The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 25, 1913, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin
NO. 10
O..W. It, Ai N, Agrii'tiltuiM Holds
H(i'iniimicoii IiikIIIiiIc nl I.iiiI
fnin'a nt I'owiil Ittillt" Hlrkm-Mt
('hiimiI by I'lilmliiiirril Itntliui.
(HtnlT Correspondenco)
I'OWKI.I, UHTTIJ, Jmm a. -All
oxtuuipornituoiia fnrmora' lustlttitn
wan hold nl Atlitn Lninlfare's yard In
tlnr "I'nriimr" Hmllli f the O.-W.
K '& N. Co. w,ia Hut Mtnkr niiil tlm
nuilli'iini was nliuiit 8 A runners of
till! IH'lnllllOrlUMIll Wild hud gitthorid
on nhott iiotlcii Id loiirn wlmt they
could about tliclr running prohluma
niiil imperially about nick hnga,
Tint iiieiitlng IihiI u unconscious
lfl!ltlMI IllMt M)Xlk Wlllll! SOUK) of
Mr l.iiiiilfnriiH hog wort taknii sick.
No mitt could ho foiinil to pnirrllui
tor tho iiinlnd) Hint 1 r. or mortt ehotco
XMlliK altu iIIimI. TIiiiI nrmiaod tint
iiflRliliiiro, for many of tliiwu limit
talrly godsltod Invostmeiits In
lrk7i Htul thty full thai If hog
holrra or lh" plnguM wm awing to
turn up In Hint section of lh conn
tr the wantrd to know It. ! II
nutif Uimh half war and turn It Itach.
(ixire ll Itlw, who baa on of th
lr"t hril. tlhitil to ('. H.
11'nlwm of lh Klml National Hank
ph. I iol hint ot thulr rntm and mtkml
for adtlro. Mr. Iludm.n mild m
wi.ulil do what ho could Mini nl one
wired tlif oltlclala of th l)-V. It.
N 'ii Mohlnv I' Hy would IhhiI Mr.
Hmlih. thr riid'n nMrt agrk-ultur-ii
in iuntlgat th iriiuli Hiid ad
lr a rHiiifdy. Tht. road rtuifid
nt one. Mr. Hmlih arrived Moudn
fill n K and was brought out thla
luornlnK to lh l.audfarf rnnrli lt
Mr Hudson, together wUhTho Hullo
tin rttirHieiitatl.
Tho lloltim lirnthitm hud telnphon il
to iier)(inc th) could llnd Hint the
meeting lo ho huld nnd people
began lo nrrlvo about a noon na did
tint missionary Ho nudn n thorough'
liiaprotfon of Hut aick plga, looked
over their feeding rounds, talked
with Mr. l.niidfaro and limn announo
d that In his opinion Hut trnuhU had
oomo from reeding Hie hogs one
thing only, In Ihla Initnnoii, rye, Ho1
sniggestt'd remedies lo rnmowt the I
itiilltlnti lit' llm fimillnir anil'
then urged llm lniiortnnct of tint
balanced ration, not only for hogs hut
for every fitriu nnlinal Many quca. i
Hon were asked Ity Hioao present and
Matlafnrlorlly answered
Among other things urged upon
Ilia nudlonre h "t-'iir'Her" Hmlih wan
earn In feeding imlatnen at Ihla tlnin
of year. All apronta, green apnta nnd
deeuyed txirlloua ahould he carefully
removed, he mild, an. the wnter In
hlch the Npudn are 'tolled turned
off. IIokm on ahould havo
ono pound of grain for each 100
poundi of weight, dully, nnd If they
grew ton fat tlio pnaturngn ahould hn
i educed. Cowa niuat have aoiuolhltig
morn thnii polntoeH If It Ih exported
to iiihUii Imiliir from their cri'iiiii
Thete m iiiiii'Ii otliur ttood iidvlt-n
glvnii, with lliii ritpeiited ImnIkU'IU'ii
on n linhi'ii'iul riillon.
All tlm fitriui'iH nt Hut iiialliiK
ut'iii iniiili helped hy Hut nilvjco they
leielved mid wore oiy KnAkil to
tho riillioiul mid Mr l!tidnn tdr nn
MiHliinro In the hog Hlckueaa liinilor.
