The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 16, 1913, Page PAGE 12, Image 12

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    IWOK IS.
I'iiU Force Xow on the Juli Mcv
Migo Threatens to llluw up M) or
Unless 1. V. W. lcniiiiuN Arc
Grunted, Srt)s PoMal Curd.
Last Friday a number of workmen
on thu municipal sower Job "struck."
After walking out, they camo to Kn
giniHir 'Koon and doiuanderi an lu
oroaBe lu 'their imy from 25 to 30
cents. .Mr. Koon told thorn thory was
nothing doing.
Saturday tho strikers prwonted
to tho mayor a petition demanding
tho wage incnwse, better protection
from danger limn they alleped they
wore receiving, ami a guarantee of
steady employment. At n meeting of
the council Monday morning the pe
tition was read and laid on the table.
In commenting upon It the concll
men made It clear that they saw no
reason why tho city should bo obliged
to pay higher wages than anyone else.
It was stated that 25 cents Is about
tho maximum throughout tho North
vest, much of he labor nearby being
on a 224 cent basis. Tho raise de
manded would Involve the expendi
ture of some $5000 extra on the sew
er job. As rogards the othor com
plaints, rull satisfaction with Engi
neer Koon's administration of tho
work was expressed by the council.
In effect, tho council said: "Koon Is
being paid to to run this Job; we
stand behind him while ho runs It."
In connection with tho eight-hour
state law on public works, It was de
cided to pay sewer workers 25 cents
an hour for an eight-hour day and
time and a half, or 376 cents, for
the ninth hour.
Monday morning several of the
strikers went hack to work, and this
morning six of the IS who "walked
out" are back and the regular force
of CO is on the payroll. Several of the
"strikers" went to their homesteads.
It is understood that local labor
agitators have formed an organiza
tion of the Industrial Workers of the
World here.
This morning Mayor Putnam re
ceived the following message through
the malls:
"give thboys what they want or
aaagx . ,,, -..- .. a a - a a a r a a oftHfaa,
HI :!
i Hi
t ?
i i i i
you get blown up. This Is no fooling.
Wo mean busyness. Tho 1. W. W.
hnB como to stny. A friend of the
Tho throat wna typewritten on n
postal card, and evidently was mailed
last night, probably Just before, or
while tho train mall was being distributed.
Coot) Scores Helug Made liy Tlioin In
the Stato Shoot.
Tire lloml lied and Uun Club, In Uh
shoot with other chilis of the state. Is
taking high rank, a number of local
men showing themselves to bo good
The highest score so far made In
tho shoot Is 11$, Heml and Kugeno
both having made this. The locals
reached this mark on Sunday, April
(5, the Individual scores being: Wes
ton 25, Wllkey 26. Tolles 23. Kuut-
sen is. SKuse xx. rcugenes score
was made on March 30. On the 0th
lletul'H opponent was Kugeno. but at
that time the latter made only 100.
The shoot last Sunday was with l.u
liranrie and Henri nude a score of
115. an excellent showing as the men
faced a high wind. No report has
been received of the Im (irnnrio result
as yet. The Individual scores here
were: llallberg 25, Kurrle 23.
Myers 23, Weston 22, Wllkey 22.
The third claim In the local shoot
has not yet finished. Those who shot
Sunday were: Furst 13, Rhodes 13.
The first and second classes finished
some weeks ago, Kurrle winning the
gold watch fob In the first division
and llallberg the sliver watch fob In
the second section. The prlie lu the
third class Is a hunting coat.
As advertised In The Hulletln last
week by the referee, creditors of II.
.1. Bggleaton are scheduled to get a
hearing today In Portland before the
referee In bankruptcy, Chester (1.
Murphy. According to a letter from
the referee, tho bankruptcy proceed
ings will not Interfere with the lien
obtained four months ago by n Port
land bank, under which the stock of
Bggleston was sold by tho sheriff a
short time ago, a few days after tho
harness man had filed bankruptcy
W. A. Heaver of tho Henri Stone
Company completed the stono work
on the P. W. Hrown building on Horn!
street last week. The stono front
Is handsomely finished, and Is nn
example of the fine effect that can be
secured with tho locally quarried
stone. Mr. Heaver says be Is figuring
for the contract on two new build
ings, one for Dr. I. II. Kcrmott's
proposed office building on Wall
street and one for a bungalow for
W. C. McCulston.
We have so many inquiries from people wanting to rent, small houses,
which we cannot furnish them. that in order to encourage building to
meet this growing demand we have selected a limited number of our
inside residence lots which we will sell at the following prices and on
very easy terms of payment:
20 Lots in
"SS 20 Lots in
v V
These are all nice large lots 50 foot frontage and most of them
140 feet deep. Large enough for a home and a good garden. They are
all available to city water and electric light and close to sidewalks. Come
and see us about these lots if you want a bargain,,
The Bend Company
D. E. HUNTER, Real Estate Manager
Thu Hulletln Is requested to pub
lish tho following letter:
Portland, April 12th, 1013.
Mr. Warren Drown, County fllork,
Prlnovillo, Oregon.
Dear Str: Replying to your Imiulry
of the IHU lust., relative to the new
law requiring women to have a li
cense to angle, will state that mioh
Is the ease. This law heroines nffea
tlH ,lunu 3rd, and nftor (hat date
each nnri every person over tho ago
of II years will Po,retiulrori to havo
a license to hunt or angle off of tholr
own Inttds.
The old laws under which ro aro
now governed do not require that
women should have a license to an
gle, but It does require that they
shnll have n license to hunt. Under
the new game cede boys under the
age of 14 yours will not bo allowed
to have firearms off the premises of
their parents or guardians.
