The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 18, 1913, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    th wiyn rwiitkrrti, wyiwn,
WgngKHDAy, jjgyK ifr, mm.
' I
lUiiKiimit llrcwMcr of ('oncrvnHnn
'niiiiiil.lini Tolil That Mark I'lnn
IiiiIk are Needed for 'AKrlrul
l line, l'elr for Foirat.
tl.a I'lno lntnrMountnln.)
Ai n result of thn constant asltn
lion on th part of, rcaldvnta ul the
Walker lUnln, whlab nurrounda I
I'lno, Klnjjiunii llrowtter, aUtant
aecrotary uf ttio Onmou conservation
f'oiiimlloti, vtillml tlio ilttrlct last
Thursday, nrcompanlnd by J. V, Hock
of I'ortlntid, altant district forel
r. anil V, W, Crydnr of -Crescent,
thu I'nullna forest auporvlsor, and
local ranger.
Thu "smoker," given by the Corn
utorclnl Chili Thursday nlslit, devel
oped Into very much of nit "eiporl
once mmitlnic." Mr. JlrownUT stated
nt thn ii ut not that ho wanted lo hoar
from ovory pnraon present concern
Inn whnt croi could Ixt tiroducad on
(lilt Und mid tliolr experience In gen
rnl In Ilia innttor of trying for
Opinions of ejperls worn submit
Inl to thn effect Hint the Jack pine
rornrlnK almost nil of the land In tho
Walker llnnfu hnd no vnluo except
for fun) and foucliiK- that In a
Journey of C miles or more only one
tree wa found Hint might produce
tie timber, and tint forest ofllcora ad
mitted the Jack pine hnd no mcr
cliantnlilo value. mport opinion
nlo wa quoted allowing that yellow
pine, which wan merciantatile. would
not Rrow successfully on Jack plnn
Innd, nnd the forest officer were
forced to acknowledge that fact, he
ontuo experiment hnd heen mada In
the lUnln and to the knowledge of
the realdiuita hnd heen dismal fall
One Instance In particular waa
mentioned something over I 00
ncrca plnnted to yellow plnn, nnd to
keep thn squirrels away, polioned
Krnln iprcnd all around thn
tract. After aouio three or four
month the yellow plum died, hut
the poisoned grnln took root, grow
nnd formed n bund of waving groan
around tlio gram of the dead yellow
pinolnta, forming one of tlio moit
convincing proofs (lint, tltla Innd la
ngrlculturnl, not timber Innd. Not
wlthatiindltlK thin and other ovldon
con, the substance of thu reason for
rejection of applications for llntlnx
niich Innd U Hint the land la inoro
vnliuihln for tlmhitr or forentry pur
poses llinii for iiKrlculturo, or, per
hnpa for tint piirpoo of lending
vnrloty to their atntementa, the for
eat oftlccrn auy they want thn trnct
In question for "admlnUtrntlou
There nro now nmpln reservation
for rnnger station nnd tlio like. The
government men ntatod, then, tltnt
their ditclalonn were haied upon re
porta of their so-called aoll export,
which nppnrontty Indicated Hint the
aoll wna not productive, nnd tltnt tlio
service wn nltrulatlc enough not to
wnnt a innn to take n piece of Innd
on which ho could not make n living,
When confronted with vlmml evl
denco Hint the aoll grew thing
nliiinilnntly when given n chnnco, no
matter whother It wna low land or
upland, the ropreaentntlven of the
forest aurvlcn hid hohlnd thn atate
merit Hint their aoll expert hnd not
nnlahnd their Inveatlgntlon nnd they
did not know whnt their final report
would he. Meanwhile, hundred of
tliouHHiidn of acrea of land absolutely
useless to tlio service for forentry
iurporn, hut perfectly good for
agricultural purpoie. are lining with
held from the cltlxon.
A ln I'lnn Itroldrnt'a l'perlcnre.
V. II. Clow, ahout a year and a half
ago, applied for 10 ncrcn In Town
ship 31, ndjolnlng the homeitend of
J. H. Ilogtie, nn old rcaldnnt, farmer
nnd a lending merchant of I. a I'lno.
I'rohnhly ft to 7 ncrea of the 40 had
hien In Mr. Iloguo'n meadow for
year, nnd he thought hn owned Hie
Innd until n rcaurvey wa made.
There la not a yellow pine tree with
in a mile, and there I not n Jnck
pine Ireo to exceed If! Inche Id
diameter at the base on thn whole 40.
