The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 30, 1913, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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THR tlKNI) llUMiKTlN, IlKNI), HKDNKHDAV, Al'KUi 00, IB!!!. '
AFTER C. 0. 1.
Trustee's Statement May llo Subject
of Investigation Columbia South
ern Sett lent Granted Two Years
Extension of Time.
Deed niul Other Instruments Med
With County Clerk at Prliiovtllo.
Lovl D. Wlest to lloml Co. Ub 8-D-12-13-H,
bill 37; Us 9-10-11-13.13-14-1
5-1 G, blk 39; It 1, blk 41, Wlos
torln. $1.
llcnd Park Co. to l A. Peterson,
It 13, blk 11C, 1st niUl Menu Park.
Gertlo Q. Pry to J. N. Hunter ot
nl. NH SBU, 8WU Nl-:Vi, 812
NWtt, 8-S2-9. $10.
I.. C. Whlttcd to Thomas A. Thom
son, It 10, blk 19, Deschutes add, to
Hend. $350.
N. S. Lolthend to Pond Co., It 15,
blk 35, Center Add., Hcud.
(Special to The. Ucnd Bulletin.)
. SALEM, April 2S. After deciding
that It would tako no action that
might embarrass the. Central Oregon
Irrigation Company, which has an
Irrigation project lu Crook county. In
ratalng funds for tho completion ot
tho project, tho stato desert land
board yielded to tho Innlstcnt de
mands ot E. II. Williams, a land
owner In tho Powell llutto district
on the project, nnd at a meeting last
week passed a resolution calling upon
tho company to .appear beforo tho
board within 15 days and show
cause, It any, why the board should
not bring action on tho company's
bond for its failure to comply with
tho provisions of the contract be
tween tho company nnd tho state.
Tho company Is said to have failed
to cnlargo tho main Central Oregon
canal to a capacity required In tho
contract and for which tho bond of
$25,000 was given.
A statement from tho trustee,
through whoso hands certain funds
ot the company were to pass, shows
a discrepancy of $25,000. which Mr.
Williams requested that tho board
should Investigate. '
Columbia Southern Extension.
The board granted a two-years ex
tension of tlmo for settlers on the
Columbia Southern project. In Crook
county, to completo their filings on
water rights In Tutnalo creek. This
extension was granted lu view of the
fact that the state Is now ready to
complete the project, thus giving the
settlers, who have individual filings,
opportunity to comply with tho re
quirements of law.
Completed water rights in Squaw
creek In Crook county as adjudi
cated by tho board were defined in
an order entered by the board at Its
meeting lost week.
Methodist Kplscopnl.
Rev. K. C. Nowhnm, pastor. Ser
vices every Sunday at 11 a. m and at
7:30 p. pi. Sunday school at 10 a.
m. Epworth Leaguo at 6:45 p. m on
Sunday. Choir practlco Thursday at
7:30 p. tn. Prayer meeting Wednes
day at 7:30 p. in. Junior League at
3 p. ni. Sunday.
Sunday services Hlhlo school at
9:45, preaching at 11, subject "Tho
Crown of Creation;" brotherhood at
3; youg pcoplo'a meeting at 7, and
preaching at 8, subject "Tho Right
Cholco at tho Parting: of tho Ways."
Wednesday evening, prayer meeting
at 8, the regular business meeting
Immediately after. Thursday even
ing, the Sunday school choir meets at
7 and tho regular church choir at
Church of the llrcthrcu.
Services Sunday, .fay 4, at 3 p.
m.. at tho Baptist Church. All aro
welcome. Ira II. Fox, minister.
In i:inht Mouths Her Illnck Ijuik-
fchiuiH nnd Hhodo Islam! lleds Have
Paid Over $1(1(1 Offer of K(K
1'or Two Softool Children.
Services next Sunday at tho regu
lar hour, 10:30 a. m conducted by
the pastor, Hot. Father Luke Shce-
Special services at the Star Thoa
tre Sunday, May 4, at 11 a. m. and
7:45 p.m. Subject, morning. "Truth
and Freedom;" suDjcct, evening,
"The Value ot Introspection." C.
H. Hunter will play a trombone soo
at the morning service. The choir
and orchestra will meet Thursday
evening at 8 o'clock at the home ot
A. C. Lucas.
To holders ot school warrants:
Crook County school district No.
12 hereby calls for redemption all
outstanding warrants. Interest
ceases from this date.
H. E. ALLEN, Cicrk,
April 30, 1913. Hend, Oregon.
