The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 23, 1913, Page PAGE 9, Image 9

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lll!NI HUfiMStltf, IllirVI), OltK., WKUMHUAY, JUf,Y 2.'t, 10 HI,
. I -
Frertah Convlots Lssvs Hop Dthlnd
' Whin Thsy Entsr Caysnns,
Cayenne-red iiiir to tho world nt
,liiro, hell to tho few thoumiud of coin
vIcIh transported to thl Isolated
iinrtliciiNtiirii coritiT of iM)iiiilorlnl Hoiitli
tAinerlcn Horn, It was rumored, oll.
ed otio of tlio world's tnoHt iintliintiil
mil revolting iiml ayHloiiia, whom
thousands of moil iiro axlltil nii'J doom
ed to n living diMitli Mimi from Crouch
Otilnnn linil liitliiiiitnl conditions which
W(d with tliu cnioltlea of thu old con
tlct ships.
, Groups of convicts loutiKed nlmut or
Iny nick mid liioiiinrllntiMl on tint vn
runilim, At tilulit tha burred Iron door
of each dormitory I locked, mid out
h!iI( paces n miard, revolver In hand.
Hmiietlmra unoVr coyer of darkness tho
' Imimii-H settle feuds. Occasionally to
oln'lillnli Icndcra rival khiik flixltt with
4mdtfcls, knives mid even pnvlnit stones.
Homo disabled, others dead, tlio moot
Indomitable nro reconciled ntut form n
i tyrannical secret nocloty
Many n poor wretch dreads tlio
tilxtit hour, mid ono suspected of In-
' forming uiny Iw net upon by mi en
noted pnck. Occasionally murdiir is
committed In profound silence, nod
) dnyllaht rind n de'nd or dying convict
.Mi tlio passageway or enlrnnrn. Que.
1 iloiilmt In useless, unit (r uuiird will
rtk life In wiIi'Hiik tlm barracks when
Miinlliered cries nnd cursing warn
them of Ititrrnnl strife.
All tlio men I talked with were well
disposal towiird me. ono In particular
11 lull, well educated mnn with n pnlr
of durk rimmed glosses nnd largo eye
fenrfully strained through Inability to
neoiiro protior letisea.
"Yon miiNt not loc hope." I told n
'group mid nlmoot swallowed my own
word. "Ilopol" hurst out tliu rich,
tremulous voire of (hit bill mnn. "It Is
nlwsys tlio same! there In no hope
hero." "No: no hope hurol" was tlio
'echoed murmur of hi comrade.
Charles Wellington ("urloiiff In liar
, pur's Magatluo.
Thslr Ciuiii and Gffsets and tht
, Traatmtnt Thsy Rsqulr.
A rarlco-o win l mi enlarged and
twisted vein, generally In tlm leg, It I
' caused by stagnation of Iho hlood.
Often tho patient hit n hercdltnry pre-
, dtpttlnn to vnrlcoM veins or bo has
n weak heart, with n couenuunt tend
ency to sluggish venous circulation.
Anything thnt Interfere with tint
flow of blood through tin relnn may
lirlns on nn ntturk. I'reMuro from a
tlulit Kirtur ond very aovero munculnr
uxHrtlou nro often oxolttiiB cnui' I'cr-
, mitm who uro obllced to alnnd for imt
oral bourn nt n time, llko xllcmn.
wiuberwumen and Mlenwomen. nro of.
Yteii aubJtKt to thin truublo. Under or
illunry roiidllloiiN the IiIimhI In the loir
, munt run up hill ronntnutly In order to
rvitnln tho heurL In tho cnno of thow
who ntiind ines; of the day the blooil
' bun to work h:trd hour nftrr hour In
order to oicrvouie tho fon-o of univlty,
t mid na n result tho tkIii crndually an-
larRo and harden.
In mild cnnea of Tnrtcoo rclna. cnp-
daily In yount: and othrrwlno healthy
lHHpli), tho aymptoma urn rory allshL
Thero In n feMllmj of welsht In tho leu
nnd n dull nrhu tnwnrd tho end of tho
, dny Tho nrbe la wwn ndlovwl by tho
IMtlont'a rontlHK wtth tho lex aomewlwt
ntlneil m that tho blood rmi How hark
irturt wtidly. HumedHiea (mliiful croniK
miupllntto tho trouble. Mini tho crump
. In likely to return HgHln ond itgtflu until
lift Itecouio it iHirtlwii.
