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Tho Uiittctln lin Inrjtc supply of tliN valuable ami Interesting book
let, which Ih written by C. I. ("Farmer") Smith and publlahcd by tho
OreRott-Vw.lilnRtou nillroatl. Thewo lnM)klct will Ik sent t rnijr
farmer who asks for Uieni, ami may be liml by calling nt The Bulletin
The following Article are Included In the Ixxiklet: The Smnll Farm,
Building Up n Dairy llertl, To Cheapen Fork FriMluctlon, and The
Future lleef Supply. The material in all hartl, common seme, anil
may bo studied to advantage by any rancher. The copies are' FUF.K,
(Special to The Bend Bulletin.)
LAIDLAW, June 16. J. W.
Drown waa In Bend Thursday.
A. F. IUmsey Is reported better.
Laldtaw now has a tennis club.
Jamea Fatten lost a fine colt last
Farmers will begin to mako hay
about the 37th. two weeks earlier
than Imt vear. Some think a third
cutting is In sight.
All tho bouses In town aro now
J. N. 11. Corking Is having hla
house painted. Grovcr Is the artist
on tho house while Whlty is painting
things red around tho barn.
Mr. Flicklnrer's two children camo
in last week after the close of school
to spend their vacation, also Mr.
Fllckinger'a mother came for an ox
tended visit.
There Is a move on foot to estab
lish a rural mall delivery between
Bend and Lsldlaw. Only seven mall
boxes are needed between the two
triacea to ask Uncle Sam to take
notice. The people need the service
and Laldlaw needa the hack line for
our commodities.
Mrs. Spifford and daughter of
Waltsburg. Wash., are visiting her
father. Mr. McGulre. They will re
turn in a few days to their old home
Mrs. J. N. . Gerklng returned
home Saturday night after spending
a month at Silverton visiting friends
and relatives.
Floyd Scott passed through Satur
day evening for Deschutes, meeting
friends from the O. A. C.
The voting people gave a dance
Friday night and had a fine time.
Mr. and Mrs. Donlvan from Gist
were trading here Saturday.
Charles Mudd. formerly of this
place. Is visiting old friends here.
Prof. C A. McKay from Eastern
Oregon Is visiting his old friend, Mr.
Pinkstaf. . . , .
A Urn crowd of relatives and
friends wfrrVae IteMsWntM last Satur
day Bight to met the Mlsees Jmi.
Mien and Liter., ftww ford who were
returning riW'fta graduation exer
cfeM at O. A. C.
Mrs. Ellsa W. hirer, formerly of
lAldlaw. died at Culver Saturday,
aged 3 yars. ,. JThe remains were
btwMfkt here and Interment took
plae) at the I. O. O. F. Cemetery
Sunday, the funeral services beins
conducted fcy Itev. A. O. Wafker. Mrs.
Myers ws torn .it CrawfordavllW.
Ind. With bur husband she came to
LaldktwJti 1. living bore for four
yoars. Sue tben removed to Cnlver.
She was a member of the Culver
Christian church. Surviving her Is
W. P. Myers of Culver, an only son.
Her husband died four years ago and
she was laid to rest beside him In
the local cemetery .
a- - -
(Special to The llend Bulletin.)
MILLICAN, June 10. The first
school election for Mllllcan will be
held June IS, at P. n. Johnson's
store. Tho notices have been post
ed for some time.
Mrs. Ada II. Mllllcan left for Prlne
vilie Inst Tuesday, expecting to be
gone until June IS. Mr. Mllllcan
went with her but is at home now.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MotTett and
William Todd picnicked on Pine
Mountain Sundiy and took several
views of the valley.
Fred Klger went to Bend for cas
ing for the well being drilled on his
father's place. He has been ex
pected ho"e for several days, there
being soma delay In getting the cas
ing from Portland.
Kd While went to llend Saturday
and arrived home Sunday.
II. E. Davis and son John are dig
ging a well for Ed White on his
ranch near IMne Mountain.
Mj MoNeal. wife and family
moved out on their claim last week.
