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    tiik URN!) nvuhnrts, iiknd, wkiwichdav, apiul jo, join.
Central Oregon Savant Unearths
Record of Oregon's First Native Son,
Which Throws Light on First
Chapters of State's Development
Htmit Ih nonr tho cniitor of tlinHerHt. my natural ttioitowty couplotl
urlKlmil olvllUntloti. I'nln, mm 'f
Alllllll, HIIW till) Nltll of lloiitl Wllllll um
nifornmrH ilrlvo liliu from tlm Kiiiin-
ti country. At Innnt. no any n llmnl
writer In tho folluwlnu iirtlcln which
npptmred In tho Omxoii Journal,
I'ortlnnil. of Sunday. April 1:
Hpurrml to Hctlnn by thn nniiiiuiico
liiciit of tho nliiKnl pnihUtorlu ilia
iovrlew of I'rof. Mullock of liar
vnril. iih piihllahd III I'ortliiml pnpurH
noun) wmikn iiko, it Central OroKoii
nnvniit, I'rofciiHor V. It. Knay. llm
viiilnunt nrchicoloKliil of Hhnnlko
lata. Iihm thrown off III" Inherent
.iclfiitlllc niudnal mill today kiivu to
llm worlil n pitrtliil alory of IiIn iik
loutiilliiK Mlt'llcnl llinl 'iniiilo uunr
Intro I'rofcwior llalloek, It will Im
rciiiitiiilKircit, clalma thnt Im him lo
cated tho lout city or Knoch. Imllt hy
('Mil, tlm Hon of Ailnm, mtnr lClnm
iith I'ltlln, I'rofcioior Knny mil forth
facta Hint amplify tlm tntiuimnUt
of tlm fnmoim IVnbody Mimciiin ex
pert, nnd no iloiiht will cnmtii a ntorm
if lutormt In aclniitlflo clrclra.
In brief, tlm monl lntnrcKlliiK docu
incut of tlm nK" I" claimed to huvo
f rcn liroiiKhl to IlKht. It In tlm diary
of Oil n Through tlm fortimiitit ill"
mvery of it key to tlm ImiKiiitKo In
which It In written tlm worlil U now
Klvrn it unique nml Intimate InalKiil i ,,,. ,27th t,rtti.iny Inxt week
iiiiii riiiiuiunim iiihi iminciniuoijr ,,..m(o ,(r n(w ,ht,Hth nwn of
la t:il tlm l.lrth of man. Alao tho ,IIVI1I wtn UmU-K ,,0WI1 ,r,j(,r. j
diary eatablluhe mini proof of I'm-1 ,,,,,,,-j ,,,, t ,,,,, , Kv kpi,
with my illNiiiNtii for publicity Iiiih
uiiiinimI mo to wltholil It. It Ih trim
Mint I mIho fonrml honin crltlclMii of
my vornclty. Hut now that my im
tiiiiiiiitit contemporary llutlock Iiiin
iiiiiiIiiIiIh ritport. nml ovoryono In wty-
Iiik ho Ih it liar. It hdiiiiih diwlrnhlii
to puhllah tlm nmiilln of my ro
MimrchoH mill ho coum to tlm niHitim
of my fnllow miffiirur In tho realm of
On mm point nloim do I illffor. Mul
lock iniiliititlnH Unit tlm (lnrilitn of
Kllltll WIIH MltlllltVll In "i L'ontlimutiil
rKlon." known iih TiiIii, which hiiIi
Hinimntly wnn hurled beneath tho
HitiiH. Thnt Ih lncorrict. A footnoto
In Oiln'n ilitlry (wliono private nntiiro
provouta um from trntiHlntliiK It) ox
proiudy atatea thnt tlm orlKlnnl (Jar
iliin wan In OrtiKon. If miyono douhta
It, thity nro referred for moilitrn vurl
llcntlon to tlm Oregon Alumnae nml
otlmr publication of tlm Htiito liiiinl
Krutlon nKi'iit.
.Mr. t'nlii Hpciikn I'or MlniHcIf,
Ho I will lot Cnlii Hpcnk for him
Hitlf. tlm following parncrnpliH holiiK
vitrlintlm trmnilntloiiH from IiIn illnry:
"Tula, February 0 -Tho rnlny
MtHKon linn iit In. I'atlwr complalua
of rhoiimatlMii. nml apimkH florcoly
ri'KartlliiK whnl Im call Oregon mixta.
