The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 11, 1913, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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rAGK 4.
Editor nnd Publisher.
Managing Editor.
ABsoclnto Editor.
An Imloncndont newspaper stnnd
Ing for tho square deal, clean busi
ness, clean politics nnd tho best lu
ercsts of ltend nnd Central Oregon.
Uno year $1.50
Hlx mouths SO
Thrco months .50
wMl subscriptions nro duo and
nf oxtilrnllon will bo mailed subscrl
bcra nnd If renewal Is not made with
in reasonable tliuo tho paper will no
Please notify us promptly of any
change of address, or of failure to ro
celvo tho paper regularly.
Make nil checks and ordors pay
nblo to Pond Bulletin.
The Hullctln hns lieen designated
by tho County Court of Cnxik Oumty
to publish olllcliilly nil the proceed
Iiirn of tho court.
,.Tho bombnholl that burst In the
midst of tho plans for the completion
of the old Columbia Southern project
was, jve suspect, chiefly loaded with
gas. At least, we. together with
every Oregonlan who desires a square
deal for tho Laldlaw settlers and n
speedy development of tho state as
n whole, sincerely hope so. Put
vaporous as were tho bomb's contents
it is n poisonous gas so charged
with secret spite and pettiness that
Its stench Is disgusting.
Mr. McMahon's contentions that
the utilisation of tho funds, placed
at the disposal of the project by tho
legislature, is purely for a looal
benefit, seem Ulfouuded. How bet
ter could a stato spend money If
tho cash actually were being Invested
permaueutly, which It Is not than
In aiding tho development ofa great
project that must bring prosperity to
a considerable body of Its citizens?
How better than In finally erasing
tho blot of shame that has so long
darkened this special phaso of Ore
gon's irrigation history? How hot
ter thuu by finally acknowledging
Oregon's responsibility to Its settlers,
and undoing tho Injustice that has
been done them? And, esieclHlly,
how better can money, thought and
time be expended, than in success
fully adopting a course of broad, far
Blghtttd develop:unt that must moan
a revolution In reclamation matters
in the Pacific Northwest, renew a
faltering confidence In Irrigation
enterprises and set an example that
will place Oregon In the front rank
of western states actually working
for tlNs good of their settlers, and of
fering those settlers real opiwrtuHl
ties? Even If these questions could be
answered, Is not the very backbone
of the MeMahon complaint hrokon at
one stroke by the bare statement of
the true fluanclal faots? His conten
tion, It appears to a layman, is
chiefly based on the assumption that
the state Is pndiiiK money for the
upeolal benefit of a special district.
Hut the facts of the matter are that
the stato is p;rinuneiitly spending no
money at all. Oregon la simply
lending the funds to the segregation;
every dollar advanced Is amply se
cured; every dollar draws Interest,
thus actually creating profit for the
state; every dollar will return to tho
treasury. How oould Oregon's funds
be better utilized?
.Mr. MeMahon may have the best
'Intentions In the world. There
actually may exist some reasonable
and honest excuse for this eleventh
hour attempt to hold up the Land
Board lu its effort to bring the long
and dlsgracoful Columbia Southern
history to a huppy conclusion. Put
If so, we aro unable to discern It.
And If all this fuss and feathers
is fathered by political ambition, If,
perhaps, the sudden ory for economy
gomoB front throats simply desirous
At oinbaiasbing the Governor and
members of tho Land Hoard, let us
slucei ely hope that tho dirty work,
if such It be. prove a boomerang
fatal to the political aspirations and
public icbpiict of those responsible.
rccommondntton to honors nt tho
hands of President Wilson, Mr.
Springer stands n splendid chnnco of
high political reward, tor never wns
there such n persistent nnd volumi
nous author ns ho. It is nu open
secret thnt Crook County's Judgo
nsptrcs to occupy tho circuit bench;
but why stop thore? Does not his
literary work wnrrnnt greater recog
nition? Put that brings upon n
painful commentary. Last week
thnt cxcollcnt letter written by Mr.
Springer nnd sent to most of tho
papers In tho county, was published
by hut three ofthein; Buroly thnt
shows n distressing Inck of editorial
appreciation. And tho most humor
ous part Is thnt Tho Hullctln, which
wns ono of tho papers thnt pub
lished tho letter, was tho ono paper
to which Mr. Springer carefully did
not mnll a copy of tho communication.
K. R. Hill, president of the La Pine
Commerclnl Club, Bays:
"Wo nre going after publicity of
tho proper sort nnd every othor thing
that con benefit our country, not for
getting thnt 'our country' Is large,
that wo have- neighbors whose Inter
ests are identical with ours In ninny
respects. Wo want tho co-oporntlon
of The Hullctln nnu tho citizens of
Pcnd generally nnd trust that our
relations mny be tho friendliest nnd
thnt our efforts will result In good
to all."
That, gentlemen of La Pine, is the
proper spirit. Pond's Interests truly
ore Identical with yours, nnd Tho
Hullctln nnd tho people of Pond
stand ready to aid you ns best wu
With n ucholnr In tho presidents
chair, the dny of political recogni
tion of lltornry ability noonin to bo
dawning. Witness tho nppolntmnnt
of Wnlter 11. Pngo to tho Court of
St. Jnmes, ThomnB Nelson Pngo to
Italy's nmbnssndorshlp, muP Morldlth
Nicholson ulllclnlly slated for somo
diplomatic plum. Wo seem to bo
returning to tho rnro old duys when
tho United 8tntea wns represented
uhrond by such men us .tames Rub
soil Lowell. Washington IrvlnR nnd
Penjnmlu Krnnkllu,
Tho endorsement thnt County
Judge Wordon nf Klnmnth County re
ceived In tho recont recall vote dem
onstrates thnt tho taxpayers wnnt
progressive administrations nnd good
rond building, even If tho lattor costs
much. Conversely, It mny bo tnkou
as an Instructive Indication thnt
odlclals who carp ngnlust good roads
movements may expect llttlo sup
port nnd perhnps thnt shoe fits
a foot close to home.
