The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, June 04, 1913, Page PAGE 9, Image 9

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At((iriit').Hol(lrf Admits Innt tlonnl
' find t'oiiijimi)'.
Tu (liu IMItor or Tlio lltillotlui
il i.uto (hut In tlio liiHt iHHiin of
oiir impor you print uxcorplH from h
oomuimilciitloii from (lov. Vst re
litllvu (o (hu proposed itnlloii HKiiliiHt
tliu Uestirt Uuil llOunl to compul It
In, forcn tlio Uompnny (tliu 0. 0. I.
Co.) (o fiilllll IIh contnuit with tlio
Blritu (o (ho oiiil (lint IiiiiiIn how iiii
imUuitnlilo umlitr thn Cmitnil OrKoii
Cniml oak ha putulitiul. TliO nXtritotH
from (ho Oovmnor'a luttar Imlnjf to
tliu orfcot thiit niiy pniMHiiro linulit
on (ho ColHpnuy nt IhU (Imo would
In niilohlnl.
'Now this In a iiuitlor or moHt vllnl
liiipflfffiicii, not only to (ho soUlers,
diit tliu rou ii ty ut InrKo. mid I ilo
nlio iikkw( Hmt I' )'""r "l,no" I""
iiiIIh you print moiiio of (ho issoutlitl
iirtM ooiicornliiK tlio proHuut status of
t0n Juno 17th. 1007. (ha Compnuy
itml tbM Htnto imturod Into n coiilmcl,
one of III" I'UHtnitliil Inrins of which
una Hint llni ('(ttil rill Orosntt Cnillll
Itthoulit tin (HilnrKi'il no its lo hnvo it
fflfrt onrryliiK cupuolty or onn oulilc
loot of wntnr for ovury mvuily ncron
liiylne under the respective portion
ut thu oiinnl. According to tho
tttrms of tho coutrnot till work
hhoulil hnvo hmm coinplotoil within
Mur yi'iim from (hu ilnlo of thn con
truut. or hy Juno 17th, 1011. Hut
lu 1010 HiippluiiuuiUt contract gnvo
tlio Compnuy until tho foro pnrt of
lt13 to cornplota tho work.
(On rl. nth, 1011', the Company
unit Htnto entered Into another con
tract whereby tho Company put up
n$2R.0OO hcinil to Kiinrnntco tho mi
liirKtitiiMit or tho Coutrul Orogon
('anal nrconllnic to tho contrnct or
11107 nliovo rorerrml to. Tim tlmo
lnrlnc which thli ennnt should hnvo
li'n cnlnrRod hnn expired. Tliu
Compnuy I In default on both tho
contract nml bond. An n result ap
proximately S00O-acres or land In tho
Powell Unites In unpntoiitcri, nnit uu
Mtintahlo, hcsldcs a tnrxo area cust
or llend.
Thn question now to drolilo In,
ulintild thn Desert tand Hoard Im
compelled (o deolnre n forfolturo or
contract nml bond nnd unn tho money
hVp ruing from tho bond for tho on
InrKouiont of tho Central Oregon
fHiml tt m.ttilrnil lv fllin tatm rtf
Oregon nml tho terms or tho con-
tract or 1012, or nhould tho com
lony bo kIvcii nddlllonal tlmo In
mIiicIi to endeavor to raise monoy to
comi!itc tho North Canal, tho com-
illetlnn or which tn tho Htnto ripe
lliimo would rollnvo tho I'owoll
"Villi IIioukIi not tho soltlnrn onct
if llond recclvlnu wntor from Utnrnla
diverting rroin the Control Oregon
t'nunl east or thu ft mtln station.