Mr. (Mow anld ho waa not an expert
axman, hut ho helloved he could
clear all of thn 40 In 90 daya. The
application for listing waa thrown
out because thn land wn MOKE
Clow'a experience I typical, many of
the pcreon present relating almllar
MoriMin Tell of I'nnncr Trouble.
J. K. Moraon, president of the Oca
chute Land Co,, which hna a Carey
Act project In the llaaln embracing
pome 31,000 acre urrnundlng I.a
I'lne, related hi experlencea covering
a period of 10 or 13 yeara when ho
wa endeavoring to accure the aegre
gallon of the trnct and later defend
ing contests. Mnny examination
were made of the anil nnd tlmher and
other condition, expert from vnr
lou department visited the valley
nnd thn main point brought out
were Hint tho Jack plno which cover
ed tho Ilnnln had no merchantable
value, that yellow plno would not
grow on Jack plno Innd, nnd that tho
Innd wna more valuable for ngrlcul
turo than for forest renrvo purpoe.
Mr, Moraon stated that tho Innd hero
hnd once been thrown open nnd then
Inter under I'lnchotlxm wna placed
buck In the reserve, and concluded
with the statement: "Tho forct
norvlce officer do not want people to
como Into tho nntlonnl forest- If
poHlhle they would exclude Ood
Almighty from tho reserve. They
feel It la nn lntrulun upon tho pre
rogntlvo of tho forest men, to enter
thn ancred precinct of tho nntlonnl
foreat and endeavor to soctiro a
homctead uion which to make a
living nnd aupport a family."
Pfassant Sort ef Paopla That Maraly
Robbad fravalars.
"I wn oih-v for iiue week at a
augnr iihinluiloo, near n run 1 1 provin
cial town in Alex), ii." wrote Hie Into
Mr LrilMHirtjprV In In7U "In the town
lived n brigand He wa highly ea
teemed hy tit uelKlilr. ami I paywd
many a plenwiut evening with him and
bU fnmlly. Ill ilaiiirfiier wbk n oeiii
ty. ud thu pMllmahle fwreiit waa
amiiKxIiig little fortune for her.
"Ill habit won to ride at night to
tw rMi 1-ti.rfii Jlexlro and Vera
Cnia with two or Hire uMmx-lafen and
to levy mntrlbiilluiin on tbv dlllgeuiv.
When I left the town I wanted to
mrlke till road, and I went with blm
and HI friend. We rvnehnl It a(
NtMHit d In th morning. Having iwr
taken or etimiilate. the hrlKNiiil KMt
rxl themelve liehlml wmii rtM'ka, and
I liHihnl on fim the diligence wa
nrrii appnuirtilnK The brlg-ind emerg
ed, tho coHi'bman topeil. the iaen
gem wire requested to dennnd and
were iNilltHy ruMl of their money,
The iw-JM-nger then look their
ptacen aunlii lu the ruaeli. and It drove
off, while the tirlcand rourteouly
bowed to them 8 buuet wew tbey
lb their Mrullar way (hat they wlxheit
me I" take my mIiihv Hi the KII, hut
thl. uf eourw, my einudanl of mo nil
Ity tein different from their. I de
clined, and I them good by.
"HldlD on to IVneln I dined at a
table d'hote that evening with the de
Miilet traveler and ,wa greatly
amiiM-d In lienr tbem recount the val
nniu) manner lu which they had de
fended tbemelve riod bow they at
lat bd to Biiirnmb to oimibcm"
wn . K&
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'"' i WtNA. OJUtGON
iVfel IVaS
I!, QoxdI mb
Hew Adiman lilandt Prottct Tholr
0ad from Evil Soirita.
Htratme i tlie uunui wrvtif amuoR
the Ailrtiiirtii tlMinler It I the eu
loin of the iMluuder lo ilri the ImmIIi-m
of tln-ir iHireiil nun the 4-u at the end
of mH mill leute llieui flietv until
liothlllK relllillll- lint the lMilli-4, .U'lilrtl
the llieu CUlliiT llliil Iiuiik fnim tilt
riMif iii tiii-ir lint
It'lx ii niiniii'ii njtiiiii for n retitlre
til hit l Hie iHMir HIHl Wlltl'll HietMilie
nf wiliie remtUe Thl I the Hill they
iMVeut iitnwliiic their Inn-mihI ri-H-,-t.
