The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, July 02, 1913, Image 1

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R if I PTI1Y
ViI.. XI.
I JAN I) OP 2000
N'liniiim I'iii nml I)IiiIhk Vm Ate
limn hi Muck Velds 'tlwHK to
I'..- Dime Itftpltll) MhHJ' TJhiIIM stiti iii I'limd Sow.
t - ml linn had thousands of sheep
, . 'in. i ii nil on their way in and
in' aummer rang. I'll i It dm
...... liatln will lake place at Ih
' . ,i , f tin wtk when Thomas Hut
i i nml fiiun Wsgontlie will bring
n . ii uool Iii Mini 1imv It here tmfote
i i : ..iik on the range.
Mi notion has about J9IO sheep
. mI ik following Dim oltl Central Ore-
ii nil of having thm bring their
ii. i 1. 1 market ih thlr own feet.
' T i ' urn expected in arrive Friday.
- Hint inii and a dipping val
, iiik hulli on the Meeher tract
. .' in hip Block yards, sud If shear
, i hi i.e engaged In tint shearing
m iwgua at once. Th wstlt
i .lit. two cUv to finish.
w ' . n tin. shearing and dipping
' llii I he SUMP Will go OUt
' " . i .iKf on Ih Mueller Lumlier
ir. l.tud betweta Paulina ami
i . i
' tiiuiiiinnda ut sheep hsv at
' .. !,, mil tu the sutnruvr feed-
. i i ! According to the rec-
..r tin rllrails. over SM.ooti
' l . 1 1 . l has oy rati the at
i m. K aad tt. Iiinton Ulna
)' largss onlpprrs. Accord-
I i-.i Supervisor sterritt.
till i... oihe 41,000 en the hid Jurisdiction. While
ti ! ran covering fmir
. i i .fill there wtll be about
I .n of thee will rui
r. rough llend and part
i t m
I. i.. iniimii Ik Deerhute VssVty
.ii I ... I'lolrclluN f I'ondjp.
i . .ii .i t.wnr of tluilw r NaMd
. liliuia alley ar f nulng
''Ion for the preservation
I'luii In the dlatrttt from
i' ! A constitution and
' i ' i.n drawn, up gfutldlng
..'I .f five directors wh shall
i" l i.f Hi aasoclatlon. Ac
i. .. !' ut will be In ih hand
, ii.. i l manager and a seen-
. ''! i.y I he directors.
.' - 1 1 t tg lie patrolled ly
i i .Hi run from the XUu-
'i ii It.aenatlon rn th aouth
M. '..llu tlvar in th u ih
1 , rixiut 800. 000 arrixi.
it h'.t owur In lh dlairlrt la
,. ti innniKTahlp. It la ci
i . l tho Initial awmommni
. ir ,i ."U fi.r Haoti Hera owned
in ifli. id ruvar tti m'punn
. i ii wnrk.
. . .M.iniinn Ik lo Im rallari I he
i' .i'n '1U') l'lr I'atrol Aa--
ii.) I'm hfaduuarti ra will Ik
' 1 nil
auiBHBaaaaac aaaaaaiaaaHBBataBaaaaaaBaaK
Arc the cheapest ami hest way to remit
money, and are payable in any part of
the United States or Canada, unlike
Post OHice Orders which are payable
only at the oiliee they are drawn upop.
They cost much less than Post OHice
or Express Orders, ami it' lost can lie
duplicated without delay or extra
charge. This bank keeps all paitl
drafts on file in their vaults, making u
perfect receipt subject to your exami
nation at any time.
II. lMIKKIH.L, l'rwMent
i i
I Mil we In lt((i'li of CBM llii Past
Vw Hwli . to t'nitw HnUtty to Jk
llcienit-il PsHHt I'arciiJi. Now Uo ,
V. (). I). TtiiHNRli tlw Mall.
Tha nomination of II. It. Tnrd to
Ih postmaata r at Itnd was anitouHrftl
from Washington. D. ('., Thuiaday,
I If will ancpMd I'. tJ. Minor. Itapuii
llran. who has had tha orttnt lne
M) 13. 10(!t. Ii la understood that
Mr. Kord will take rhar sa anon as
hit) IhiihI la Npprovtrt. Ilr la h lHnio
Th urowih of Iti-ml U HtriklnKly
nhitHn by thi rtM'olpta of tho wtnf
flf during tho pawl jwar, th jtoat
niaair'a aalary tl'is Inrroaafd from
flflHO h to loo with Ih !
ginning of thu hkw fiaral iir yuatfr
djr. Th Jtroa rTflplM or th nfflc
fnim inttf 1. j:. to Juna 1. 1013.
wr aiiroilmatfily $600. Tha
nt:urf for the yrnr ending Monda?
will l.o avallalil for piii.llcallnn net
wMh. showing In mora detail thi
Rrowth In the I'cal Ituatutso dm In
t'nrhf Ham. for rink htm the of
Rrn la now atlosrd b'khM l'i? tt
ut. In ail.l'tl. n to 'he iMmtmastor'a
It la iindoratnnd hrt Put tha of
at lrlnrti Is rstsrd f l0. from
lltno lo I1K00. Tha iMMtmaaior
hi-ra has mslgnod. hrroialng tt rt of
tha Irksnm dutlra. II la .indrtd.
