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(Special to Tho llullctln.)
PIUNBV1LLE, Juno O.Shorlff
Krnnlc Elklns hns Issued tho follow
ing statement explanatory of certain
phases of tax collection:
"As there nro n number of changes
in the now tax law enacted hy tho
1913 Legislature which affect tho
1912 taxes, 1 wish to call the tax
payers' attention to tho following ox
tracts from tho law:
"Taxes legally levied and charged
In any year shall he paid before tho
first day of April following. If the
taxes against any particular parcel
of rcol property, or the toxes on per
sonal property charged against any
Individual, firm, corporation, or as
sociation, arc not paid before the
first day of April, penalties shnll be
charged on such taxes and added to
and collected with tho samo as fol
lows: "1. A penalty of ono per cent on
taxes paid on or after the first day
of April and before tho first day of
May following.
"2. A penalty of two per cent on
all taxes paid on or after tho first
day of May and before tho first day
of Juno following.
"3. A penalty of three per cent
on all taxes paid on or nfter the
first day of Juno and before tho first
day of July following.
"4. A penalty of four per cent on
all taxes paid on or after the first
day of July and before the first day
of August following.
"5. A penalty of five per cent on
PRINEVILLE, June 9. Judge G.
Springer began last week a parolo
system that's got Governor West
beaten to a franle. Had It not been
for the earnest entreaties of County
Physician Edwards, Sheriff Elklns
and Deputy District Attorney Wlrtr
he would havo turned loose on the
community an Insane man with the
promise that he would be good and
no longer carry a gun with which
to get his neighbors.
Sheriff Elklns brought the "bug"
in from the Madras country early In
the week and telegraphed tho asylum
authorities at once, thinking that
there woutd be no hitch In the pro
ceedings relatlvo to his proper and
legal commitment. The law places
this power In the hands of the county
judge and It Is the custom of the
oeunty Judges to depend largely upon
the opinion of a reli&Me phsiclan.
Not so with Springer. He would
not tako Physician Edwards' report
that the man was Insane.
The Judge endeavored to persuade
the "crazy" to be good, but there
was nothing doing. He was firm In
his position and would not give up
his weapon and make the promise
the Judge desired.
So after being urged that the case
was one of a serious naturo that
eould only be lmndled adequately by
the authorities of the Insane asylum
at Pendleton, the Judge committed
the Insane man, but not until he had
shaken bands with him, and It Is
understood, apologized for his offi
cial action.
(Continued from Page One) J
gon song birds. The Clow letter
Clow's Letter btutca Facts
"Mr. Clydo M. McKav,
"Dend, Ore.
"Dear Sir:
"I am In receipt of your letter and
will say that Sir. G. bprloger, county"
judge, did Instruct mo to put out
poison for the birds and stated that
ho would order other towns to
poison tho birds If It was a success
ful way to dsstroy them.
"I did not poison any birds. Hut
on Juno second, at six p. m., tho
said county Judge did put out
poisoned wheat on the east and wost
approach to the courthouso and on
the. third of June In the morning I
found three wrens and put thorn In
the furnace and burnt them to keen
the oats from getting them. I had
found out that there was a heavy
penalty for poisoning birds and I do
no(-see that they do any damage,
but.on the other band, they do good,
for they catoh tho Insects and
worms on the lawn, and they nro
nice to see around nnywav, I re
main yours truly, (Signed) II. II.'
?P. S. I heard that ho was tel
ling on the btreet that it was killing-.
tho birds. Well, they ore not so
thick jib they were,- but they may
havo changed their feeding ground
"f " Wirt to Btart Action.
In a curt reply from Mr, Springer,
HltiS1??'. 11- lnfQrmeJ, that tjhe.
bjrfls In question, are English 'Spar-j
rows, which the Judge considers a
nuisance; Intimating that It would
nil taxes paid on or nfter tho first
day of August and before tho Unit
dny of September following.
"Provided, that one-half of tho
taxes against any particular parcel
of real property, or tho tnxc$ on per
sonal property charged against any
individual, firm, corporation, or as-
Boclatlou may ho paid before the said
first day of April, In which event the
penalties specified In this section
shall apply to and be collected with
the remaining one-half of such taxes,
to Xhs paid prior to tho said first day
of September following. All taxes
remaining unpaid an tho said first
day of September shnll become de
linquent. Upon all taxes so delin
quent there shall be charged and col
lected n penalty of 10 per cent and
Interest at tho rato of 12 per cent
per annum on such taxes from the
day on which they become delinquent
until their payment.