I'lle lnle ale ireeleil f ltd" faun
leu mi that the evil iiHt itmnut teae
HIHl HIMli litem AM I Mat I left are
llH lllhil InrtHw, HHil tht-M' Hie iMiel
IhkIi mi Him i 1 the evil hHrll wmimIit
lliltt the Iihi they nlll luie ii Imnl
tilde lu llMl I hem If II IxHle I etirrieil
HHIir It llllll Willie I Mil lrlt lMI'4
M'lFeil It. nnd tbl uiemi Hint Millie
terrible I'lilmuily will lifiill the tuui
lly In Hie Kiitnntn ilMrVt of rentrnl
Afrien tvlieli il hlet it ml til wife dh-
there Ik creel feilMtlllll mill i-eli-lirHtllli:
Siillle nf Illi-M- feNthnl mi thrv- or
four il.iy After the lHe ere iitld
to rext with iliinelui: mid rejuleliu
tniiinie they are itolm to rule over
a lusher ihere their relative and
friend do nut depart until thev leave
one or more cluilr and a iiiily of
riot he, Thl I dime lie-mum- the imulu
arv exHMted lo i-ome out and wander
about their Knivv) Chh-airo Trlbuuo.
What. Sharks.
While whale aiv the larceat of ma
line animal, yet rermlu dh ktow tu
aliuot a clemitlt alxe The lan:it
nf true tin lie are found amntiu the
atmrk and the lart!et nf thee tur
mldiihle rlhe are the whale hark
Thene iiiiL-e rlnh iMViir In tbv water of
India, Jnhiii. Kutti Atuerfen, luiiaiuu.
Cullfornla and the Wext ludlea, The
hne I very hniid and blunt and ie
mouth, (ilthouuh very wide. 1 armed
oiii win minute teeth. It la a dark
iiiwnil 'reiit,uf. markHl with Hiuall.
whlnli Mit and I iierfeetiy biirmle
to mmi, teedluu eielil'lvely nu mnll
hh It'- iniuv hulk makeri It diiu
cemu when wounded. I'hl urvat rt.ti
reuene a maxlmuui lentrth of aeveuty
WhlU Robtd Olaaktmith.
Kxlninnliuiir) iireeiiuiinii mv tnken
h Hie Knritili tilnekmlth before he
Htteiuit to ihie mi) Knrviiu noie
whieh i iniiiil for il Imd teiuier ami
likely to rtnurlHh It tu-,i if imt e
rureiv tied ui tlrt. Slk-nt nr one ur
lilt Hlllllll Hllllrl trilrtNed lll lo the
lienvv Whiter trilliiewiirK I UlilieMii.
huwever, nnd in a wnv iiuiv he termed
'liorhiieiif nu the wifely pliiii " White
eoitume would iik nut of Hinv for h
hliiekmltli mh tiinioni mivvrtiere hi
hut in Korea nil men wear white mir
nieut Youmt men 1110 wear their
luiir lu-reweil up lu hanl knot nn the
top or their head it a uli'ii they are
mm?. .iHl'M F,(HTS'
And the Pl.atlng V.leano. ThtWr
CalUd "Infarnal
Noihlnu In the thrilling narmUrr of
many old e rltit hihhI mora
trungly to the uiiMlern Itnnulnntloa
Hi ii Ii the doltiK of the flrrhlp.
The Men of ulm Incendiary feel
for the di'xtrUitlmi of a himtlle fleer
wa of Krenl Miilliiilty. They are aald
to hiite Imhio euiployed at the alrgo of
Tyre In .133 II C. and nrnln hy the
IthiMlInn ahout a i-eutury and a half
Inter y the KmkII'Ii. however, tbey
nere tlrt lliu'd In 1370. and two ren
in tie Inter hnd eoma to be looked upon
a n leultliiinie nnvnl wenmn, their at
tnck beliiK reM riled and dreaded In
mueh the name way a are thoe of
the tnrH-di craft and aubmnriaei at
tt'r prexent time.
The extiliMlun ree, or infernala.
luieuteil hy the lliilliin emtlueer (Hani-'
belli were the iiiim! formldnhle. The
delner pna-ured two veel of about
elxhty ton eiirh and laid nlnme their
hoflom a fiiuudatlnn of brickwork,
Uin thl he ereeteil n tiiNrhle rbam
her with rive foot walla iiuiiMlnlnx .IKiO
ion nf Kouimnder. while on the tfjiif
thl rhmuber wn a lx foot layer of
aravexioiie-i plneeil rk'ewi-. A marble
roof rime over Hiee. and upon It waa
piled a qunutlty of round tit. rbaln
mU mUlMfmie. hlnekM of alone. Iron
hod Immiiii and nnyihlnR benvy which
would ciiue the exiliwon to take a
faternl effect. The efi of thl float
Init volcano wan appnlllnc. for th
mae of Htone and allot. dllntegraled
and fluni; nkyward hy the expfoalre,
fell nnd dent my ed any veela, build
lutt or men n the vicinity.
