The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 16, 1913, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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    rAOK 10.
lUilttJM 18 CITED
0011111- Judgo Informed That lcr
rtmnlN Sell to Minora.
Tho llullctln has received tho fol
lowing comnnmlcntlon from tho
county Judge's o(llco:
"It .hns recently boon brought to
tho attention of tho county Judge
thnt n number of merchants are vio
lating n stnto law which prohibits
tho sale of tolmcco to minors, nud
also that boys nro using tobacco In
public places. Tho ofllco fools that
In many cases those offenses nro be
ing committed In Ignorance of the
law, nud Is anxious to do all In tho
way of warning before any ncttou Is
taken In the matter. To this end
tho following lottor has boon sent to
n number of parents:
"Dear Sir: It has boon reported
to the Juvenile Court of this county
thnt a number of boys under tho ago
of eighteen nro vlolnttng a stnto law
rogardlng the use of tolHicco In any
form by a minor In public tSec. 2149
I.. O. I.). Your boy Is among the
numtKT, so In order to save yourself
and him future trouble, wo would ad
vise thnt you take stops to correct
this evil tendency on his part. If
you can ascertain from what source
your loy obtains tobacco, wo shall
be glad to cot pernio with you In en
forcing tho law ngaltiBt those who
are knowingly contributing to the
delinquency of n minor by furnishing
him tbbneco without the consent of
his parents or guardian. (Sec. 2HS,
2150, h. O. L.).
"Trusting this note of wnrnlng
will bo sufficient to put you on tho
alert, wo remain,
"Yours truly,
"County Judge of Crook County."
In tho County Court of tho Stnto of
Oregon for tho County of Crook,
In tho mnttor of tho cBtato of Gcorgo
H. Pulllam, decensed.
Notlco Is hereby given by tho un
dersigned, tho duly nppolutod, quali
fied and acting administratrix of the
estate of Ooorgo H. Pulllam, decensed
to the creditors ami nil persons hav
ing claim against the said deceased or
said estate, to present them, verified
as required by law, within six mouths
after tho dato of tho first publication
of this notice to the said administra
trix at tho olllco of hor attorney, Ver
non A. Forbes, In tho First National
Hank Building of Uond, Oregon, tho
same being tho plnco for tho trans
action of tho business of said estate
In said county and state.
Administratrix of tho estate of
(eorgu H. Pulllnm, deceased, fi-9
NOrtTH PORTLAND, April 11.
Receipts for tho week have been:
Cattle 1C70, calvos 15(5. hogs 3220,
sheep 2673, horses S. Market steady
tQ a shade lower. Tho yards were
filled with a very liberal run. Trad
ing was extremely active tho first if
tho week, but lost prestlgo toward
tho clone. Only one load of prlmo
steers sold at $8.25 Monday. Hulk
of sales averaged from $7. CO to
$7.90. Weight decreased and beef
quality graded medium good. Hutch-
er stock sold well. Hulk of cow sales
ranged between $C50 and $7 with a
few small lots realizing over soven
cents. Hulls are firm, but a slight
loss to the real trade shaded the $9
top to JS.75. Generally the cattle
market la off ten to fifteen cents
with demand not so urgent. Extreme
quotations are $8 to $8. IS for best
steers, $7 to $7.10 for cows, JC to
$0.25 for bulls and $8.75 for calves.
Tho hog market was shattered In
quick time after buyers commenced
hammering the high level of last
week. Falling Eastern markets, to
gether with liberal liquidation gave
them an opportunity to lower bids
and there after the decline was rapid.
From the unsteady Monday top of
$9.60 prices hit bottom at $9.30 on I
Wednesday nnd Thursdny whore It
settled temporarily at least. All i
grades of swino decreased propor-j
tlonately with the best light variety
and Is still on unsteady basis. Mut-.
ton buying was limited to a half doz
en cars of wethers, ewes nnd lamb.
Mil selling at recent high prloes.
Wool wethers at $7.25 .and ewes at
$G.Ifi indicate the range In prime
stuff. Hest lambs soil easily at $S.
Sheared stock a dollar less.
In the County Court o( the Statu of
Oregon for the County of Crook.
In thu mnttor of tho estate of Ceurgu
W. Knnpp, deceased.
Notlco Is hereby given by tho un
dersigned, administrator of tho es
tate of George W. Knnpp. deceased,
that he has made and llled with the
clerk of tho County Court of Crook
county, Oregon, his Hunt account of
administration of said estate and
that tho llanorablu Judge of said
County Court has set Thursdny. the
15th day of May, 1913, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon at tho County Court
Room In Prlnovllle, Orogon, as tho
tine nd place of hearing the llnul
settling of said estate'.
