The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 23, 1913, Page PAGE 12, Image 12

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    IMftO 12.
msn uvhuvris, iikni, oiuj., vmin'khiay, .u'l.v u;i, tout.
l'ronmctl Howl Hsue Ample Tor Flrt
Class Structure, Nay Architect of
Spoknno ami Chairman Meluty
of tho Iiocul School Hoard,
Provlilcd tho Ilend tuxvnyer so
fit to ondorso tho SS3.000 bond
Issue next Wednesday for tho orcc
tton of a grado school biilldin?, Ilend
will havo a modern strue'.ure woll le
foro tho first of next year, and one.
according to tho architect new here,
and Mr. MoKay of tho school board,
that will bo both tmilrtdy adequate
for tho needs of tin district In this
direction and a credit to lite town nb
It. C. Sweatt, of tin firm ol Sweatt.
Lovesquo & Co., of Spokrno, ia tho
architect who has Bpent the morning
with Mr. McKay In coin nvor tlm
Diana he haa drawn, and In getting
nil necessary data. AtUr establish-
ing coots of building materials
here, and going Into olhnr mittcra In
volved, Mr. Sweatt atatod that tho
building can bo cared for bv the tond
Issue. Tho plans call tor a Mruc
turo of olght rooms, built so thnt nn
additional olght may bo addoj.
Mr. Sweatt is tho architect of tho
school board of Spokane, and as nurh
plans all school building, in that
city. Ho has also built school In
Umatilla, Marcus, Mica, Freeman
and Harrington, Wash.. Uurke. Jda
ho, and Wallace, Idaho, as well as
In tho Mlddlo West. At Wnllaco tho
building housed a swimming pool,
lKiwllng allejs, etc., silt was a com
munity centor. Ho Is aisj tho author
of a rook entitled "Hc'iool Design
ing," a technical statement of plan
ning -school buildings.
"It looks good to mo," said Mr.
MoKay. "At first I had doubts as
to whether wo could get a sufficient
ly good building for the money, but
row I am convinced. I luertlly hope
tho elcotlon will carry. Mr. Sweat t
says tho building will bo completed
four months after construction l
Mr. Sweatt Is bulldln; a school for
Metollus, tho contracts oelng let last
You will have no Irritated face If
you have your shaving, done at to
nes & Davidson's barber shop. Adr.
With His Own Words Ms Doth
claim th pact Quit Pat,
Tho traditional Hamlet of our stage
Is a lean, ascetic young person, nn
Idealised, cthercntlscd. heroic creature
evolved for tho doleclatluh of tho mail
iin girl. He t.i n horrid sham. la It
credible that such n matt would have
larked tho determination, the purpose
futile, to put Ills revengo Into opera
tion pat upon the discovery! It Is nil
very well to nrguo about tils mental
balance. It was his. sluggish liver
that stayed hint ami hampered him.
Hamlet's rather was a fat and lethar
gic mnn by ItN own account.
Bleeping within my orchard.
My cuitom always of the. afternoon,
ho says In Ills ghostly Interview.
Wo may then look for sotuo clew to
Hamlet's, character its soon as ho Is
alone ou the stage. What aro hi
Oh. that this too, too solid Ceah would
It Is a keynote that may not bo
glossed over as a beautiful thought,
for tho same Idea bursts out some lines
farther on. where ho says of tho world:
Ttitna rank and aroea In natura
Pouch It merely
Is It credible that such thoughts are
there for any punwse save to guide
us us to tho nnturo of this prlncol
They serve a double purpose. Not
merely do we leant that Hamlet was
a fat man, hut also that lie was nn un
happy fat matt. Hamlet was a man to
whom his bulk was an ndllctton. He
was handleapped by It nnd knew that
ho was. Some such Idea Is discernible
In every one of the great soliloquies
Do scorns himself for a sluggard:
What U a man
If his chief kooJ nnd market of.hla time
II but to alaep and feed!
Ills mind, unhinged or not. is ob
sessed by fatness, and In tin mad tur
moil of emotions after ho has slain
Polonlus his thoughts run:
Wt fat all creature cla to fat ua. and
W fat ourselves for maggots.
