The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 02, 1913, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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    PflRO 0. iici.i.ktin, iiknd, out:., vi:ini:siiav, .it'i.v a, miii.
sii:ciai. sixdav dix.i:u
.Inly il, .1::to m 7::to p. in.
Cracked Crtii In MayonalM
Moek Soup
Smothered Chicken, Ovrntan Neodlas
I'rline Roast It Iba of lhiuf HU Jua
Hulled O'Dotuiell Premium HhIU
Kruncli MttHtard
Mashed Potatoes
Sliced CtiotlMhera
Cherry Punch
Dot Huns
Itaspberry Short Cake a In Made
1lui'ltiuoo,'r nil c iniiKwd nuiT plnjul
by Air. Callow
Hi id.-
At 1 1 I'll
tilt put till'
Nut m ilny i:tMiln.x
.r tin- UtMiit Hotel
New Sen Ice .iihi'h Inti'M'si or
riutliunl'l'lslu'rnu'ii Who I'lim U-
t'lir-loiis in (Vntiul Oiopiii Diir-
ItiK the Sitinini'i' Mouths.
Cafe Nolr
Plates I-'irty Centa
Music Hy Forrest's Klvo
It. U. Gould la In I'rinevllle today
on bualneee.
J. Kdward Laraon upent yestertfay
In Redmond.
Mr. and Air. II. C. IZIIla went to
Prlnevllte today.
T. II. Daniel. 'Sr., arrived last
week from Seattle.
II. J. Overturf went to Prluevllle
Saturday an buslne.
Jowe Kirkland of Fort Rock has
beon a Ilond visitor this week.
A new pnp edger was set up In '
The Head Company's mill last Sun
day. Dr. A. S. Williams arrived from
Portland Monday and may locate in
Mrs. Ada It. Mllllcan was In town
Saturday, registered at the Hotel
The First National Hank has In-
j J. I), llettman of Ontario. Cul.,
pasted through iteiid yesterday on
hi way to look over the houietftend
; country to the aotith.
, The Kpteeopal Oulld will meet on
! Thurida;'4 afternoon at S:Su with
Air. Naomi Trlplett. All member
l and friend are urged to attend.
After the meeting of the Woodmen
j laat night a dance waa given In Sath-
ler'a hall by the Itoyal Neighbors, and
a large crowd eujojed dancing until
The opening of the Daniels store
la the old I.ara location last Satur
day was largely attended by bargain
seekers, ml the new tlrm Is much
pleased with their beginning here.
Mrs. John S. Young of San Fran
cisco arrived last evening to visit
her son. George S. Young, and fami
ly. Mr. Young's father Is motoring
down from Seattle and will be here
The heavy rains of the past week
creased Its surplus from $10,000 to did considerable damage to the roads
Mr. nnd Mrs. John K. Ityan came
down yesterday from the ranch and
are in town today.
The Rehekahs are arranging a nek-!
tle and apron social to be given the
last of the month.
between here and Hums. Automo
bile drivers report a hard time get
ting through win of the softest
The building on Wall street for
merly occupied by AtoCnhtton's gro
cery and the Homeseekera' Land Co.
Prediction of a greatly Increased
travel to lleud wan the subetauce of
eomment on the new night train ser
vice to Central Oregon made by W. C.
Wilkes, assistant freight ami paewon
ger agent of the S. P. & S. Itullwa)
when here last week.
Mr. Wilkes stated that already
travel from Portland waa showing
considerable stimulation as a result
of the night service, and II la hi be
lief thai hundreds of people will now
"take a lock" at llend who never !.
.'ore felt aide to take the two
ila previously consumed by the
journey He also imlnted out the ad
vantage of the new wirvU'e for Im
mlgiauta. as now when they wake up
after a comfortable, cool night on the
sleeper they will look out upon the
level country, where hitherto they
have sweltered for 12 bourn up the
desolate can) on, many of them get
ting discouraged because; they
thought that the land they saw waa
typical of all the Interior.
