The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 23, 1913, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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HKND RUI.LKTlN, MKNP, Mi., WtfliNKrWAV Jl)I,V iW, irfni
With All His Scientific Skill Man
Cannot Produce Them.
it It Petilbte Only Because the Dll It
n Imperfect Glob and In Compart
ft'son With Its Sin Much Rougher
Than th Surface of the Earth.
Tho nnl reason whjr n baseball enn
be tlirowu no Mint It will describe won
tlerfui viirvfo during Its progrctw
through the air Is Hint every such bull
hna u surface made up of mountain.
Talley, craters, canyons. BurRcs, plnlna
and other Irregularities of the surface
that when the difference In also la
taken Intd consideration, makes the
aurfnee of the earth nwiu like plate
If It were possible to make a perfect
aphcre If It were possible to make a
baseball with nn absolutely smooth bun
face and un exact sphere no pitcher
In the world could make It curre. The
very beat pitcher bane ball has ercr
known or probably ever will know
could not make the ball deviate n hair's
breadth In Its tiljiht.
And so while It la partly In the art
or knack the professional pitcher ha
In holding and releasing the baseball
na he thrown It. It la also due to the
fact that n baseball tins u wonderfally
rough aurfnee against which the air
catches and torus It that elves It the
It yon pan yonr hand over a plate
Rlass It move smoothly with nothing
to retard II If you pass your hand
over an uupldtutl board you can feel
the rouphneM splinters we rail tbem
You cannot move your hand as easily
over the board. This la the same prin
ciple with the baseball. There la a
roughness in ita surface that catches
In the air nnd forces one side about or
retards that side. This baa but one
result to make the baseball leave Ita
straight course, and In doing this It de
scribes a curve.
This does not detract in the least
from the cleverness of the pitcher who
can so accurately Judge bis muscular
control aa to make a baseball curve up
or down, right or left Hut the fact
remains that It Is the roughness of the
baseball that makes nil bis pitching
cleverness possible.
Take a brand new league ball In
your hand. It looks to be a perfect
sphere that Is. absolutely even and
uniformly round and as "smooth as
gluts." And it may be as smooth as
gloss, for glass also has a rough sur
face. Put a baseball under the most pow
erful microscope, enlnrgo It microscopi
cally 10.000 diameters, and what do
you see? The very thing mentioned in
the first paragraph of this article. The
surface la rough. It looks like the
landscape in the Alps or Yellowstone
park or any other rough section of the
earth. It has peaks, ranges, ridges,
valleys, plains nnd holes, gulches nnd
all aorta of uneven places, nud If the
earth could be made as small as a
baseball It would be practically a per
fect sphere and absolutely smooth.
This is because the highest mountains
of the earth nnd the deepest valleys
would be njlfilous" upon mFllons of
times smaller In comparison with the
rough aneveo taces on a baseball if
cither the earth were reduced to the
slro of a baseball or a baseball enlarg
ed to the size of the earth.
Jf this were not true the earth would
not revolve so regularly upnti Its axis
It would perform jjb -in shoot" or
"out shoot" und curve off through
Kvti the Millard ball jiaa a surface
much rougher ft) eoaifMr&OH to Tu size
than the surface of the earth, and we
rufur tu a billiard hall as hIkhU the
Ktnoothiwt thing known "As smooth
as a Millard ball" Is a well known
simile I'or the same reasnu that a
perfectly smooth baseball could not be
curved, a perfectly smooth nud per
fectly round billiard liall could not be
made to curve on the labia It would
not take "English." a billiard players
call It when they make a tall go for
ward and then roll luickwnrd or in any
direction JUNt by the manner In which
they strike it with a chalked cue.
This fact of roughness canning It to
spin becomes all too evident when a
player forgets to chalk his cue and
plays several shots thereafter, If the
leather tip of the rue becomes ablny
It will altp on the ball. There la no
purchase with which it can take hold.
But chalk Is sticky stuff, and the gran
ules are large, so that a well chalked
cue has a very rough surface, and this
rough surface of the tip of the cue flu
into the rough projections on the ball,
and thereby a ball can be given n lot
of twist Id order to accomplish this
successfully, moreover, tho billiard
cloth nap must be new and therefore
During recent experimentation with
regard to the kinetic theory of gases
a llelgian scientist desired to find out
bow perfect a sphere could be made in
order that by the clashing of these to
gether an Idea might be seen red of the
effect of the collisions of the spherical
atoms that make up a gas. The proj
ect hud to be abandoned at last be
cause no machinery could be construct
ed that would turn out a perfect
sphere artificially, and nature has do
perfect sphere of large size In all ber
many forms of matter. Perfect dlsts
could be made, but a round ball was
beyond the limits of human accom
plishmentNew York American.