I'oitlntiil I'll iii Would Nliut I'luiit nt
lleiid With Lnrge 1'ityroll If Klork
Will lt- Tu ken lly l,ouil .Men.
A. Mvihnr of Portland, who urrlvcd
la Hem! Monday to remain pnrma
ueiitly, ciiinea primed with a iroK
alllon which he dvalrea to plncv be
fore Hut Commercial Chili nnd Hir
hiialuvaa men of lleiid.
A firm known na Tint Nollnii Knit
Hug Cniiipiiiiy of Portland hna mnilu
n teiitutlve projioaltloii through Mr,
Mealier, which, atnted very hrlefly,
la that It will put In at lleiid it kult
ting mill Hint will employ Iwtwoon
l.'O nod 200 aklllud tt'nrkuta, provid
ed n anlit of atock In lint proponed
rouipnuy of $20,000 can he onglnenr
ed loc ii lly TIih Nollnii K'Opk atatv
that Hie) luive lnitNted In ixiulpmeiit1
130.000 and that they dealrv in get
noiiif nu eh locntlon na llend. udvnn-
Ift'M liiilci Kurtey Pnla llotwi Three
llole Willi no I ten ii 1 1. Topogra
phic .Survey of Adjoining: Vullry
Muilt-Onn I'uiiy nt lilillaw.
(irmle Behind to Coot Ahout J(1!(I,000
mid lie IKiilril In ItliK-k -I of Park
Aildlllon U Plan Thut .Mrvl h'n.
vor Kits TeUoik lloliln.
Tho reaulta of the work nt llonhnni "To the District Hcliool Hoard of Hla-
I'nlla heltig douo hy tho atato In co. t rlct No. 12.
operation with Hie federal reclama- ....... . ljn,ir.if;H. re...,.nr,.i.
Hon aerv.te nro ao far unaa lafactorv, ,y r ,. )m to M,mt , )0 , ,
iieco.dliiK in John T. Whliller of,v,or, of ,,, ,,ltr,ct tho ,Uclltlon
I'm Hand, the well known engineer. of contrac,nB a iuAtA lM,t of aald
who ha gi'iiurnl aupervlalon of the ' ..ihh,! .ii.irin in n... ...... nt in nnn
work. Mr. Wlilatlorwni In llend laat rr le lurKIIM, of conatructlng n
week on ono of hla rogulnr trlpa of . gra,lt. .,,, Uonn im IoU
inapectlon. ..... 2. 3, 4, 6. C. 7 and S bf block 2i, of
Tho work at llcnhnm alia l, .ark Addition, llend. Oregon, accord-
oeeii in iwo puna, ono mo ooring i.y lnK . ,h rocordl.A ... ,...,,... nm,
for tho further purpose of purchaa
lug aald lota ahoto dencrllwd In tho
aum or $3000 nod thut you will call
n arhool election for aald purpouc
Dated this Slat day or Juno 1913."
Tho nltove petition, alened by
diamond drill to dlicover tho nature
or the formation and InveatlKiitu the
tageoual) altiinted na regard wooli pomlhlllty of building n dam. tho
aupply mid aatlafnctory power. oilier n general topographic aiirveyl
Arrordlug to Ml Meitlicr. tho cif-1 ( tint valley In tint vicinity of and I
nrlata of Hut c"iiimiy aay they wlll.nbove tho fnlla to Hacnrtnln the
lia ulllltiw 1 4 ua fuviin rjl llm I ei In raw In I ll I'M I In lain itnnt InllH n n.t t tut ttttttnt u .
of the I.h'hI atockholditra In Vnory dam would have at one place or an-1 lll?M)'. ,l'rwonttlvo taximyora and
way mhmIII. bh. for Inatanr.. (rt hv-OthHr. The loKgnhlc work la JnM" . " lrwntMl to
Iiik a loeal eontmlilwe or elwclod ol. now HnMied mi rar na work In the lil""4 1L , Jaw reMlr
reia haw r (ham or Uttt ex-held la concerned and Ita raulta are """ ;"" , , c'' Mn "le',,,n "
iwntlliuiit nt th fundi, nrlaliu foim 'eady for mw In connvetUiN with the "' !'' o or more iualin.l
Ihe atcrk aab. A guaranle wwild rholw of a dam alte. Thht, how erer. ' T '.?' ... '""d ' !