"You would be surprised to know
how many Imiulrlee we are reerltl
Ing from Portland fishermen," said
Mr. Wilkes. "Already I know of A
who are planning to take a week
end trip to llend. :.y leaving Port
land Friday night, riey get two en
tire daya at llend or a'ong the Des
chutes, ami get back for buslueaa on
Monday morning. We shall pay spec
Ha attention to this i aase of your at
tractions In our publications and
other publicity hereafter."
at N.l'i in. Huturd't.x. II. P. Mlnter
mid Mrs. Mnr Hunt weie utilled In
umrriaite. Hr. I. I. tlorbv oilli'intttig.
The rnly witnesses preaeut weie Ml',
and Mrs. Hugh O'Knue.
The bible ai lived on the evening
train from Chntitile, Katiaaa, lU'ivim
patiled by her I l-yoitr-old son. She
waa met by Mr. Mlnter and they pro
ceeded to the hotel, where the cere-
I Oil SM.i: llnliil clover liny nt
Anderson brotliera' much three mlleii
from l.iildluw on Tumiilo rond. Tele-
KOU KAMC -CttHMl properly on
Wall and llotnl streelM, ill so In Kin
wootl. For particular apply In II.
('. Hllla. ITlf
I'OU SA1.M Four full blooded
Jersey cows, nil giving milk, Cow
will be nt Anne's burn Wedueiobn,
July U. M. M. Streamer. ITp
I'OU 8A1.K -lila 1MH, block B.
Wloatorlu, nr would trade for JJo
attle or it Oeorge properly. A.
A. Ujar, lloge llldg. Hettttle. 17p
I'OU SALIC- ItoiiHh l.uuber, lit
inuiiy fillowed Iinniedlately. The'I" "" , " """ im mur way
"knot had been tied" and the newly "" Uend and Ulilluu. mi old
weds driven to Kenwood, where they! "",l rwul lleuaoiiiiblo pilcea. lUtf
w'lll reside, before ninny of tho bible-1 I'OU SAI.I-J One acre, 2 two-room
groom'H friends learned of the event, 'housed, burn, womlahml, wuter. Close
Some of them had planned churl-I'm on 7th atreot. Ilouo, lino down,
vail for Sunday evening, ami con. i hal. monthly. Jones Itenahnw. 7tf
IuIm fur out, "liniulie "lliiriiiiln", nt
llullellu oIIIck. air
FOIt tfAl.i: Flue lilU-hen rntiui .
lOtfm Hooil iih new. Htoel lllllllllllili
tfiil iiMinuu iih ni'iiuiM in iiipiuiuiiiiiii
of mi elect rle rniiHe. Una lmi ii'in
UMe nnd Is in good na ws l'.t . , i
at a In t'Hiilii, May lm h'iii hi i i
Water, Light ,v Powir i'u inu . ..
Iuiiilre at Itullelln ollli'e 1 ,n
FOIl MM.Ii Itaneh or I'.'o , r.
Mltiiateit tib tnllea Houlbi'iiKt or Hi ud
oil IIhimI-IIumih toad, l'liu" In will
Improved Willi butlillnga iiu, miii.
clover, alfalfa ami mot tuim. ! ii
good Mliupe lo cuny cows uiul Imi i
IIhh I lit hi' i oh of water iiudor iinoit
ditch. Mloi'K mill IiioIh rnliipbti in
tun the place, KvhiwiIiImk goi-a nt
reiiHoniiblu llgure. Thla will mi'il
to you. tieo II bilfoie liulnK ilse
whoie. Hulling on m mil or slilc-
llesa. Men owner oil much A ('
Armstrong 1 tlin
senuenlly "got left.'
.Mr. Mlnter la malinger of thn
llomeacckcra' Land Co.
Notice Is hereby given bti the un
dersigned that he tins made and tiled
with the clerk of the County Court
of Crook County. Oregon, Ida llual
account as administrator of the es
tate or P,til O. VeUtad, deceased, and
that aald court lias act Monday, the
I tit day or August. IS 1.1. at lu
o'clock a. m. at the County Court
room lu Prlnevttle. Oregon, as the I
time and place for the hearing and!
settlement or said final account, at
which time nnd place any iieraon In
terested may appear and object
said settlement.
Dated this 2d day of July. 1013.
Aa the Administrator or the (state
or Paul O. Yelstad, Deceased.