More Herloim cumpllentloiH nro throtn
1 IhhU (or tho ctotllUK of tho blood In
thu volm nnd phlebllln (or Inilniiiiim-
tlou of n velui Often n form of oc
Komn iippoora In Iho akin of tho lee. or
on ilcor mny nrlno. When turleono
vcltm nro rcry troublenonm aurslcnl
(rt'ntmeut U ndvbuible, but tho milder
cone enn bo much rellored by real nnd
' proiHir bmiduuliiB.-Youth'a Compnulon.
Varlat and Val.t
MVo hnro only ouraeWeu, or, rather,
our forefather, to blnmo for tho trou.
bio nbotit tho pronunctntlon of 'rnlct,' "
mtva His I.ondou Cbronlclo. "If they
(bad alnck to 'vnrlot' tboro would hnya
leeii no dlfllculty. 'Vnlef and 'Tnrlef
nm tho aamo word, meaulnir orlalimlly
juat a boy, tho dlmlnutlro of 'Taaanl,'
n man. Uufortunntoly when our nncea'
torn nppllrd n wonl moaning a boy to
' alitnlfy n aerrnnt tboy went on tomako
It lKr acoruful aonao. And ao 'tar
let' dcKenerntwl holealy, Juat aa did
'knave,' which la almply tno uvrmau
'kunbo.' boy."
Indltputabla Evldanoa.
"Kny, fnlher," wild little Krcd. "did
' ymi ever hnvo auothor wlfo bonldom
, "Why, cennlnly not," anld tho fnthor.
"Ilow do you hiippon to aak audi a
qiiPHtlnu, my lKy7''
"Well, fiilher," continued tho lioy, "I
anw In tho family lllblo thnt you mar
rled Anno Domini. 1802, and I know
thnt wuan't mother, for her numo waa
Jlnry rnraona when alio .waa n ulrL"
k Chlcuuo Itecord-lloratiL
Not Too Puthlno,
"Mndnm, I munt coiiBrutulntn you on
hnvlmt audi u punhlutf younn fellow
for u huabnnd,"
"Yoas Oeoruo dooa Tory well with tha
Idwii mower, but 1 hnvo n time with
t him about tho buby currlaBO." Haiti
mora Auierlcun.
' Eating and Talking.
Wo all vat tno much, and It ta little
( wonder there trf ho much to cut. And
wo nil talk too much, bocnune thero la
ao much to talk about. Now Orloana
bjt. IMcayiine,
IIo ta educated who la uinater of htm
' aolf and of hla tuak.-1'uubody,
A Dtaftatar and a Yeoman Look Ita
Qataa &vry Nlfjht.
Btrniio to any, vory few pooplo nro
nwnro df nn nticlutit cuatom which I
Htlll kept up nt tho Tower of Uindon.
Junt bitforo inldiiluht beefenter nnd
tint chief yeomnn portiir aecuro tho
koya from tho Kovomor'a hoiiao to
"lock up," MiivIuk rocitlred tho koya
they proceed to tho KUiird room.
"Mneort for tlio keyar' cnlla out tho
purler, mid n aoriji'iiiit nnd alx prlratoa
turn out.
Tho proceaalon then mnrehca off, and
the auutrlcfl they pnaa Inniio the liaiinl
clmlleiiKO of "Who uoea theror to
which tho nimwer I "Keya."
Arriving nt tho eiitrnnco to the Tow.
it urounda, tho llon'a Knte. the porter
locka tho cnlea and Iho pnrty return
to tho Kiinrdroom. tin aetitry rhnllonff
but mm buforo nnd rccelvlmt tho aiimo
nnnwer However, on arrival nt tho
Ktinnlroom nKnlu tho aentry aiatlnmil
thero atninpn bin fmit, nt tho anmo
time itlvlmt tho imunl rhnllenuo.
"ICnya." repllea Iho (wirier.
"W'bono kcyar' Urn aentry naka.
"KliiB UrnrKo'a keya."
"Advnuco Klnjr tliorso'a keya, and
nll'a well."
Tho porter then anya, "Ood blena
KIiik (leorKe." nnd nil preneut rcapond
with "Amen." Tho keya nro then
anlutcd nnd relumed to tho Kovernor'a
hoiino, where they renin In until tho
next nlifhl'a coreinony. I'caraon'a
It Takta Oema Paeullar Twltta In tha
Mattar ol Haradlty.