further li arrang.!. it la alnliHt, In- may Im m difficult matter na th
aurlng a coHllnuoua operation uf th diamond drill
plant. Thoao Intetmird In the eur- or Mr. Whlatler'a vlall had tawu
prliw aem uMttlve that the tliMiud barren or an)lhln( but nwgallva re
fir hmcm gHHta a would Ih maim- aulta. Thre IioIm had hn put
fartHivd would, at the very iMtt, down Up to that lime, Ihe deepest
mre than rare for the uiaxlmmu mil- going 70 fetit without Uniting bed
put. rork. Por the greater pari of the1
HAI.KM, Juno 23.- -The Injunc-
Hon atilt brought by MrMahan
agnlnut tho Tumnlo iipproprla-
Hon wna urgtiod hoforo the Hu-
premo Court Thuradny, and an
early declalon la oxpectod. I'ran
tlcnlly the aamo nrgiimonta ad-
variced In the Marlon Circuit
Court were naed hoforo tho
higher tribunal.
tho 18th Inatant In which you atnto
that nt tho regular annual achonl
election, tho notlco for which atnted
that bealdoa election or a director and
clerk other mattera would be trana
acted, the eloctora voted In favor or
fre textlokn and now the question
la ralacd aa to whether or not thla
action la legal In view of tho fact
that It was not atated In the. notice
calling the election. Anawcrlng, I
would any that I am of tho opinion
Hint thla matter could properly come
bcioro tho meeting under tho term
'other mattcra', especially ao In view
or tho fact that It waa a regular an-
nunl hrIiooI mnetlnir. RtinMnt ntn.
lion moat atato In the notice theit,on" hnvo hwn ,nk,n and the gn
mnttera coming before the votora. cr"1 charac,cr r tM,B 'ear'8 "Pcc'al
llctclopmcnt Xumlter Which Apnra
In July Will Have Many llluxtrn
ti.NM and n Hcorc of Hpeclal Ar
ticle Written byAutltoritlcv
Plans for The Hullctln'a annual
Development Number are well under
wny, many of the articles are nlrcadv
In type, the photographa for llluit-a-
Annual meetings do' not when It Is
ordinary luminous llko textbooks,
Mlucilon will occur a mion aa io-
work up lo lb nme'",,,l"'ri lh' ,f lm " !" "'
Hwimni .,7 imv ..v.frrnw llHRimillllv na
tion ran b taken, with inn hope of
' getting a building e recital In time
for at leaat the latter hair or the com
ing Hcnool year.
friends or the proposal are con-
edition decided on.
The paper will have at least 11
pages and probably 48. A new rea
turo this year will he that ono sec
tion, of eight pages, will be prlntol
on n good grade of coated book pi
per, Instead of the usual news paper.
In this section most of tho llhmtra.
'tfons will bo gathered, thus securing
ifar better results with the cuts than
lMn lift ililnlnnil tr nnmwm tulel if
lime S.i Mil- , ,"" """"";" - i....... ..u
ed foaturc section to tho paper, which
In Iteelt will make a valuablo and
laatlng advertisement of the town
and country..
Many Special Article.
A great number of signed articles
Itfiliiioml Will Xot
lb;:i Pounds Sold nt Mndrnx nnd
KlmtilUo .Shi in ibiy mid Moiuluy.
The omployea at tho failed Ware
house have hoen kept oh the Jump
taking eare of the wool which has
come In during the laet week, there1 H,n ' published this year, written
being a ,0,., of SMC ,.0. XSrJ
on hand. A lame wart of thla earn tunate In securing the co-operation
from W. W. Ilrown'a much, with the of a number or man specially quail
teat rrom the country to the south. d to write upon certain subjects,
The date set ror the salt hero la Jul ,hf v1bt been imlently Inter-
wow ." wwi.,,mw.w W.D., ..ra, HHU
Rome preliminary InveeilgallOHa of dUtance the fur mat Ion Is large!)
the MnainUI ktaiiiM and btialneae hla
lory or Ihe Nollan leople l lielng
made, and If reeulta are aatlafactory
It Im probable that the matter "III
Im. plared before tho IihmI people nt
an early dute
Vow Hervlie by Oreuon Trunk l.lkel
by Tiiurllug Publlr.
