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    PAGK S.
Till? nVSU HVM.KTIN, 11KNI), WKIlKKHDAY, iVKK 4, lOlil.
(Continued from Tncc One).
JuiIrc Springer Want (n Ue the
Kniuoui Cur, Hut Sheriff Klkliu
'Says' Xny Hut tlic lSoal
Is Inspected Anyway.
(Special to Tho Hullqtin)
PJUNHVILLU, June 2. -The In
evitable and the expected and at the
innio llmo tho most promising and
most fertile source of dissension,
namely, who shall have the care, cus
tody and control of the county auto,
has fairly arrived and offers to bo a
frequent causo of contention between
tho sheriff's office and tho
county judge, at least until the
county commissioners can lay down
the rules for future observance.
The sheriff asserts that he. as chief
executive of the county, should be
the man behind the wheel at all times
for If every official Is going to drive
that car then be wants nothing to do
with It, for ho will be blamed for
all Injuries by careless driving of
the county's sacred Juggernaut. On
the other hand the Judge assumes a
prior right, not because he assisted
so ably in purchasing it but because
he naturally assumes and takes upon
himself even affair In the county
whether it relate to the moral con
duct of the head of a family In Horse
Heaven precinct or to prescribing the
course of study in tae county high
In order to get his six prisoners
to the railroad last week the sheriff
found It necessary to employ a
chauffeur, as driving a big car and
handling six convicts is work for
more than one man. It was a capi
tal idea from the Judge s standpoint,
and be bethought himself of a plan
to Inspect a county road in the Bea
ver Creek country immediately and
iHjfore the sheriff could return by
employing that selfsame chauffeur.
Dut on tho return trip from tho
railroad the chauffeur had ripped a
casing and before the machine could
tic repaired the sheriff returned and
gave Instructions that the county car
was not going to Beaver Creek until
it could be placed in adequate repair.
The judge's Ire. was raised for that
road must be Inspected without de
lay. It hadn't been Inspected for a
matter of ten years, perhaps, but
must now be investigated instantly,
and bv the aucust bead of the com
missioners court, for somebody
might repair It in his absence.
Therefore, a private car was or
dered, the road Inspected, the Inter
ests of tho county protected and the
dignity of the county Judge preserved
even If the cost of the trip waB
enough to make a substantial start
In Improving the entire route from
Faulloa to Prinevllle, some CO miles
of road: providing, of course, tho
commissioners allow the Judge's bill
for auto hire.
so great an outlay. So when Mr.
Willis Brown consented to tho effort,
and (probably an) order wna inndo
requesting tho clerk to write to all
timber owners demnudlng n state
ment of tho amount of timber on
oach legal subdivision for assess
ment purposes. Whereupon somu
weeks Inter tho Judge called upon
tho assessor und outlined tho plan;
ho then learned most assuredly that
the assessor had no sympathy with
the undertaking, I'pou tho asses
sor's suggestion, the Judgo then
called upon the county clerk to learn
how he was succeeding. When tho
clerk assured the Judge that he had
Tho Auto Affidavit.
"The nuto affidavit scouts to pos.
seas more merit than any thing so
far dug up, nud ovon It Is entirely
misleading In tho form In which It
Is gtvan; it evidently intends to con
vey tho Idea that Springer had pro
tended to bo greatly opposed to nn
unto, something which Bprlugor had
never pretended to any one. Itobln
sou was aggravated as were also tho
commissioners when thoy had to re
turn to tho county pent to glvo tho
order for tho warrant, but It wns
their own fault. They bought tho
machine at tho hotel, but neglected
to stato In court or to tho Judgo nt
any timo what tho terms were. Mr.