Tho Company claim that thn re
ntilreil enlnrgemont or tho Control
Itri'fton Csnal would rout 'only 111,
r.00. I nubmlt thnt It In unronnon
qlilo for tho l)nflrt Land llonrd to
compel tho noltlora In tho I'owoll
Hullo nnit esnt of Hond to nubmlt
M the Inconrcnlrnco nnd Jeopardy or
botdlng iinimtcntcd Innd. In order to
relievo thn C. O. I. Co. Iroin thn ex
fHtudltiim or tll.nQO. I any Jrop
nrdy, brenune If tho unpatented Unit
in quontlon I not no reclaimed by
ho eomplednn or Ihn Nnrtli Cnnal
or tho anlnrgomunt or tho Central
Orngon Cnnnl within n period ending
l'eb. U, 1018, then tho nogregntlou
1Iimov, and the land will bo ul
Jict to publlo entry. I rerek" nkoptlen
'n tblH iiolnt to tho nmendmnnt to
jho Cnroy Act extending the tlmo In
whlnh ntnten can melnlm land nogro
KntiHl under thu Carey Act and np
j.rovl by CongroM March 3rd. 1001.
Will nomo one imnwer tho vorv
iiertlnont liKiulry. In It unronnounblo
in unk thu llonrd lo compel tho Com
I any lo perform Itn contrnct with the
jllnte when nuoh perfnrmunco In nee
eimnry to ennblo nottlorn to procuro
patentn to their land. Kettlorn buy
4hln land rolylng on tho porformanco
or tho contract' between tho Compnuy
Vjid tho Htnto providing tor Ha recla-
1 lnitHnn Ir tlin llMrl Lntiil flfinril
ran chango, niter and modify thnne
outrnct with tho Company. It can
nhrognte (horn allogolhor nnd thoro
by make It ImpoMlblo ror the nottlorn
Jo ever got a patent.
1 In nuaiiinlng thn nttlludo thnt It
doea, thn l)oort lnnd llonrd la mak
ing Itnoir n pnrty to a conspiracy to
ohtnln monoy from aottlera under
.fnlao pretcmen. 11 private Individ
mla would renort to tho mlnrupro
Hentntlonn that tho Desert Land
dlnnrd doea In Inducing nottlorn to
pmrhnio land on thin aogregatton,
they would be punlthed criminally.
4 Thn Hoard weakly JuitMo Its ac
tion In granting proinlacuoun nxton
nlonn to tho Company, rogardlenn or
Hho effect on tho nuttier, by niotert
lng thnt what It In doing In, In Itn
Judgement, for tho bent Ititcrontn of
(ha completion of (ho projoct. Would
It not ho bettor to make u completed
I iproject out of what wo hnvo, than to
f go nhond complicating nn alrondy
emharraHHlng Munition hy Inducing
I Vottlnra to purchnno mora land to
Mhlch potentn may bo long over duo
lu nrrlvlng.
It Ih well known thnt tho nhnnnco
or pntonta on this project makca tho
t Maud uimalenlilo, unavallnblo nn ho
r curlty ror loans, nnd gonornlly re
I .tnrdH tho dovolopmont and proniiorlty
f for tho country.'
An nmoolntlon has nlrondy boon
Lyrormod In tho I'owoll Hutton tor tho
fliurpofle r bringing approprlato pro
J ceodlnga iignlnat tho Donort Land
Jv'lloard to rompol It to enforce tho
contrnct with tho Company, nnu pro
ceed In accordance with tho la,wn of
Oroffon relative to Carey Act Con
ntruotlon Companlea falling to com
4py with contract with atatea.
Trusting that wt may have your
co-operation In thin effort tn natfurn
wlmi wo urn entitled to by vlrtuo of
our contract with tho Company, mid
Ita contractu witu mo ritnto, i roinuiti,
Yourn very truly,
Itodmondt May 31,
lli'inl people hnvo round out thnt
A Wivm.l." I If) Ml.' i,t Inn. In Imnbtliiim
bark, glycol Inn, o(o, nn compounded
In Adir-l-)(ii, tlio (lormiiu niipoudl
ultln romedv, rullovixt rouMfpnllou,
Hour ntoiiinch or gun on tho Htomnoh
INHTAK'TI.V. Th III klniiilii lulxllirn
autlHeptlaUen thn dlgeiitlvu orgaun
nun uniWH orr uie impiiritioM nun ii in
mirnrlNliiK how Quickly It holpn. Thu
rntturnoti urug uo,
Hot tolN nml bifiul nt tlio Aincrl
rim linker)" vxri-y iiltciiMioii nt fl
oVIock, New hloio on Wall MivH.Kltf
DepHrliiiKiit or tho Interior. U. K.