Soma ef the Things Tbst Art Forbid
den by Civilised Nations.
It la not generally realized that tho
game of wnr Is hedged round by ns
many restriction as n boxing content
under Quceiixtivrry rules. Thcsu regu
lations, which are under the sanction
of nil the civilized countries of the
world, are designed to Immro fair piny
for tho combatants.
When It Is Intended to bombard a
place due notice should be given, so
(lint nil women nnd children mny bo
removed to n place of safety, nnd ev
ery cure must lx tnken to spare
churches and hospital, a well aa nil
chiiiitnhle or educational buildings.
All ehnplnlns, doctors and nurses are
protected In every possible way nnd
n re not to be taken prisoners or In nuy
way Injured.
Any soldier robbing or mutilating nn
enemy Is liable to be shot without trial,
and death Is the penalty for wounding
or killing a disabled man.
Tbe bodies of the enemy arc- to be
carefully searched before burial, and
any articles fpnnd on . them which
might lend to their Identification are to
be sent to the proper quarters
explosive bullets must not be used,
snd qunrter must be given to the en
emy whether he asks for It or not In
an attack on the enemy there must be
no concealment of the distinctive lgn
of the regiments, nnd the ue of poi
sons for polluting drinking wnter is
strictly forbidden. London Answers.
is'tiarstut Wh'ert You Laugh.
Fexv people know what dangers lurk
In excessive laughter. When we laugh
our regular urctithluw Is changed, com
ing In quick, short respirations because
tho throat muscle are contracted. It
Is fur this reason (tint, when laughing
very heurllly ut some good Joke, wo
hne often to gasp for breath. At
time- we are- obliged to hold our sides
on account of the pulu n hearty Inugh
causes us, owing tu the partial suffoca
tion' of the lungs through tho cutting
off of their proper air supply. Kvcry
muscle In the tntdy becomea contracted
during a continued lit of laughter
Often the blood vessels in the faee be
come congested, causing It to turn red
and even purple. Should this conges
tion continue for any length of time
apoplexy resulting In death might well
occur. It Is better lu these clrcmn
stutter to laugh until wc cry, for the
shedding of tears relieves the conges
tion of the brnln. Tears caused by
grief do good In the same way, and
that is bow, after a great sorrow, many
lcople have been saved from brain
congestion ami madness by the timely
shedding of a few tears. Loudon Tit
speiit nuu'b money oh cau do colbgilo
with which to bathe my exposed knees
lu un attempt to keop off mosquitoes."
Explaining the Needle,
A typesetter In n printing turn so be
came very udrolt In explaining ihc
large number of misprints for which
ho wns responsible. Nvpii when he
changed his work nnd becnine n wnller
in a restaurant, says the llerlln Kcho,
his skill did not forsake htm. One day
he hud served a glient Willi n pinto of
soup and was turning away when he
was called back sharply.
"This I an outnigel" cried tho In
dignant diner. "1 find a ueedlo In my,
soup! What does this menu?"
I'jusi a misprint, sir,' explained the?
former typesetter. "It should have
beeu a uooille."
Ouh "Wlor-whyV wnat'a all'tTrnt WrT
Assartlve Wife-Tuesday next I lec
ture oil "Tho Blmpllclty or Drow."
P.el Thoughtful.
"Does your tniHbnml glvn you all tho
money you want to spend?"
."My goodness! No. Why, oven I
would not think of being that vxtrnvn-gant"-l)etrolt
r'reo Press,
Could Hit the Mark.
"I never saw a girl that could
anything she threw ut."
"Well, you never saw my girl throw
a lilnf-liidlaiiiipnlls Hlnr
Reminders of the Ancient Architectural
Glory of Smyrna.
Architecturally Smyrna mint have
degenerated since tbe ancient days, for
we are told that then the streets were
broad and handsome, well paved and
running nt right angles with each
other There were n number of squares
and portico and public libraries, a
museum, a stadium In which Olympic
games were celebrated with grent en
thusiasm, a grand music ball or Odeon,
n Uomerlon nnd many temples, of
which tbe most famous was that of
the Olympian Jupiter, In which the
reigning emperor was practically tbe
god worshiped.