Hoblnson, 1 think, was in tho court
room during tho session after tho
machine wns bought hut when ho or
any one else says that a request was
made to tho Judgo to order a war
rant, It Is absolutely and emphatical
ly a lie. I.lko the other dirty yarns,
paid no attention to tho order what
soever, tho Judgo waxed wrathy and u told to satisfy tho one man whom
t I tt n .. I ff 1 iln mnitil Itunti li Im ' . .. .
mo juugo is trying to porsuiuio to
It Immediately dawned upon his roy
al highness that llayley wns about
tho whole push about tho court house
and that whatever wns accomplished
not to Bnyley'a liking would he
sprouted In exceedingly dry ground
and so It has proven.
However, some good things have
been accomplished. The timber cruis
ing fund. 912.S00, has been turned
into the treasury. Tho $-1000 in
warrants which was issued to pay
off somo notes given by tho commis
sioners and which was attached by
parties to whom tho county was In
debted, has been cancelled; and some
other economic actions have becu
bad which In nil nggregato nearly
$20,000 restored and saved to dato.
Hut the wholo trouble Including the
cement yarn with which the genial
commissioner stated (as 1 learned a
month or so beforo It was touched
off) that he had tho Judgo silenced;
in fact all the soil and mud exhibited
by The Bend Bulletin and all the
slanderous dirty yarns nursed by the
toughs and encouraged by that classy
Journal, are tho results of the Judge's
efforts at economy and law enforce
ment, which are not approved by
Bayley and his followers.
"The Issue clearly stated Is simply
this: Shall tho county go glibly on
paying out largo sums of money for
road Improvement, timber cruising,
etc., In which there Is a possibility If
not a strong probability that n few
Individuals will reap a rich harvest.
or shall ever effort ue made to ac
complish such things as aro neces
sary and practical at the least ex-
roll down his sleeves and keep his
hands whero thoy belong.
(Signed) O. SPIUN'UEIl,
"County Judge."
Clmrnctcr of Jletollim Valley Soils
Itehitf Determined by Kxpert-.
J. Roy Harvey returned to Bend
Sunday from tho Metollus river coun
try where a government parly Is mak
ing a classification of soils. "There
are seven men In tho crew' engaged In
this work now," said Mr. Harvey
Monday, "and after July 1 there will
probably be nine. The work is Itelng
carried on slowly and carefully, n
thorough classification of tho soil be
ing mado by A. T. Strahom, expert
from the bureau of soils. Frequent
borings aro taken and examinations
of tho depth and Character of tho
soil made. When the job Is complet
ed, which will probably require all
summer, full data will bo had regard
ing this soil, the amount of timber
on the land and other facts."
rlxtit wns presented and wns rejected
by tho secretary of stater Those
tiled are against tho workmen's com
pensation net, tho stato university
Improvement appropriation aggre
gating $17ftQ00, tho county attorney
bill, nud tho aterllUntlnu immsuro.
The petition rojectod was against thu
measure regulating tho practice of
dentistry, and wna refused by tho
sueretary of state liuoituno It did not
hnvo the full text of thu hill to Im
roforomled printed on It. Only thu
title of the act was on tho petition,
nud tho law stntes that thu full toxt
iiiDst 'ip used.
John M. Taylor, who was sentenced
to bo hanged Inst December when
four other condemned men went to
tho gallows and was commuted to
life Imprisonment by Governor West,
will not have tho chance of n new
trial, at the supremo court has de
nted his petition. Taylor wns con
victed of killing Albert II. Terry and
ltoburt Sottlemyer In Harney county.
foretieen events that Itopt iiiohI of
tltunt at homo only tluoo put lit an
nppearntiro, these being It. li. Drown,
tur, llowmnu and Itlcu. While there
was no regular tournament, tovural
Informal mntchcH were played, and,
its ono sometimes rendu, "much eu
Jnynumt was had by all". It Is ex
pected that In the near future tho
i'rluovlllo playorH will ictum for nj
This Sunday Itmlmouil players ln
vndo tho homo courts, and some ex-
I'tlncvlllc Men Nut nil Here Sunday,
More .Matches Scheduled.