I four Im Ih axing Mother "till lookH
Ilko n Klrl, although nlm rolobratetl
go out nml Kot n homoatondt
"Koliriinry 10. I've hooii thinking.
A (In in told mn how to think, although
Im mild I wouldn't ovor hnvo to do It
If I jiiHt wnntod to ko to NomotliliiK
ho ciillml tlm Hlitto LiiKlHlnturo. Kit
tlmr In nlwnyH tnlkltiK nhoiit HiIiikh
I don't iindnrHtitud, It mtouiH iih If
Im wiih lookltiK iihuiid ami could hco
thliiKH that will coiiio to piiHH hull
ilrodii of yuarn lator.
Ho (it.'lM llm C'oIoiiInI Idea,
"Knhriliiry 20. ThltikliiK nKnln.
What wo pood Imro Ih population.
You can't hnvo dovolopnmnt without
IKioplu, and diivolopiimiit InuroiiKiiH
laud Valium. Adam nn)H IncrniiHliiK
land valiicH will provo it lind IiiihIiikmh
and that moiiid day koiiio oiio will
HprliiK tlm HIiikIo Tax Idmt and try
to Kot a coiiHllttitlouul mimudmout.
Hut Dad HiiyH It won't work. Don't
know what to do aliout It.
"March 1.- Katlmr hnd nuothur
iitio of IiIh droamy Hpojla today. Hald
Im could foo what would tm hnppun
Iiik thoiiHiiiiilH of yoarn from now.
That alwayH makcH him fnnl Idim.
When tlm old iiihii KotH thnt way I
humor him mid ho I Untuned whllo Im
told um that away iiIoiik I" l"""
folkn wouldn't liollovn wo ovor lived
or that thuro ovor wiih ii pjacn called
tlm Oardun of Kd"ii. Tiiai maim nun
mad. Mo told nm to wrlt down
firnior Mallock'ii contntlonn and n-
tcioviH nny vchIIko of douht thnt tlm
Klnmnth country wnn tlm flmt homo
of civilization. Ah n matter of Ma to
irldu llm lltorary hnrltaKO of Oro
Kin flmt natlvo hoii Ih vantly vnlu
it'ile. nnd Ih helUK clonrly Kunrdud In
tlm vault if n local Imuk.
Oilu h illnry In written on copper.
It. Koumhnw thnt hoy Alio) nlwnyn
Ki'lH ahead of lint.
"Knlirunry 10. Tho untiirnl ro
noureoN of thU plnco are wonderful,
Init Admn nay they don't compnro
with IiIn old iiinrterH In tlm Onrden
of Kdiiu. Thnro It wnmi't niceniutry
to Irrigate at nil, ho Hay. Mo In fun-
!iiy nhout Kdnn doeHn't Ilko to ll
Dad'a too wlau for mo."
Morn n niimlnir of tho coppor
platen of hlnroKlyphlcH nro iiiIhhIiik.
I proHiimu they woro dcHtroyod or
loHt, Tho nurrntlvo apparently In
again tnkon up it hundrod yearn lator.
In tho Interim Cain had heon cant
forth from tho homo of Adam nnd
IiIh wmidnrlriKH had taken him to
Klamath county, where ho founded
tho city of Knoch, dcNcrlbcd hy pro
fcHxor Mullock. If I nm able to (Un
cover tlll'HO IIIInhIhK pdKOH an I
think 1 may tho ntory of tho devel
opment of tho race prevloua to tho
Kloiid will ho complete. If iiuc
ccHHful I plan to give tho prlcelcHK
record to Heed College In I'ortlnnil.
HiiMy. J
Tin I'lrnt Knocker Knocked,
"AiiKUHt I. Woll, that Ih over,
anyway! Ahul wiih a knocker nod I
had to do It. I 'hated to, for it fol
low geta attached to IiIh brother
after living together two centurion.
