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TAOR 12.
Crone Pralrlo Wire N ltclnjr StrtitiK
to Trees Public Will Ito Allow oil
to Uko It Without Chnrjjo Spur
to Top of Round Mountain
Forest Supervisor Morrltt reports
that, work on tho forest servlco tolo-
iPhono lino to Crone Pralrlo Is pro-
KfesInK rapidly. All of tho material
Is now on the ground and n crew of
six men is at work. The crew Is In
chargo of Hanger Rlls and Is com
posed of Mansers Curl and Hrlnkloy,
Forest Assistant Sproat and threo
temporal? men. Tho tine Is about IS
miles In length, extending from
Crane Pralrlo to the Ills River ranger
station, which Is already connected
to tho Pioneer Telephone & Tele
graph Co.'a line at a point about 3
miles south of Harper. Already sev
eral miles of right of way havo been
cleared, tho trees trimmed and part
of tho wire strung.
The line is suspended from trees
for nearly Its entire length, and Js
being so constructed that the wire
will not break even though largo
trees should fall across it during n
storm, thus making it dependable at
all times of tho year. It is an ex
tremely Important line since it con
trols so large a territory in which
there Is more than normal flro dan
ger on account of the many campers
and others who frequent this excel
lent camping region each summer.
A spur will extend up Round Moun
Ing fires aud by moans of well plan
ned lookout points counectod with
pntrol stations by telephone. Tho
Crano Prntrlo Hue is but ono of many
that tho forest service, expects to
build for this purpose. Another such
lino was constructed last year to tho
Bummlt of Hlnck Dutto In tho Mo
tollus river country.
Ouiveiiloiit For tho Public.
Not only will this lino bo of vnluo
for flro projection but for other mat
ters of forest administration as well,
and what Is of vastly greater personal
Interest to tho public, as n public con
venience. Tho forest service plans
en so placing their phono Instrument
that It will bo accessible to any ono
desiring to tto It. Thus campers or
others at the pralrlo niny keep In
communication with tho outside
world. No chargo will bo mado by
tho forest servlco for such ubo of
their phono and line, although,, of
course, tho regular oxchango chargo
will bo mado by tho Pioneer Com
pany for tho ubo of Its portion of the
servlco to llend and other points.
and pay his flno.
Mr. Sherman Is Justice of tho ponce
at FIfo nn well aH United StateB com
missioner. In view of tho ovldenco
against him, (tovornor West, nctliw
through v Doputy District Attorney
Wirtx has demanded his resignation
of tho Btnto onlco,
Plalnvlcw Literary Society Presents
Play at taldUuv.
Several llend people attended the
play and dance given at Laldlaw Sat
urday night by tho Plnlnvlcw l.ltorary
Society. The amateurs wcro greet
ed by a large houso, thoro not being
even enough standing room. A neat
sum wob clonrcdby tho performers,
which will bo devoted to building
social hall at Plalnvlow. Charles It.
Powclson has donated land for a
site and Robort Davis wilt cut tho
logs free of chargo nt his sawmill,
the literary club raising monoy by
Its histrionic work for buying other
equipment. Already a good start
has licon mado.
Among those who took part In tho
play Saturday night, which was en
titled "More Illunders Than One,"
wero C. R. Powclson, Robert Davis,
Miss Davis and Miss Violet McKIn-
ney. After tho play Miss Myrtlo
Scoggln gavo two recitations, Ralph
tain to the south of Crano Pralrlo ' launbeck sang a solo and Mrs. Flor
wagon road for tho use of lookout. cnc Powclson and Miss Mlidron Scsa
- men. From the summit of tnis pcaK
nearly all the southern end of the
- Deschutes National Forest is visible,
and one man there can do more effic
ient work in locating and reporting
fires than could several elsewhere.
It is the experience of those who
have fought forest flro in this region
that It the flro Is reached tho same
day in which it starts, it seldom does
any material damage, nor Is it ex
pensive to extinguish. The aim of
the forest service and of cooperative
tlmbermen this year will be to reach
and extinguish all fires the same day
o'n 'which they start. This can only
Ito accomplished effectively by the
hearty cooperation of tho public in
preventing, reporting or extlngulsh-
of llend rendered a duct.