Mrs! Bd Knpper vIMted with the
A. D. Norton family Friday and Sat
urday, , Mrs. H. IC. Davis was seriously III
o fu .liivn last week, but Is conval
escent noV, and expects to fo about
again soon.
Thomas Mnffett in rends leaving
for Gatigda with his famljv soon. Ho
came here from mere aunui eixm
months ogoi taking up a claim In the
Another uensy rain fell Sunday,
which leaves lots of moisture In the
ground. ., . .jjf,
t I
(Special to The llend Dulletln.)
Plowing Is now much In order, sum
mer fallow bolng considered the prop
er method In this country to .produce
C. W. Ashliaugh killed two wild
cats with a rock recently In Hampton
Ilutte. They were young onca and
another young one escaped Into the
Sago rats are getting to lo a peat.
Several gardens have been entirely!
destroyed by them during the past!
week. There seem to bo thousands
In the valley.
H. I. Conkllng of Misery Flats re
turned from llend Friday.
Count Superintendent of Schools
Thompson of Harney county was call
ing on friends in this vicinity the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. It. Post and party
from llend wore at the Hotel Hrook
Ings en routo to Callow valley, this
'William OITlcId Is in llend for a
load of supplies.
V. Schreder returned from a trip
to Davenport, Wash., this week.
C. Tinner, who purchased tho J.
W. McClure homestead relinquish
ment, ia looking over his claim. He
Intends to build his house this week.
He will move out this fall. He Is
staying at present with Bert Meeks.
Snow Creek flume, had tho misfor
tune to fall and hurt his nrm.
Niels Peterson has purchased a
flno toam of mares from Mr. Mo
Kinney. Marjorlo and Mnrcol Brower of
Hedmond havo been spending n wook
or ao with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
Mr. Saylcr will extend tho tele
phono lino to his plnco this week.
Mr. Knickerbocker waa hauling
lumber from Sisters Tuesday to build
a porch to his house.
Mrs. Crawford and daughters
Phlna and Fay spent tho day nt Mr.
Strahm'a Wednesday,
John 8trahm and Niels Peterson
were transacting business In 8lstors
Mr Knickerbocker and wlfo wore
In Hedmond Saturday.
Mrs. Armstrong spent tho wcok
end with Mrs. Crawford.
A wator meeting was hold at Alex
Loverenx's Saturday night.
business trip to Fort Hock Tuesday,
Mrs, K. 0. Hnurk roturnnd from
llend Tuesday where sho visited n
few days.
Glen A. Howard and Miss Frolda
Hrothorson wore married In Cres
cent Tuesday, June 10th, Justice of
Peace (1. W. Anderson officiating.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Howard acted as
T, Jolly and mother and C. 0.
Hnndolph woro Crescent visitors
I F. Wakefield of Seattle, W. II.
Ilrock of Portland, G. L. Peterson
and J, It. Wenandy of llend woro
In Crescont for n short time Tousday,
Dr. N. E. Wlnard and family or
Hoppnor, Ore came to Crescent in
their car Thursday, Mr, Wlnard Is
Interested In tlm- power silo .on tho
river south of town.
(Special to The llend Bulletin.)
PLAINVIEW. June 16. Mrs. J.
Wilt passed through here Sunday
with Mrs. Powelson of llend, whero
she spent the fore part of the week.
William Ilurkhardt has been em
ployed as ditch walker by tho Plain
view Irrigation Company.
Mr, Clark, while working on the
P, .
-- --
(Special to Tho Hullettn)
HEDMOND. Juno 16. The Pres.
byterlan church la to glvo on Ico
cream social next Wednesday night
on tho school house grounds.
Terrebonne was victorious In tho
baseball game at that plare last Sun
day between Tcrrelranne and Cllne
Falls, tho score being Terrebonne 5,
Cllno Falls 2.
Construction work started today on
the new flour mill. Tho mill Is to
havo a capacity of 25 barrels and will
be In operation by August 1.
The Epworth league will glvo an
Ice cream social next Friday evening
at the M, E. Church.
Rev. D. Lorco preached his fare
wall sermon last night In the Baptist
church. His auccesso has not yet
been chosen.