With tho pulling on of night trulna
Hunduy br the Oregon TrnnkXlend
nnwflms four pasteiigrr tralnaV (lay
two In and two out. ThercyVaa i
big crowd nt tho depot HundnyVeven
Ing to aei the first train "nihV tho
now arrangement go out. It carried
S3 paMongera, From tho other end
tho first train loft Portland at 7:30
p. 111. and arrived In llend .Monday
morning at K o'clock. Passoiigrro
who came In on It said Hint wlicii It
left tlm metropolis all the 1C lawer
bertha and 5 of the iipixys woro
taken. Nearly !f peoplo oaino
through to llend.
In addition to tho night train, tho
Oregon Trunk is running n pnsicuger
conch on the freight which leaves
Melolliia Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday nt 0:30 n. in
ml, and furnUht'M un suitable fouti
datloH for a dam. The (Katance to
Iter nick la unknown.
Kven though a Hiiltalile foMlidatlon
for n dam bo found. It would be very
expensive to carry wutur for Irrlgn
1 thought no it (ft Incease tho value
14 I
numi hbi 11 win mwir mill b..4mim i
mi the smaller bond -jaue In believed T,,e l'r W w h'd MonJnd publicity efBclency of tho edition.
to be far more populir than that or .day when about 600,000 pounda wore 'Those articles. It la lielloveu. will be
J45.000. proioerd before, while the disposed of by a large number of ,he ,nost authoritative and Intoreet
preselng need of such a hulldlng la growora. Prlees genernlly were aat- ,nK that cvor httV0 l,eon run u" nn"
moat aMrent. I Israotory. For line wool the highest m,a,J1 l,Bor1 ,n "JV6' Ju8t n .,l
They hImi argue that It Is n grade price waB llfc and ror coarse wool.i'8 ""mevod that the edition n a whole
..'.... :.."....'"..... .. ' school, and not a high school, that 10 cent.. Thn lialrfwln Sheet. Rom. w w tnp largest and most hand-
..ii inn i'ui.' nnj ir.Mii lint rivur mi, . . ,, . , , , . . . .. : . .1 .. .
this ixiliit ns tho aldea ot tho valley ,r mo1 tn"'tcly needed. Tho pony's clip or 140.000 sold nt U
cuius, wie nnicK nunc ciiir ui
present uniisiinlly dllllcult ungluuor'
lug problems In connection with any
Irrigation proposition.
A portion or the survey party Is
now camped nbove l.aldlaw, studying
the river and making observations ns
to tho possibility or leading oft Irri
gation works rrom this point.
amm to (Ki,i:nit.Ti:.
Alfalfa will celobrato Ihe Fourth.
At a rousing meeting hold nt the
school house there Sunday, pUus for
Hio day were perfected. Refresh
ments of all varieties, served In kegs,
hollies, buckets, tubs, baskets, sacks,
boxes, bags, plates nnd cups, will bo
provided In abundance, free. A pa
rage and program will bo the morn
ing events. Atter dinner, provided
by the Indies, there will bo gamea and
races, ending In a bull game. Prlien
will bo provided for nil ovents. A
big free danro will wind up tho res
tlvltles In the evening. "Kverylody
and alscMVt tho com Bn' ,c" 'our nolghbor, and bo
freight loavhiK Falllirlde.. on Tuem. r n"' gorget lo tiring n well
day, Thursday and Saturday nt 7 a.'n,,ot, aUot." Is tho Imitation those
m. I in viinrKn nave rivuii
Are the cheapest and best way to remit
money, mill are payable in any part of
the United States or Canada, unlike
Post Ofliee Orders which are payable
only nt the olllee they are drawn upor.