C. S. Henson, Attorney ror the Adnilu
Istrntor. 17-20
ir you expert uimmI hicnil, you inii-t
iii lllucMcm llleiiil Hour. Your gro
cer villi have It. Adv. I.ltf
1 FOIl HAI.Ii- One good young work
horse, wt 1000 Iba. Also one douiile
dleO plow. C. Yoiiiik, r. miles N
IC. of lluiid. Hi-lip
UK .STII.I. have a large iiiautlt
tt rititl'llM ULIll II.,,.., I... l.u. .... l.u.. ..
,,, ,ti wi nil, I iiiiuiiiij iinj mi unllll ni
ill per ton at the ranch. Haled In
line shape. Slur Itanuli Co., Tumabi.
Oregon. loir
FOIt 8AI.K A section or two or
hoiuaalHRd clalma, with liupiov.e.
menu in Milllcnu valley. Apply to
A. Ii. Norton, llend. c-o Mllllcnn P
O. Kit rjh
I'OU 8.U.F. All kinds of common
lumlter at McNaught k Oertson's
mill, on Hend-Uurna road. Aleo. w.
cul any kind or orders an short i
to; notice. Write or call on us ror
FOIl ft.VI.K- l0 acres. .1 miles
north of llend, with water right and
good buildings. $30 an acre. Also,
III l.ytle ror $too
arranged. Address
F. 1).. Htaylott. Ore.!
! Rshermen
II. W. Skuse went to Portland on'! bo,"R ",,?(1 ! !,e . grade of
tht. the street. I.. A. llrandenburg
the contract.
c Superintendent Honors of the Ore-
business Thursday, returning by
night train Sunday.
Mrs. Ft. AI. Smith and Mrs. J
Innea spent Sunday with Airs. J.
Hyatt at the Tullos.
C. AI. Davis, who was In the real
estate business here two years ago,
Is now living in Seattle.
It. F. Averlll, formerly manager or
the llend Company nere, has moved
from Portland to Florence, Ore.
Dr. A. II. Cropp or Portland is vis-
lung .Mr. anu .Mrs. u. v . annner, gvallable to thoee who wnnt to get
having arrived last W'ednaaday oven- In to the lake. In addition the ser
ins. I vice la now at work on a new road
K. R. Post left this morning for lietween Paulina and Kast lakes,
the Harney and CatUiw valley conn- The horse which Poundnmster
try with a party of five on a 530-mlle Koberta had advertised waa not
locating trip. claimed and waa sold at public auc-
W. D. Cursey has received word , tlou Friday in front of the MtoIHce.
that about 30 members of a United It was "knocked down" to I,. A. W.
gon Trunk expressed the oidnlou.
j while here Monday, that there Is a
1 strong possibility 'hat a standard
i Pullman sleeper will be put on the
night run Instead of the tourist car
now used.
i The road from I.a Pine to Paulina
Lake which the forest service has
, been at work on ror some time Is
now completed and a good highway Is
has, Club Met Ijist WcilncMlay ut Mrs
It. Picf.
The third fortnightly meeting or
the Wednesday Musical Club huh
held last week at the liome or Mrs.
i:. It. Poat. The program ror the af
ternoon waa made up entirely or the
compositions or Central Oregon mu
sicians, two or whom were preae'it
to Interpret their work lu person.
The numbers, which were much ap
preciated by the club, were:
Song. "What Will the Answer He?"
comKsed by Chester Cntlow an. I
aung by Mrs. Powelson.
String duet, with piano accompani
ment, "Hinimnu," composed by O.
AI. Ouptlll and played by Mrs. Ward,
Air. Ouptlll and Allsa Craves.
Piano solo, "Frolic or the Fairies,
i m
i hAvpxiWma
house and
Terms can
Frank I las I
Comrortable three-
room house lu good shape, woodshed, i
ouibtilldliiga ami chicken park: frnei
water: three blocks south or depot.
on east bank or canal, ror ".' uu rash
ir taken In-fore July IS. Ilex ivi.l
city. 7p
FOIl JSAI.K Four Ana lots In I
Park Addition In block 13. Water, j
light and sidewalks; attractive,
houses occupy adjoining property.