The ancient Smyrnlotes were inordi
nately proud of their city. They called
It the "First of Asia." though the Kphe
slans violently disputed this claim. Tbe
Inhabitant also called their city tho
"City of Homer." who they claimed
bad been bora and brought up beside
their sacrrd river Mcles.
They put his Image upon a cola
which they called a uomerlon. a name
given to one of their temples. Enor
mous fragments yet remain showing
what tremendous buildings once occu
pied tbe broad plateau on tbe summit
of .the acropolis, and as one rebuilds In
Imagination tbesc wonderful "piles he
can easily forgive tbe Smyrnlotes of
old for their grandiloquent praise of
their city and Ita beautiful crown.
Christian Herald.
thole j J
The Only Safe Course.
There is a supreme court Justice In
New York city wbo Is locally noted for
bis severity. If be can prevent It no
guilty man shall escape, and In bis
court very few of tbem do.
Last fall a man was on trial before
blrn for forgery. Tbe prosecution, so
It seemed to most of tbe spectators,
failed lo inake out a very good case
Nevertheless tbe Jury came in with a
verdict of guilty.
Later the foreman of the Jury was
talking about tbe case with a friend
wbo had heard some of the testimony
"We weren't certain that we ought
to convict either." said the foreman.
In ex pfrt nation, "but lifter listening to
his iMDer's t-barge. all of us realized
that If we acquitted that fellow we'd
be guilty of contempt of court" Sot
urday livening Post.
A Conservative Scotoh Deadl.
Ileforo he went to tllasgow Dr. Story
was for many years minister of Hose
neatli, and his old teadle was often
sorely perplexed by his "Innovation"
standing to slug, kneeling at prayer
und various other "seemly alterations."
Ills method of objecting to the changes
"was to enter the vestry at the close
of the service. (Irmly clasping the big
pulpit ltlble dm then to lay it henv
II? uon the tnble. saying, 'I'm dune
wP ye iioo, I'm fair dunb wl' ye: I
cnuun thole It ouy lunger. I line car
rlet the Hlble for thrctty years, but I
ennnn calrry it ony lauger: I'm fair
dnne wl ye.'" Dr. Story would reply,
"Hoot. toot. John; you'll think better
of that. "Na. nn, sir, I en nun
you. I'll calrry the bulks nau langer;
I'm dun wl' ye." Hut tbe beadle
thought better of It, nnd remained
with Dr. Story "ns his sure nndtruty
huucliuinn" 111) the end of his life.
Westminster Gazette.
Death, Expert Mechanic
"it is." writes Wllhelm Lnmsxus in
"The Human Slaughter House,", "as
though Death had scrapped his scythe
for old Iron, as If nowudays be had
graduated as expert mechanic. They
have ceased to mow corn by hand
nowadays. Hy this time of day even
the sheaves are gathered up by mo-'
chlucry. And so they will have to
shovel our millions of bodies under
ground with burying machines."
As to falling In battle: "Once it was
a knightly death, an bonorablo sol
dier's death; now It is death by ma
chinery. That is what is sticking In
my gullet We are being hustled from
life to death by experts, by mechani
cians. And. Just ns they turn out but
tous and pins by wholesale methods of
production, so they arc now turning
out tho crippled nnd the dead by machinery-"
Partly Correct,
"What'a the matter with your hus
band, auntie?" Mild tho sympathetic
mistress. "Did you sny he was a vic
tim of senile debility?"
"I diiuno 'tiout tbe other part" an
swered Aunt Dinah sharply, "but he's
got do debll In him ull rlght"-lluffa-
lo Kx press.
Simplicity of Dree.
Assertive Wife Johu Henry, 1 need
a new gown, hat shoes, gloves, lace
QilUrund feather boa. Husband.-
Tlir-rv Is no grace tu a benoOt thnt
sticks to the linger. Seneca.
No Difference,
"I'apa, what does being dlsnppolntcd
In love mean?"
"Why, either marrying or being Jilted
by the girl you are In love with."
Houston Cost
KatlinntcB on Wall I'npor nt
application l'ortlnml Tricon
ChunpcBt nntl Hcrtt Wall Pniur
SnmitlcM In tho county.
fiot My 1'rleoB.