Dated this Sth day of April, 1913.
Administrator of tho estate of
George W. Knnpp, decoased.
Vernon A. Forbes, attorney for ad
ministrator. 5-10
will bo cancelod thereunder without
your further right to bo hoard there
in, either before this olllco or on ap
peal,, It you fall to Ma In this olllco
within twenty dayn nttor tho
FOURTH publication of this notlco,
as shown bolow, your answer, under
oath, specifically meeting and re
sponding to these allegations of con
test) Or If you fall within thnt tlmo to
file In this olllco duo proof that you
have served n copy of your answer on
tno said contestant In person or by
registered mail. If this service Is
mndu by tho delivery of u copy of
your answer on tho snld contestant
In person, proof of such ser
vlco must bo either tho said contest
nut's written acknowledgment of his
receipt of thu copy, showing tho dato
of Its receipt, or tho allldavlt of tho
person by whom tho delivery was
made stating when nnd where tho
copy was delivered; If mndo by regis,
tered tnall, proof of such service must
consist of the ntlldnvlt of tho person
by whom tho copy was malted stn'lug
when nnd the postolllco to which It
was mailed and tills allldavlt must
bo nccompanlod by tho postmaster's
receipt for tho letter.
You should stnto in your answer
tho nunio of tho postolllco to which
you desire further notices to bo sent
to you,
0. W. MOORE. Register.
Dato of first publication April It),
Date of second publication April
23, 11)13.
Dato or third publication April 30,
Onto of fourth publication May 7,
In tho Circuit Court of tho State or
Oregon for Crook County.
United Warehouse Company, n cor
poration, plaintiff, vs. V. F. nud
Mazo l.ocKwood. dofondnnts.
To W. F. Kockwood and Main Look
wood, above named defendants:
In tho name or tho stnto or Orogon
you nro hereby required to nppenr
nnd answer tho complaint of tho
plaintiff llled against ou In tho
above entitled suit within ten days
from tho dato of service of this sum
mons upon you lr sorved within
Urok county, Oregon, or If served
.within any other county or thu state
or Orogon, then within UO days or
tho ditto or thu service or this sum
mons,, nud If served upon you by
publication, then on or befoio tho
I. O. O. F.
lleud ldgo No, IMS
Regular Meetings overv Munday nluht
Vlsltois wo. come.
W. L. Wing. U. N. Hoffman.
N. 0. Heoy.
M. V. OF A.
Pilot llutto Oninp No. 9791
Meets every Tuesday In Slither llnll.
Visiting NolghborH alwas welcome,
V. W. Oicutt. Consul.
Mm (In It. Kuutsoii, Clork.
Department of the Interior, United
Stntes Land Olllco. The Dalles,
Orogon, April 7, 1913.
To John H. Williams, or Sumner,
Wash., Contest:
You are hereby notified that D. P.
Hcou who glvos R. I). No. 1. Hond,
Oregon, ns his postolllco address, did
on April 3. 1913, file In this o trice
his duly corroborated application to
contest and securo tho cancellation
or your homestead entry No. ,
Serial No. 0CS10. mndo April 2t,
1910, for Wfc, Section , Township
20 S., Range IS, E.. Willamette Me
ridian, and ns grounds ior his contest
he alleges that said John II. Wil
liams has never been on tho land
since filing on same; that ho has
abandoned samo fcr moro than one
year last past.
"iou are, therefore, further noti
fied that the said allegations will bo
taken by this ofllco as having been
confessed by you, and your said entry
p I
Bend Stone Company
We have just completed the
Brown Building on Bond Street.
Why Did We Get (he Contract?
Because we were able to show
-- that -
is the Best and Cheapest
HullcHnjr Material nnd thnt we nrenlloto
do n first class job In n first clnss manner
That's Why.
Think it over and then
let ns figure with yon.
r. 'J
Sand and Gravcl"AII SizcS"Pair Prices
l(. of I'.
Moots oory Wodnos
ilii) evening at H p. m.
In Castle Hall. E. A.
Bather Hldg. Visiting
Knights welcome.
Joe iniiiis, C C
L. M. MeRo) nobis, ,
. K. of It. H H
A. L .V A. M.
Meets on Thursday on or bo.
fore tho full moon or each
mouth. Visiting brothers
always welcome.