Three yenm Inter the Hpnnlvh armada
befomCnlnl waanttneked hy flreehlim
prepared hy tbe KniclUh Kljcht veaela
werr eelected. and en Brent wna th
hnte that not even their iron or Btiirea
ere remiiveiL They were Itnlted and
launchrtl and wltb the wltKl and tide
in their favor advanced trali:bt for
the (-enter of the nnehored armada,
flblp fouled ablp amid the ctle of ter
ror and the cmxb of fnllluu pnra. alio,
though the Hpnnlnrd tlmilly MUcceedt-d
lu Kvttlnjr to m-1, the tirt-blp attack
completely dlwirpililxed and demurnl
Util thiii nnd bept-j larKeiy to make
Ibe eteuliinl buttle or llrarellnea tbe
aucce It wa.
The mot recent and at tbe same
time one nf the mnt lnteretliiK Irw
bli extilolta which ever took1 place wna
Llhat carried nut ainlnt the Krencb
fleet In llnaque Itoud In 1HUU by Lord
Cochruiie. lit expliMlou veel. in
tended to dentroy tbe boom hehlnd
wblih lay the Krencb fleet, wa a truly
aful i-intrlviiiii-e. Cm-brane pll)ll
the ti-MMel and lit the train at tbe lat
moment, mid nn the evidence of a
French iiipinlii wboe blp wn cloea
by It did It work well, for tbe air wn
llllnl with ehell. Kn-uiide and blaximc
debrl. nhlle the ejpi.wlon tutv a Uuiu
reut lu tbe Urjiu liudou tllobtj.
Summer School 1
GUISHED EASTERN EDUCATORS added to rcfrular faculty.
University Dormitories Open. Board and Room at $ 3.50 per week;
Reduced Railroad Rates.
For complete Illustrated catalosr, address THE REGISTRAR,
University of Oregon, Eugene.
Th Prelidtnt Saw Him.
A dcir old lrtiti woiiiun in Oilmen
I the proml iimihi-r nt n lelvJrll
jHilltn Inn, who, no mutier how imv
he iim !. in-ter full tu write to the
old lady retrularly
When he h In Wahlru:tnu lnr
) he kept Ml liinthci IhII) hiIvImiI
a In e erj I hint tliMt wm piliu: mi.
Iliiallv lln-te eante n i-iter wlicrnin
In- iU-erlU-l In poeMMttnN in Ihe
irei)OViit 'be "! tadt reed It Willi
eiiuernewi. Imnlh Mine tn ri-nlrmn lice
hi( tililll ilie Imd titut Mtiue iMie wlwl
bail baH'cltl. Wle-H at W-l he imt
thmuwb I In- letter U twi-leinil tn a
mtlilr ihoim- mimI hiiimwim -it:
"I lMe )nt unt ii lelli'i Iroiu Wnh
llltftno. HIHl. dn Villi KlluW, I lit- prvKl
iluut ho wen Itlcluitd " l.ipMUcoll .
The Dairy Commissioner rules that
Butter Wrappers
Dairy Butter full weight given in
ounces and the name and address of
the maker. Do yours comply with
the law? If not, have some printed
1 ' that do.
PlnUa 8urgry.
Mnnntrr 111111101 Ik. unlit tit h nllil
nnlillMui until the diH-lnr iiiimi ah in
ije(tietlA when preeeuUon Wa tUl
- - I, V k
A Story With a Moral.
Hen- I 11 utile Mor with a moral.
A yntmu mini li" wn kihiwu miMiuc
III fellnw worker 11 iuievhnt nt a
inviiricmor, did imt apieiir one day
nt hi dck lie r-iil n letter, how
ever, to the mnuuk'er iiiiiuiuiicIiik tbnt
III aheuee wu ciiiimiI oy one of hi
children lliivim; eiiirlet revrr. lie unt
In reply a imte which dive hint two
week' lenve of nlweniv without pay,
the iiiuiniL-er x.viiipiiiheiKiill.v explnin
Iiik Hut be fenreil the i-outnKliiu uiutbt
pn-nd Into the hoiueK ot nouie nt Hm
other empluyetM. 8L UmU Hjole-leiu-ocruL
Baboon and OyiUr.
