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    11KNI1 IU'M.KTIN, RKN0, Ottll, WKDNKflDAY, JULY Stt, MM.
rage 8.
Central Oregon's First Stone nnd
)' I n c s t ltuific f Worship N
Completed, Cot Doing About
$TUOU Ur. Corby to I.eac.
The opening services In the new
First Prcabytorlan church of Rend
will be held next Suuday, the build
ing bolng'prnctlcallr completed. This
Is believed to bo the flnest church in
Central Oregon, and it is also the
first to be constructed of stone. The
material was quarried here and con
sists of pink, black and brown Dee
chutes soft rock.
The cost of the church was about
$7000. ?3500 of which Is provided by
the General Assembly of tho church.
The services will le Joined in on
Sunday morning by tho other Pro
testant denominations. Rev. K. C.
Kcwham, the .Methodist pastor, and
Iter. E. G. Judd, the Raptlst minis
ter, will speak on "The Purpose of
a Church, and "Christian Fraterni
ty." The public Is Invited.
Announcement -was made by Dr.
I. I. Gorby, the pastor, to his con
gregation last Sunday that he had
decided to leave Dend, now that, after
two years labor, the building Is com
pleted. He has received Invitations
from churches In Chicago, TAcoma,
Sacramento and Portland and may
accept one of these. He will announce
next Sunday morning at what date
his resignation will tnko effect.
The Presbyterian Sunday school
will be held nt 10 a. m. In the new
church, In charge of the superinten
dent, Ross Farnham.
XTJWsKt SLI till anWswBsW; kn bsWslsasK x "t!
lHBslri iwBSKm HI BHBBsisstei
TsT BmllHSBiiMsTlsB TTsffsfWHsTI
Opening Itilon Services Will llo rtctil Next Sttiulay Morning.
Deeds That Have Rcen Filed For
Record nt Prltiellle.
(Special to The Bulletin)
PRINEVILLB, July 22. Among
the deeds filed for record from July
14 to July 19 are the following:
Roman Catholic Bishop of Baker
City to Franciscan Order of the Dio
cese of Baker City, beginning at a
point marked by a tack on a stake
and located from the cast corner of
block 17, Bend, south C7 degrees 11
minutes east CO Hi feet, south C7 de
grees 11 minutes east 180 feet to a
point marked In place by tack on a
stake, south 22 degrees 49 minutes
west 195 feet to a point marked In
place by a tack on a stake, north C7
degrees 11 minutes west 243.73 feet
to a point in southeast boundary line
of Lava Road and marked In place by
a stake and located from point of be
ginning south 40 degrees 55 minutes,
west 205.14 feet, thence by curre
(radius 292 feet) on southeast
boundary of Lava Road 206.14 feet
to point of beginning, sa'd tract being
part of the nwte4, section 32-17-
Bend Park Co. to Carl O. Larson.
It 9, m J 00, Plntf Add.. Bend Park.
. Uc.a Park Co. to fcwan Olaf Ort
qulst. It 3, blk 111, First add., Hf Mil
Park. $10.
Frank Blklns. sheriff, to Chas. H.
DoiJ, v'rszy' J4f nl ene'i,
nee. 26-11-9.
r St L. Staa'S to C. V. SllvU. Its 11
and 12, block 7, oesolmtea Add.,
Bend. $400.
Oscar A. Fields to Alice G. Fields,
nwU sec 31-11-17. $8000,
Northern Pacific Railway Co. to
Lawrence Connell, swUneUi tee. 23-14-21.
D, C. Peterson to M. A. Clark, Its
35 and 3C, blk 27, La Pine.
Albert Taylor to M. A. Carter, west
5-16 of nWttnwK, tec. 4-15-10, be
ing west 12 acres of said 40; also
1-12 Interest in irrigation ditch and
water rights for watering lots 1, 2,
3 and 4 of sec. 4-15-10. $1500.
T. H. Beverly to, Trumann Meredith
Its 3 and 4, anwU, sec. 5-18-14.
Bend Park Company to Minnie W.
Stephens, It 25, blk 109, FIrct add.,
Bond Par. $150.
Arnold Irrigation Company to J.
A. Deemcr, wseU, sec, 21-18-12,
with water right for C5 acres. $2500.
Charles E. Roberts to William M.
