The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 02, 1913, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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    I'lIRP nri.iiKTix, ui:xi, oui;., vi:ini;niay, .iri.v u, iihii.
Uilltor ami Publlahor.
Managing IWItwr.
Aiwociato lMltor.
An lBilfimnt iwtper stand
ttiK for th aqMaw tiMl, elaaa basi
nets, olsaa point or ami tlta Inwt In
teract f Bond d Cantrat OraeuH.
una year. l-
K month '
Thrat monU
All Mibaerlpttoiw ara tlwa ad
nf expiration will b mallei utcrl
ben and If ranawal I not mada with
.n raaoiabla tltnu tha Mapar will
Plwio notify hs promptly of any
onanga oi auwraaa. r m mniv - .
clve tha napar regularly.
Make all eliocks ami orders pay
able to Hund llulletln.
The nulletln Jin- Ihm'ii ilcslSnnti'il
by the County Court of Crook Count)
t publUli oltlcliilly nil the procwil
Iiirs of the court.
tliu innttar to the rnltroHd'H tittim
tlnn nml hnvo tluiB fur obtaliitul notli
Inx st nil PHtlafnotory In return for
tlm wvaral wjuablo proaala nffared.
It aoama fair to m.v that Mitt tlmo
li min for tronK tnalatanc on
notion of omt kind and equally fair
to haaard tlt irueaa tliat good bul
m politic, If nothing tl, demands
MHt attention lusforw the city offic
ial nntl th people iiiomt affected aat
too wrathy. The railroad ha iNteti
(rested with the turnout xeneroelty
and fairnem here and always will Ue,
Greenwood avenue Is practically the
only street connection between the'
bnelneas district and the territory
aat of the tracks; let us hore tbnt
a reclprrratlr.n of the Just treatment
that has 'wen accorded the railroad
will cause Its cflclsla who are respon
sible for the Irksome delay to awaken
to the fact that they have h duty to
lHrfortn to the people of Itend.
The school voters soon will havo
nnothor opportunity to show their
pleasure In the matter of bonding tho
district and erecting a building. So mo
months apo it was very decisively
shown by a vote of more than two
to one that a site In Wlestorla and
a bond Issue of $45,000 were disap
proved. Supporters or the site main
tain that the vote on It would have
been heavier had the Issue been lose,
and those who favor the la rue issue
assume that the vote for bonding
would have been greater hsd the site
lieen a different one. However, the
election ballots clearly divided the
question, giving every opportunity
for a clearcut expression of impular
opinio : and both questions the
site and the bonding were snowed
under by practically the same pro
porttoa. U Is poaalMa that either
proposition might hare fared better
had It stood alone, but It la unbeliev
able, la view of the vote cast, that
either would have won, or eome any
way near winning.
So, then; it Is fairly eetabHehed
that the district will not fetand for
such a large Issue at this time, when
other apodal taxation la preasing
hard. But the school must have en
larged aad better quarters. Every
t ne agrees as to that, which makes It
practically esaeatlal to consider a
smallerilMnd Issue.
As stated last weak, the school)
toard hsi been legally petitioned to
tall aav election for an Issue of
Ytt.OOf tor tho ereetlon of a grade
sckeat oa a site In Park Addition. The
Kouaaaa P9y not be perfect; It might
ie better to spend more money, aad
other sites possibly might suit many
leople more thoroughly. The qaea
tlou now resolves Itself Into one of
xutUng the best resu'.u possible with
un issue that the voters will permit
and. above all, of getting It speedily.
So it is earnestly hyped by all with
an Interest la Head's development in
this important direction that the
school board will call an election just
us soon poaaluie and give the vot
ers a chance to express their pleas
ure again.
The former scheme was a fizzle.
Let's try this one. If It succeeds we
shall at least have a creditable grade
school a matter of vital Immodlnts
nocoselty and later when the tax
payers of the district are more pros
perous and the financial situation is
brighter, by all means let us oount on
u finely equipped high school nuoh as
was at first proposed; and while we
lire waltlag for that time to oome,
$J0,000 will build an excellent grade
bthool for a town of G000 one of tho
several that ultimately will be ro
citihed In various parts of the city.
The other day at Powell Itutto
farmer "owned up" that he had nl
vvays supposed It was all right to feed
hogs rye continuously, with no
change of diet- He. and many others,
were surprised when "Farmer" C
1.. Smith explained that It was nee-
ossary to give variety of feed to es-(
cape such consequences as had come
to local hogs many of thorn having
died for no other reason than Im
proper feeding.
Now, this farmer, and many of his
neighbors, are mon of long experi
ence. They nro essentially "practi
cal" fanners. It Is possible that they
have some contempt for "liook learn
ing" when It applies to hogs and such
things many old timers believe that
you oh u learn everything there Is to
learn nbout funning by actually farm
ing. Which Isn't ut all no. The
Powell llutte Incident Is a tolling ex
ample of this.