"This means that all second-halt
payments, which undor tho old law,
could Ik paid before the first Monday
In October will, under tho new Inw,
have to bo paid before the first dny
of September, nnd further, that In
terest at tho rato of ono porcent per
month from tho first dny of April
will havo to bo paid on all such
second-halt payments.
"If persons who nro paying tho
second-half of their taxes will tako
notice of tho above and remit tho
correct amount, n great deal of
trouble and delay will be avoided.
"FRANK ELKINS, Sheriff."
"bo a blessing If your department
(the game warden's) would provido
for their destruction."
Mr. McKay Is of tho opinion that
Mr. Clow's statements, which Mr.
Springer does not deny, and seem
ingly cannot deny, nro sufficient
grounds to procure a conviction un
der the very specific provisions of
the law governing tho protection of
birds. Ho Is instructing Deputy
District Attorney Wlllnrd H. Wlrtz,
A" '
aj Tivssn 7?;
jm '
' f
ft '' ',
nt Prlucvlllo, at onco to collect all
evidence and to proceed against
County Judge Springer,
Kluley Is At-oUM'd.
When tho mutter was brought to
his attention, State (Inmo Warden
Flnloy replied as follow n:
"Wo have your letter of tho 1st
Inst, nud must say that wo nro great
ly surprised nt the action of Judge
Springer In ordering tho court house
Janitor to set out poison for the pur
pose of destroying tho song birds. It
Is nlmont unhollovnblo that nny sane
person would mnko such an order,
especially In n territory whoro Bong
birds nro not nny more plentiful than
they nro In your territory .
"Section 29 of tho dame Code pro
vides that it shall bo unlawful for
nny person within this State to place
any poisoned wheat, or other grain,
or nny poisoned substance, on which
nny of tho gnmo birds or uon-gnmo
birds will feed, anywhere In tho
Stnto of Oregon, for the purposo of
poisoning such wild birds protected
by Inw
"Wo shall wrlto Sir. Clydo McKay,
our deputy at Ilcud, to mnko n thor
ough Investigation of this mntter and
If he finds that any ono acting under
Instructions from Judge Springer, or
any other person, places poison for
nny such puritoso, we shall file com
plaints not only against tho person
putting out tho poison but also
against tho person giving such In
structions. "Wo believe that If you woro to
give publicity through tho columns
of your paper regarding such nu or
der It would bring on such a storm
of protest as would causo Judo
Springer to feel very smnll, In en so
such an order hns been made by
(Crook County Journal.)
Tho sheriff's office has collected
I2S6.992.72 In taxes this year. There
has been turned over to the treasurer
$255,747.28. Tho sheriff had cash
on hand Juno 2, $1240.72. In handl
ing this large sum of money tho
sheriff's office was "long" ono dollar
and some odd cents, due, nccordlng
to Head Deputy Van Allen, to errors
in Interest chnrges. This record will
be hard to beat.
Tho county Is paying warrants as
fast as presented nnd tax money Is
coming In freely. Tho county fi
nancially Is In good shape.
Aro your razors dull? Got them
honed nt tho new barber shop on
Minnesota Street. Up
Vttrl!MtmiJVT is only 10 min.
4lw liiicins-cc
the business center of Bend
Kenwood ist!;e bcsv;iew,i.,7ertj;
iwl v rr on tj)e mftret unt ,s bound
to be the most vnlunble residence property in Bend
KENWOOD Tot"8' w"ter ""d
WlTiWlllTl Pr,"ces and terms are the
IIMT VY JJU best ofrered ir; ueml
Buy a lot in Kenwood; we will make the terms to
suit you. The money you are paying for rent now
will in n very short time make you the owner of u
Land & Immigration Co.
J. Ryan? Affipffi
I'M 'M
Styne New Laws
Under nn enactment of (ho 1913
legislative assembly which went Into
effect lust week salooim nro now pro.
hlblted In nil unincorporated towns
nnd villages unless they have physical
connection with u bona lido hotel
with capacity for fiO guests, Attorney
General Crawford has held that u
hotel to comply with tho provisions
of this net does not necessarily have
to contain 60 rooms but cnu provide
accommodations for no guests with
only 2d rooms providing each rooml
Is fitted for two guests.
This Inw will effect Sisters, 1m
Pine, AMhwood nud (Inteway In this
county, in sumo of which communl-
ties saloon men have already at -
tempted to comply with tho new law
and In others have been compelled
to close, Those operating under n
Superintendent Mjent Kmjh WIio'n
Who nud Why nt Election.