After tho row I had to move, nnd fell
In with it lot of people and we came
down here Into tho land of Nod, and
hulk a city which I called Knoch. for
my olditHt noil. I forgot to any I got
"I often wonder how father Ih get
ting on. Me wiih 900 yearn old when
I lant heard of him. l,ant night I
dreamed that the time will come
what I did. ho thero'd ho a record for when liiHtead of killing peoplo they
future generatloiiN and no one could will ho put In prUon for life. Think
doulit my word. Hald I would, hut of being Jailed for ho many years!
don't hub where Hiohh future Ketiern- "December 25. Tho other day wo
tloiiH are coining from. TIiiiI'h n formed the flrat commercial club In
myHtery to me. And how the douce the world. There wnn n glorloua
nro we going to Ret linmlgrnntH? meeting and line RpeochcH. Hut when
"March 11. (lot an Idea. I'll get It came to paying tho ducn there waa
married' Father hcoiiih to have a row. My ninth wife sayn wo'vo not
made n hiiccchh of It, ho why ahould- an example that nlways will ho fol
u't n I lowed. Thnt'B tho worst of being
"March 12. Durn Ahol. Mo haa a .forefather; everything ono does
the mnrryltiK Idea, too.
"March IK. Abel Ih after my
girl. He'd better look out.
"May 3. Not much fun Hipbo
days. The old man mndo um ko out
nnd till tho fields. Abel tends sheep.
I'd rather till sheep that) tend fields.
I'sther talks about the bnck-to-lbe-laud
movement, hut It doesn't look
good to me.
Ktc Turn Over New l.ciivr.
Ih an example. It's a nuisance.
Karllcftt Irrigation In Oregon.
"January 23. Things nro happen
ing fast these days. Yesterday n man
enmo to mo explaining that tho way
to make money wan to start an Ir
rigation company. Mo Hald that ns I
owned nil the land there wns, It
would bo easy: nil I had to do was
to make tho settlers put up tho cash,
then Kimnd It on what ho Hald would
"May 9. Sunday, nnd I don't hnvo wo would call 'organization expenses'
to work. Talked t Dad about tho and leave tho settlers to finish the
marrying Idea. Mo Just grunted, project. Hut JiiHt then I was busy
Asked hi in what n woman was made with a plan to keep our peoplo from
of nnd he said, 'Hpare ribs." I didn't going to Canada, ho I told him not
understand, but never let 911. Asked to bother me. Another crank had a
him what a man was made of, nod ho Hchemo to keep the home folks pros-
said, 'A woman thinks a man Is made t porous; It was n poor year for tho
and wns found by Professor Kasy In lrM n(((, njyof ol( , w,y ,, ,f,
n invo tnni wmiis miner um in,ii nllr 1 ilnlirii him -, ,ihi.r
tlclds stirrouiidliiK Uva buttn. n ,,, , ,,, ol, ,l(iyil ,, ,,y
prominent hill hoiii.i 10 miles south lMl ,,,,. nXmil nllw mt ,mt
of Hcud Tlm report Ih nn follows: , ,,, tllnkltm. u h,.nm thftl
Hy l'nfror r. It, hn)-, of llm npiln nnd n serpent hnd HomethluK
4'nnik Count)- AlitlmiM)logUnl
i:pfrliiiciil Hlntlon.
Whllo long In possession of this
to do with the move, i'crhaps ho
hnd trouble with the Apple Orowent'
Union, and that's why they made him
Sand jand Gravel
Plastering Sand.
Concrete Sand.
Roofing Gravel.
Concrete Gravel.
Road Material.
Sidewalk Material.
All Material Washed nnd Screened.
Bolton, Ruetenik and May
Heiul, Oregon
of money, son.' Me Is soro these days
because Kvo Is getting queer Ideas
about dresses. Uho'a nlwnyn wnntlng
to turn over n now leaf and Father
thinks that Is nwfully extravagant.
Me says two Rood outfits of loaves Is
nil anyone needs. Tho other day ho
told her that n wife should bo natl
lied to live In tho stylo she was nc
customed U before marriage, nnd
when she asked him If ho know what
she wns nccustomed to ho told her
never to nrguo n question.
AiIuiii'h flu fill, An fill I'iiii.
"Mny IB. I nsked Dad today what
Kvo wns mndo for. 'Adam's express
company.' said ho, nnd It wns tho
(Irst time I'd seen him grin since tlm
dny Abel poked his hand In tho flro
to nen what It wns Ilko, yearn before.
Mo said to mark today red In my
diary, because thai wan tho first pun
ovor mndo. Mo also said thnt n cou
ple of thousand years from now a
thing called an editor would kill
a man If ho to repent It. Mo
said nonm day when the world got
really clvlllied there would bo n law
against puns. Hut thnt pun sot him
thinking altout an animal ho called
an exprHM company. I didn't under
stand much of It. hut gathered that
an exprtMHt company Is n sort of oc
topus thnt some day will mate with
a boast cnllod tho hlgh-cost-of-llvlng;
Its grontest enemy will ho n quarrel
some niilmnl named parcot-post.