I'rofeawir llaliwin In lecturinK bo
foru the Itnynl Itutltiitlou on "Heredity
of Hex" relnteil niiiio rurloua facta
which hnd Im-um dlw'overcd aa the rr
ault of exnmluln aeveral Bcnernllnna
of a family In which color bllndneaa
A color blind woman wna very rnro
ly found, and alio wna alwaya tho
dnushler of a color blind mnn. Her
noun and daughter would txt normal
and her ton' famlllea wuold Im nor
innl, but If her dauabtera hnd aomi
they would Imi found to Ikj normal and
color blind In tiunl iiiiiiiImT!!.
A curloiia milium ly with reference to
color bllndueita aipenreil In twin Klrla.
Tliev were exactly allko In apimrnnce.
but ono ulrl waa color blind nnd tho
other not No explnnntlou of I hi wx.
ceptloti haa Us-n found.
l'nfeaor llatenou anld thnt tbrro
wo a popular belief Hint aon In rer
tnln reNVta took nfter their mother
and duiiRhler after their father.
Within a renaouablo ronco of aiHTUlc
tlou thin waa no Aa to ona titkluR
after their mother, they aaw thin In
tho exierpnc of their own fatnlllea.
(4ndou Cor. New York Time.
Why Ctoeka Oat Out of Ordtr.
The- reo aou why munleliileeo clock
ao often pet out of order la ao obrlou
that It I atnineo that attention to It
haa not been drnwn before. A Loudon
clockmaker aald;
"It In beoauno mantelplerp are rare
ly level. If a clock meant for a man
telpleco la not placed In an exactly
horlxontal iMmltlon It la auro to k'
wroiiR. When tho clock Rnln or loaea
tiecauao of Ita atanllnir poaltlon pt'opln
reeulnrly movo tho hand forward or
backward, na tho caao limy be, In or
der to adjunt It. Kventually tha clock'a
hamU nro moved hIhiiu ao much that
tlttf uieebaiilain get out f order and
tho clok reftinen uven to tick. Watchea
mid iravfrllme cltwka nru conntnictiHl
dlirei-HUtly from tho atntlonary chick,
and limy will ro In niiy ixntltlon. That
In why they nro rolled iiKin more tlinn
tho oninmenlal mautclploco clock."
Now York Time.
A Dorn Otatttman.
"Whafa tho Idea, Oeoruey Inquired
Mr. WaahhiRton. "Why do you chop
down thl cherry tree? nav yon any.
UiIiir nRUluat cherry tretjaT'
"No. air."
"Maybo you an In favor of defoc
"Vo air"
"Do'lnRlhla for a moving plcttira
"Hy no meana."
"Then why chop tlowti n trpef
"I Juat thought of roIor on tho
atnmp," replletl tho nitiiro father of
hta country. And thon Mr. Washing
ton reallxcd that Oeorso waa a boru
aUtoman.-Kanaa City Journal.
Rough on tha Mlnlstar'a Son.
Willie, ailed Uro, waa ono day aent
away from tho dinner table for miaho
havlor. llu went Into the kitchen, and
tho maid aaldt
"Wllllo. I'd bo ashamed to be aent
away from tho table, as bite a boy aa
you nre.M
-Well, that's what a fellow ucta for
belnit torn In a prearher'a family," re
Jolnod the little fellow.-Cblcago News.
In Hla Dafansa,
"DaiiRhter," called thu fnthor from
hla poaltlon nt tho top of tho atnlra nt
tho welt known hour of ll:M p, m..
"doesn't thnt younn man know bow to
any Rood night?"
"Doea ho?" echoed Iho young lady In
tho dnrkened hull. "Well, I should
any ho doea!" Lndlea' Home Journal.
Hta Mask Ougaastlon. ,
Sirs. CJrlmly-U them any wny yon
can break yourself of tbut habit ot
talking In your aleepT Sir. (Jrlmly
(tremulously, but liopefnllyl Do you
think It would help uny, my dear, If
you'd lot mo talk mora when I'm
awakoT 1'uck.
It Is only by labor that thought ran
bo mudo healthy, und only by thought
thnt labor enn bu mado buppy. llue
kla, '
Mifiotv n yery wln mrtn thnt
believed Hint If n mnn were per
mitted to miiko nil the Imllndn
ho need not euro who ahould
mnke tlio law of n nation. An
drew Fletcher.
Mnny n dnnKerotia tcmptntlon
rnmuK to ua In lino Kny color
thnt are but akin deep, Mat
tliuw Henry.