PRINEVILLE, Juno 9. County
School Superintendent J. E. Myers
has Issued tho following statement
regarding qualifications of school
voters which bears tho approval of
deputy district attorney Wlrtz:
"I am frequently asked for nn
opinion of tho qualifications of tho
voters In tho Third Class Districts,
I will take (ho opportunity to mnko
tho following statement:
"Tho qualification: or tho voters
Is set forth In Section 1C7 of tho
Oregon School Laws, 1811, with tho
following Interpretation on several
uncertain points:
"In n family consisting of a man
and wife, the man Is considered tho
bend of tho family, which may con
sist of children between tho ngrs of
four to twenty yenrs. Tho widow
with n family between tho ages of
four to twenty years Is also consider
ed tho head of tho family.
"Tho man or womnn whoso namo
appears on tho assessment roll for
1912, ns assessed by tho assessor. Is
a legal voter at n school election.
A homesteader must voto In his
homestead district.
"Tho nnmo Included on tho tnx
list by tho tho sheriff will not hold
wnlk from
mi - nF
g Rent
That Effect
in Crook County
county license and whoro thev wero
compelled to close June 3. tlui day
the law look effect, lino apply In tho
county court nt Its next session for
u refund of the unused portion of tho
i county license,
llerenfter It will bo unlawful for
nny child under tho ago of 14 ) oars
to carry u gun or hunt except upon
his own or the premises of his par-
cuts or guardian.
It Is now n crime lo use abusive,
profane or nhnotio language near or
upon a public highway or in any
public place. Tho 1913 legislature
1 fixed a maximum penalty of $60 (Inn
lor using violent language in any
public place. Tho law went Into ef
fect Tuesday, Juno 3.
good as n qualification ns a voter nt
nny school election. Ilu must be as
sessed by tho assessor."
I'lllCAHMH TAMOni'l'.
(Special lo Tho llulletlll)
PRINEVILLE, Juno 9. Tho atten
tion of nil dealers In firearms Is di
rected by Deputy District Attorney
Wlrtz to tho Inw which went Into
effect Juno 3, prohibiting tho display
of revolvers, pistols or pocket guns
and prohibiting their sale to any
person, nslda from n peace offlcar,
unless such person present n lxirmU-
slon to purchase Issued by tho county
Judgo, Justice of tho penco or city
recorder. The officers named nro not
permitted to Itsuu a permit to pur
chase n revolver unless tho applicant
presents tho affidavit of two free
holders attesting to'the moral char
acter of tho applicant.
DcriU That llim llccn I'llrtl
ICrconl nt PrlneWllc.
(Special to Thn'llulletln.)
IMMNKVII.LK, Juno 0. Anion
tho deeds filed for tecord nro the
llend Park Co. to Androw llreqk
berK. It 0, blk 101, 1st Add. Iff) nd
I'ark. $1.10.
Helen A. Kerr to John J, Itupp,
KM SKV. 51, WW NWK, 22-1'J-11.
llend I'ark Co. to K. O. Chrlstof
forsoti, It 3, blk 101, 1st Add. llend
I'ark. ISO.
llend Park Co. to Swan P. Ily-
strain, It t, blk 109, 1st Add. llend
Park. Il&o.
llend Park Co tn Olnf Vi.tmin It ,
1 blk lOfl Ut' v.1,1 il-,, i pjrw l
1.. blk 100, 1st Add. Ilsu.1 Park.
.. ,, l mum III IIHlirilHIKlllHI HUH IlXllirOS H-
II. unK t P. J. Iouiik. l-M'ctod nt Hnd, OroKon. of nu Invwi-
, intermit In Know Creww Co.'s lrrlK
lion ditch.
(?ik. W. Ilrown to lllsek llutto
Land & Livestock Co. et nl, rlKht of
way for canal across 8WV4 8W14 23,
8HUi 8KV4, , KA NKtf. 27-H-11.
Jos. Murroll to diss. It. Currle,
N M 8W 4 , NW ,i SIS "4 , 8W Vi NK W
24-H-1S. 1.
Tho llend Co, to A. J, Peters ot nl,
Its 8-0, blk 6, llend. II.
L. D. Wlcst to Annie II. Mnrkul, It
1, hlk R, Wlestorln. $1100.
L. D. Whwt to (Jertrudo 1). .Mnrkul,
It 2, blk 5, Wlestorln. HU0.