Roberts, sMi or It 11, blk 17, Park
Add., Bend..
J. A. Kardos to United States, right
of way ovor nwnwU. 6-22-11.
Alfred C. Mueller to United States,
right of way overn ',4 n '.4 , sec. 33;
n'fcn'i, sec. 34; nl4nVi. boc 35;
nnw, seV4nw'4, boc. 3C-21-11.
Christina M. Bather' to United
States, right of way over noUnw'4,
ceo. 7, and b,4sw4, etc. 6-18-11.
Emit Erlckson to United States,
right of way over snH, sec. 10-18-10.
Bend Timber Co. to United States,
right of,wny over seU, eo'4sw,
seo. 36-17-11; n'inw'yi, cec, 1; n4
eec, 2; sne, sec. 4; nwUee'i,
sec. -1; .nwBeJ4, nnw4, sec. 2-18-10.
Bend Timber Co. to United States,
right of way over o4w, e'4, sec.
32-211,1. v ",.
Deschutes Lumber Co. to United
States, rlebt of -way over n, cec. 3;
nHseU. sw, sec. 4-18-11.
Fremont Land Co. to United States
right of way over sHnoU. sec. 36-21-11;
oHnwU. sec. 31-21-12.
Oregon & Western Colonlxatlon Co.
to United States, right of way over
sees. 1 asd 3, township 15, range 10,
and sees. 9 and 5, township 15, range
Aloxander Stewart to D. H. Moss,
all of eVjneU, sec. 29; wVinw,
sec. 28-11-13, less right of way of the
Deschutes Railroad.
Alexander Stewart to C. A. Phil
brick, nil of It 7, blk 26; It !). e4 It
10, blk 22, Bend; Its 9, 10, 11, blk
22, Jledmond.
Bend Park Cb. to B.' Strubblo ct
al Its 7 and 8, blk 26, Rlvcrsldu Add..
Fred Estos to Phcbe E. Currle, it
lornH blk 29, Wlestorla.
L. D. Wlest to Phobo Currle. It
1 or n4 blk 29. Wlestorla.
Gideon Weaver to Bottle Brlckson,
Its 3 and 4, sV&nwU. sue. 3-1S-1C.
Elmer Nlswonger to W. G. Waugh,
nwUseUseVi, sec. 4-1S-12.
Frank Oswald to Carollno Oswald.
seMsett, wifcseU, seUseU, sec. 9-20-13.
First Natlannl Bank of Bond to
George Hobbs, nfeswU, Its 3 and 4,
sec. 2-16-14.
IT. C. Coe to George Hobbs, nVs
swVi. Its 3 and 4, see. 2-16-10.
W. H. Stoats to Domlnlkas Paw
rasas, It 1. blk IS, Deschutes Add.,
Bend. $400.
State to J. D. Carter, swHswVl,
see. 26-17-12.
Patent to Jas. Ryan, seVinwVi,
efcswVi, sec. 2C-17-12.
Cut in Hate Fiini One Crnt For liich
Aildltional 1'iiunil to One Cent For
Two 1'oundt 20 Pound Limit.
Reduction In parcel post rates
within the first and second zonea.
and increases In the maximum wekh
of parcels and substitution of a now
tate chart for the complicated pres
ent map has been ordered by Post
master General Burleson to take ef
fect August 25.
The rate of pottage in the first zone
1e reduced from 5 cents for the first
pound and 1 cent for each
pound to f cents for the first pound
and 1 cent for each additional two
pounds. The maximum weight in
Increased from 11 to 20 pounds, bin
only In the first and second zones
for the present. If this works out
all right, the maximum will lj mide
J.V pouiti weywhere.
Jb addition, the Insurance rate,
originally 10 cents, will be redueod
to S cents on parcels up to tho vsl-ici
of 125.
The ohangs: ' Intuit benefit
here inasmuch at Portland, tho city
with whlth the greatest amount of
bustness la carried on, is within the
second zone.
It Found Rtlttt In Practical Jokts
Uoen ths C'srgy.
Some thirty odd wir ago a young
mini in me tu New York from England
(I hnvp forgotten his namei. und for a
year r o be ikikw! ms a very ardent
vbunhmuu. tic hud n mania which
Nfvtmtl to be ttif umktng of trouble
for other people, with no particular
object ec'it that and certainly wltb
no adTiintngc to hltuvelf, as be very
uuturally rvmnlncd "Ihcor."