They cost much less than Post Oflipe
or Express Orders, and it' lost can be
duplicated without delay or extra
charge. This bank keeps all paid
drafts on file in their vaults, making a
perfect receipt subject to your exami
nation at any time.
present building, It Is apparent. Is
totally uhflt to accommodate tho
school; hit J tho erection, of a grado
school would relieve It or ita heav
iest pan!! population, nnd nt tho same
Hmo provide suitable quarters for the)
younger scholars, whose number Is
Increasing 'far more rapidly than Is
that In the high school. The old
building. It Is proposed, would then
to ndeq'il&to for the high school for
some ienra td come. When tho new
grnde scfiool Jiecame full, It would
bo easy to construct another In a dif
ferent 4portlon of town, and thereby
give the best service to children liv
ing In all sections and lay the foun
dation for a broad plan ot city
Textbook Hlerllott Valid.
Validity of the school election hero
on June 10 so far as It concerned tho
vote on frco textbooks having been
questioned. The llulletln wrote At
torney General A. M. Crawford at
Saleiu or his opinion on the matter.
Ills reply, which Is self-explanatory,
Is as 'follows
"I am In receipt or your letter or
' v
' 0
P.teggs. asm, a iu,
U. I'KKKKIX, 1'rcshlent P.O. MINOR, Secretary, v
K. M. I.VHA Cashier vy"
n. IMUtUKl.U. V, 0. MINOR, K. M. l.ARA, ,
Are Ycu All For-Lawn?
Tho cqul nu-nt thnt yovi need to
l.i'cp 'ur ail in txcflknt con
dition is sold herethe br8t Rrade
at thQ boat rices MOWERS,
SPRINKLKRS, HOSE, nil kinds f
GARDEN TOOL?, etc. l Also, boar
innind that we curry .a full- lino of
80,000 pounds brought 12 centa.
At Shaniko on Saturday IT. grow
ers sold over 100,000 pounds at an
average price ot nbout 14 cents. Tho
Dalles mills wore tho heaviest pur
chasers. Two of the largest clips,
those of the Prlnevllle Land & Live
stock Co. and tho Hilton & llurgess
Co., remain In the warehouse unsold.
At ltedmond the sale was given up
. nit tB'Ant MM .1 t . A l .!,., H,
lit. Mil V.UU, t.UII, .,ICV HIMI ACICU u.
Madras. I
some yet attempted In any North
western town of less than 10,000 In
habitants. TIne.e Win. Will Write.
Tho article Include the following:
"What the Tanama Canal Means to
Central Oregon," by Joseph N. Teal.
Mr. Teal la regarded as tho best
posted rate expert In the West, Is
head of the Otogon Conservation
Commission and was prominently
considered far the aecretarrshln of
'the Interior.
"Hogs and Dairy Cowa In Central
Oregon," by C. L. Smith, agricultural
nond atrawberrlea are commencing J "Lumbering Advantages or Bend,"
to appear on the market, and every , ,r J. p. Keves. general manager of
Indication la for an exceptionally fine i The llend Company,
season, for both quantity and quality j "Hend'a Sewer System." by It. E.
or nerrles. Qn the P. H. Denccr Koon or Chicago, city construction
ranch the big berry patch Is "loaded engineer. ,
to capacity," as la that on tho Mon- "What the National Forests Mean
telle Coo ranch nnd other nearby (0 iiend." a detailed Interview with
places. Dr. Dcncer says he expecta m. L. Merrltt, supervisor of tho Dea
n record crop thla ysar, and those 'chutes National Forest,
who have tried tha fjne firm berries "Tho Tumalo Project." by O. I.aur
agree thnt they excel In quality nnd ganrd, project engineer under the
tasterulness anything that has been i
Imported hero this year. j (Continued on last page)
'. T
S rni OF BEND,
S HjKi'
I H$j
" ' TtThMbT P wm3
I k 2iwi
r iyi!y
i ffSy
A ' ' r i y SS.m
The First National Bank
Or. U O. COC. Praildtnt t A SATHgR. Vlc Pfssldn
O. 8 HUDSON. Co.hl.r
Caollal tultr paid ... S7S.OOO
Siockholdtri' llabllltr SJ3.0C0
Surplus .... SIO 000
qpHIS BANK is ihe busi-
ness bu omtter of tle
Bend country. . The faut
that our deposits are S1Q0,-.
000 more today than this
date last year, shows prosperity.
l I R R C T O K S:
' savWj