The Best Buy in
Crook County
Good Houso, Barn, Tank;
about 15 acres ready for
crop. Seven and one-half
miles east of Bend on Benr
Creek road, and one-fourt.
mile from school. Improve
ments easily worth $1200.
C. O. I. Co. got $2457 for
this land.
Address Owner, caro of Wc
Bend Bulletin.
W. II. KlniilH to John P. JoIiiihoii,
It il. Iilk 20, lloud. $300.
H. L. HtuutM to John P. JoIiiihoii
It 0, bill 2(1, llund. $1.
Win, J, Mooro to John J, Hupp.
NWU 20-18-11. $10.
Euguulu J. U'hllted to John J.
Itupp, HI N'lCVf. 1-17-1 1. M0.
Kdwurd Smith to ('hns. II. TIiiih,
It 5, hll( 10, llutto. $30.
CIiiih. II. Titus lo (I, M, Cornet!,
It ft, blk 10, llutto. 120,
L. I). Wlcst to City or Mend, It II,
blk 44, U'tostnrln. $1.
L. D. Wlcst to Tho Demi Co., Its
I-2-3-10-11-12, blk 44, Wlostorlu. $1,
lloud Park Co. to Jacob L. ToIk
It 2, blk 5(1, Center Add, llend. $ I0()r
Tho llend Co. to John Thels, Jr.. ,
It 8, blk 10, Park Add. llend. fl.
Msrrisgti In Durms. .
A rurtoii iditi mourn tile llurmr t
Unit hiiIp iHirn on the mime day off
the twvk hum nut marry nnd Unit It
they I r tin fnti their union will tie
marked tit mneli III lurk To prevent
the-e ilI'M'trou murrluue erery girl
ciirricM a riMiird of her birthday In her
nn me. each day of the wivk having n
letter Moiik'iiiK to It. and nil children
are rnlled h.v n miiu which beklu
with thai letter.
Otlll Worrld,
"It used to worry in when the bar
ber Informed me dint my hair was get
ling it little thill on loii"
"Hut you inn n It. hT
"No, ,nw It worrle nn lnrniie tin
diMMii't mention tt. I iniutt lw gutting
old."-l'hllndeiptilit Pre,
Juit tht Contrary,
"IVoph In very cold I'lliustm nerd a
henry diet "
"No. they ilon'l: they hnvi- tn tinr
thrill diet IMi't Hit frkiitii vnt con
dlenV lliiltliinife Amem-nii
Department of tho Interior
U. S. Land Office nt Tho Dalles, Ore
gon. May 28th, 11)13.
Notice Is hereby Klven that WIN
llam D. Hell of taldlaw, Orricoii, Alio
on December 20th, 1007, madn home
stead entry No. 1(833, Serial No
01280, for HWUNWU, see. U;
KUNKU and NKUHKU, see. 14.
township 10 south, raiiKe 11 ei,
Willamette meridian, has filed nolle
of Intention to mnko final fit).
ptoof, to estabhih claim to the la?d
n. described, befj.-i leonc I'
Altken, II. H. CommliMloiior, at bis
oflc nt Sisters. Oroitoii, on ll'u litU
dny of'July, 1UI3.
Claimant names .it wIIikimw
Jerry Klohardnon of (list, Orogtin:
(leorKo Hell, J. P, Haley and Wil
liam llnll, all of ildliv, OroKon
13.17 C. W, MOiMW, llNlstr.
In tho matter of A. M. Larn k Co.
",""1' "K". bohihci oios win im
received by mo up to ISo'elook noon
of MoniI.yi ., , 9J for
of llend, Oregon, sealed bids will m
i.i.t.1. .. .....--i..-.. ,, .. ..... . ..
lory valuation ns follows: Mho mi,
ir.0H9.T0; men's wear, IS03H.31:
dry Motids, 13317X0; tos, li.ll;
hardware. $117801; Kroeorlmi,
$8t6.2C, mnkliiK total merehandhw
$18,021.58, toKethnr with dry icoods,
shoo and Kroeory fixtures amountlnK
to $234t.8U. Terms cnnh and n de
posit of 10 per cent of amount offered
must neoompniiy imch bid nnd tho
rlKht Is reserved to reject any and
all bids. Inventory mny bo seen at
my ottlco nnd property may be In
spected nt llend.
Dated at Portland, OruKon, Juu 7,
1013 H. L. SAULS'.
No. 7 I'lrst Street.
All for