Am Illustrative, he would send out a
humlrtil or more poitnl cards address
h1 to as tunny different plumbers In
New York, asking them to call on a
certnln tiny, at a given hour, at the
residence of the Rev, Dr. Morgan Dlx.
rector of Trinity church. Another
time It would be an army of baker,
nml ho on. On one ocaslon be rent In
vitations to a doxen of the clergy to
dine with Dr. Dlx on a given date.
imagine the good doctor's condemn
Hon when his unexpected guests ar
rived! One of his bits of "funny" work. In
which he until the name of the Into
nMiop Jstrgnr. was as follows: Dr.
Cornelius It Hwope was tho vicar of
Trinity chapel. In Twenty-fifth street,
at the time, and Dr Horatio Potter tho
bishop of New York Dr. Dlx had he
roine so exaxperntetl as hardly to
know what to do. sntl one day he wont
to consult Dr. Swope ami to ask his
advice as to what nuilil be done, tnk
Ing wltb htm one of the cards that he
bad received. On looking at It Dr.
SWope wtlil:
"I recognize that handwriting be
cause I received n card somo time ago
in the same band, which I have kept
as a curiosity."
Tills was the card:
Cincinnati. Ohio.
Dr Cornel It Is rumored out her tht
rou would Ilka (o Un b!hop If this Is
true pltai In me know at once. 1 hv
treat Influence with More Dlx and will
t oli Potter about It. co
if you nould Ilk to t a blihop
And wltb the blihop stand.
A miter oil your forehead
And a crotler In your hand,
plea writ me Immediately. Faithfully
DUhop of Southern Ohio.
New York became rnthcr too "hot"
for our friend shortly after that, as the
police got on hlsr track, and he disap
peared. He turned up Inter at bis old
tricks In Pittsburgh. I think", where he
was extsed. ODd I don'f emcmlier
what became of blra. Rev. Dr.W, W.
Jlolley In IJylng Church.
Unci 8am Tried Them Several Time,
but Without Suecen.
Perforated wlim were never In fn
vor In the United Sink's, though vnrl
ous vfforta were ttuiile tu popularise
them. The llrst I'ultt'tl Hlutes eoltt
with it perforutetl center Mils u gold
ilollnr Nsuttl tu I Hilt, which liiul n
Hiiuiire httte In tho middle of tho
plum-hot- it wns the forerunner of tho
gold dollar Issued by tho United Htutes
mint In IS41. The colli wits eiigntvetl,
not struck from dies.
The noxt United .States coin with a
perforated center wim Isstunl from the
riillmlolphln mint In ISAO am) wiih of
the deuomlttiitltiu of I cent. It wns
nlsiut tho size of the bronze cent now
In iikiv At that time thv large, old
fushloutsl copper cent wns In general
circulation, untl the perforated coin re
celvetl the name of "ring cent." Tho
designer reasoned that by Menus of
the pt-rf unit Inn the cent could ! dls
tlugulshed by touch from the dime.
Another perforated cent lssuetl tho
same year showed two rings In the
field with the words, "Cent. One-tenth
Silver" Uhe reverse showed an olive
wrvntu nround the perforation and the
words. "United States of America.-
The mint authorities undertook tu
design n coin that would answer nil
requirements, and the pieces were
struck with both plrrcetl and ttcrfect
centers In silver, copper, nickel mid
comisisltlon metal, six varieties In nil.
without counting the various metals,
but none of the designs was favored
by the government authorities, and
consequently they were never put In
general circulation.
The only gold half dollar ever pro
duced at the United States mint was
struck In 18." 2. It hud n crforailon
In the center, iiud the obverse showed
a wavy circle n round the iierforntlon.
with the Inscription. "Unltetl States of
America." nround the Isirder. The n
verse was blank. The coin was ex
actly half the weight of the dollar.
Regardless of the generally accepteti
Idea the gold fifty cent pieces with
which the public Is familiar werr not
an Issue of the Unltetl States, but were
manufactured by California Jewelers.
There has not been any attempt to In
troduce the perforated coin In the
Unltetl States since 18SI. In that year
two piece of the denomination of 1
and ft cents were ltittl at the Phila
delphia mint. Harper's Weekly.