"Whatever la U not" la the
maxim of tho nnnrchlxt na of.
ten na nuythluit com en ocrona
him In tho ahnpo of n law which
ho doea not like. Itlcbani Hunt-'
Thai which make tho man no
worm) than ho wn makea hi
Ufa no worav. It hna no ower
to hnrm without or within. Mar
cun Aurollun,
' i Men otiRht not to Invcatlsnto
thlnic from wnriln. but worda
from lliliiu. for thnt thltm nro
not mnilo for the anko of worda.
but word for thine. Dlogeiiea
Department of the Interior, United
Htatoa Land OIIIm, The Halloa,
OreRon, July 7, 1913.
To Kd Umlth of Powell Hutto, Oro-
Ron, Contoatoe;
You nro hereby no titled thnt Paul
H. Onrcken, who Klvea llond, OroRon,
o-o llox 317 na bla pimtolllco addreaa,
did on July 7, 1913, lllo In thl olllco
bla duly corroborated application to
content und aecuro tho oancollatlon
of your liomcntead entry, No. ,
Hnrlnl No. 010SB9 mode July 20th,
19 II, for HViSK'A, see. 7; NlHi,
HKUNWVi nnd lot 2,'aeetlon 18,
townnhlp 18 H., ratiRo 10 Kaat, W.
Meridian, and na Krounda for hta oon
teat he nlleRea that tho aald Kd,
Smith haa failed to real do upon or
cultivate ait Id tract for nioro than
alx month lat paat and that sueh
falluro uaa not due to hla employ
ment In tho army, navy or mnrlne
corn of the United Htutea In time of
war or othcrwlae.
You are, therefore, further notl
find that the aald alloRatloua will be
taken by thl olHce aa havlnR bean
confoMod by you. anil your aald entry
will bo canceled thereunder without
your further right to bo heard there
in, either before thla oftlce or ou ap
peal., If you fall to file In this ofTleo
within twenty dnya after tho
POUrtTH publication of thla notice,
aa ahown below, )our nnnwer, under
oath, apeclttcally inrctliiR and re
aM)udliiR to theae nlleRatlona of con
tent, or If you fall within that time
to tlio In thla oRlce duo proof that
you hnvo served a copy of your an
aner on the aald contestant cither In
person or by registered mall. If
thla service la mado by the delivery
of a copy of our nnawor to Uio con
testant In person, proof of such ser
vice must be either tho aald contest
ant's written acknowledgement of
his receipt of tho copy, jhowInK tho
dato of Ita receipt, or the affidavit of
the person by whom Uio dollvery was
mado atatlHR when and where the
copy waa dllered; If made by rge-
latered mall, proof of sueh service
; must conautt of tb attldavlt of the
l person by whom the ropy watt mailed
HtntlnR when and the itoatoRtce to
which It was mailed, and this ntlldav
It must ho accomiKtnled by tho post
master' recolpt for tno letter.
You ahould state In your answer
the name of tho postottioa to which
you desire future notices to bo sent
to you.
Dato of first publication July 10,
Date of second publication July S3,
Date of third publication July 3Q,
Date of fourth publication Aug. C,
A Dainty Dinner
is served tit our tables
at noon nnd supper
in the evening from
G o'clock to 8 o'clock
We furnish
Ice Creams
Hhoca fiblneil at OeorKo'a barlxr
nbup, Uicou street. JfJtf
Hot rolln ami bread nt the AincrN
run llnkery every afternoon at n
o'clock, New atom on Wall atrect.lOtf
I. O. O. I'.
fiend Ixxlito No. UIK
Regular Meeting every Monday night
Vlaltora woloome.
J. K, KnRobrotaon, N. 0.
U. N. iloffrnan, Seuy.
M. V. OF A.
Pilot Ilutto Camp No. 9794
Mcota overy Tuesday In Hatlier Hall.
VUltlng NelKhbora alwaya weloomo,
W. W, Orcutt, Conaul.
Martin II, Knution, Cleric.
UHHIV. N O. 1 0
K. of P.
Meets every Wednes
day ovenltiR at 8 p. in.
In Castle Hall, K, A.
Bather HldR. Visiting
Knights welcome.
Joe Innos. C C.
I.. M, Melteynolds,,
K. of It. & 8.
A. P. & A. SI.
Meets on Thursday on or be
foro tho full moon of each
month. Visiting brothers
alwaya welcome.
J. D. Davidson, A. SI. Lara,
W. SI, Secretary
Hcgdtar meeting hold by Mend
Lodge No. 897 lu Sat her 'a Hall on
tho flrat and third Thursday etonlng
each -month. Visiting members of
order alwaya welcome.
SIra. 0. W. Bhrlner. Prea.
Margaret Schreder, Secy.
Ilond Lodeo No. SOS tneeta nvorr
sooond and fourth Friday evening.
ntners nail. visiting brothers
and sisters welcomed.