A llkluit for uyler i i.ii)iwel foln
dlente a uuewhiil ndvmirvd KUtntnry
lnte. mid jet, aoiirdluu to a tnk en-Ittb-d
".Moukeyfnlk lu South Afrlea."
Ii) K W r'lUlumUH. uuliua abnro
thl prvdllectliiu with unriniinil Mbett
flh nf tilt kind are welcome fond"
to llieui, nud,irioi "f ImiInxhi orieo
llliue exeilOUnil In the eulle to net
tliene aiilty deleiii-le. nielillia the
heil either with their 'roii teeth or
hy atrtkliiK tt.eui on the mcka.
A Long Padlgra.
Hlr William l-ver. the well known
onp nimiurai'turer, mnv reiiiurkeil that
when he imt hi imrniicicy, the cnllecit
nf tienild hud nn diiUcuity nUuit nt.i
"All they hnd to do." he hiiIiI, -wna
to inke nwiiy the !.' In from of uiv
inline mid the 'It at the end, nnd thera
It wu: Kvef' IiiiiIiiii Aunwera.
80 Say W All.
"Whnt kind of iiiiiale eulta your
tnwteV" '
"Well, I'm not uirtleular I like It
either ruru or welt dona." I.lpptiicotfa.
Willie Pa. what are the crueltle nf
hnrlMirlHinr ra-Havlmj the tairtver
cut you and then ctiurve you a dtua for
BtlekluK plaater. tixrhamto.
Are In Season
And with them come
The suggestion of a trip to
By The Pacific
Reached Via
O-W. R.. & N. Columbia River
Steamers Beyond
You will always be gld you spent your summer at
this splendid resort, where waves und trees com
bine to add pleasure to your outing.
,1. II. Corbett Agent, Bend, Ore.
Vry Cautlou.
"Mra Wetiunre I one of the moat
rnutlnu lie-win I have ever known "
"e tfhe wn lelllui: me the other
day Hint he never kept a trtktui
clock (li the kitchen lmiue lle
thmij-ht thm ir he did o the rook
mhxhl niiitlrv the habit Cblcajro Hoc
Qhe .Coulr) H"dJy PHva tt
Huh l with uewvHiH-ri l.lnten tu thK
wlfey; "For every udnoliHinry eut
ahriwtd Inet yenr ChrlHtiuu Amerk-a
eent UIA chIIiiii nr lhiior" Wlfey
Merciful KixidneH, Who'd ever think
mlMHioimrie were Miieb dnukerat lto-t-Inn
Idleueea la thn wfiiare of weak mtoda
ad , bolklay o fooB,-l4hstxJiid.
1 BBBaBaBarKTc-Ta-aacna0
mmm i
IIW IHi 1 1 iniumi nit
Than split nut week a wxh CompArT
our half with tha othat fllow That'
Bend Steni Laundry.
Department of the Interior. U. S.
Mnd Office. Tho Dallos Oregon,
June 10. 1913.
Notice Is hereby given that Grace
M. Stephens, of Los Angelea, Cali
fornia, one of the helra ajid for tho
heirs of James A. Mitchell, deceased,
who on October 17, 1906, made
homestead entry No, 15361, Serial
No. 01009. for South West Quarter
(SWVi ) South West Quarter (SW . )
Sec. 17, North East Quarter. North
Kast Quarter (NEV4 NBU) Sec. 19
and North Hair, North West Quarter
(NH Ntt'Vi) Sec. 20. Tp. 19 S.. It.
11 E W. M has filed notice of In
tentton to make five year proof to
establish claim to the land above de
scribed, claimant and one vrltaesa,
before TI. C. Ellis, lulted Slate
Commissioner, at Rend, Oregon, and
one witness before the Rotfster &
Ilocelver of the United States Land
Office at Tho Dalles. Oregon, on the
15th day of July. 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
John I West, of The Dalles, Oregon,
Frank O. Minor, Oeorse W. Ostes
and Levi D. Wlest, all of Hetid. Ore
gon (Signed) C, V. MOOrtE.
H-lScg Register,
rut tour nuu. i
In Our 8ut4M I
jn- Business Directory
A Prectorr t ah. CUr, Town an4
8 Vlllac. (Ivlnc daaerlpUva akatob ot
aacb pUct. location, population, tat
rraph. attlpplna: and banking- point t
alaa Claita4 Directory, compll4 by
builnaaa n4 proiaauoa.
, b. u roue oo. ftUTrta