BODY IH IIIHINTi:itlli:i).
Identity of the iniiii who liungud
hlniHolf tliti llrst of limt week In one
of the camps of the Ttiiunln Irrigation
project nuiir l.nldluw wns entnbllHlieil
after the remains hud boon burled
by tho county authorities. Tho man
was Jou Hack, and Ih loaves a duitKh-
tor and son-ln-luw living In llontl. MV.
anil MrH, Anion lllotler. Thoy Imd
tho hudy dlHlntorred and ruliurlod on
Monday In Pilot Hullo ticiuotory ly
rtidorlakor NlHwniigor. Tho doeooHotl
was it (lernian. Ills daughter Is uu
iilitti tu nttrllnito tiny rciiHuu why ho
klllod hliusolf,
V ' VS s,N
ra ms
Our kiiwvltdHe uf what it best ntl mint iniiMc for
your Iwthrciuiii is naturally gtcatcr ihmt you can 1 expected
tu Imvc.
This knowledge and cjkpcrlcnco is nt your disposal
without extra charge.
Tell us how much spscc you have, approximately
how much you care to expend and wc will plan for you
the mint sutitlactury
nrrauuement und
most desirable fix
tures that can be had
for the money.
As our estimate will
be on f$nmfnrr
guaranteed fixiurci
and firt clan work,
you can rest assured
of rcreivine a per
manently satisfactory
plumbini: cguip-incnt.
undtnT "LMa' Uivtj
Plumbing and Hcnting. Bend, Ore.
Turkish Name.
On our visiting list are Mrs. Hya
cinth. Mrs. Tulip, Mrs. Applet ree nml
Mrs. Nightingale. I am ahn happy
enough to Ht'M the nrrtualntanee of
Mrs. Kweettueat. Mrs. UlNtnund. Mrs.
Air though some know her as Mother
Kve Miss May-Shc-Laugh and Master
Ho-Wnltcd Thh hist nptHtllatlon
seemed to me so curious that I Inquir
ed Into It nnd leflnittl that my young
gentleman waited to Ik born. These
ure not surnames, you understand,
for no Turk owns such a thing. To
tell one Mistress Hyacinth from n not ti
er you add the namo of her man. And
In his case nil you can do is to tack on
his father's you could hardly say
CbrWtlan-nauic II G. Dwlgbt In At
A Cook Book Worth Having!
Twenty certificates Jlelng Uaued by
State Superintendent.
About 1S00 teachers' certlflcats
are being Issued by State School Sup
erintendent J. A. Churchill to thoso
who passed lbs spring state teacher'
examination. Over 1800 persons took
the examine'.! s.i, this being 600 nnri
than ever bef.-? tcok it. Certificate
are being iisued to the following
Crook county teachers;
One-year certificate Edgar tt.
Powell, Darned' Edwin A. Abbott,
Post; Theresa L'undy, Prlnevtlie:
Hernadlne ne-:ur, Prlnevllle; Ollvo
Telfer, Ashwood; Ora V. Walte. Mad
ras; Hubert 1 tuly, Alfalfa; Frea II
Wilcox, Redmond.
Primary certificates Minnie W.
Lewark, Metollus; M. E. Forney, Sis
ters; Minnie H. Taylor, Hay Creek;
Hose Torn, Meadows; Elizabeth E.
Forrest, Powell Dutte; Jessie V.
Hartley, Paulina; Mabel l. Smith,
Lamonta; Floyd C. Kilts, Prlnevllle;
Lola S. Card, Madras; Qeorge Irwin,
Life certificate Henry W. Haydcn,
Herb Cannon of Silver Lake pulled
into town yesterday with about
10,000 pounds of wool to be sold
here. He was preceded by K. A.
Mead who brought In about 6000
pounds. According, to Mr. Mead,
there are still about 100,000 pounds
In the Silver Lake country which are
coming In later. He reported tue
roads as Improving.
Books Prom Unexpected Places.
Not only art, but literature, has been
produced In unexpected plnces. There
was. for Instance. Robert Itloorofleld.
who protjuceil bis "Farmer's Roy"
while working o. hard as a shoemaker
(In c gryret with Ave or six others)
that be fretfuently had to enrryn hun
dred lines In his head IbTduginacic of
leisure to write them down. James
Hogg. too. "tuo Kttrlck Bacpberd,"
wrote his earliest vcrsej tvblle tending
his sheep In the Perthshire highlands.