A. K. Murphy, of Harney County Re
llghtetl with Quick Shipments.
A. H. Murphy, who operates a H 00
aero ranch In Harney county near
Iron Mountain, nud who wns hero
yesterday, had a lot of nice things to
say about llend and tho treatment tho
Oregon Trunk Railway has given his
"it took Just threo days to get my
stuff from Portland to llend," said
Mr Murphy "Thoro certainly Is noth
ing tho tnnttor with tho railroad ser
vlco you follows get, and It's also
true that wo folks over In Harney
are fortunate In- having such a good
railroad point."
Mr. Murphy is an old friend of J.
P. Rogers, suporintendont of tho O.
T., they having been tllllcums In
Montana and Alaska. On his ranch
Mr. Murphy has a complete Irriga
tion project, and ho Is making many
Itnprovements and developments.
Tho ninety-fourth anniversary of
tho founding of Odd Fellowship In
America, at Haltlmore, was com
memorated by tho llend lodge Mon
day evening with appropriate exer
cises. Tho Rcbekahs were present,
and following tho program refresh
ments of enko and ico cream wcro
served. After this there was danc
ing for an hour or so.
For tho next week I will soil all
milliner goods at cost. Ladles, now
is the time to buy a hat. Come early
beforo tho stock is nil plckod over.
On corner next door to old postomce
quarters. ' Adv 8
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m( I 1&V$ "IIT tu s wstisrewgn j
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I vuorA r? r i w c
tVitnrK fowtn ITwatsTsTwi
The Uiul l rlh. lti tlcnle iti foimi
Hon iiotock.U ttvtl, hat k"1 trlnKf, mut rcUrtit iltliiklitR wlr
iirvftilmxrlltdi Mfrct TlielttUtnl lnl Willi txrwtuM Ur lijlit
nn t urthnl nt t jA.eo xrat on tiy Irrmt Th unouixllnc pln iurtini iiiouiilalni rr full ut iiklumt mumiUi unit Jut lh 4ttv
for vmallun La Itn l only about (wu jrn iiM, tul uruMliix tilly II haa a tlihon ijtUiu. Iwu kuwI holcla, mu til( (rncra
rorrchamtlw at, tr. a Aril cUtollrrry ami lrl ataMr, aiillrnl nwipr llhr I. a Una Inlrr Mountain), our of Mi inuat i0(ttaflrv
nnnrnrrviaiTiuiM in inriar aiui inia emu. or in way, na ua uwn Muttfiy an,i in mii rar recifu invrrun in aiivaKiivr cimu rii.i4U'
Thn at Inft amall aaw nulla In Ihr vicinity 11IU rinr. whlh l Jut III lK(lnnluKr the ll( lunitwtlnf ami mllllnf lnilna mat
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roMl otwnluwa In nianur,rtii,liiir ami Mhir tmkintfta liitr hff In nlurallunal lualltia Iji liac u tirovftaal, II has
a ttn-ctKlnol park Inlht htt of 'liilil(iir arrtlon.antl now ttk(huluinlwtlth Rtailr A Caiholkchurih will Iwlll hi
Ihliaptlnf and other at plaunlnc loitatllb thiiitl,c Iji line haa orcr imuo available ilrUrlC hula xiwrr winch Ihr
nwncia nT rummrncru muiniop, ami wnicn aion woum uuiii! a aeon aiimcily Tn ui( (ta 01 lann laim iruxnary tu i.a nn -wouki
Ion tmltilanit maintain Kwal alrrl tlly. That lratao( inula rlllbmaiy In M fin wunM alon bulM .! lrl ttly. With Hi
hiK rallinad ayatrnta to M I'lm which will b aooii, ilcttloruiicnl In ami aiuumt l.a I'm will l rapid.
Ur .Nor.. N ! . O V- U ftN ami V kti. Vou nn mikt nu t. burli
tallroada. uihcraarilolnii It. why not UV WAKIt VV lolhr ( thai a aolnl, wtlMoralof town In o of Ih kikiiI ami UM Mitluna
romlu ollht two!
can b rrachnl na Or Nor.,
La I'm
nc of ihr
Jury Has Its Hands Full
(Continual from rage One)
Cliarlcs A. Slieniinn of Fife Cliargctl
With Violation of Game Imw.
