The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 16, 1913, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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PflRO 8.
In the commissioners' court of tlio
etato of Oregon for tho county of
Crook, July term, 1913. July 2.
County roads Petition or 0. D.
Preston ot nl for bridge on Preston
road over Dry Canyon granted. Or
dered that tho county surveyor ox
amino the location and cstlmato the
coat of construction; that tho pet I
Honors obtain bids for lumber to be
used and that tho ocunty Judge let
the contract for tho lumber.
Petition of Ora Van Tassel ct al
for county road First reading.
R. A. Merchant road No claim
for damages having been Hied, the
road la hereby ordered opened.
Ovid B. Riley, SUcmore and Paul
ina Creek and Powell llutto roads
Ordered continued.
Ora Van Tassel petition for li
cense for warehouse at Vanora on
right of way ot the Oregon Trunk
Railway Ordered that when tho pe
titioners fllo n proper bond In the
sum of $1000 approved by tho coun
ty Judgo the petition shall bo granted.
CJalm of Supt. J. E. Myers for
stamps Ordered that 40 be placed
at the disposal of Supt. J. E. Myora
for stamps.
Plat of Plnclyn Park approved.
Clerk Instructed to mako order in
regular form.
Plat of Cascade Park approved.
Clerk instructed to make order In
regular form.
G. W. Raper, petition tor liquor
license in town of Ja Pine, unincor
porated, Ireland precinct Whereas
petition appeared regular In every
respect, ordered petition granted
Resignation of Ward Coble, Ju-
tice of the peace of Dend Resigna
tion accepted.
Semi-annual report of county
treasurer, R. L. Jordan, read and ap
Oregon Trunk Railway petition to
be released from bond In the matter
of It. M. Elder road Granted.
In the matter of Graco M. Rassett,
widow, ordered, when petitioner has
perfected her petition by affixing her
signature and the same has been ap
proved by tho county Judge, the .pray
er ot said petition shall 00 Granted
and the county clerk ordered to draw
a warrant in favor of said petitioner
In the sum of $10 dated July 1, 1913,
and it is further ordered that the
said county clerk draw a warrant in
favor of the said Grace M. Rassett,
widow, in the sum of $10 on the first
day of every calender month there
after. Claim of Wenanay Livery Com
pany for $36.25. Ordered disallow
ed for the reason that the county has
paid the sum of $100 for the recov
ery of bodies from the Deschutes
river which sum is all it pledged It-
celi to pay for such recovery.
Claim of Frank Elklns, county
sheriff, for $28.18 for gasoline for
county automobile disallowed.
In the matter of the application of
the city of Prlnevllle for refund of
taxes, continued pending action of
the district attorney.
Application of W. H. Melrose for
rebate of taxes on wrongful assess
ment, allowed I3G.S2.
Application of George A. Stephens
for rebate of the unearned portion
of his liquor license, allowed $31.10.
M. A. Gullck road First reading
of viewers' report on resurvey of
July 3.
Indian Ford road Report of view
ers read and approved, ordered re
corded. C. J. Mock road Final report
made, road orderod opened, clerk
instructed to make proper order
opening road as a public highway.
M. A. Gullck road 'Viewers' re
port read the second time, road or
dered opened as a public highway,
clerk instructed to draw proner or
der opening road and to order the
proper supervisor to proceed at once
C. M. Elklns Petition presented
for private change in Lower Rrldge
road Ordered that the viewers be
instructed to view and survey tho
same and report on the first day of
the regular September term of this
Ora Van Tassel road Petition
read the second time, ordered refer
red to the district attorney.
E. M. Eby road Whereas all pro
ceedings appear to be regular and
proper form as required, by law, or
dered that the viewers proceed to
view, survey and locate said road aa
described In tho petition filed in this
In the matter of the vacation of
the plat of Mayneld addition to Mad
ras Petition of Central Oregon In
vestment Company, continued.
Claim of Jacob N. Qulborg disa!
Claim for damaces by Chas. H.
Spaugh and I. E. Wlmer because of
the location of the C. Peterson road
Whereas it appearod to the com
miBsloners' court that the land claim
ed to be damaged was more valuable
with the road as located than Jt was
without, ordered that the claim for
damades be disallowed.
July 5.
Applications for widow's pension's
Tho county clerk Is hereby In
structed to issue the proper warrants
on all allowances made on applica
tions approved by tho county Judge,
tho same to bo rtvlowed by tho com
mlssloncrs at the next regular ses
sion of tho commissioners' court.
Lord's Oregon Laws Whereas
tho Circuit Court of this district has
been hampered lu Ita proceedings In
this county by reason of tho ahortago
of codes, it Is hereby ordered that
tho clerk be Instructed to draw a war
rant In favor of tho secretary of stato
of tho state of Oregon In tho sum of I
$27. CO in payment of two seta of
Lord's Oregon Laws for uso during
the sessions ot tho circuit court.
F. G. Atkinson-Affidavit of wrong
ful assessment, continued.