J. I). Davidson.
W. M.
M. I.nrn,
8th day or May, 1913, nud ou and
ench or you nro hereby imtllleil thnt
If you rail ho to appear and answer,
for want thereof thu plaintiff will ap
ply (o tho court for thu mllnf prayed
ror In tho complaint on lllo horelii,
to-wlts For Judgment against you
nud each or you for tho sum of
7 r. . l 8 , together with tho costs nnd
dlsbuisomoiils of this action.
Thin HiiiiiinoiiH Is published In Tho
lleud llullotln, n weekly newspaper
or general circulation, published at
lleud. Crook county, Oregon, ror slv.
silci'osslvo weeks, by order or tho
llouoiiiblo (1. Springer, Judge or tint
County Court. Htato or Oregon, said
order being made nud enteied on
tho I2ilth day or .March, 1913, In tho
above entitled oiise.
Dated .and published llrst tlmo
tills UDtli day of Miiielt. 1013.
U.'.i Attorney for plaintiff.
Regular meetings hold bv lloiid
l.odgo No. Mi 7 In Mather's Hall on
the llrst nud third Thursday evening
each month. Visiting members ol
order always welcome.
J. II. MINER. Pros.
W. A. BEAVER, Bend, Ore.
Polk's Oregon and Washington Di
rectory for 1912-H has just been Is
sued and was delivered to Rend sub
scribers last week. It contains a bus
iness directory of Oregon and Wash
ington, and contains Information of
much value to business people and
others. A descriptive sketch of each
town and city Is given.
Notice is hereby given that tho
Common Counoil of the city of Rend
will receive sealed bids for certain
street Improvements to be mado In
accordance with the plans and speci
fications and undor the terms and
conditions attached to said specifica
tions now on file nnd open to public
Inspection at the olllco of the record
er of the city of Head.
All bids must be accompanied by
$250 In cash or a check payable to
the treasurer cf the city of Rend,
duly certified, the same to le a guar
antee, of good faith on the part of
the bidder In case hejgpwarded the
contract. The'1' Successful' bidder
must furnish a bond, with sureties to
bo approved by the council of the
city of Hend in an amount equal to
CO per cent of his total bid,
Hlds may bo fllod with tho mayor
or the recorder at any time prior to
six o'clock p. m. April 30th, 1913, and
said bids shall be opened and consid
ered at 8 o'ekek p. in. on the 30th
day of April, 1913, at the council
room on Wall street In tho city of
Hend, Oregon. Illds herein requested
are called pursuant to resolution
No. 2 now en file In the office of the
city recorder and passed by the Com
mon Council of tho city of Rend on
the 14th day of April, 1913. All of
tho improvements required by said
resolution to be done shall be let
in one contract. The contract for
such improvements shall be complet
ed within ninety days from tho date
of the awarding of the contract.
The council reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Dy order of the Common Council of
the City of Bend, Oregon.
Attest: G,,P,.PPTNAM,
11. C. ELLIS, '" Mayor.
Free Government
i i
We have been locating Qovernment Lands in
Central Oregon lor four years.
We know all the country and all the land
open to entry.
We have located 90 per cent of the settlers in
Central Oregon.
We own our own cars and can show you all
'f?H. the coijntry for less money than anybody In
"the business.
We guarantee all locations made by our
If you want to see the best lands in Central
Oregon, it will pay you to call and see us. Our
fee for locating is right and for reference we
suggest any bank or business house in Bend.
Call at our office, corner of Oregon and Wall
St.. and see samples of grains and vegetables
grown In the homestead country. Any infor
mation we can give you will be gladly given.
Oregon Land & Immigration Co.
' Oregon and Wall Sts,
.- ?
Hend lodgo No. SON meets every
second nnd fourth Friday evening,
other's llnll. Visiting brothers
and sisters welcomed.
Mrs Lucy French. N. (J.
Miss Lois V. Force, Hoc. Secy.
Regular meeting on llrst and
third Friday evenings at Hather'a
Mrs. Jennie Harper, Oracle,
MRS. A. ORCUTT. Recorder.
Hend lodge meets In regular ses
sion on th Second and Fourth Mon
day Evening each month, In Masonic
Hall. KhhiiI,, Karris. W. M ,
Arrlo Hlack, Secy.
Culled Stale.