Simp on Ditkoii Htttrl.
HmefPtiKliMtt lHiiik
"The one thing that wc had twttar
put off until tomorrow we seldom do,"
"What Is thnt?"
"Worry."-lloston Itecord.
Vienna Cafe
Wall Street '
Good Meals, Prepared with
I'lenullnesN, ut Moderate
Lnrce Ixiaves ot WholoMiino
Bread 5 c Each
A Trial Will Convince.
There is no use to
I advertise the
Pilot Butte Hotel
Adventures In a Kilt
A Scotch military otllcinl has Just
finished an Imperial tour in a kilt He
walked through Indln. Ceylon, Ami
tralla and New Zealand, coveriug over
50.000 mites, says the tandou Mall.
"The hlghlander's garb," he snys.
"attracted a surprising amount of at
tention. At Taranto. In Italy, I was
arrested for doing an Impromptu high
land fling In the street in Ceylon 1
came near to being murdored nt a re
ligious festival, for pcoplo took me for
5. if.riL IS Xw Zealand a Maori
chief offored men naTTvo bride In ex
chango for the costume. My kilt was
certainly n iwtwitce sometimes. Tho
sun In AjtctrsJLn In so powerful thnt I
! as to its reliability,
I promptness and
: accuracy in pay- t
I ing losses, but it
is necessary for
you to know that I
Ideal Slopping Place for Summer Vacationists
p. t. MipquslfoffMo"
! J. B. Miner
is the official agent
of this territory.
Bend, Oregon.
The greatest pleasure la the power to
tire It
, Dangerous Dint
Dart is mure dangerous than draft
The dust of the bouse Is more danger
ous that tbe dnt of the street It Is in
dry. wludy weather that colds, influ
enza, bronchitis, tuusllltls and consump
tion are cuugbt For every sn-ck of
dust Is nn aeroplane with nn army of
disease germs as passengers. 8uullgbt
destroys tbem; tbPy thrive In dark
ness. Tbe broom and duster of tbe
housewife stir them np from their
breeding places In dark recesses, and
tbe open windows of the dusting bour
blow tbem all about the house-Nef
Vork World.
"Why do yoo put your finger on that
paint? Don't you see the sign 'Vnab
Paint r "
"Yes," replied the man with eccen
tric ideas. "Rut I can't keep from
testing it and thinking what a con
venience It would he if fresh eggs
could le tested tbe same way."
Washington Star.
On the Stags.
Flossie Of conn. In tbe theatrical
profession it doesn't matter bow often
lovers quarrel. Oertle Why so? Flos
sie Because tbey make up every night
und twice on matinee days. London
One They Both Love.
George Mabel and Jack's marriage
seems un ideal one sue b a perfect uni
son of hearts! The Girl-Yes; be
adores Mabel, and so does sboi
Must Need It.
""ne heeds money badly,"
"Dp against it, eh?"
"Must be. He's thinking of marry
ing for It" Detroit Free Pres
When all is nplldny there are do boll-
dayaChurles Lamb.
Did you say repairs? We have them for McCormick
machines mower parts, binder parts; in fact, we carry a
complete line for old McCormick machines as well as
new. Drop in. Let us figure with you on the repair
question. Make your wants known. We will tell you
exactly what it will cost to repair your old machine, and
in case the expense would be too great, we will frankly
tell you so, thus placing you in a position where you can
get your new McCormick machine in time for harvest
We handle a complete line of McCormick machines,
and will be glad to see you at any time. If you are not
ready to buy, call and get our catalogues anyway, They
will interest you. They will inform you as to exactly what
we have, and then you will know exactly what you want
when you get ready to buy, f
Shingles Mouldings
We ulso furnish repairs for Milwaukee, Buckeye
and Champion Mowers.
Building Material
The Miller Lumber Company
Bend, Oregon.
Headquarters for Commercial Mea
Electric Lighted Throughout
Special Attention to
Transient Travel
Oood Rooms
Free bus to
and from trains
HUQH O'KANK, manacskr
Oood Meals
All arrangements made for persons
deslrlnjc lo go south and east of hero
Our nursery is located on Powell Butte, fourteen miles
east of Bend. Our trees nre the kind we recommend
ufter over thirty years experience in the fruit business
in this neighborhood. Our prices and treatment will
please you. Catalog free on request. Come and see
our orchards and nursery. Oflice address, Prineville. Ore.
z i