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UMNO HUMiKTIN, 11KN1), OKK., WI.DNI.-U.AV, AUOl'HT tf, 10111.
Council Vote to Defend Hull Itruuitht
by Attaint nnd Complete Work.
An Adjourned mooting of tho City
Council was held Monday nftornoon.
Councllmon Allen, Collins. Stoldl nnd
Miller bolng present. On rocom
lucndntlon of City Attorney Forbes,
eovernl resolutions wore passed to
deal with tbo situation crcntcd by
tho default of the contractor on tho
street work. The city Attorney was
nuthorlicd to defend tho suit brought
by Contractor Adams and it was
voted to have tho city finish tho
work under tho supervision of tho
city engineer. Steps were also taken
to have tho necessary repairs made
on tho Catholic church whore n blast
dnmngbd the front of tho building.
Tho meeting adjourned to Friday,
when plans Tor tho now city building
will bo taken up.
Follow InK tho meeting of tho
Council, City Engineer Young made
xrinngomcnta to begin on tho street
work at rno and yostoruay a crow
of men and toatns In chargo of Tom
Murphy commenced operations on
Oregon street. Tho first effort will
be to finish tho streets where work
Is uncompleted and utter that to
clean up tho remaining loose ends of
the Job.
K. A. Heals of tho United Suites
Weather llurcau at Portland was In
town Saturday on a visit of Inspec
tion of the government weather sta
tions. Among other things, Mr. Heals
expected to sco what could bo done
nbout establishing a of frost
warnings at Stanflcld and also to nt-
tend to tho river gago at Wciscr,
Idaho. From hero he went to Durns
Although Mr. Heals Is district fore
caster of weather for Oregon and as
such is supposed to bo responsible
for tho weather, ho declines to as
sume responsibility for tho heat of
tho past week In Oregon. Saturday
the mercury In tho local government
thermometor went as high as 96 de
grees, and tho nights hae also been
Composers," Miss Dolscn; vocal,
"Song of tho Heart," Tunlsou, and
"A Necklace of Iovo," Xovtn. by Mrs.
Todd: piano, "On tho Sea," Forest,
by Mrs, Putuniu; vocal, "Ills Lulla
by" nnd "tanging," Carrie Jacobs
ltond. nnd "Five Little Whlto
Heads," Hlshof, by Mrs. Ilrtnkloy.
The next meeting will be on Sep
tember S at the homo of Mrs, Hubert
H. Could.
im. coirnv at coi.dkxdam:.
Itov, I. I. Gorby. who recently re
signed the Presbyterian pastorate
here, has been engaged by tho Pros
bytcrlan church ni Ooldoudnle, Yu..
si a the Uoldcndnlo independent,
and preached his first' sermon thero
on August 3. "Ho u n rorcotui
talker and comes highly recommend
ed as a man uud minister," says the
Independent. Dr. Corby Is staying
In Portland, going up to Uouteudnlt
to conduct ttorvlces on Sunday.
, J. T. Hardy, In town today, an
! nouuees that the Oregon Trunk will
soil tickets to Iledmnnd from various
Lpoluta at one nnd a third faro on no
1 count of tho Prlnevlllo fair, mini
mum or Jl for round trip; and on ac
count of the fair nt Salem, at thq
same reduced rates. Tho Prlnevlllo
rates will bo on front September 22
to 28 Inclusive, and the Salem rates
from September 26 to October 4 Inclusive.
Tho man who has been held nt
Deer Lake. Wash., on suspicion of
being W. D. Cursor, the Hend at
seamier, has been able to establish.
to the satisfaction of the authori
ties that he Is not the fugltlte from
here, nnd 1ms been released.
Tbo people of Deschutes wore giv
en a surpriso last evening when a
coupto of young people from nearby
towns stopped off tho evening train
with a minister and, going to tho
hotel, were married. Thoy were
Frank Phoenix of Redmond an d.MIss
Mabel Wlndom of Prlnevllle. Rov.
Frederick Harvey of Redmond was
tho minister. It Is understood that
Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix spent tho night
nt Deschutes and this morning went
ilown to Redmond to explain how
they had escaped their friends for
the occtislon.
At the meeting of the Musical
Club last Wednesday aftornoon
Mrs. Putnam's, tho following pro
gram was given: Paper, "American
The members or the Hnp'.lst church
nnd Invited friends had u pleasant
time last eicnlng at the Kills homo,
tho occasion being u lawn and house
social. Tho band was on hand and
played, asd thero were guinea and
refreshments. Tho lawn was given u
festive appoarnnce by the ijc of Jap-
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About 80,000 feet of timber was de
stroyed. An investigation of othor matters
that cannot be given out at this time,
it Is understood, wilt also be placed
before the grand Jury by tho prose
cuting ofllcera of this county, District
Attorney W. A. Hell, or The Dalles
and Deputy Prosecutor Wlllard H.
Crciilimv Starts Llltel Suit.
Another matter of considerable In
terest at this term or court Is a suit
brought by Rev. J. M. Crenshaw or
Redmond, Methodist minister at that
place, against seventeen of the most
prominent residents and business
men of his city, for $30,000 damages
for llbol, and n suit for $17, C00
against Kdltor Palmer of tho Hud.
tuontl Spokesman.
Tho suits rlsi. out of tho (HfllcuHy
precipitated nt Redmond n year ago
whou, nt tho suggestion of Rov. Mr.
Creushnw, u detective was employed
ami tho lormer mayor, it. v, Jones,
was convicted or gambling. A peti
tion was circulated nntl sent' t,o tho
governor by tho defendants In these
cases, and published In tho Redmond
Spokesman declaring Creushnw to bo
an undesirable oltlten and reDoctlng
otherwise on his character and repu
tation, so ho nlleges. The cases will
not likely bu tried nt this term for
tho reason that some of tho parties
will without duuiit ask for a post
Ll-t of .ltimrt Drawn.