White Orpington Chickens
Thoroughbred Blue Ribbon Winners
Settings of Eggs nnd Unrelated
Breeding Stock.
These chickens laid before Roinpr, to the
Poultry Show, laid at the Poultry Show
anil are still laying. Get your orders
Bend, Ore.
hunters, and his Idea wan to put a
tariff on Igunnadun nnd other dino
saur hides so that hunters from other
districts couldn't bring thorn In nnd
undersell our men. I started tho
tariff and ever since there has been a
row nnd the common people nay tho
privileged classes got all tho host of
It. Thoy say they want a tariff com
mission and n special schedule on
stoneware. Mfe Is getting nwfully
"March 10. Spring heftro last n
man started n newspaper horo. Mo
calls It tho Knochonlnn. It conies out
on co every year nnd la a nowsy sheet.
It In cut on stono tabletn that are
very convenient; the other day a man
killed his mother-in-law with ono
of them.
"July 4. 1 havo becomo a promot
er. Somehow Adam (slnco ho sees
what tho world Is coming to, he's
not na soro about my trouhlo with
Abel nn ho used to be) got wind of
the matter and wrote mo; he nays
the tlmo will come whon they'll build
n penitentiary for promoters, what
ever that Is. So 1 called him up
nnd explained, hut the old man never
entirely approved. The scheme Is
to sell orchard tracts and wo'vo
named tho corporation tho Knoch
Orchards Land Company. Father
asked' If wo could ralso applos ho
thinks he Is home export on applos
after tho Hden Incident- nnd I told
him of courso wa couldn't, hut that
It didn't matter, because nil wo
wanted wnn tho money. Mo accused
mo of being crookod, hut I said It
didn't look nny worse to tnu than
stealing forbidden fruit. That made
him mad nnd ho rung off,
HklunliiK llio OrlKlnnl Hcttlcra.
"Augunt 2. Company groat hiic
cchh. Hettiorn coming in iasi.
"August 11. Trouhlo. Hottlcrn
find Homo of tho orchard Innd Is un
der wnler nnd some of It on tho lavn
fields, Thoy innko ridiculous com
plalnta. Thoy nnnoy mo.
"August 20. Moro trouhlo. In
fact, I'm having an awful tlmo. A
letter from Adam snyn ho hoard tho
federal authorities nro nfter tno. Tho
settlers havo formed nn association
and Homo of them today got out tho
world's (lrst petition. I find that u
petition In nn affair that makes ev
eryone think that ho known moro
about running things than tho peoplo
do who are running thorn. That's
why thoy nro popular nnd ovorybody
signs thorn. Tho day after tho first
ono there were 102 of thorn on tho
ntreetn. Ono In nddrofsed to tho
governor and asks him to Investigate
tho moral condition of Knoch, which
In bad I mean, tho petition Is.
"Hoptembor 7. What do you
know about that? Tho governor
wired mo to resign. Shan't do It.
Mo must bo a relative of mine, and I
won't let a relative boss mo.
"September 9. Noah's Ark! Kv
oryonc has turned on mo. Now
they've got out a recall petition and
Wllllarnn Jennings Hums, tho fam
ous Hlbllcal detective, la on my trail.
History Is being made fnst these days
hut that doesn't help mo at all.
"September 10. Hurncd my led
gers. Going to leave.
The I. tickle I'rrlilxldotcrous.
"Bcptembor ll.-On tho road north.
Left nil hut 11 of my wives, for a
man enn't ho too careful In a matter
of thin kind. Itnn over a prehlxldo
toroun that weighed four tons hut
left him In the road.
"September 12. Horrors! Wo nro
pursued. An I write, my faithful
men are equipping the pcrtablo fly
ing machine. Theso may ho ray last
words that over wilt reach futuro
generations. I nm standing upon
tho top of a steep volcanic cone. He
low mo lies a beautiful river and n
great body of timber. If It were not
for those petitioners and that or
chard scandal, I'd start another city
down there, for it looks awfully good
to mo. It has takcu four hours
to scratch thoso last words upon the
brass. My men will hide this diary
noarhy. Good-bye. world of tomor-
iow I nm off ."