Experiment garden demonstration
J. W. Smith, services In garden,
$15, plans for building, $, total $21,
allowed; R, W. Ramsey, two days
with wagon and team, $10, allowed;
A. P. Jones, services 1 days, $L40,
allowed; W. J. Wright, services with
team 4 Mi days, $22.50, allowed.
Claim of Rend Hullctln for print
Ing notices for county school super
intendent, $6.25, allowed.
Water in county roads Road su
pervisors aro instructed to enforco
the law In regard to allowing water
to stand or run In tho county roads
Warrant to Orln Miller Tho war
rant, No. , drawn In favor of Orln
Miller In the sum of $9.30 Is horcby
ordered cancelled and n now war
rant Issued In the like sum of $9.30
drnwn in favor of G. Springer, coun
ty Judge.
Ilcxirt of County Road Supervisor.
No. 1 Ireland, John Peters, su
pervisor. Claim of Rend Hardwnrc
Co. for goods furnished John Peters,
supervisor, allowed. $C!.90. Expend
ed May and April, $257.50; June,
$128.90; approved, $380.10.
No. -1 Montgomery, J. M. Mont
gomery, supervisor.
No. 5 Sisters, J. Wilt, super
visor. Expended May and June, $87,
No. 6 llaystack, R. V. Jenkins,
supervisor. Expended May $185, ap
proved. Clerk ordered to Issue super
visor warrant for balance due dis
trict. No. 7 McKay, David Grimes, sup
ervisor. Expended April and Ma
$141.75, approved.
No. 8 Hay Crec.t, Roy Newell,
supervisor. Expended $70.50, ap
No. 9 Willow Crook, Henry Mont
gomery, supervisor. Report continu
ed for explanation.
No. 10 CroBB Koyo, Porry Mon
roe, supervisor. Expended $299, up
proved. Clerk ordered to draw war
rant In favor of 1'. T. Monroe for
$00 to finish Coleman roiut.
No. 11 Aslnvood, S. E. Soara. sup
ervisor, Kxponded In May $109.50,
In Juno $125, approved $234.60.
No. 12 Deschutes, R. M. Hldor,
supervisor. No report.
No. 13 Johmtou Creek.
No. 14 Mill Creek, T, F. lluchan
nu supervisor. No report. It ap
pearing that T. F. Huchauan believed
that ho was appointed supervisor of
district 13 aa well na of district 14
and has acted accordingly, hu Is here
by appointed road supervisor for dis
trict 13.
No. 15-Iloward, Henry Koch, sup
ervisor. Expended May and Juno: La
bor $287.50, material, $31.55, ap
proved $319.05.
No. 16 Summit, W. J. Sihinldt.
supervisor. No report.
No. 17 Hear Creek, Marlon May
Held, supervisor. Expended Mny
$4S,75, approved.
No. 18 Camp Creek, Paul Hold,
supervisor. Expended $85, approved.
No. 19 Hardin, Paul Werner, sup
ervisor. Expended May $144,25, ap
proved. No. 20 Heaver Crook, C. R. lion
ry, supervisor. Report returned for
correction. Ordered that when re
port Is satisfactorily explained to tho
county Judge, a warrant lu thu sum
of $ bo Issued to said C. R, Henry.
No. 21 Maury, W. A. Caroon, sup
ervisor. Expondod Nov. and Dec.,
1912, $15; May and June, $102;
March and April, $21.25. Warrant
ordered for $138.25. Approved.
No. 22 Newsom Creek, O. C.
Gray, supervisor. No report.
No. 23 Kutcher, Hugh Gardner,
supervisor. Report hpproved. Or
dered that thu clork draw a warrant
In favor of Hugh Gardner, -supervisor,
for amount duo district o. 23.
No. 24 llrecso, Hugh Gee, super
visor. Expended Juno $13.96. Ap
proved. No. 25 Powell Uutte, Allen Wlll-
coxen. :o report.
No. 27 Tcthorow, W. E. Claypool,
supervisor. Expended May and Juno
$158.92. Roport nproved as to ex
penditures. No. 28 Laldlaw, L, I. Root, sup
ervisor. Expended May and June
$93.50. approved.
No. 29 Lnmontn, Roy Joslln, sup-
ervlsor. Expended May and Juno
$183, material $3.95, approved
No. 30 Lylo Gap, William Far-
roll, supervisor. Expended April, May
and June $267.87, approved. War
rant ordered In favor of William Far-
rell, sup., for $68.21.
No. 34 Hillman, Ray Archer, sup
ervisor. "So roport.
No. 35 Cllno Falls, W. H, Clay-
pool, 8UMirvlRor. No roport.
No, 36 Hat Hook, tllunn Hon
drtckson, supervisor. Expended Muy
$26.45, Juno $23, approved $48.45.
No. 38 Muck Uutte, Osborne, no
No. 39 Cenlrnlo, llohrens, no re
No. 40 Alfalfa, A. O. Walker, no
July 7,
Hond district No. 4 Whorena J.