Rch men as "Farmer" 8mlth have
written a vast deal of hariMitmdert
practical rtdlce wntcli tmuld have
heii applied to Just such cases, had
the men affected saulted the "book
aide" a little. The point i that to
day It Is Just as Important for the
farmer to study from hooks as It la
In any other busings; those who do
so avoid the mistakes that mean loss
and learn mrthods tried nut by ex
pert by which they may Increase
their profits and lessen their risks
and exi ease.
Last week Judge Springer efftuod
again. Hie letter was printed In Tho
nulletln. Its subject was "Pay It
Out," and he recited that the moiii"
IlivoUed In the county warrants that
have been eujolni'd should be paid
out by the county trenH(ror: ho honed
thlH advice on n letter from Attorney!
Getierul Ciawfnrd, which, ho said,
"routlnuM the oilnlon of tho niiinlv
Judge." Hut uutoituiiHtttly now
comes a letter from Mr, Crawford to
the county irenautoi witloh unite intu
itively does not "nonltnu the opinion
of the county Judge." In furl. It
would rather stem to make cotiiddor
able nf a "gent" of Ills llo.ior.
Three llltnl hnrtii are at lo
ne At DiMiIou'h hailivr Hltop to
serve Mill. Adv.
rf H4 m
The recant rains have again placed
the street beneath the Greenwood
avenue railroad brldgo in a disgrace
ful condition. Inatoad of a street,
that particular piece of Greenwood
loaonililuB a combination .mudbatu
u ud swimming hole. Tho nulletln
thoroughly sympathizes with the eaut-of-the-traoka
residents who object
to a oontinuance of this stato of at
falm, whloli already has existed
through practically the entire past
wi.ttei. Also, it Is aware that tho
ettltrde tliuu fur tukon by tho rail
road has greatl) om.iur.aised the city
cfllcUls who lopbuttdly havo brought
kr 0tH Airtnlitat CijW
July 2, 1913
Dsar friend:
I love honey so much
that I xent to rob a
bee's nest. Next time
I'll go to the grocery
to get honey.
Honey is so good on
bread and butter. And
you don't knox what
nice honey I got for
20 cents a pound.
Your friend,
P. S. They keep good
honey and things at
PW 'V'
;Misr "fa i
gBfc- ,Y
mari kfttfrWl
Elf 7 II
Business Directory
ffl A Directory of rivcti Oily, Town nml U
ED Vlllniic !ilnK titfrlillirrt klrli of Rj
U each il p lomilon. iHipuUiloti, Q
H srnih. M,l,lnK ' tankin ixilnli B
y hIm I'UMinotl Dlrvclnry, vuint'lttd by I
it. i. 1111.K ft co pkattm: Jf
ash mA Doors
Wo hnvo now ii lull lino of Sash nnd Doors
in slock, lirintf us your odd sizes. Wo
iiii'ot const prices.
Doors $1.60, $2.25 and up
Screen Doors and Windows.
Lol us (iure with jou.
Bend Sash and Boor Co.
of sesimg jellies
and preserves U
by the uae of
! I
bi it
(fur XiHhJ Patatnnt)
s so easy.
Just melt and
pour over the
' cooled preserves.
Seals absolutely
air light.
CuimnNwd um!ir
I1 Pur. food and
Drug Aet.
Dealers E,vernvhcrc
Standard Oil Company
'""" it i ' i i .-yft ,a-,at
Clean Plastering" Sand
Whan tho small partlclosof wind aro
cpatod with dirt or othur foroiKn
mattiir, the lime ennnot come Into
intimate d ntact with the band par
tidos, thus reducing the cohesive
strength and making a u oak jlaater
Bolton, Ruetenik and May
Wuslied Snnd und Screened Gruvel
Uend, Oregon
Stop the LossFires are Unnecessary
rwscTawKmi'Hfcincy HwwfwgwffBUEKwgpi mtmwjtaxafajusjaaaxt
i me2ttt72S7txnB3Kscan
Hrick is absolutely fire proof in any ordinary eonlliigralion.
Ihick Huihlings never burn, although t'hey are .sonietiiues
injured by falling timbers or combustible interior woodwork.
A brick building is absolutely lire proof if wire glass is used
in the windows and if burned clay floors are used.
An interior fire in such a building is confined to the room in
which it originates; no outside fire can attack it.
The proportion of burned clay in a building construction
. measures its fire proof qualities.
liurncd clay is the only building material that has been
through the fire before you get it, in such a manner that it will
resist fire. All combustible mateiial is burned out of the brick
before you get it.
when von nriLD irsrc imiciv.
TSie Bend Brick & Lumber Co,
gajuig SLaajgaM.juMi j--
For residence property or factory
sites, write or call on the BEND
PARK COMPANY, owners of
For Descriptive Literatiire(.elcM address
4."5. Empire Uuilding, Seattle, Wash.
First National Dank Uuilding, Uend, Oregon.
' J
i i