8anie prlcea yon pay ror unimproved ,
Wc arc going to
give a fine leather
bound $8 basket
to the person prfsriitiujr
the litrjjcsl rt'tlsitlt'tiiiilit
lictwct'ii .lout 1 nnd Sop
tt.'iiilc'i' 1, with tackle
liOuirht nt otir store. Cull
uiul inspect it.
Presbyterian land colony will meet
in Uend In the next few days, com
ing from all parts of the country. The
party will be In charge or T. A. Ale
Comb of Piano, III.
Nixon for $23. Mr. Itobertai la this
week advertising tnree other ani
mals that are In the city pound and
ir they are not claimed by the owners
will also be sold at auction.
Ail'itli'ini'iitH liiM'ttcil under llil
IiciiiIIiik nt the ir.-e or ne cent a'
word ror cmii lnei'ilon. IHm'oiiiiI on
extended Iiii'iiIoii. t'luirge me
IMiyable lu nihaiiii except ror mlwr-tKri-s
tin Ilia ii re.ubir in count wltb
The Itullelln. All wld iidtertlot
liienti ultl Im Mitcd In The llnlli'llii
,'illlie M tbo time or rrceliii.
For Kent.
FOk KKNT Kurnlahet cabin $'
a month. W. It. Leah, lot 11, blk 15.
Center Addition. lltf
FOIt HUNT C-rtHim houae with
light, water and sanitary conveni
ences. It. At. Smith.
FOIt It KNT Three comrortable
riHims centrally located. Suitable ror
comiHwed by Mr. (iuptlll and playeil family. Itunnlug wator and letrlc
by Mlsa Oravoa. ' lights. Very moderate. Inquire at
Piano solo "Mexleall." eomMSPil by I Hulletln olUoe. Jitf
Chester Springer and played by Allsa
solos, "To the Old Stage
To a Sand l.lly." and "Tho
i - ' v-v
' . y
sxm x& &"
ij .as-
Tf VFrZxsM ZL&'Zmz
,., K ?- SZ JJ
i x-i'o V.-S1X r-i f.V'"' Xi
1 " tt t fiXx. I r (
" M . . W- 19' 4
: ii m ' . rf i
y?nvt THIS
- TVi
vv ; i
srnxrecic uomtiom
mguto SanlMHiNlMPMVi
PTlCMl. 1uto?outc
nuTRituTine, cLurm
LSMfira MlULi
BoMCTOli .
WANTKD Itaneh cook. Tele
phone Jouea Dairy. 17p
WANTKD Olrl ror general house
work. Apply Patterson Drug Co. 17tf
FOIl ItKNT Iirge store, modern
front. Oood location. Apply lo Past
master. I-
WANTKD Dishwasher and din
lug room girl. Airs. Kesllng, Pilot
Untie Hotel. 17
WANTKD Offers for lot No. 1-3-3-1,
block 18, Kenwood addition,
Uend, Oregon. Cartle Dana, S3 11
31th Ave. W., Seattle Wash. Up
WANTKD 1 Inch and 1 Vi Inch
California Pine and Sugar Pine,
common and uptier grade. Perma
nent supply desired. Charlea W.
Trumbull, 1813-72 West Adams St.,
Chicago. 15-31p
vmjouh MIU3
ciccritic vawtn iTMimXTW't
HrawTH PBoipmcrv
You Should See La Pine
mm imturruuiKiniK country Tlie land Uu rich, deep volcanic ah forma.
tlou, im rocw. u Uvci, h good drainavr and tttlkiil drlnkhiK waMr
nrvtr tibtr than joficl. TliclrrignUil land III xrtual water rllit
can be purcbatedat iy'00 pcracrcoii eaty trrrrt The aHrrounduiK pi. covered mountain are full of iiMural w.nler and juat Ihe place
for a vaiation. I.a I'uie l only about two year old, but growing rabidly. It ha a tilrihoiie nrni. two h(ahI holcU, two big general
werchauuixat, rea. a Cr-t clautivery and ld -t.' caciieiii uMM;r (th La 1'iue Inltr-Mounuiu). oc of 'he iiiont progreMivc
cvmiiierciai ciuu in iiir Maie -aua iniciuo i) ine y, na iuowm proutriy aim Kit il year errcitd in. reou an auracioc cuio iii.ii-.