MM .-
(Special to The llend Bulletin.)
CRESCENT. Juno 13. Charles
Thomas made a business trip to Ia
Pine Saturday, returning Sunday
Mr. and Mra. J. L. Howard were
In Crescent Monday. Mr. Howard
brought In a load of freight for E.
G. Rourk.
E. Austin and wlfo and Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. W. Crydcr nnd son made a
(Special to The Hullettn)
FREMONT, Juno 16. E. F.
Poarce went over to J. I). C, Thomas
last Saturday to make final proof on
his homestead, J. II. Fox and Lewis
Bafrelt being witnesses.
Grovcr Bell went out to Bend for
a losd of freight last Saturday and
took out 2u cases of cheese for the
C. Kent of San Francisco, Cal Is
In Fremont looking for land. If he
can find land to suit him, there are
eight more families who will follow
him to Fromont.
We carry a complete stock of
Farm Implements
and Repairs
all kinds of
Wire Fencing
Tents, Camping Outfits
Lawn Mowers
Lawn Hose
Base Ball Goods
Garden Tools-. .
Pumps and Pipe for ,
deep wells,,
Let us figure your well bill.
Bend Hardware Co.
Pilot Butte Hotel
Ideal Stopping Place for Summer Vacationists
P. T. HODGES I ropri.tari
MHMI -- -
Headquarters for CommercUl Men
Electric Lighted Throughout
Oood Rooms
Free bus to
and from trains
-- ----
Special Attention to
Transient Travel J
Oood Meats
AM arrangements made for persons
desiring to go south and east of here
Our nursery is located on Powell Butte, fourteen miles
east of Bend. Our trees are the kind we recomiriend
after over thirty years experience in the fruit business
in this neighborhood. Our prices and treatment will
please you. Catalog free on request. Come ai)d see
our orchards and nursery. Office address, Prineville, Ore.
- -- --
(Special to Tho (lend Hullettn.)
IMllNOLK FITS, June 5. Mr.
Martin Johnson and Fred Lund havo
been husy grubbing sagebrush tho
last few ds)s.
The twlcea-week mall for I'rlnglo
Flats sUrted this week .
There was a social at I'rlnglo Flats
school house last Saturday night,
May 30. They had a fine supper uud
a Tory good time.
Martin llallmeyor Is fencing In
eighty acres for A. II. Taylor.
Warren Llbbey has planted 13
sacks of potatoes. Ho w'll haye a
largo amount of hay this year from
tho looka of his field now,
Tho alfalfa on 11. K vans' claim Is
looking fine.
Wo had a nice rain on tho first of
Mr. llallmeyer started for llend
Thursday afternoon ;or his son-lu-Inw
nnd daughter. They are going
to visit with Mr. and Mra. Ilnllmoyer
fur n while.
The Fourth of July picnic w be
Said near C. A. Stevenson' plare
its year. Rvtrjrlicdy Is Invited.
The I'rtngle Flat wjoot will be
out the IWb wf Junto.
Mr. IUUnar In I tin ds to do some
liaprnvRint4 on but dwwrt rlalw.
I'rd Lund -aad Martin Junwien
nnvv Jtmt ftulstud gmitotng tan acre.'
for John 8chinr.
able to ret ii mo his duties as camp
tender soon,
Mrs. J, M. Wilson, who spont the
winter In Spokane, returned to her
home last Friday.
Sheep shearing Is on in full blast
In W. W. Ilrown's camp. Mr
Drown says on account of the low
price of wool, the shearing will cost
mora than the wool will bring.
Itobert Kdgerton left for llend last
Thursday tn meet a bunch of pros,
pocttvo sottlers.
Ilandll llros. aro digging a well
that for alio resembles the I'anama
canal more than a well.
There will bo "some" Fourth of
July celebration at the lluck Creek
hall. A ball game Is scheduled be
itween the sheep herders and others
land there will be racing, dancing, re-
freshments, otc. All are Invited.
Fete Wysa loft last week for Tilla
mook, and oxpecta to bo gone alxnit
two months.