And Taylor, "tho Water Poet." com
bined the very different offices of
literary man and Thames waterman.
London Chronicle.
The Third Hand,
now often the little things in life
make Impressions that linger in our
memories long after the larger events
are forgottenl Several yeora ago I was
making a visit In a family where there
were, several daughters. One of the
girls brought a bat into the sewing
room one morning and prepared to
trim It Before doing anything else
she took a hatpin and pinned tho hat
(Irmly to her skirts at the knees, so
that she bod both hands free and held
the ribbon and flowers in place with
ber left band while she sewed them
with her right-Philadelphia North
Wild Schemes of Olnocrstes.
The most remarkaole projMjsal ever
made about Mount Atbos was that of
the architect Olnocrates. His plan
was to cut It Into the shane of a cl-
gantlc statue of Alexander tlie'Oreat
holding In the right hand a city, In the
left a tank that was to receive all the
waters of the region. Alexander wos
much taken with the scheme Rut It
was eventually rejected on the ground
that the nelglilHirlng country was not
fertile enough to feed the Inhabitants
ifHlie projected city. Another of Dlnoc
rati' plans was n temple to the wife
of Klug Ptolemy or ItgypL with n roof
of loadstones that would keep mi Iron
statue of he flouting In the air.
" The Earth'shaclow,
The earth r shadow, but vcrj
few ever see It except In eclipses of
tho moon, or else few reeogulxe It
when they see it Nevertheless many
of us have noticed on fine, cloudless
evenings In summer shortly beforo
sunset a rosy pink arc on the horizon
opposite the sun, with a bluish gray
segment under it As the sun slnka
the arc rises until It attains the tenltli
and even passes It This Is the shadow
of tho earth.
It's Essy to team.
Alexander Graham Hell, the Inventor
of the telephone, hit on bis morvelous
discovery while studying und white
teaching the deaf.
Professor Rell once said, apropos of
this fact:
"Ves, we can learn valuable secrets
i from tho most unlikely sources. A Per
sian et, fumed for his wisdom, was
once asked by his king where he had
learned his philosophy.
"'Ffrra the blind, sire.' the poet re-plIed-Trom
the blind, who never ad
vance a step until they hovo tried the
ground.' "New York Tribune-
Ideas must work through the brains
and the arms of good and bravo men
or they are do better than dreams.
He was brought to ReUevue hospital
wltb some injury to the skull, and n sur
geon, having examined the wound, de
termined to keep tho man in the ward
for ii day or two,
"Ob, doctor." cried tho patient "do
you think that I'll lose my head?"
New York Times.
Too Blow. ,
"Why has your daughter dropped her
hospital work so soon?"
"She found she'd have to nurse poor
patients fur two years before they In
trusted her with any millionaires. So
she's going on the stage in a musical
comedy." Kansas City Journal.
"Of what use Is u fly. anyway?" nsks
an exchange.
Well. If tuere Is only ono out and It
happetiN to la- u long one It will score
a man from third. Detroit Free Press.
Ususl Result.
Sllltcus Do you believe that two
can live as cheaply as one? Cynlcus
Well, after they get married I suppose
thoy generally find they have to,
Philadelphia Record.
U a thing Is proper and possible to
man, deem It nttslnnblo by thee, Mar
ras Aurellus.
"Good Living
Is it splendidly printed, strongly bound,
and well written up-to-date Cook Hook
by Sarah Van Uuren. It contains 605
PAGES and u complete index. It is
bound with an OIL CLOTH COVER.
that can be washed when soiled in the
The Regular Price is $2.50
Oiir Price is $1,00
WHILE THEY LAST. We have only
a small number. Housekeepers
should hurry.
The Owl Pharmacy m
Ralph Polndextcr.
First National Rank Uulldlng.
The Best Buy in
Crook County
CochI House, tUrn, Tank;
about 15 acres ready for
crop. Seven and one-half
miles east of Bend on Bear
Creek road, und one-fourth
mile from school. Improve
ments easily worth $1200.
C. O. I. Co. sot $245? for
this land. All for
Address Owner, care of TEe.
Bend Bulletin
, iy