It burst out again In the "Oh. what
a rogue nnd peasant slaver narangue
Ere thU
I should have fatted all tha region's kltea
With this slave' olTaL
And who but a fat. lethargic man
would have Bald In the "To bo or not to
bo" speech:
Who would fardels bear
To crunt and sweat under a wearr Ufa
Does not the phrase bring to mind at
once the picture of a fat matt tolling at
some loathed task? London Kxprcss.
General Crook had been trying to put
these Annette, back on the reserve, hut
could not cat i'li them without killing
them, nn notion that did not appeal to
hint. One day his forces captured a
pnHoso and took her to tho fort Bho
wan quiet nil day, but her black oyei
wntehed. everything. When night canto
tho child broke down mill sobbed Just
as any whlto youngster might.
The fort was In despair until Major
Hourke had an Idea Prom tho adju
tant's wife ho borrowed a doll that had
come to her little girl tho previous
Christmas When tho young Apache
understood that It was hers to keep
her sobs ceased and alio fell asleep.
When morning emtio the doll was
still clasped tightly In her arms. Stio
played with It all day, nnd seemingly
all thought of ever getting back to tho
tribe had left her.
Bevj-rnl days passed with no sign of
overture being made by the tribe, and
Anally In despair the phhho. with tho
doll still In her (Missesslon. was sent
back. When the child renehed the
tribe with the prtw grasped In her
chubby hands It created n sensation
among the native Americans, and her
mother later went Imek to the post
with It. Sho was received In a ho.
pltnbte manner nnd kindly treated,
and tho effect of her visit was such
that through her overture- wero made.
with tho result that soon afterward
the entire baud moved back on tho re
serve, St. Lout Republic.
A Gift That Drought tha Rabtlllous
Apachta to Term.
Major rtotirko. as atd to General
Crook, onco showed himself nn cffectlvo
peacemaker. He peniuadod a band of
Apaches to go back to their reservation
by presenting a dolt (o a papoose. Tbo
Incident, was as follows:
Tctt Made by Knstcrn Concern Shows
Them of (.'(mm! Quality.
That Itond brick aro of high qual
ity and equal to those mndo In tho
Kast Is shown by n report received
from tho Arnold-Croager Company,
to whom samples wero sent. The
report says:
"Wo havo received tho sample
brick sent us and will say thnt it com
pares very favorably with the best of
our Kastcrn brick, both in quality nnd
color. Wo should think that you
would cocpcrlenco very llttlo trouble
in disposing of your product ns wo
know of a great many p. ants In this
part of tho country that are making
and selling brick that aro very much
Inferior to yours."
Tho Arnold-Croager Co. Is ono of
tho largest brick machinery manufac
turers In the country and has its own
brick and clay testing plants, and It
was mainly through Its tests that
llond canto to have tho only up-to-date
brick plant In Central Oregon.
4 I'll Y ACQUITS HO.VOHl'i:.
Charged with cruelly boating and
killing a horse, A. It. Donohuo was
tried In Justice Hastes' court yester
day afternoon In the Johnson build
ing and was acquitted by a Jury. Tho
complaining witness was Mrs. Mary
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VJ fl V E TH t S M fl a S ffU DV I T t N V E STlGflTE &?&tT0MjrxJ
You Should See La Pine
niutiotiitrimmtiiiieuanlry The land I a tlch deep vvlesnlc ain ntms
tlnn. nutiKk It level. hi oo. ittalnm. and ettflltnt dilnkUif water
neier deeper than m fret The Irrigate,! land with a teretual wiltr rlatttt
can Ik; iurchaet at per cre on ry ternit The eurroundliic pine corned moiinlalne are Hill ul natural womlere am! Juat the Uee
fur a vacation tjt Pine launly alwiit two rear old. but irowlng ialtly It has a telephone aritein, Itvn ko,I lioleU. wu bin teneral
mcrchandlae atorea. a Brat claMlirerr and lee! eiirelteut tieapartlhe tj line Inter Maunlaln). one of )he moat ptsreale
commercial ciuim in ineaiait aoaiiiiaeinn nyin wa)r,iiaaiia own prmirriy anil int paai tear errcteti inereon an euiatine nuri niwae
incrrarcinreaniaii m inula in ine imiill 01 i,a line, wnirn la inai me rxfinilltif ul inc n iumierini anil iniiiina iiuainrH inai win
lone here
a tco-acre achoul park in the heart of thereaMence aectlon, and now leaehraup to the twellth trade.