Ho far no rhsngs haa Ixnn ordT4
In tha at arhadnla to th south,
fir mall still lying over her trurn i
n m. till about that hour In thjMsyoB-lit-4
All KMtsrn mall for CiMral
onion polnia. now lit of r la Port
fi ariith Fal8e Cosst aad wostsm
raf u tmlnta. no wiles over In tori
Innd for annul 1? hmira, owing lo tha
ri'reul rhangtt In n-btdulr of tha Ore
gon Trunh iratn.
Can Mc-Md I'sirda ('. U. n.
Bfrertlv rastfrdsv, It iM-rmnr oos
llile io and parwla iv mall V. O.
D. The sndr of a msllsht vaikaii
on whlrh the xtaage Is fnlly pre
imtd msv hn the price of 4o r
Jde and the rbarsea Ihsrsoa col
lated frtm the sddressee on i)
nient of a fiwt of lo rents In parcel
lat stsmiis alTlied, provided the
mount In he rttleted dnea not
rrd tloo. Biirh a parrel will '
Inxurfd asiinrt !". without add!
ll.nal rhargra. In an amount wiulva
Irnt to Ha artoal value, hut not to
exreed 10. The tender of a col
lect on detlverv pnrrl will he given
a recalm showing the office nod date
of mulling, the nunihor of tha parcl
and tha amount due him. A C. O.
1) parcel Mill e accepted for mill
ing onlv at a inonev order office and
when addried to a monev ordfr of
fire. A dlalliiitlve ( (). H. laf will
he altarhcd to the parrel ahvwlng
the amount il'iw the seiular, the
liioiifx outer fee iifctaaary to make
(t'ontliiiiiil on Paco Sen)
V, O. MINOR, Secretary .
,.. 1. O. MINOR. It. M. I.ARA, )
ninni-ntti-irnnirrmiTl ,t 1 -iinunii num, ,,,-. .
HBN1). OUWJON. WKUNKSDAY. .H'l.Y 2 101a.
Unnulmous ntul Porciblc
lum's Ohj'.'ctions, Removing Last Possible II. tch
in Uliliation of
IMiiednl to The llnllelliil
HA'.MM. Jut) 1. II) uiuiiliii'iim
deotsion of th Court, lh
validity of the ('i.tiii.iu'a Xoullicrn or
Tuinalo prt'jttct ftr.o.OOO approinlii
tU u was upheld tr.oav mid th Mr
Muhan Injunction suit dismissed.
With this ejdorseinsnl from Oregon's
night at court all Kmslhlllty of furthor
oiwtructltxi of Crook county's irri
gation onterptlse Is passed snd the
rapid development of th project Is
(mniedlsttly fr (loving the decis
ion the Desert ljd Hoard mat and
again alarted the wheels morlng on
the project . which, mamlwrM of the
hosrd ssaerted with assurance, would
fiom now on revolve with th grust
l tosllil ispldlty.
Cvery objection Bled by McMahan
Is answered In th opinion handed
down, which wsm written by Justice
Charlea McNiry. one of the Hew sp
pnlntees. Justice llurnlt wrote s
separate opinion "concurring aiveclal
ly." this lielng also signed by Justice
Ramsey, it holding In even more forc
ible language the entire validity and
worth of the act. The court's opin
ion. In the lowest eiustlon, is that
the appropriation Is for th public
iwneflt. but that even if cUss?d ss
local or s eclal Inglalallon, It would
lie e;al.
The case. H will lie remembered.
h'nt d on the injunrtlcn suit brought
M I.. II MiMahin agatnat the aecre
tnry of unto and the state trssaurer,
ria'raliilni them from lavlngoul Ihe
amount npproi rlstrd. In Ih de
mit four! Judge Oill''my upheld tho
tslldlt) of the art. and hla decision
la Affirmed.
"I'nUts xal!lve prnhl'ilttrin ov
ists in the f'indanirntrl liw. I he lr
Istalure has an alinort unllnild field
frr cpsratlon'. ten though the law
may we special or local In Ita charac
ter. ssrs Juslies MeNarr's oidaion.