In his letter setting forth tho
qunllflcntlons of n school voter, Sup
erintendent Myers solemnly assorts
that "lu iv family consisting of n limn
nnd wlfo tho man Is considered tho
hend of the family." Perhaps Mr.
Myors knows what ho Is talking
about, but we can't help wondering
If ho himself is married. It nt least
sounds as If ho wnsn t.
it -.
L ,ca
Of jrljkt 17 br 0ml AtrtnttUt C., CSj
June 11, : 1913
Dear Friend:
Tea is good if you
get good tea. You can
get good tea at our
grocery store. Good
tea makes you feel good
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When you buy your tea
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Come and try our tea.
Your friend,
P. S. Our store is
Three of Four Mntche With Itcd
inond go to locnl Player.
In the tennis tournament held bore
Sunday with Redmond tho local
players canto off victors, winning
three of tho four matches played.
Although tho rnlns enmo nt noon,
tho morning was cxcellont for play
ing, tho two courts were In good
shape, and visitors and homo mon
found much enjoyment lu what Is
expected to bo tho first of many
lit doubles, J. P. Koycs and W,
R. Sproat for Pond, defeated J. Parr
and W. S. Rodman, C-3, C-4. Donald
May nnd (3. P. Putnnm won from J.
A. Moore nnd J. V. Hosch, 0-6, 7-5.
C-3. In singles Kcyes defented
Hosch, G-2.C-3, nnd Moore wou from
Putnam, 7-D. G-l.
Tht Redmond tennis entbuslnsts
sny thnt thoy will liulld two good
courts nt Redmond Immediately,
and the local men hnvo agreed to gu
there for matches on July Ith. Pcnd
players nro trying to nrrango a tour
nament with Hood Riser, and, prob
ably Iq Soptcmbor, n free-for-all
tournament will be held here. In
which handsomo Cutis will be offered
far tho singles and doubles winners.
It Is expected tliHt such a tournament
would prove of general Interest, nnd
probably bring players from outside
points ns well as from Crook county
RHDMOND, June 0. Last week
Redmond business mon wont to
Prlnevtllo and ns a result of their
efforts the county seat town has con
sented to coll off Its Fourth of July
celebration nnd Instead to Join lu
with Redmond. A largo dolngatlon
Is expected over from Prlnevllle, nnd
ns Pond and othor towns are plan
ning no celebration, It Is expected
Shingles Mouldings
Building Material
The Miller Lumber Company
Bend, Oregon.
To confound tho sublime with the
,rldIoulouB, wo. wonder If the current
political recognition of writers see
llfc nt Mnnj.M, .1 l..1.t.n,l.. annnlnt-
1181 i, IPbCU, Ulituiumiv .f'w,-
tnntH ,lniHn't tint )ipart In our
county Judge. Surely If writing le a l
thnt tho olnliornto prngrnm that Is
being planned hero will ho noon nnd
Joined In by n record crowd,
You will Itavo no Irrltnlod fnco If
you hnvo your shaving dono nt In
noH ft Davidson's bnrhor shop. Adv.
Hot rolls mill lutwl nt tlio Ainr-rl-mil
Itakri-y every nftn-nooii nt n
oVlork, New Mnrmin Wnll street, Hltf
I chasing land that, will incroaso in
Lvalue No investment on earth is so safe,
so sure, so certain to enrich its owner, ns un
dovolopod real estate.'1--Grover Clovoland.
Because they ARE developed. Close in and located
to the best, advantage, being close to the river
and the railroad.
There is no question as to the increase in value.
That will come as tho town grows.
No investment could be safer, surer, or raoro
certain to prove profitable to tho buyer.
, '.
Bend Park Company
15.1 Empire Jhiildiug, Seattle, WilsIi.
First National Dank lluilding, Haul, Oregon.
Descriptive literature on Hend and Central Oregon mailed upon request.
f UiaHi'' ttiBj I "" I I aaa oaaaaaaaaaM BeaaaawBBaal I .Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav
" m imMiHsj -gp-ggj r aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Most roofing guarantees arc a joke.
Experience teaches the longer a roofing is
guaranteed to last, the poorer it is.
Manufacturers inexperienced in making roofings
without knowledge as to their
dependability without responsibility as to their
own financial standing, will very often
guarantee their roofing for any number of years
simply to get the order.
The roofing generally fails and so docs the
firm that makes it and they never live
to make good their guarantee.
Malthoid Roofing is made to make good and
while its manufacturers guarantee it,
their guarantee is unnecessary because the roofing
in itself is sufficient to do all
that is claimed for it.
For twenty-six years, the makers of
Malthoid Roofing have made and guaranteed
their roofing and not one single purchaser can
ever say that this Company
has failed to make good a guarantee.
You can depend upon the responsibility
of the makers of Malthoid Roofing.
and you will never have to bother about guarantees
if you use Malthoid Roofing.
A Mw
4 ttloW.
touk m U
"C.r. of
11 bM i
MkltM4, oill
r.ihlf riu
citiol 11.
Hade by the Paraffine Paint Co.
San Francisco and Everywhere
Skuse Hardware Co.
Bend, Oregon