And thun, abruptly, ends this
fragment of Cain's diary, and tho re
mainder of Ita remarkable story la
lost to humanity, unless Professor
Mallock perchance discovers missing
pages among tho reported finds of the
ruins of Knoch. Kasy.
Wowcomors should got tho habit
of going to Innos & Davidson' bnr-
hor shop. Adr.
I-'or quick nalo list your property
with liomrwcckr Lnml Co. Wo can
sell It If tho prlco Is right. Adr. fitf
Local peoplo nro surprised nt tho
QUICK results received from slmplo
buckthorn hark, glycerine, etc., nn
mixed In Adter-l-kn, tho Gorman ap
pendicitis remedy. Tho Patterson
Drug Co. ntatcn that thin slmplo rem
edy nntlsoptlcUcs the- digestive sys
tem nnd drawn off tho Impurities no
thoroughly that A SINGLE DOSB re
lieves nour stomach, gan on tho
stomach and constipation IN
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Bend Water, Light & Power Co.
In tho Circuit Court of tho State of
Oregon for Crook County.
Tjio First National Dank of Dcnd, a
Corporation, plaintiff, vs. J. IF.
Ilean, J. K. Hcan and A. C. Lucas,
To J. K. Hcan, above named defen
dant: In tho namo of tho State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to an-
poar and answer the complaint of the
plaintiff filed against you In the
nbovo entitled action within ton days
from the date of tho servlco of the
namo upon you If sorted within this
county or If served within nny othor
county in this stato then within
twenty days from th date of tho ser
vice of tho tamo upon you or If serv
ed upon you hy publication thereof
then on or before tho Sth day of May,
1913, and you aro hereby notified
thnt if you fall no to appear and an
swer for wont thereof tho plaintiff
will apply to tho court for the relief
prayed for In tho complaint on file
herein, to-wlt:
For n decree that the conveyance
NWVi of tho SWVi of Sic, 27, Tp.
17 8.. R. 1! K., W. M., to J. F. Ilean
bo declared fraudulent and void as
against thin plaintiff and that the
said J. II. Ilean bo declared to hold
tho said property in trust for said
defendant J. II. Ilean and bin credi
tors. That tho conveyance of NW U
of KBU and KBU of NW4
and Lot 1 of Sec. 7 and 8WU
of SEU of Sec. 6. all in
Tp. 13 S., R. 11 E W. M to A. C.
Lucaa ho decreed fraudulent and void
ns against this plaintiff and UiatJthe
said defeudant A. C. Lucaa be decreed
to hold this proporty In trust for the
defendant J. II. Ilean and his credi
tors. And that tho said J. F. Bean and
A. C. Lucas account under the di
rection of this court for nil of tho
property aforesaid so convoyed to
thorn and that said proporty he sold
and the proceeds of said snto he ap
plied to tho satisfaction of plalntlff'a
judgment and that tho plaintiff have
Judgment against said defendants for
tho coats nnd disbursements of this
suit and for such other nnd further
rellot ns to tho court may seem just
and equitable.
ThlB Bummons is sorved upon you
hy publication thereof In Tho Bond
Bulletin, a weekly newspaper of gen
eral circulation published at Bend,
Crook county, Orogou, for six succes
sive weok8 by order of the lion, O
Springer, Judge of tho county court
In and for Crook county, Orogou,
Said order being made and onterod
tho 26th day of March, 1913, In the
above causo and this Bummons la
published and dated for tho first
time this 26th day of March, 1913,
his perfect-fittlnjr Suit. Get
one yourself that will irfvo
you the same satisfaction
that his frfves him. Our
Suits aro as perfect in fit
as they arc faultless in ma
terial and finish. They are
guaranteed to give satis
faction from every stand
point and they do so.
Miller-Watt Clothing
Sather Bldjr., Wall Street.
Spring is
April 26th
Our 1913
inferior marlUol Our
w will mbA pottpald our
I ii. r,iuu4uk , . . . tot
I ii. di-Url.l CfT t .
1 fit, trlj lm.4Hl rVW ,
1 ki . rlkrU UUH. . . JM
ft Write toitil 4 19 (rata to hl yr mU w4
MckUt u4 MCl? IU ttwrt "Iumi CelUOba." fc
1148 lto St, I'.nckfoni, IlUnali
)3-9 Attorney for Plaintiff.