There are three nwall taw iiiiIU in the viciuil) uf lt l'nie. wnl h lajiM ih lkiuuing ol the Ug lumUriug anil milling bu.incM that will l
done here
a Un-acrc
Ihia tpring, and olhtr church are planum
There are good opnlu In luauufuctuilug awl irtlicr hu.iur. tine- here
iinir I
owner have cuiiiuienttd to develop and which alone woukl build a gooil it city
ua awl other iiuMiir line- here In euucational luaiura l-i I'm I oiuiireMive. it na
a Un-acrc Khoo! wrk lu the htart olilie re.Mleiue mtcIiom, and now teacheauu to le twellth grade. A Laiholic -hun h will m built hero
' lo rtiaoil-u iiienixive
aloue build and maintain a auai aired tilv.
coming of Ihe two big railnil .y.ttiu. to I.a i'iue, which will lx uu.i
La line haa over doom unliable eltrtric hortc xjwtr which Ihe
A iat citv Tm bin aiea of farna laud tributary to Ui I'lne wouul
Tlie vat tract of umber tilbuiary tu I.a I'inc would aloue build a good tzd city. With in
, - ..i.. i i. ...i.. i - i i.. a . . ..i . ....,.,
I.a 1'iue
ilevctouujeiit 111 and arounu La l'lue will he rfttiUl.
can be reached via Or. Nor . N. 1 : O. W- K dN.aiKlU 1'. Kv. You can make iiiouev bv buviui; oroiwrtv at I.a Piur III advance of Ihe
railroad. Other are doing it, why not YOU' VVAKIi Ul'to the fact that a oIhI, welMocattd town in one uf Ihe iitwu.t and ljwt MtJiltm
of the NnrlhwMt I bound to grow rapidly and that property value will climb accordingly. Price now from u w up. The term are y,
ouly a few dollar per mouth on each lot You don't ml the money, but you oou acquire valuable property, w'rite today fur plat, prim
aud unu to
KclUblc agent), with good bank rcfc'cuc, wauled in all part of the United Male.
l.ot and Pound,
OT'KAYED Dark gray horse,
brandeil 31. and horseshoe on right
shoulder, 0. !,. Ferguaou, Kink,
Oregon. 15-17p
MTUAYKD .May IK. two bay
mares, branded on Isft atllles, one
I) and other HA (Joined. Tholr fore
tojat reached. Weight 101,0 Iba oaoh.
$1$ reward for liiforiiiatlon that will
lend to recovery or same. S, OrKler,
llund, Oregon, lluiustad Vnlely. 17p
Ixik ror the new burlier shop In
the Kennott liulldliiK. Ilouil htreel.
KIiimo inc. Adv. ' 17p
Klv loati'H of fresh hreiul for "He,
it louvo of Mule blend for Kit', t-hlck-eu
liM'tid .".lie it nick. . AiihtIciiii llak
eiy, Willi Hticet. Neiv htore, Ad Hlf
For Suit.
KOU SA1.K or trace lor liny, mare
wt. 1060. Nixon. 17tr
KOU 8AI.K Cabin nenr Uend Co.
mill, liuiulro at UullatlifoltU'e. lGtf
KOU SAl.MCnod Knrd auto, two
pHHsongur, 335. Alfred Gove, llox
300. ICtf
KOU 8AI.H The Altnmont Hotel
building and furniture, nil now uiul
ilrat (il'iia!., J. A. Kastoa, Hf
KOU AI.IS IIoiiHolitiltl gondii mid
garden toola. Two IdkH north nnd
oim oust or depot. .Mrs. I.uue. 17p
Low Round Trip Fares
Prom All Stations on the
Sale l)ates'".luly
July 21
Seattle and Return
Everything for Pun
Inforiimtioii flictMi'tilly jiven hy Agonl
O-W. H. iVc N.
with a 10c counter
of all tho vjiIuoh you find in InrKts cltioa.
"Sqimre Deal ibr Every Custoniur."
Next tloor to Iiend Hnrdwaro Co., HON!) STKKOT, HKND.