William lledell sold a Urge bunch
of horses last week and they were
shipped to Montana, where auction
ssles are being held regularly.
(Special tit'Tho llend llultetln.)
TOWKLL Ilt'TTK. June I Hov
era! farmers In the nelghlKirhood aro
putting up their alfalfa. This looks
as If there would be three cropa. Thi
grass Is very good, some going cIokh
to two tons to the acre, If not better
A giodslied crowd of the oung
people attended choir practice at tho
homo of the .choir leader, Miss Viola
Truesdale, lait Thursday evening
Alvln Itlggs lost a nnu young holfrr
from "alfalfa bloat" last Sunday
Fred I'lersnn msde a trip to Hed
mond the first of the week to read
ertUo for final proof on his home
stead. Lee llnbbt Is baling hay for (leorge
Hraiee tlila week.
Last Saturday was Itnss lltmott i
birthday and hla paruuts drove out,
from I'rlnevlllu with a few of his
I Contlntifd on mge eloven I
Practical Baking Lessons
In this Isseon we will tit at on r"Wlnc, bmh baVed
and steamed. The seeiet ef Cdng tight, palatable
pudding ii In net UUng or Ucamlng loi fast. The
podSIng muat lwv a alow even heat until U has become
light ami poietw. lftfiiiloftbclwsNfilewdhtiut
Ij ioipeWble.
? O
7Ztr-LLi U3-Zf
(Special to Tho lloud llulletlu.) '
(1 1ST, June IC Orovor IMilllam
has taken a team nnd gone In work ,
on tho cnnnl nt Snow mountain.
Mrs. Howard Olllet callod on Mrs. I
Will Leverenz Tuesday nftornnon.
Mrs. Hcrtha Gibson was thu guest
of Mra. I'ulllam Saturday, I
Miss Crawford left Friday for Cor-1
vallls where she expects to attend
commencement exerclsea and return
home with her sisters, Misses Lucy
and Josle.
Mrs. Chalfan has gono to Whlto
I) luffs. Wash., where she will visit
old friends and neighbors and before
returning will also visit with her son,
Warren Chalfan, formerly of thla
community, who Is now living near
'Mrs', J, II. Nichols and children
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mra.
Will Leverenz.
The McCalllslor Ditch Company Is
doing enlargement work on Its ditch
this wcok.
Mrs, Trent, daughter nnd hou ar
rived here recently from Indiana.
Thoy aro visiting with Mrs, I'ulllam.
Mrs, F, W. Leverenz was 111 Lald
law Monday,
Mrs. Armstrong spent Thursday,
Friday and Saturday at the Crawford
Mr, and Mrs. FUhor of Lnldlaw
took Sunday dinner with Juck Illcli
ards. ,
The I'ulllam boys went to Sisters
Sunday and on returning homo the
homo they wero driving bocamo un
controllable and tho result wus n
sniaohed buggy,
John Lltrol Is now working on tho
McCalllBter ditch.
(8peclal to Tho llend Bulletin,)
BUCK CHKPK, Jdne JG. $1. J.
Lemons baa been very stick (or the
past three weeks. He oxpecta to bo
3 cap) ftlftq! pastry flgur.
'i level toiupooiilula IC 0 Baking Powder
H teupoouful chinaman
)( tcupoonfut tall U nip itiear
Volka of 2 eri. beaten llabt
4 tab!eHV)ufuU melted butter
U Ctip Cold XthXfT
White of 3 ttttt, Imttcn dry
IH ounces mcltixl cbocolsta
81ft tocetber, three times, tho flour, bak
lac powder, salt nnd cinnamon. To tivt
yolks add tha aiisar, letter aiul waUtr. and
ttlr Into tbs dry Ingredient. Add tin)
white of the egg. Divide the mlituro Into
two parts ana add tha chocolate to ono
part. Diapoae tbo two parts In a buttered
mold to give a marbled appearance. Steam
forty-five minute.
In rnixinc egg and eugar, utt a rotary egg
beater making a light rreamr mliturn of rgg
yolks and sugar. In steamlag pudding have
low blasa under tbo water for at leaat the
flret IS minute, giving tba pudding Urns to
rue D"ior roouac.