Although the residents of lloml lu
general seem to havo little apprecia
tion ot tho protlts to bo derived from
poultry keeping, as recent Investiga
tions of Tho Uullntin havo shown,
tlioro aro n few who havo takon ad
vantage or local conditions nnd mado
extromoly good records, as wot! as
profit. Ono ot them Is Mm. a. W.
Shrlnor, wlfo of tho deputy game
A year ago Mrs. Shrlnor, who had
had Utile experience In keeping lions,
decided to try n small tlock for tho
Interost there might bo lu tho export
mont as woll as tho financial gains.
Uollovlng In making n beginning In
tho right way, Mrs. Shrlnor paid high
prices for thu beat thoroughbred
Ulack iLangshan ana Ithodo Island
Hod eggs sho could got, In souio In
stances paying as high as 50 conts
an egg, and from these hatched about
?o of each breed, halt pullots and
cockerels. In flvo months and a half
the pullots had begun to lay and they
kept on laying right through the win
ter. Since December Mrs. Shrlnor
has had from seven to ntno doicn
eggs a week and for noarly two
months of that tlmo has hsd a mar
ket for all sho could furnish at 60
cents a doxen.
With tho beginning of tho hatch
Ing season, Mrs. Shrlnor advortisod
sottlngs of eggs for sale In the clas
sified column of The Bulletin. Somo
20 settings were sold In llcnd and a
number ot sales wore mado to peo
ple In nearby towns. Using the par
cels post, sho sent eggs to La Pluo,
Powell Iiutto and otner towns. Two
settings went In this manner to a
friend In California.
Mrs. Bhrlncr estlmitcs that since
her pullots began laying last fall sho
has sold $120 worth of tholr prod
ucts and In addition sho lias used In
her own homo at least $40 worth of
eggs ami mtmt.
In ordor to nrouso mora Interest In,
tho poultry contest, Mrs. Bhrlncr of
fers two settings for children who
Havo not been nblo to enter because
ut Inability to procuro onus. Rho
will give n sotting of Illnck LnugHhun
oggs to a boy and ono ot Hhodo Is
land Hods (o n girl.
One reason for Mrs. Bhrlnor's suc
cess, sho tools, Is that every morn
ing sho gives tho birds warm water
and warm food. Asldu from this,
bIiq has no regular feeding schodulo.
Attendance nt the Three AvcragCM
More Ttiiui SJOO.
Tho Sunday schools of lloml aro
having a remarkably largo attend
ance this spring, thiiro now bolng
moro children and grown-ups going
than over before. Tho llaptlut, Moth
odlst and Presbyterian churches each
has a school which incuts every Sun
day morning.
Tho llaptlut, which Is tho oldest
and which was formerly a union or
sanitation, Is tho largest. On Hun
day, April 20, tho attondanco broke
all previous records, thu 100 mark
being reached. A year ago thu at
tondanco was 09, nnd recently tho
pupils who wero In tho school at that
time wore found to bo only 16, show
ing a big gain In now members. Tho
iiaptlsts have n cradle roll and homo
department, bringing thu uurollmout
to 178.
During tho past month the average
attendance, at thu Mothodlst School
has been about 57. Tho total enroll
ment Is 72, giving a high perceutnge
oi attendance.
Tho Presbyterian school Is also In
a thriving condition despite the fnct
that It hna had obstacles to overcomo
In the way of meeting placo, the new
church not yet being complotcd. On
last Sunday the attendance was 52,
this being about tho average figure.
Hilliard, Gibb & Juliussen
smKuuim, WALL. nuifiPiNO and
foundation construction. Utt jm nut In n w:
mont Milownlk for yjui now. Kvuryonn oM to
"Ifi "POrN' IT."
Stop Paying Rent
KITNVUYTi k on'y 10 min wak rom
' V t VA the business center of Bend
ljMM'T is the best view property
" VVly on tne market and is bound
to be the most valuable residence property in Bend
W trWXJtafVr has sidewalks, water and w uun electric light8
K"l?MJ prices and terms are the
IIM1 TV JJU best ofrered in Bend
Buy a lot in Kenwood; we will make the terms to
suit you. The money you are paying for rent now
will in a very short time make you the owner of a
W. E. 8cott legan a logging con
tract Saturday for The llcnd Com
pany, using a big trsct'on onglno, Ho
will haul from tho woods to the
company's mill 5,000,000 feet of
timber, which Is being cut about
thrco miles west of tho mill, noar
tho brickyard. Mr. Scott has four
big trucks to be used with the engine.
