold modnl upon Mr. (Jerking, us it
token of appreciation of his work.
That speaks well for tho people of
Laldlnw, Many, many times we sun
people drawing up lengthy resolu
tions, placing tnblots or erecting
monuments after a tlurson Is gone,
but In this Instance, thu appreciation
Is shown at unco.
No hlghsouudlng ceromoutiilH at
tended the presentation. About nil
of tho people contributed for the
medal. At the church In Laldlnw,
thu modnl was presented, and It caiiio
as n complote surprise to the re
Wo hnvo sold our business to the
Crook County Abstract Company, n
corporation urgnuUed during tho
past week by Messrs. J. II. Hell nnd
A. W. 81ms, formerly of Kugono, Ore
gon. These gentlemen hnvo had n
very extended experience In abstract
work, nnd In banking, and will bring
Into their lino of business new capi
tal, new Ideas and u greater effici
ency, responsibility and promptness
than we have been nblo to offer our
correspondents. We therefore take
nlohsure In commending them to tho
public and wish them success In tlnlr
uuw venture
27 Prlnevllle, Oregon,
The triilulund of sheep that left
horo Inst' VVednomlny over tho Oro
gun Trunk mndp u fast run down
the canyon. Leaving here at 0:30
a. m., It reached Fnllbrldgo at '4:30
p. in., making better than HO miles
an hour. This Is faster tlmo than
Is mado by tho regular passenger
During the past llnenl yenr, accord,
lug to a report nf tho V. H, forest
servlco, 31 local organisations of
stockgrowera using national forest
ranges hnvo applied for and secured
thn olllctal recognition of their advis
ory boards by I lie forest snrvlre. This
brings thu number or associations
olllclnlly recogulrud by tho rorost ser
vlco to n total of 11C,
ni:w iio.mi:stiui itKoriaTioNH.
WASHINGTON. Bepl. 0. With n
view to making It "as easy as poss
bla for honest outrymen tu gain
homesteads nnd as dllllcult as pbs-
slblo for speculators," Acting Recre
tnry of thu Interior Jones published
n now list of hoineiittad rcgtilittloiin
today. Tho principal coiicohhIoii to
hoiiitmtundorH Is it reduction hi I lie
number of noreii tmch Is ieiiiliud to
cultivate under stinh oliciiiiiNtiinceH
;is the hoiueHteitdcr'M Illness ur or
exceptional dllllmiltli's III the way or
cultivation. No reduction In culti
vation urea Is permitted, however,
on account of thu removal or sluml
tug timber- n blow tit timber specie
i fa .i
Hliors slilued nt (ieoigoV Imrbcr
shop, Oregon niiect. lfltf
Mlnnciota Street
Promptly Attended to
Stop the LossFires are Unnecessary
Brick is absolutely fire proof in any ordinary conflagration.
Brick Buildings never burn, although they are .sometimes
injured by falling timbers or combustible interior woodwork.
A brick building is absolutely lire proof if wire glass is used
in the windows and if burned clay floors are used.
An interior fire in such a building is confined to the room in
which it originates; no outside fire can attack it.
The proportion of burned clay in a building construction
measures its fire prqof qualities.
Burned clay is the only building material that has been
through the fire before you get it, in such a manner that it will
resist fire. All combustible material is burned out of the brick
before you get it.
The Bend Brick & Lumber Co.
Original Townsike of Bend
Park Addition
Lava Road Addition
North Addition
Riverside Addition
Center Addition
Bend Park
First Addition to Bend Park
Second (Addition to Bend Park
Boulevard Addition
For Descriptive Literature, etc., address
A ' ' ' 4'55 ;Empire Building, Seattle, Wash.
First National Bank Building, Bend, Oregon.