On the asm print Justice llnrnett
says: "At th argument, the ptlnttfr
contended thst the law In question
was s local and special law In th In
terest of residents of th communi
ty In which the Innd mentioned is sit
ustcd. The kglstatlv assembly. In
Ita discretion, may ease: laws of that
nnture, unless forbidden by th state
The next objection made by Mc
Mshnn wnb that the act was antago
nistic to section 7 of snide 1 1 of th
eonatllutlon. which asya th esawtn
bl ahalt not loan the credit of th
slut la escMB rf f ..0,000.
"We are unable to see that this act
In any manner loans th credit of th
stale." aiys Justice Mr Nary. "It Is
true that a large appropriation of
public funds has been made for the
completion of s project to Irrigate
sud thereby reclaim certain land, but
It la purely a stnte enterprise.
"Ko credit is extended to private
sourcca to promote private scheme
aud Ihe act directs the state to pro
tect He title to the ploieiy Inrluded
In the prrject, sud to make all ar
rangements necessary frr the proier
ci tint run Ion mill completion of the
Are You AH
aV lY jGr jfil anr irrfr " "
'--- ,w "!" r 1 1 i
Tlio tujui ibt'Ht tliHt urn ni'Oil to
Kut.p your jiutl in (-.Ncullfitt con
illtlun fulil liuro the b'8t trriulo
at tho host iirtcos MOWERS,
SPKINKLKRS, HOSE, till kinds of
GARDEN TOOLS', etc. Also, boar
in mind that we curry n full lino of
Opinion Fquclclics McAln-
irrigation works to reclaim th lands
The Mate, thtotirli tho Ixaert !and
I ion Hi, Uvea tho price lo lie paid for
water righte and from ine dnt of re
clamation of any tract valid Hen is
CMMtfd in favor of the state."
ttegjrdlng McMahsn's contention
that "The act la without the purrksw
of legislative authority to lay a tax
upon all the people and to exiiend the
money for the benefit of th few,"
Juatlce Mr Nary says:
"We think thla point Introduces
the most serious sspecis of the esse.
1'lslntlff with much earneatness eon-tf-nda
that th u t afforda undue ad
vantges to a favored few In Crook
county at the expense of all other
taxpayers In ln -'(.
"The facta stipulated by counsel
show that about 13,000 screw have
Immh deeded to private parties. Yet
the statute provide mat the Desert
li nil Hosnl shall make neceasar)
coHtracts for the sale and delivery of
water to lands of sab private parties.
White the iiersons holding prior con
tractual lights have a call upon th
slate for the allowance of credits
upon nil money paid to defaulting
companies under the original contract
'yet thy must enter Into a contract
: with the state and otherwise conform
to the rulra nrcrllxd hv the Desert
I Land Hoard. Th s It will be aeen all
persons who have a prior contract n
treattd alike and that as a class no
aprclsl privilege sr granted to one
;and withheld from notither, but thst
all coming within the prt-rrli-d class
enjoy the itum privilege itnd Immu
nities." The opinion goes further and holda
that the ai; nprlation la for public
(load Iwiir of SCil.lMMi I'or (iratle
Hrhool to lie Vwled (m.
' At a meeting of the school lioard
last night Ihe tctltlun recently pre
sented -jsklng f ir en election on the
prom alilon for a $28,000 bond Issue
1 for district It, for th erection of u
eight- r tea-room grade school, wai
acted ob gad an election ordered for
July SO.
Th sit to o voted on. as es'tco
for h the retitioncr. It In block II
of Park Addition. Mr. McKay of th
schorl hoard sa that be already
baa communicated with architects
felling them what Is wanted, no that
In th event Ihe election carrlee no
time need ie loat In the erection of
tha building.
The commercial bodies of Portland
have lieen asked by th Klamath
Kails Chamir of Commerce to uae
their Influence tu ecu re speedy con
' htructlt n of ihe Hill line from (tend
to th eruthern Oregon city. It Is
stated thst the producers of that sec
tion can neither buy nor sell to Port
Itnder. The c'rcultous route that
freight muat lake makes It prohibi
tive to ship to Portland or from that
th m
OSE $200,000
KiiJo'ttHHI Tor Mime, MarM For
PlfHlNCO hsh r)i 1st (IrtltlMifoSl
Ahiohr; ImrtteitMt HeMof)) i,(
lha THnssln Prttjeci SWrfc,
f Special to Th tluiletlo)
LAIDLAW. July 1. When ws
reached bare thla afternoon that the
Supreme Court had knocked Obstruc
tionist McMahsn's Injunction null
sgainst th Columbia Southern appro
priation higher than Ollderoy's kite,
enthusiasm and optimism, two char
actorhttlcfl that have been keepiHg
under cover in Ijildlaw for some
time, came out in the aun again.
