The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 25, 1913, Image 10

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Odds and fends from balem
Would Drain Malheur Lake Yoncnlla School Girl
Raises Many Chicks jQpvcrhor Appoints
Attorney Ernest Rltigo Vice Agent
(Special to Tho llultctln) hna been appointed n special nttttttt
' SALtiM, Juno 28. An application" Lf t,0 stato liy Governor West nml
ha will servo as n special prosecutor
Who hasn't had dtillculty to tllnpljr
Ing n clmlor from thu uyaT Bumatlmos.
un enn suevovd with n curuur of n,
hiintlkvrchlpf. hut frotjueutly tho cinder
In too deeply Imbedded U he Kt out In
that way, It would ho hunt to (1ml iv
more. Htlck.v snlntunee than chowlnjt
Kiitn. The next time you see nny ono
with n cinder In hi eye Jiwt chew u
piece of KUin till It liecmne soft unit
lllurstem Mend (Jour, phono I lend
Milting & Wnwlioiiso t. Adv. lfstf
NORTH PORTLAND, Jumt 80.--Receipts
for tho wuok hnvo boon,
cattle 112(5, calves 170, hoitn 1MH17,
sheep 4418. Market steady to
Rtroiutor this wuok, Host nrou
pmint. twiit it to it ii in- point n mi you t,,or8 B0,i imjk $s lo 83B W,t,
win iiiui iin tiiNui iih .run iiiiu'ii im im- :
for n contract with tho state, land
lioanl to drain Mainour lake, which
covers nbout 46,000 acres, and con
vert tho land Into farms, has been
made by C. II. McConnell of Hums.
Ho estimates tho drainage system
Would cost $2K,124, and agrees to
begin work within ono year. Tho
plan Is to drain the., lake. Into Har
ney Iako and tne south fork or tno
Malheur river. Mr. McConncll rep
resents tho Harney ftasln Reclama
tion Company.
Miss Anna Huntington, a tonth
grade pupil at Yoncnlln, In Douglas
county, has inado a record of 100
per cent from January 1 to Juno 1
this year In raising chickens, accord
ing to a report received by Stato
School Superintendent L. R. Alder
man. During this period she hatched
294 chicks nnnd kept every one of
them alive. They aro llarred Ply
mouth Rocks, S. C. Rhode Uland
Reds and S. C. White, Leghorns.
Attorney Ernest lllngo of Salom
and hnvo general supervision over
tho vice crusado mattors that conto
to tho governor's olllco. Under tho
new laws tho Governor has consider
auto more authority, nml tho lawn
governing liquor selling arc more
f strict, so tho governor Is evidently
preparing to keep steadily on tho Job
of law enforcement.
der with It out the i tinier will wme.
Her Reauett.
"Father," mild tin fnlr. timid yniuw
girl, "Uiy WIIIIiiiii Ik eoiulim to ,ou
thW evening, unit I lu-u .vim will ulluw
me In lib ease tu reverwi my iimiihi n
pient to you "
"What In Hint" nuked ttie father sine
"When In eiiini'd," she kIuIiimI. ns n
(Hiirly drop mlltM down her cheek,
"pleuxe iloii't riKit till Hill." Haiti
more Amertinu.
an occasional wind
Outlet In somewhat
lend at $8,50.
limited hut re-
--M.. ,
There is no use to j
advertise the X
Coluo to n glut. Good cows nml
holfers woro offering freely, but one
bunch of cow brought $7, tho ro-
malnder bolng poor iiuiillty, Prime
light veal cnlveR at ft). on featured.
A steady to higher lioK triido. Ro
actlon In prices set In early Monday
morning. Tops quickly reachod
$, $K,no, $H.:m and ilimliy fMti.
Continued light recelpln would
Modern Folding Machine Added
To The Bulletin's Equipment
Hereafter when customers and. tho 1600 edition Wednesday after-
visitors drop In at The llullotln offtco uoon without delays to subsorlburs. '
Wednesday afternoon they won't Unit The uinchtne which has been In- J
three men folding twpars. And .stalled U an Omaha, manufactured
r H BKBammmmmtKL
Knglneer nml CYexv Icnve Kugene
'' to Start Work.
(Portland Journal J
EUGENE. June 'KRaTph n.
Hunt, a civil engineer, left Eugene
today, accompanied by a crew of' ten
men. for the upper McKenzie country
to lay out a new rood over the Mc-
Kcntle pass across the summit of
the Cascade mountains Into eastern
Oregon, which promises to become a
popular route for nutomoblllsti, as
the grade Is much lighter than by
the old routo and tho road can be
made much smoother than the other.