President Wood row Wilson
Vlco President. .Thomas It. Marshall
.Secretary of Slate W. J. Ilrjan
jKeeretnry of Navy . . Jinwphus Daniels
floeretary of War . . . . L. M. Harrison
Xoeretary of luturlur . . . . F. IC. Itie
Secretary Agriculture D. F. Houston
Secretary of Treasury .W. F. McAdou
.Secretary Commerce . . W. C. Hodneld
Seerotar) of luilKir .... W. II. Wilson
Attorney (iwiersl . .Jhs. Mcltoyiiolds
Postmaster (lensral .Albert Hurlesoii
Governor Oswntd West
Secretary of Statu . . . . II. W. Olcott
Treasurer Thus. It. Ka
Atty (iunurnl A. M. Crawford
Superintendent Public Instruction . .
L. R. Alderman
Statu Printer W. H. Dunlwuy
Commissioner I-abor Statistic . . . .
O. P. Holt
(Jamo Wnrdtn W. L. Flnle
State Engineer John II. UmU
United Stales Senators
Ueoruo E. Chamberlain
Harry W. Lutio
Congressmen A. W. Lnfforty
N. H. Slnuod
Seventh Judicial DUtrlct.
Judgo W. L. Hrndshaw
Attorney W. 11. Hell
Crook. County.
Judgo .0. Springer
Clerk Warren Drown
Sheriff iraiiK i.ikiiih
Treasurer Ralph Jordan
.11, A. Foster
Soliuol Supt J. E. Myers
Coroner P. II. Poludoxtor
Surveyor Fred A. Rico
Commissioners R. H Hnyloy
Willis W. Hrown
'I ho Courts.
Circuit Meets llrst Monday In
May nnd third Monday in Octobor.
Probato Meets llrst Monday In
each mouth.
Commissioners' Moots llrst Wed
nesday In January, March, May, July,
September nnd November.
Hend Sclibol DUtrlct No. lii.
Directors II. J. Overturf, Clunn
F. M. Roy
Clydo M. McKay
Clerk H. E. Allen
City of lleud.
Mayor G. P, Putnam
Recorder 11. C Ellis
Troaeuror II. J. Overturf
Chief of Police S. E, Roberts
City Engineer ....George S. Young
Councllmen H. E, Allen
............... a. i4 v rencn
A, 8. Collins
H. D. Ford
John Bteldl
K. A. Bather
Justices of tho Peace
Bend Precinct ...... .Ward II. Coble
Deschutes Precinct , ..W. W. Orcutt
In tho Circuit Court of tlm Htato
or Orogon ror the CiAiuly of Crook.
Ralph II. Ilrownlow, plaintiff, vs.
Iva M. Hrowiilow, defendant.
To ha M. Hrowiilow, above named
In tho name or the Statu or Orogon
you aro hereby roqulrml to appear
and answer complaint or tho plaintiff
llled against joti In tho hIhio en
titled action ami Court within ten
days fioin the servlro of thjs sum
mons upon joii. If nerved within
Crook County, Stnto or Oregon or
R served within any other County
within this Stnto, thou within twtnty
daH from tho dato or the sertlio of
this summons upon ou, or If nut
served within tho State of Oregon,
thou on or before Thursday, the KHi
day of May, ID 13; and Mm nro
further iiolltled that If you rail to
appear nud answer tor wnut thereof
tho plaintiff will take Judgment
against )ou ns prsed for lit tho com
plaint on lllo heroin. to-wR That
tho IhiiiiIs ot matrimony now existing
between jou and plaintiff be forever
dliwolwd and held for untight
This summons Is served upon you
by publication thereof In The lleud
lliilletln. n newspaper of general r lr
eolation published at lleud. Crook
county. Oregon, tor six mirresslm
weeks commencing with tho Issue of
March I Dili, 1113. and ending with
the Issue of Mny 7th. 1913. by ordi r
of the Honorable (1. Springer. Conn?
ty Judge or Crook County. State of
Oregon, made and entered on tho
llth day of .March. 1!U
Dated and published tho first tlmo
Mareli ID, Hi 13.
I-S Attorney for Plaintiff.
Itoofinir of nil kinds. Kctmirinif
promptly done.
J. A. fllacCLOSKEY
Furnace Contractor
GuttcrlnKi Spotttin,
Cornices ufnl Skylights.
Sanitary Plumbing
Promptly Attended to.
Postotlice Hex No. 171
Office on Wsll Street
with diss. Hunter
and Pool
FIno nn I t'opulnr Lino of
Robert Blackwell
Wall Streut, Hernl. Oreuon (
EstlmntoB on Wull I'npor nt
application Portland Prices
Cheapest anil Hest Wall Paper
Snmplea In tho county.
Get My Prices.
Shop on Oregon Mutt,
Kr ori'cMTliutri Hunk
II11N1), OklWON
Clover Leaf Dairy
and we will deliver
S. L. STAATS, Prop.