Tennis players from Brlnovllle
wore scheduled to come hero In full
strength Sunday, but owing tu tin-
Hcfe rrnilum Workem Proceed
Agnlnit Five New Law nt Snletit,
(Special to The Bulletin.)
SALEM, June 2. Five rcfercn-
I'.uin petitions have been filed, and a
m"lmY Win A I
friKsli I
Thn tpllt ti.xt wHk'i w.h Compart
our feslf with tb othtr ftlloWa. Tbl'
Bend Steam Laundry.
Put Your Duds
la Our Slid "
And Just at present the auto is
trapsing about the county with Com
missioner Bayley and the good roads
enthusiasts who are spying out routes
for road construction after a county
bond Issue. All of which Is rather
adding insult to Injury, as far as the
judge Is concerned.
County Superintendent Myers Ixxks
on Them With Faor.
(Special to The Bulletin.)
PRINEVIULE. June 2. County
Superintendent Myers has Issued the
following statement to school patrons
of the county:
"The last Legislature passed a free
textbook law, by which, at tho an
nual meeting June ie, districts may
vote for or against free textbooks. If
the various districts vote for free
textbooks, it will be necessary to
vote a small tax to pay for them.
"The average cost for the Install
ation of free textbooks is about $2.&0 ,
per child. The yearly up-kep. after
the first year, will edst from 70 cents
to Jl per school chliu. Tite approxi
mate cost by grades Is as follows:
1st. .60; 2nd, .70; 3rd, .80; 4th,
12.50; 5th, S2.0G; Cth, 13.66; 7th,
?4.75;.$tb, $5.35. .
"As 'this Is the year for the adop
tion of. new textbooks, it might be
Veil to consider seriously the feasi
bility of free texts for each district,
-"No copy books, paper, ink, or
pencil are Included in this estimate.
"The only comment I wish to make
,ln rJTejece to 'lC,J (hut 1 am favorable'-to.
free extbooke, especially in
the rual schools." '
Stop Paying Rent
iflT IMVlffT is on,y 10 m,n wn,k from
ffMMl VT WIS the business center of Bend
If ITVIlA,Yr is the best view property
IM1 VT J JAJ on the market Qnd is bound
to be the most valuable residence property in Bend
KENWOOD eLri' w"ter ond.
l'iyjT prices and terms are the
IIMl VV JJU best oft.ered m Bend
Buy a lot in Kenwood; we will make the terms to
suit you. The money you are paying for rent now
will in a very short time make you the owner of a
Oregon Land & Immigration Co.
J. Ryan; A'gent
. r
' Jni
cvllent inulclioH nro expected. Tho
liediiiond htiHliieHH mou'rt ball team
Ih also scheduled to appear, anil u
lot of fun Ih oxpootud. That Hudmnml
will roiuo up In dill strength Is uvl
dent from tho following clipping
from tho Itodmoud Hpokemniin:
"It Is expected tho lniiid from
hero will accompany tho players, and t
n goon sued rrowu in motors rroiu
the Hub City will nlso go along to
sen that tho local jilnorH keep their ,
winning streak up.
The Best Buy in
Crook County
Good House, Barn, Tank;
about 15 acres ready for
crop. Seven and one-half
miles east of Bend on Bear
Creek road, and one-fourth
mile from school. Improve
ments easily worth $1200.
C. O. I. Co. got $245? for
this land. All for
Address Owner, care of TE
Bend Bulletin.
Sand and Gravel
Plastering Sand.
Concrete Sand.
Roofing Gravel.
Concrete Gravel.
Road Material.
Sidewalk Material. .
AH Material Washed and Screened.
Bolton, Ruetenik and May
Bend, Oregon
Hiliiard, Gibb & Juliussen
foundation construction. Lot us put In a ce
ment sidewalk for you now. Everyone ouflht to
be' "D01N7"lT.M
Auto Trucks
Operating Regularly Between