J.nnd Oltlce nt The Dnllen, Oiegoii,
May XOth, 1013.
Nollni I heieby given that Albert
llnrrynimi. or Hond. Oregon, who, on
Juno Stth, 1000, mtidn Denert hand
Kntry, No. 06010. tor AMVt 8H',
Hectlou t!, TowiinIiIp 17 Routll, Hauge
13 IJnul, Wlllnmntln Meridian, linn
IUimI notice or lutentbui to miiko final
proof, to imtnbllHh iilalin to thu Innd
above described, before II. C. Kills,
V. H. CommlsRlonur, nthln oulrn nt
Hond, Oregon, on tho 12th day of
July, 191.1.
Claimant name nn witnesses:
John I'. Young, Wllltnm Alt, William
Peck nnd John I. Mooro, all of llond,
13-17 C. W. MOOIti:. ItogUler.
Department of tho Interior, United
Htaten laiid Otlloc, Tho Dalle, Ore
gun, May 0, 1913.
To tho heir of Jamen A. Mitchell, de
ceased, or Prlnovllle, Oregon, Con
tcsleo: You aro hereliy notllled thnt Mlmer
I. Gardner, who gives Hond, Oregon,
an hla ixistofTlce nddro, did on May
feth, 1013. nio In tht nlflco hi duly
eornilMirnted applloatlon to contest
mid neoure Ihn cancellation or your
homestead, entry No. 1D3CI, aerial
No. 0(000. mado October 17, 190C,
ror HV V KV V, . oc . 17. NB V, NK H ,
noo. 10. NtyNWlii aootlnii 20, (own
nhlp 10 aouth. rango 11 eisl, Wil
lamette Meridian, and a grounds ror
bis contest ho nllegu thnt James A
Mitchell died on or about tho month
I of July, 1011, that tho holm or said
JnmcM A. Mitchell have not cultivat
ed or Improved said land or nny part
thereof nn matured by law or other
wise or at all nor have either of them.
That tho heirs or snld James A.
Mitchell and all nnd each of them
hnvo neglected and denerlcd anld
land nnd failed and neglected to Im
prove or cultivate thu samo or nny
part thereof tor n period or morn
thnn one and one-hair year Inst past.
You are, therefore, further noti
fied that tho said allocation will bo
I taken by this office a having been
I confessed by you, nnd your snld entry
I will be canceled thereunder without
your further right to bo heard there
in, either before this office or on ap
peal., If you fall to nio In this office
within twenty days after tho
KOl'ltTII publication of this notice
nn shown below, your answer, undor
oath, specifically meeting nnd re
sponding to those allegations or con
tent, or U you rail within thnt tlmo
to file In thin office duo proof that
you hnvo rorvod n copy of your nn
nwer on tho snld contestant either In
porno 11 or by registered mall. If
this service In in nil 11 by tho deliver)
1 of a copy or your answer to the con
testant In person, proof or such ser
vice must bo elthor tho anld contest-
aut'H written acknowledgement of
hi receipt of thn copy, showing tho
date ot Itn receipt, or tho affidavit of
tho porson by whom tho delivery was
made stating when nnd whero tho
copy was delivered; If mado by rgo
latered mall, proof or such sorvlco
must consist or the affldnvlt ot tho
person by whom the copy was mailed
slating whon and the postortlco U)
which It was mailed, and this afndav
It must bo accompanied by tho post
master's receipt for tun latter.
You should state In your anawer
tho name or tho postofflce to which
you desire future notices to ho sent
to you,
C. W. MOORK. Register.
Date of first publication May 14,
Data or second publication May 21,
Dato or third publication May 28,
Date or fourth publication Juno 4,
tho army, navy or marina corps of
thn U, H. In. tlmo or war.