Two will be loaded wbllo tho others
aro convoying logs to tho mill. Mr.
Scott has employed about a doxen
Auto Trucks
Operating Regularly Between
List your farm and city property
with me. I will make an honest
effort to sell It. C. V. HILVIB Adv.
For quick sale list your property
with lionimeekrn I.anil Co. We can
sell It If the price Is right. Adv. fltf
ii'ewcomers should got the habit
of going to Inncs & Davidson's har
bor shop. Adv.
Pi) M
Ojegorfand & Immigration Go
J. Ryan, Agehjt
m .
-.- t- -
In the Circuit Court of the 8tato or
Oregon for Crook County.
Tho First National Hank of Ilond, a
Corporation, plaintiff, vs. J. H.
Iloan, J. F. Doan and A. C. Lucas,
To J. F. Uoan. abovo named defen
In the name of tho Stato of Ore
gon: You aro boroby required to ap
pear and answer tho complaint of tho
plaintiff Died against you In tho
above untitled action within ton days
from the dute of tho service of tho
samo upon you If served within this
county or if served within any other
county In this state then within
twenty days from thu date or tho sor
vlco of tho tamo upon you or If sorv-
cd UIKin Vol! Iv tititillftntlnii thnrnif
'then on or before tho 8th day of May,
1913, and you aro hereby notified
that If you fall so to appear and an
swer for want thereof tho plaintiff
will apply to tho court for tho relief
prayed for In the complaint on fllo
herein, to-wlt:
For a docrco that tho convcyanco
NW!4 of tho 8W4 of Stc. 27, Tp.
17 8., It. 12 B W. M., to J. F. Ilcan
be declared fraudulent nnd void as
against this plaintiff and that thu
said J. II. Ilcan bo declared to hold
tho said proporty tn trust for said
defendant J. II. Uoan and his credi
tors. That tho conveyance of NWK
of NEK and NH or NW
and Lot 1 of Sec. 7 and BW
of 8BV4 of Sec. 0, all in
Tp. 13 8., H. 11 K., W. M., to A. C.
Lucas be decreed fraudulent and void
as against this plaintiff and that tho
said defendant A. O. Lucas bo decreed
to hold this proporty In trust for the
defendant J. II. Uoan and his credi
tors. And that tho said J. F. Doan and
A. C. Lucas account under the di
rection of this court fur all of tho
property aforesaid so convoyed to
them and that said property bo sold
nnd tho procoods of said salo bo ap
pllod to tho satisfaction of plaintiff's
Judgment and that tho plaintiff havo
Judgment against said dofondants for
tho costs and disbursements ot this
suit and for such other and furtbor
rollof as to tho court may scorn Just
and equitable
This summons is sorvod upon you
by publication thoroof In Tho Dond
Uulletln, n weekly newspaper or gon
oral circulation published at Ilond,
Crook county, Oregon, for six succes
sive weeks by ordor ot the Hon. O.
upringor. judgo or tho county court
In and tor Crook county, Oregon,
Said order being made and entered
the 20th day of, March, 1913, In the
above oauso and this summons Is
published and dated for the first
Jones and Renshaw
PAINTS 15 cents to $1.75 per gallon.
Wall paper 10 cents nnd up per bolt.
Felt $1.75 to $2.00 per roll. Glass,
varnish, stain, oil nnd everything in the
paint nnd pnper line.
We will paint or paper your house
cheap nnd guarantee the work.
When Your
Home is Burning Up
your nolRhbors will nil stnnd nround
until it ia n llttlu pile of ashes, then
walk olT, nnd thorn will ho nothing
left standing- hut tho chimneys nnd
mc. I ro right after your money.
My Companies all pay Iomch cash,
no waitliiK or parleying. I keep
up with your policy; thnt'n my
business nnd my only business,
Thai's Why I am Your Friend Allcr (be Fire.
I Deschutes Addition I
to bend l
is one of the choice residence
parts of the town. If you are J
looking for AN ATTRACTIVE
INVESTMENT, you should
see the owners of this proper- X
ty who are old-time residents
here. Lots that are close In
to the business part of town
from $250 to $400
We also deal In Farm and
Timber Lands
t.tti.i'i ,, '4-
st .
l', (
Office 1st Sather Urlck Culldlsg
time this 26th 4sy ot March,, 181.3.
'fct '.. . -.... . ,, j. ,, . , .,
t- Attorney for Plaintiff.