Sirs. Ariel ltUn, N. O.
Mlsa Iola Force, 8cy.
IlcRular meotliiR on first and
third Friday evenings at Sathcr'g
SIra. Margaret Hates, Oracle.
Sirs. Alfaretta Orcutt, Itecorder.
Dend lodge meets in regular sea
alon on the Second and Fourt. Slon
day Iivnnlng each month, In Masonic
Hall. Fannie Farrls, W. SI.,
Arrie Ulack, Secy.
United KUtr.
President Woodrow Wilson
Vlco President. .Thomas It. .Marshall
Secretary of State W. J. Dryan
Secretary ot Navy . . Josephus Daniels
Secretary ot War . . . .L. SI. Garrison i
Secretary ot Interior . . . . V. IC Lane 1
Secretary ARrleulture D. F. Houston i
Secretary of Treasury . W. F. SIcAdoo i
Secretary Commerce . .W. C. Itedtteld
Secretary of Labor . . . .W. II. Wilson
Attorney (leneral . .Jaa. Melteynolds
Foetmastvr Oeheral .Albert Ilurleaon
Governor Oswald West
Sec-rotary ot State .... II. W. Oloott
Treasurer Thos. it. Ka
Atty General A. SI. Crawford
Superlntandent Public Instruction . .
J. A. Churchill
Stato Printer W. S. Duntwuy
Commissioner Labor Statistics .... J t ttOli
Oame Warden ....... . W. L. Flnley
State Engineer ..... .John H. LeU
United Stales Senators
Georao E. Chamberlain
, Harry W. Lane
Congressmen .A. W. Lafferty
,N. S. Slnnott
W. A. Hawley
Beventli Judicial District.
Judge ...W. U Ilradshaw
Attorney W. I). Hell
Crook County.
Judge G. Springer
Cleric ....... Warren Drown
Sheriff Frank Elklns
Treasurer .....Ralph Jordan
Assessor , II. A. Foster
8chool Supt J. E. Myers
Coroner P. B. Polndexter
Surveyor Fred A. Rice
Commissioners K. H. Uayley
Willis W. Ilrown
lhe Courts.
Circuit Meets first Monday In
September and December and second
Slonday In Starch.
Probate Sleets first Monday In
each month.
Commissioners' Sleets first Wed
neaday In January, Starch, Slay, July,
September and Novomber.
llend School District No. IS.
Dlrectora , F. SI. Ray, Chmn
J. N. Hunter
Clyde SI. SIcKay
Cleric . , , H. J. Ovorturf
City of llend.
Slayor G. P. Putnam
Recorder H. 0. Ellis
Treasurer H. J. Overturf
Chief of Police 8. E. Roberta
City Engineer ....George S. Young
Councilman ......... .II. E. Alien
,..,. A. L. French
A. S. Collins
, H. B. Ford
, John Steldl
., E, A, Sathor
Justices of tho Peace
Rend Precinct ,. J. A. Eaatea
Deschutes Precinct ...W. W. Orcutt
1 Farm Machinery
S Reapers
We Also Carry
m The Purest and
I Bend Milling &
We Deliver the Goods
Hay, Barley, Oats, Wheat and Bran at lowest pricej.
The Largest Barn in Central Oregon.
This service Is In lieu of the day trains run heretofore.
The train will leave Bend 8:30 P. M Deschutes 8:48 P. M., Red
mond 9:10 P. M., Terrebonne 9:24 P. M., Culver 10:02 P. M., MetoIIus
10:20 P. M., Madras 10:30 P.'M., Mecca 11:08 P. M., Maupin 12:40 A.
M., Sherar 1:08 A. M., arrive Portland 8:10 A. M.
Leave Portland 7:00 P. M., Arrive Sherar 3:03 A. M., Maupin 3:2G
A. M., Mecca 5:18 A. M., Madras 6:00 A. M., Metolius 6:13 A. M Cul
ver 6:28 A. M Terrebonne 7:08 A. M., Redmond 7:23 A. M Deschutes
7:43 A. M., Bend 8:00 A. M.
Connections are made in North Bank Station, Portland, to and
from Willamette Valley and Puget Sound Points.
Fares, schedules and details will be furnished on application
or by letter.
Asst. Gen. Frt. & Pass, Atft;
Asst. Gen Pass. Ajrent,
Auto Trucks
Operating Regularly Between
Binder Twine-
Best Always at
Warehouse Co.
J. H. CORBETT, Agent.
Bend, Oregon.
" I