Tho Jurors summoned from Uohd
are J. N. Hunter, K. A. Snther, John
Steldl. W. P. Vnndevert nnd .1. I).
Davidson. The other Jurors are: W,
II. Iloss. C. W. Hransietter uud Clou
Loucks. Madras: W. T. Johnson. A,
A. McCord. V. Hutler. Prlnevlllo;
Ralph McCauley, Terrebonno: Wes
le Street,, W. I. Dixon, 1'lfo: Jnmen
Wood, Ashwood; A. O. Wnlker, Al
falfa: Thomas Aldord.oo. Opal City:
K. 11. Knott. Wallace Post. Post; J.
N. Masten. Ln Pino; J. J. Wilt. Sis
tors: Okear Klxer. J. K. Roberts, I).
Muthollaml, Roberta. A. G. (llbbco,
Roy Newell, Hay Creek. Arthur hub
sell, Lnmonta:: J. A. Vosburg, Cllne
Falls; C. W. Paulmehn, Grlxxly; O.
McFnrland, Gaton, and S. A. Snnd
vlg, taldlnw.
Owing to n change made In tho
terms of tho state Circuit Court nt
the last session of tho Legislature by
a bill Introduced by Representative
Forbes, which went Into effect Juno
3, court convenes In Crook county
on the first Mondas In September
nnd December and tho second Mon
day In March Instead of ns formerly
on the third Monday In October una
tho first Monday in May.
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person from each county to net with
him. Recommending bonding of
counties for permanent highways.
Indorsing Central Oregon route for
Pacific highway.
-P c r m nnont organisation Crea
tion of committee of three to report
plan ror permanent organization nnd
llnanclfig of league at next mission.
Demonstration farms Deploring
action of Crook county In neglecting
suport for demonstration farms and
urging appropriation. Urging all
counties In league to establish dem
onstration farms.
Caring ror settlors Future work
or league to lo directed toward euro
or settlors after arrival rather than
toward advertising or resources.
.'Diversity of Oregon Condemn
ing referendum on university appro
priation and pledging support to Uio
Pananti-Paclflc Exjiosltlon Urg
ing counties to make big exhibit In
San Francisco in 191S. nnd favoring
log structure for state building at
the fair.
Real Estate Fakers Condemning
of , x, t m sww P rB80n
I fc$jVlM!fc3 fM( SY & i'P 1 STflSriOIC UOMTUft
01 4a 111 It "lull r.ll I . .r wrinoi loiwunnw a
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1 r- .'. . j 1. 1 1 WWfl I fj ' Tinssn -v
l IS I n v ill J S wMrrtrowu J
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sm moon rtrvi
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cmlr a few ilullara jr nioaih uo each lot You dau'lmln lite minify but you him acaiulie valuable pfepeitr. Wirle lo.lay litr ;4l. prttt
a 11 J termt la
KtluMe agentt. wHh good hank lfienw, wanted In all parte of the Vnlleit SUIe
real estate fakers nnd recommending
law for protection of prosiHtcthe set-1
tiers from mlsrnpresoutattnu. .
Railroads t'rglng Houthern Pn
clllc and Hill linos to rnmpleU' rail
roads under construction In Contral
National Forests Recommeiullng
selling of timber lu large units and
on easy terms. Recommending open-;
Ing of agricultural lauds In Paulina,
Deschutes, Fremont, Crater lnko
and other national forests. 1 '
Klamath Game Preserve Recom
monding ro-eatnbllRlpnenl of old
lioundarlcs "on game renerve en low
or Klamath hake nnd harmonizing
slate and federal laws for protectloi
or birds.
Reclamation or Bwamp and Arid
Lands Prging V. S. Reclamation
Service to reclaim swamp and arid
State Help For Irrigation In
dorslng proposed constitutional
amendment whereby credit or Ore
gon ma) be loaned ror construction
of Irrigation and power projects.
Columbia Houthern Project Con
gratulating l.ogliiliitute 011 passage
of laws or bo no lit in Central Oregon,
tmpcolully the Columbia Houthern
Thanks-Thanking Klamath Falls,
Merrill. Klamath Development1 Com
pany und Whlto Pelican Hotels ror
roitrteMlcs extended to delegates.
Thanking C. V Chapman, Phil Hates
nnd others ror work nt convention.
I Till! t'MTItll WAItHIIOt'HK t'O.
Im nrnoigril tillh Hie I'nbtn Oil Co.
to linmlln IIm prtHliirta here HSIl.MA.V
KXTliY r rt tViitral Oregon dis
tributor; for (lie I'lilmi Oil I'd, ami
our roiiirtirt I lulling our,
Any cut In prko of giiMilliie mailn
by rniiipcdtiim ulll lie mrl by (lilt
IVrHiiiiirnt, anllafartory servlret
anil full iirotrrllon I our gturanleo
to every riintotnrr.
tiii: u.viTKD WAiiKiiouHi: a..
ir-'tf A. .M. PIIINOI.i:, Mgr.
Kowcomcrs should get tbo habit
of goUg to Inncs tc Davidson's bar
ber shop. Adv.
Hhrww slilnnl at (ieorge's barlxr
shop, Oregon atrt'et. 101 f
t -- a a a -va-a-a.v--vl
- .!
Real Estate
Real Estate
For Close-in Acreage
Let us show you the property SLh JfJSJ
conservative buyer that BEND ILEAL ESTATE Is a conservative investment
, c
1 '
' i I
V h-i
.&; . & &
Offic corner. Wall and Ohio Sis.
The Bend Company
ft 4
D. E. HUNTER. Real Estate Mtfca$er
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