Bervs with Vaallla Bsucs.
veoiV in Um isa. Have tfce prwaee cctkl
teader aui remove Um hmm, I'rM tbi
urutM abtu aide down. IhUt lbs tou of th I
Iliutli ever with mital butter. drlci
with auger and etoflaittmi, nnd tNtk trti
ftvn mla'itee. Srvi hoi. ritt Into a.(uitM,
wltn uarj uiim or atweI pruae.
VnnllU SK4
Bolt 1 cup ef sugar and M ftp ef water
sis trlnutoi; add 3 teajpooufufi of butter snj
a teaipooaiul ol vaoUJa extract.
Chtnv uJJing
2 cop sifted pastry flour
3 level teajpooofuli K C Baking Fowder
)( teaapooofut salt H cup butter
3 eggs Si cup milk (acant)
Calt or 1 ttbleanoon butter
Sift together three time, tht flour, bak
ing powder, and aalt and work in tho butter:
best egga, add milk to eggs and atlr Into tho
Hour. Half fill a baking pan with cherries,
add bit of butter and pour batter over top
of cherries, and bnko aliiwly for fifteen min
utes, then Increase beat and boko until
pastry U done. Turn on a plato with
-Scnloa uppermoat, serve with bard a.vicq
jr very aweet cherry juice. Other frulte,
Tuch as apple, pr&chcj, apricoU, berries cr
banana uay bo uacd.
Cram H cup butter with H oup auaar
end llavor to ult, puttlrs over puduan
vhen puddlai U still warm.
'Prurn Kuchtn
3 ct'.ii lifted paatry flour
2 taultMooonfuU eranulated nisir
... r M . II .."- ." .
J tosipooaiui n
3 level tcajpoonfuli
Cinnamon to toato
. If cup butr
IC C IUVina Powder
If cup roll1!
1 ten
W nound nrunn
I tableapoonuls melted butter an4 aiAVW-;
ipoooful sugar for top of miction.
out togetner, inree iimee, ine uour, sugar,
talt and baking powdjr, and work In the
'utter Beat the egg; adJ the milk, aad
Mr into tho dry Ingredient', pirn two a
Tallow butter PJ W W W:
trriiU UU Itf Jtfwe Ut. 0.
Select materials with groat cans. Tho
best of cycrythjntf bj always tho cheapest.
To havo a perfect flnWioJ prcxluct wo
must first have gocxl material for our
foundation. In selecting materials for
baking, first get a high gnujo baklns;
powder, for unless properly livonl,
food Is not palatable A high gratia bak
lag powder U not neceAtarilv It hlijh priori
one. K G Jlaking Powder Is motlium in
price, but of the highest Quality, puula of
tha best and outfit of material nronerl'
comblned-o pfoduoa tbo best possibU
results, , ,
cor casca aaa puirtex a sou wnoat,
putry flour is preforabla. To do termini
a eot wheat from a bread, or hard wheal
flour, nrcai it tightly in tba hand; If thi'
Xw stays packed In a mass showing thi
imprints of tho fingers, it ii n pastry flour;
if it fill through tlm fingers sandy, it It
a broad flour, and should bo tucd only
with yeast.
Ehortenlag mat', brfrcih and iwoet.
8u-ir should always In b.inn suixr.
Wat?r b equally goi as milk in a!!
articled whero a lar? amount of suji.
tl aiod, except for cookloj.
Larrjcr mawes of dough requlro ion?j?
Izxi for thlnz and baking.
Dear in m!nJ that baking rulai are u
Important m miuuring ruioj. D) no;
bako oikc.1, pud ling and such pxitriei
u short cako, dumplinu ami meat roili
witli a hat firo at thq start. Havo a abw
oven until tho dough doubles m bul!c;
hen incrcoso hwt to bako anl brown.
Dlscults, cut cookia and pis pastry
pnulra a hat oven.
llave food thorough! cooked. IWf
oookpii pistrio apj lunl to Ulgost atti
Inluriouj, better tqvcr-balw iiua undar-