Yours very truly.
Wtl.UAM I,. I'INI.ItY.
Stato (initio Warden.
Hy K. S. Cattron. Chief Clerk.
(Written by Itihhl Hold.)
On the 22nd day of April falls tho
Feast of Paswvor. The holiday be
gins on Monday evening at sunset.
Heglnulng on that date the follow
ing ttrvpn day we are not allowed to
et bread, only uuleaveueri bread.
This holiday has to be celebrated with
wine, meat and other whilesome
On this night every Jew roads the
history of the freeing of tho Sons of
Israel as slaves from Kgypt, to his
wire and children. It Is 3225 years
since the Jew from all over the world
on this day fires the Feist of Pass
over, as n remembrance of tho freeing
of slaves from Kgypt. Tho Hlble
tells us that Moses not only took the
Jews out of Kgypt, but he took out
all slaves that were found In th
Land of Kgypt. This holiday should
not only be a holiday for the sons of
Israol, but for all civilized humanity.
In later times there were other great
men that tried to duplicate this ex
ample set by the great t each or Moseu
and they also freed slaves.
Moses put the slaves on such a
bright system that they should not
have to sell themselves for a piece
of bread In order to exist with his
wife nnri children. He put them on
land whore to support themselves
and families. The laws of the land
were In such an order that even If
tho clrcumstnces brought one to sell
his piece of land It would have to bo
returned to him In Yobel. Cod said,
"I created the onrth for everybody.
The earth Is initio and nobody can
sell forevor."
This holiday has another meaning,
too. This means It Is also a holiday
of spring. Whenever tho sons of Is-'
rnel wero on their land as nn agrl-
Park Addition at
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You Should See
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for vnvHlioii l. liiiv I wily khiI Inu yiiill, Iml KiunlHii illy It ho ul,ihHr lrm. tnu k-k-I hMrli, lo lit r t i
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Thrlr-lt Ihirr amall ww uilll. In Hr MclHIly "I" (j, I'mr whl'h l ( Ihr !IiihIiik ul Ihr ll lumtwiliiK ami hiIIIIhk I.h.iii.m that ill
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rallcuarfa uihriakirOutHi II. why huI ul WAKK. I l't Ih frt I ha I mII wtll IwtalrU luH IH uwr tit ISr Hrwrat ami wa aril a
w lit .-tor inwrai la i-mn.i io Biuw iaaiiy
illy a ftvr ttullala li HttfMlh H rath lul
ami Ulmatu
cultural peoile, the farmers gather
ed or. this day with their families
to celebrate and pray to (lori for dew
and rains In time of need. They also
had this day as a holiday before go
ing out to till the soil.
I think every man's motto should
lie, "Hack to the soil." I intend of
being slaves and working ftr anoth
er, work for yourself. We are now
In a free country and the govern
ment wants us to make homes that
we should not have to look for work
every other day. Work for yourself
In the soil where mother earth will
give you the means of support. Do
not take notice of tho people that
want to prevent you from taking
land. They may discourage you In
different ways, but don't tako notice
$ 1 50.00 Each 11 J
$200.00 Each ff "
iT .-. .AY S, J y t --7 11
XVfc-WC'Xl' "77 yTvl.l ,W ...-iu..." - 'IIi
r-,XVr'Z dWV ' ,U IT"". II
La Pine ::.:::-
iuK(tlii omilr
ck. u Irvri, h
nrtri lrttr! than M frtl Thr
ami thai (.rwiii) aalura will cllinlarrunlHitly
YuHiluu't miaaihr Mioaiay. Irttl yww hwh araUHr
HrlMbtr agnail, with (uul baHk irfririwra. walilt.l im all fNiMauf thr I'Hllral Hlalra
of thuiu. You ran find an example
lu the Hlble. Ulieli the sous of Is
rael went out from Kgypt, they said
to Moat that they want to Investi
gate tin'" land to where he was going
to take theiu. They wero then lu
twelve tribes and Moses told them to
pick a man from each tribe and send
them to InvoNtfKato. Whim they got
I back leu Mere against and two for It.
i Hut all the same, they went and had
the best of success. I believe that
lieoplo who "knock" this land must
hawi some Interest and reason for
doing It. Ask the pioneers from
lands that are settled and you wilt
find tho same thing. Many went
away discouraged hut some tn)eri
and had the best of success.
In land that Is not settled tho cli
. Tlir Uml l IKH, ilri KrflKC It.: ::
K"l Iiihii. hikI rtirllritt ill 4(1 V. I ll K nal f
illUlfl Uli.l nh twiiicliial Millet (,y I
rma now limt tai h hi Thr Ifima atr '
ltMl4 luMily Wtllr Iwlay M ial l
mate Is wild but laud that Is sctilnl.
the rllmalo Is mild.
Here Ih Henri you find tho (iilii
very friendly and where you ask fir
fHirtlculars about laud they will sure
ly Klve you the right advice
KIiik iMvIri said In his book of
Psalms that (Itiil salri, "In ever) l.iro.
where yen mention my name I will'
come to you and I ileus you Tltnt
iiiihiiim even In a shuck on the r..l-
rlett will (lud seiiil Ills blessing i i
you. When you will be friendly Ut
Vnlir linlifhbura, without tinllri, nf ri-,
Union or nation, ami when you will
not let iiKiitUin better vim. vim will
surely make a success. The HI' In
am it you will Im good to line an.
other, (lod will give you rain lu time. ,
t T
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