M. Montgomery wan appointed rend
supervisor of road district No. 4 at
the rugular May term of thlH court
and whereas the said Montgomery
luiH not filed hls'bond for said olllco,
and whereas a county wnrrant In tho
sum of $100 has been wrongfully Is
sued to one David Grimes for thn
Jroad fund owing and duo snld dis
trict No. 23, It Is ordered and decreud
that when anld J. M. Montgomery
shall file his proper bond lu tho sum
of $200 and the name shall be ap
proved by the county Judge, tho coun
ty clork shall Issuu a warrant In fa
vor of thu said J. M. Montgomery In
tho sum of $100; and It la further
ordered that tho county clerk maku-n
proper order cancelling tho warrant,
No, , In favor of one David Grimes,
drnwn In tho sum of $100.
Claim of Chas. Heutol far witness
fees lu the sum of $13.40, claim al
lowed and clerk Instructed to forward
warrant to said Chas. Iloutol.
Claim of People's Irrigation Com
pany for opening a ditch, $117. Claim
allowed with the uuderstadlng that
tho ditch company will stnnd ouo half
tho additional cost of building an
archway of concrete over thu snld
ditch whenever tho county Is ready to
completo the same.
Stato Highway Commission The
communication from the Stato High
way CommlHHlou la referred to the
county Htirvoyor, with tho request
Jhnt he furnish tho commission thu
Information asked for as tar as it Is
practical for him to do so.
C. A. Cllno Affidavit of wrong
ful assessment, continued.
Application of Willow Crock Tele
phone line for franchise over county
roads Franchise granted clerk
Instructed to mako order granting
franchise In regular form.
In the matter of the claim of Odin
Falls Company, continued.
Application of Emma J. Marlon,
widow, residing at Ialdlaw, Oregon
Ordered that tho said Mrs. Emma J.
Marlon, widow, bo and she Is hereby
allowed tho sum of $32.50 per month
until further ordor of this court; tho
first wnrrant to bo dated July, 1913.
Application of Johanna M. Sandon,
widow, residing at Hend, Oregon
Ordorcd that the said Mrs. Johanna
M. Sandon, widow, be and she Is here
by allowed tho sum of $32.50 per
month, until further order of this
court, tho first warrant to bo dated
July, 1913.
Application of Mary C. Ilonnoy,
Stop Paying Rent
wirfyxAOkiTii 's niy io m'n wak frm
the business center of Bend
KlTftIVIYCri s tne est v'ew property'
I1M1 V JJU on tJie mnrket an(i is i0UI,a
to be the most valuable residence property in 13end
KENWOOD "tori"' w"'er nd
KtTWlAtfto Prices and terms nre tlie
Q.1MTI TV JJU? best ofrered in Bend
Buy a lot in Kenwood; we will make the terms to
'suit you. The money you are paying for rent now
will in a very short time make you the owner of a
Oregon Land & Immigration Co.
J. Ryan, Agent
widow, residing .at - , Oregon,
wherena tho proper application for u
widow's pension hun been niada to
thu county judgo, by thu snld Mnry
0. Ilonnoy, widow nnd mother of
throo children, uml wliorwin thu said
county judgo' Is satlatled that thu said
Mary ( Ilonnoy In entitled to u pun
Mini under tho act of tho lust Legisla
ture, and whoreaH the county Judgo
liriH fixed tho sum of $35 im it propor
num for the snld Mary C. llouuuy to
receive each month under tlio pro
visions of this act. Ordered anil ad
judged that tho said Mrs. Mnry 0.
Ilonnoy bo and she Is hereby allowed
the mini of $25 pur month until fur-,
tlior order of this court, the llrst war
rant to be dated July, 1913,
School department of county fair
On the petition of J. E. Myora,
county superintendent of schools, it
la hereby ordered that tho sum of
$200 bo set aside aa prltn money for
tho school department of thu Crook
County Fair, tho said mini to be usun
to pay premiums on school exhibits,
said sum of $200 to no taken from
tho county's fair appropriation,
Affidavits of wrongful assessment
Guy Sears, disallowed. Leo II.
Hughes, dlsallowod. C. P. Decker,
affidavit approved, $1.30. M. E.
Tucker, ntlldavll approved, $15.39.
Mary E. llenson, rebate allowed by
county sheriff unproved. W, II.
Hobbs, affidavit approved $1.78.0. A.
Campbell, Andrew Noble, II. Kostor,
A..!), l-owla, E. W. tllllam, Z. T.,Mc
Clay, John O. Donald, affidavits ap
proved. Win. J. Phoenix, denied. W.
II. Harney, affidavit approved, rebate
ordorcd, $8.60. Mat Kuluch, affida
vit approved, relmt ordered, $61.20
Welch and Olson, affidavit approved,
rebate ordered, $x331.10, D. M.
Davis, affidavit approved, rebate or
dered, $66.15. Henry C. White, con
tinued. Chas. A, Douglas, affidavit
Jiistlcu of puncu for lleud precinct,
-.lames A. Hasina Is hereby appoint
ed Justice of thu pence for llond, Ore
gon. Voting product at Hampton, Oro-
t'oiitlniHjd on l'ngo Tun).
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