There are ioxl opening In maiiufuctuilna and iShrr Isialneaa tlnra hrre In eduentlnnal matlere M I'lne la prseteaalte.
II haa
lalhollcchutth will ! built here
Ihlaaprlns, and other churchea are plannlnc to eatahtlah Iheniaelvea .a fine haa over io arallable electric horae )wer whlth th
owner narc cuminenceii to ueveiop an.l wnicn ainne
wituM btillit a vk1 alartlettr The tiltf area of farm lainl IrilMilarv tu l.a line wihiUI
alone bulM and maintain a awkl aire,! rllv Thetait Iracla tif nnilxr mlHilarv In (jt l-lne wttnld alone build a eoixt IikI etlv Mllh the
coming oilhe twublc rallruad ayalrma to l.a I'lne which willhe anon development In and aronnd l.a I'lne will rapid
r H von ran mane money ny miring prniKriy ai La nne in an
can be reached via Or Nor : N I' l) tv K ItN and tJ
l.a Pine
Ktue of the
railroad Other aredoln It. whv not VOL WAKK ITI to the fact that a xIhI wfll.lnraltif town In one of the neweal aud beat eeatlana
of the Norlhwet ta bouud to grow rapidly and that projietly valuea wlllcllmttanotitlngly It lees now from v up The lernia are eaey.
only a few tloUari per uiooth on each lot Voudon I iniaathe inouey. but ou aoon aviulie vatuaM prupefly VVrtle lovlay IW plat, prie
KeUable ageott. with good bank reference, wanted In all parte of the t'nltedHtetee.
Martin. Despite the hot weather,
thoro was a largo crowd of interested
spectators nt the trial. Tho proseou
tlon was conduclod by Vernon A.
Forbes nnd Gcorgo W. Krsklne, and
the dofendnnt was ropresented by 11.
II. DcAnuund.
year tho uiaxlmiiiu was only HI). Tho
highest temperature so far this sum
iner has been Oi degreeti, registered
on tho 8th and again on the SOth.
wiaTinm has iihi:. hot.
Tho period of hot wenthor thnt
prevails for about a week every yonr
near tho middle of July is now upon
Ilend. The tompernturo, however,
has been a llttlo lower than it was In
both 1011 and 191. Two years ago
a maximum of 99 was reached on
July 16 and last year a maximum of
100 on July 10. On the ICth this
Itriliuoiid CiiiiiinriTlul Club mid llir
t'nrntrr CHOen,U
(Special to Thu llullollii)
UKDMON'I), July 32. Tho local
commercial club, In conjunction lthl
inn rarmcrs soittn or town, havo com
menced tho construction of a public
nutomnlllo road to tho top of Forked
Horn ttutte, and It Is now proposed
to hold it plonta at the lop nt tku
hullo on I'rtday, Augtut 8. A bas
ket dinner will lis sorvtHl by tha la
dle nnd tho men will Join In eoy
plillng the road. Forked Horn ilulln
la tlm alto of the olty reservoir nnd
one of tlm hlghiNit (mints In this teU
The Odd Fellows nnd Ilebekahs ,t
Hedmnnd will go to tho Carl WiMit
placo uonr Klslnrs for their
I Ionic iiml Kunday. These lodges hit
a picnic nt tho miiiio place last ymt
nnd nearly tho entire inoinbcriu'p
was In attendance. '
A Woodmen of tho World eantg
was organlted hero last Tuesday
ovonlng, with -10 mombors.
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Real Estate
Real Estate
For Close-in Acreage
Let us show you the property ?Z
conservative buyer that BEND REAL ESTATE is a conservative investment
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The Bend Company
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Office corner Wall and Ohio Sts.
D. E. HUNTER, Real EsUtiiMuger
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