Acting under Instructions from
District Deputy Gamo Warden Clyde
McKay, Deputy Warden Shrlnor last
Thursday arrested Charles A. Sher
man of Fife on a chargo of violating
the game laws by having in his pos- Mrs. L. II. Kerwood, charged with
session part of a deer. Although tho unlawfully soiling and disposing of
trial has not yet been held. It Is un- mortgaged chattels or personal
derstood that tho defendant has ad- property. Sho is held to appear be-
rattled tho truth of tho chargo against fore tho f.rand Jury under it $500
him and when tried will plead guilty bond, the order having been made
Garrett, who was on parolo at tho
time, suffered his parolo to bo re
voked and has lieen released after
serving his full sontenco to faco an
other trial next month.
She Trlc-tl High Finance.
Another caso of Interest is that of
of the Northwrat 11 laiund toarow ranldlv ami that molarity tatura will rtimb amiidlHalv
only a few itollata r rauulh on each lut Vou don't wlaa Ih money, but you aoon acijuli taluabU iruarty
lrlrra bow from turn un. Tli Itfma atrtaiv-
.- - w- .- -. - , - - r '
wrn twiay lor iai, juKta
HcllaU agenta, wllh oo) bank rtfefneca. waatrtl In all arlaof Ih Uullrd Slalra.
by tho Prlnovlllo Justice. A. II.
Among the minor offenses Is tho
ono charged against Frank Coffman
of Madras for obtaining monoy under
false pretonso; X. K. Nlssen of Mad
ras, charged with vlotatlcn of thn
quarantine laws establlihrd against
small-pox by tho health Ixiard this
winter. Doth tho foregoing defend
ants havo been In Jail, not being ablo
to give londs, for several months.
Former Deputy Sheriff Nick Ilahn Is
also accused before the grand Jury
of malicious destruction of personal
property, having destroyed n largo
looking glnsa in the tho hotel at Mu
tollus, It Is alleged. Ho Is under a
$100 bend. Alt these cases were
certified to the circuit court by
Justice J. 11. Jackson of Madras.
Untidy Wllh Pitchfork.
From Redmond thoro Is tho caso
of State of Oregon vs. lleaaluy,
charged with assault with a danger
ous weapon, ha having struck C. II.
Fry with a pitchfork during an alter
catlcn. breaking tho arm o( Mr, Fry.
F. I J. Ilroslus, a satoonmaii of
Prlnovlllo Is held under bonds by
tho local Justice for selling lluor to
a minor. Albort Illrdsong.
M. A. Robinson has been hold to
the grand Jury by Justice Walker of
Redmond on a ohargo of obtaining
money by false pretenso In panting
checks without having funds to meet
them. Robinson Is In Jail In default
of ball. .
PitlU (Inn In Hchool.
William Pause!!, a youth from
Camp Creek country, Is hold to th(
grand Jury for flourishing n gun In
tho face of Kdgar Powell, a schooj
teacher, after the lattor had ex i el I oil
tho youngster from school.
For tho moil part llend bus been
free from any serious crlinu thin
winter. Weaver and Messlnger wero
taken at llend and hound ovor to thn
grand Jury on tho first charge foundf
against them, that of larceny from nf '
houiftstoador cabin, by Justlrn
Orcutt. Thero have been minor illf-
Acuities at llend but no work for thn
grand Jury as for as Is known nt
this Utc.
-- ----- -
a ---- - ---
We have so many inquiries from people wanting bo rent, small houses,
which we cannot furnish them, that in-order to encourage building to
meet this growing demand we have selected a limited number of our
inside residence lots which we will sell at the following prices and on
very easy terms of payment:
A , , , .
A , , , ,
1 , . , ,
20 Lots in Park Addition at $150.00 Each lLi
20 Lots in Center Addition at $200.00 Each f""
These are all nice large lots 50 foot frontage and most of them
140 feet deep. Large enough for a home and a good garden. They are
all available to city water and electric light and close to sidewalks. Come
and see us about these lots if you want a bargain.
The Bend Company
D. E. HUNTER, Real Estate Manager
c l
t "
. "
., .. i,
, , ii
.. .1,