Dan Linton, who has been up
there all spring In the employ of the
jtn.iv4 lnnnldM a Uit InM r9 1 ft vmi f . .1
luuk,1.K18.1.HUuUl .uc.. ThUr8dtty, the proverbially Irate sub- In Omaha, Nebraska. As pictured
In repair, accompanies tho party as scrlbcra won't need to phono asking above. It connects directly with tho
guide. He says that portion of the where In blazes their copy of the press and takes and folds the papers
road built last year is In good con- PaDCr ,8 n,:h hould have ben a8 they aro delivered from It. Tho
dltion and practically as good as mailed Wednesday, but wasn't. press runs out nbout 1400 papers an
wuen mm uui. mete is bum iuucu rur me uuueun nna iiurcnnscu a hrviir ,. ,i, , ki.i...i ..
nnw nn ho .nmmll nf h tr,m,n. mnnrn fnl.lln., mnrhlnn hl.h -,, , DOUr, and HlCSO re ffallled US Mpldly
tains, but tho surveying crew will do tho work of three men In folding ,n" Prln'cd Operating by hand, as
work on tho lower levels till the hot the papers, and do It so quickly that i hitherto, tho folding has taken thrco
weather melts all of It off. It wit) be possible to get out all of . men nbout half a day.
Roofing of nil klniln. lteimlrlrur
promptly ilium.
Furnace Contractor
(iiitteriiiK, Spoutlnir,
CornlcoH nml Skyllghta,
hmmo draky. Prlinn yimrlliign
fnltnil to sell liuttnr thuit $5; qwen
$4.r,0 mid lamliK IG.fiO nml l).7n,
Mucli thin stuff Ih coming In thin
Hnr and Imyorii nra nut anxious for
nny but good frit mutton and IiiiiiIih.
You Will hnvo no Irritated face If
you havn your shaving iloiiu nt in.
hum & DuvIiUoii'h liiirbnr Hliop.Adv,
Vienna Cafe
I J. Jllf Stfl" I T'll'J- 'l'
Wall Street
(linxl MeiiN, Pii'iiaiiil with'iiiilliiex.1, at Mwlinute
IiiiUii I ,m von of Wliolimomo
' Brcnd 5 c Each
A Trial Will i'ouvliiuu.
t as to its reliability,
t promptness and
j accuracy in pay-
ing losses, but it
i r'
is necessary r o r
you to know that
I J.B.Miner
Shingles Mouldings
is the official agent t
of this territory.
i Bend, Oregon.
t I
Building Material
The Miller Lumber Company
Bend, Oregon.
- . ...-. i
iff OlrlAv.
4 " -
i -
-1 -.'. -i
lit TZZZ
J::! "-. r If n
" " t B H
" " T n 1
" " T 9
" " . II
::::- i
' "T K 1
"" i Be
" r 1
. ,
; t
111 " I
" " I "
,.' , , a
' ' t
. ' 9
t . f
.... T
"'it -
ii f
i. i t
ilk -
-----.--. - - '''-'
----..,.. .A
-- -- . -.-t- ----
, ft.
We have so many inquiries from people, wanting to rent small houses,
which we cannot furnish them, that in order to encourage building to
meet this growing demand we have selected a limited number of our
inside residence lots which we will sell at the following prices and on
very easy terms of payment:
20 Lots in Park Addition at . $ 1 50.00 Each
20 Lots in Center Addition at $200.00 Each
These are all nice large lots 50 foot frontage and most of them
140 feet deep. Large enough for a home and a good garden. They are
all available to city water and electric light and close to sidewalks. Come
and see us about these lots if you want a bargain.
e n a to m
D. E. HUNTER, Real Estate Manager
: It
9 i.
4 t
r :
t ' t
. . . . " - w w i r i t . ..-.,..,.,,
?&? 'JLf , M .. 9 -..
-- - - - - -r . . T" . .. . . . . . "- t j , , - w- - - l"k 7- -Y-TT.
-'.7-""-y '.'""'" ja j 1 1 m i rn i .;?
. ryi,:' ,"rV!yy,.)i?Wll'r'r' ?'. ;l ' rr,"?,"' s!ffTwvr
t ihfC W - rf JLr m V .- ti , v
js- ." t r , 3B , '"
. l fUHsTJ'ls1ft8 JT
. .iWi
.. --- . -- ..- ifcifc
---; ' ' -,-. 9-9-99-9-9-9-9-9-4-9 EtW