You nre, therefore, lurthor noti
fied that the said allegations will bo
taken by thin offlco nn having boon
confessed by you, and your snld entry
will bo canceled thereunder without
your riitthor right to bo heard there
in, either heforo this office or on ap
peal.,, It you rail to llln In this offlco
within twenty days utter tho
KOmiTII publication or this notice,
nn shown below, your answer, under
oiilli, specifically meeting nml re
sponding to these allegations of con
test, or K you rail within thnt tlmo
to tlio In this offlco dun proof thnt
you hnvo served h copy or your an
swer oil tho snld contestant either in
person or by registered mall. It
(hi servlro Is iiiiuIh by (ho dsllvery
or n copy or your answer (0 tho con-
Innlfiiit III lw.ruin. iirnof of Hliell Nor-
vice must bo either tho said contest
ant's written acknowledgement or
Ills roculpt or thn copy, showing the
date of Its receipt, or thn affldnvlt of
the person by whom the dollvory was
tniide stilting whun nod whero tho
copy wns delivered: If tnndo by rgo
Islfire,! mnll. nroof of such service
must consist or the affidavit or thn
nnrumt liv wbrim tbo eonv was mailed
slating when nnd tho postolllea tn
which It was malloa, mid tins muunv
It must bo accompanied by thu post-
mastor s receipt ror too loner.
Vim alimilit kisin lii rour answer
tho name of tho. postofflco to which
you deslio future notices to bo sent
to you.
C. W. MOORK, Register.
Dato of first publication May 14,
Date or second publication May 21,
Dale ot third publication May 28,
Dato ot fourth publication Juno 4,
notici: ron puiimcation.
Dopartmont of tho Interior, V. 8.
Land Offlco nt Tho Dalles, Orogon,
April 2fllh, 194a.
Notice Is hereby given that Wilbur
X. Huiiiiell, of Lnldlaw, Oregon, who,
on December 3rd, 1009, made Homo
stead entry No. OCfiGf, for HKVi
Hli'A, Hec. 32 mid tiW'A NW1., W'4
HW', Hectlou 33. Township 10
Koiith, Rango 12 Kast, Wlllamotto
Meridian, has filed notice of Inten
tion to mnko final three year proof,
to establish elnlm to the Innd above
descrlLed, lioforo II. C. Kills, If. 8.
Comi.ilrslouer, at his office at llond,
Oiegon, on tho Dili day of June, 1013.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Jnmes It. Honlinm, or l.nldlaw, Ore
gon, Krod N. VnnMatro, nnd Lavern
O. Itd, or Itond, Oregon, nnd
I Lemuel A. Ilrandonburg, or Des
chutes, Oregon.
0-13p C. W. MOORK, Ilcglstor.
Dopitrtmont or tho Interior, United
States Land Office, Tho Dalles, Ore
Con May 0, 1913.
To Charles M, Duv ot Rend, Oro
gon, Contestou:
You ui'o horoby notified that Unils
A, 1 Ir 11. who given llond, Crook coun
ty, Orogon, nu hlu postofllco nddress,
did on April 23, 1013, fllo In this of
flco his duly corroborated application
to content and secure thn cancellation
ot your homestead, Kntry No.
Horlul No. 08333, made March 13th,
1011, fo- North Kast Quarter (NKK )
sor. 10 anu North West Qunrtor
(NWH) aoctlon 11, .nwnahip 20
south, rango 1C uaat, Wlllame'tu Me
ridian, and an grounds tor Ms con
test hu alleges that said Charloa M.
Davis has novor established his resi
dence upon said tract! that ho has
not resided upon or cultivated said
tract and that ho has utterly aban
doned said homestead lor upward
ol six months last past, na I am In
formed and verily bolloro; that said
absence Is not dtta to employment la
Department ol tho Interior, V. 8.
Land Offlco at Tho Dalles, Oregon,
Mny 16. 1913.
Notice In hereby given that Kr.ek
lei II. Ilullah, ot Deschutes, Oregon,
who, on December 18th, 1909. mado
homestead entry No, 0C721, tor
HWViBKK, HKHV'. sec. 22, and
NBHNWVi, NWHNK'i. section 27,
I township 10 south, rango 12 east,
Wlllamotto Meridian, has filed notlco
or Intention to mnko final three-year
proof, to establish claim to the land
nbovo descrllied, bcroio II. C. Kills,
U, 8. Commissioner, at his offlco at
Hond, Oregon, on the 30th day ot
June, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
George R. Hutu, Lemuel A. Ilran
denburgh, Fred A, Uiinnell, Minnie
C. Low, James It. Low, all ot Des
chutes, Oregon.
jll-lSp C. W. MOORK, Register.
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