In fact, now that the last hitch In
the Irrigation enterprise has been so
satisfactorily disposed of. everybody's
wearing that f ItO.OOO appropriation
amlle. Which la acme smile, lie It re
marked. Even Engineer Laurgaard
Is guilty, not to mention those SO en
gineers who thought tbemselvea out
of a Job, and th scores of settlers
who were Just about ready lo begm
cussing the stale again.
"I expected It." said Laurataard
oh. well, everybody says. "I
told you oo," afterward, no matter
how blue atiout th gills they may
asve been while the trouble was on!
Wot la Outlined.
Mr, Uurgaard tcld The Dulletln
something of what will le done now
that be ran put hia forces to work
and keep them on the Job. The 30
engineers, reinforced by about the
same number of laborers, start in at
once. The clearing of the feed canal
la the first work. Supplies and other
freight that have been held up dur
ing the MM:ikn affair have been or
dered shipped.
"About IS00.00 will he spent this
year." said Mr. Lab.gaard. "If we
proceed oo force account I expe.-t
there will tie at least 100 men on
the Job by August. If we give out
small contracts there will h some de
lay In advertising for bids. The
method of the work la for the Iniard
to decide."
Ilfwenlt. Are Mjuq.
The great brunt of the work wilt
nrt tie undertaken until next year.
Xwy little will be done with the big
dam this sessnn, and that la by far
the most expensive snd largest por
tion of the whole enterprise. How
ever, the work of the next six months
means steady and prcniahl employ
ment for all residents of the country.
Isltor for others, a good market for
all farm produce and th positive as
surance net only of the satisfactory
completion of this project, with the
watering of atiout 30,000 acres of
splendid land within a doten miles of
1 Id law and (tend, but also that for
the comlug two yecrs there will be a
(t'tii'tmucd on Page Sektuit
va. ..!
it 2. ie . I
1 TJTe First National Bank S
i UfO
Or U C. OOE. I A. SATHER. Vic Prildnl
Capital fully paid ... S25.O00
aiockheldar liability . . S15.000
Surplut .... . s.3 600
npHIS BANK is the ms-
ness bprjmtter of the
Bend country. The fact
that our deposits are 100,
000 more today than this
date last year, shows prosperity.
1) I R K C T 0 R S:
( ,3,CSi?,,,TSiS?'",,SP'"2RJ?J' ' 4ajf-' 'Ki5f"'?3f "ettwvs
NO. 17
0 T
Omelet e treat h Prokwhte HetHeeii
CVftHS)lslosers untl .lajdeje Sr-
rsrli Ctonrt ICsrme Pnt Ountj-
Ih liol Pnr AwrtJur Viwr.
( Special. lo The Bulletin)
PKI.VKVILLe, inly J. The Cotw
ty Court opened the July term today,
with a mass of road matters ami
bills pertaining mostly to the cost of
tn May term of tho Circuit Cottrt,
which was on of the moat expensive
sessions held In thla county for a
great number of yc snd which will
pnt th county back In debt again
until next tsx collection tltno arrive.
There will probably be other nat
ters reqwlrlng the attention of the
County Court which wtll keep It in
session for th ria:nor of the
week or longer. Owing to un fact
thst this Is the Srst session since
Judge Springer publlabed bla sensa
tions letter. It practically ac
cusing Commissioner Bayley of re
ceiving too much commission oat of
th bridge deals, tbe session la llkelv
to lie an Interesting one and tho work
before tbe court Is likely to become
congested or to be don by tho com
missioners slone and by iisjtsj Igg the
-- , ip, . , w .....
hat the uibJMIiiIod
to MKttqptswos-
Judge. - vr
It Is reported that
era have decided
rapber to act as special clerk, dic
tating their action tn all matters com
ing before thetn to tbe clerk and di
recting the entries to be made In dis
regard of the Judge or bis presence.
PH,t.itlori Msde to Uave Jattr Kit
tertalnncRt Prloai
Tbe folks living ecst of town are
going to have a big picnic Friday aad
have sent cut the fonwltul an
nouncement regarding It:
"Th Grange will has a plendn
at their hall Fourth of July. Brer
on Is cordially Invited. No td to
lie a Orsnger to come and kayo a
good time. A splendid progvaas has
been prepared, part of which will lie
given In the morning at 10: SO and
the remainder at S In tbe afternoon.
There will be a dance ha tho even
ing, with the best of most. Cons
early and bring yonr lunch, then stay
for tbe dance. There wilt be Ice
cream, lemonade, nuts, eandy aad
clgsrs served at tbe ground, alee a
o'clock dinner. Wt tutv a ladles'
dressing rorm whore you can primp
for the evening."
Next Sunday evening at tbe Meth
odist church there will be a patriotic
service, with an address delivered by
iter. U. C. Newham on "The Indepen
dence of An-erlca." There will tie ap
propriate slng'nj; by the children.
G i 2 iP. . 5;