The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, April 09, 1913, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
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hO. 5
(ito llelueen Park Addition unit
UleMoilu I'lrM ItoMill In Tli
I 'lot Kiitioix'ii It (too ii)' ann
P'eet iiihU I r lc. Ik l.10l.
cowh mime .MAV
t M. HiiiIhoii rwolvml
Monday fiom MniiiiiHlilrH
Imk t Ik t tliv flial unrtoait
COWS Wlllttll tlllt I'llMl National UllflK
In bringing to Hunil will Im started
In n fow iIhjth, Till Hlilpinmit will
consist of 7ft IiIkIi grndo llolstoln
uuwb- Mini will l iut oil sulu About
Mr)' 1. TIih HoInIiiIiik will hit fol.
lowed by two cnra of .liirs)H, TIih
hsnk Ihih ttxperlHiiceil (toiiitt dllflcully
In niNkliiK Km purchase but now ox
pecm to linvii no moru trouble.
At n meeting of aehnol voter Mon
day nlKlit. llio iiii)Ntlon of selecting
a site for tint propound IiIkIi hoIiooI
building wnn deoldod by ballot. Of
Ihrett niton offered (tint In Wleatorln
a chosen on it Miwonil Imllot by n
narrow uinrKln, tint Urol Imllot voto
having resulted In a tin.
Wlillo school mcetlnga tliim fnr
ha claimed a iiinxlniuiii attendango
of nlmiit throo persons, ' this oiio
brought out In uxress of 100, nml th
Urcit room nl tliu school was fllloil,
l llfKolltutlvc of Din eiml-oMhe-ttB(kn
territory being especially In
Tim tnreo Mlo one rod worn oh
follows: Ixita 2 to H Inolimlvu In
Mock 24, Park Aitillllon, flf.00; loin
I -'. 3. 4, 12, H, U unit 10, lilook
:k. Center Addition, $3000; loin 1
t" 12 Inclusive, block H, rtiplal of
WlfitorlM, MSOO. Tint flml two
Hern offered ItJ the I). IC. Hunter Ho
altv Company anil tliu third by I.. U.
Tho first Imllot ronultuil In tlio
I'nrk Aililltlon alto receiving 47 vote,
thn Center Aililltlon situ 27 and thu
WieMorla silo 31 votes. Throwing
(tit tint luwiMt, a niiiibiiiieiul would
ii done m tint outset, n second voto
M-iulted In n tin, (0 person votliiK
for Wlestorla nnd to for I'nrk Addl
lieu A third Imllot, taken after
tunny had litft Hid room, showed
Wlestorla thn wlunur by B0 to 39, ap
parently Indlcnttuic Hint nil tliu Wis.
torlaltes present stood mt.
Iiorntloii of Trnrt.
Thn trnrt chosen la S00 by 286
feet, nnd occupies wtmt on thu oriel
nnl plat wna lot. 1 of block 1, Wloa
torla, and Iota 1 ,10 C' Inclusive of
blork 10, Center Addition. It la two
I. locks east of thn rnllrond and two
blocks north of (Iri'tmwood avunuu,
nnd In noinvwlint low.
Tint bond Imiio, It will bo riMilnin-iri-il.
la to ! called for $U.OO0.
Thn ilalo of olcctlon lini not yet boon
pov'nil by thn nfhonl Inmrd. Inlnr
vlitwn with n worn of rnprnfltailv
rm vnninrdnv. Iiielinllne witiio from
the dlatrlct that pronunmbly would h
imjt bnniltiid, dlMlod what teeaia
to In n atniiiK Iwtkrf that thv Ifiad
imiio will not erry nt the vlectlan.
(Hut MvcrjlHMly Mm In OnrToxn)
I'liprr Kiiji I'lliijtlo milt Tliu
ItiilliMlu Art I'l'OvnrlnitoiN.
Tim other dny Dloismmp, with hln
(tlnctrln litntnrn, whh itncouiiturud In
llniid. Ho wiu pretty aiiibod; wild
no couldn't llnd ouu lumenl innii. Hut
n friend aolvud hla dlllli'ully by rIiow
Iiik him ii, copy of Kdltur Havuy'a
lliirnny County NnWH of Hurna. It
nhowed ronclimlvnly that there In nt
leant ouo honeNt iiihii nxtnut.
Thu clipping which Mr. DIokoiioii
rend foltown:
"Kit her Tim Hen it llullutln or A.
M. I'rliiKlo f tin) Unltud Wnnihouni)
Co. of Hint town la aurforliiK from u
mtvern Attnck of irovnrlonttou, na
wliniim the followInK twin Tim Ilul-
" 'Thorn wnnn't n mIiirIo kick from
it iiurna innrchant, anld Mr. rrlniclo
yeiitordny, 'The talk which a Hurna
pnpitr tirm been nproadliiK nboui dl
content with tlm frulicht forwnrdliiK
from hero la nil twnddlu, nnd worao.
Thiirti la no foundation to It, nnd thu
iimrchanta went out of their way to
how tlmlr frlondllnoM for Huinl unit
tlnrlr coiitumpt fur thoau who havu
nttoiiiptoil to throw mud nt tin.'
"Tim depth of the fnUvhood con
veyiHl In tho nlxivo la niwront, from
thu fact that tlmrv .haa not been n
linn In n Hurna paper nlout nuy dla
content hum with thu frulicht linn
UIIiik from Hend. The N'uwa haa nl no
lennmd from the mitrchnuta that not
ono of thum Rave Mr. I'rltiKlu any
cauvu or wnrrant for the cloalnx dco
Inrntlon credited to him."
Colupiiuy lo J'lnMi New Work by
.May I IiinIiiIIIiik Itlritrln Cook-
lute '"nl HeutliiK liiilpiueiil.
He nil HiiIiIn Iteconl.
Ordera for the "Juleo" nro coming
Pool ItooliiM Mmlteil, Itenlty Deiilem
Moulded VISOl) in utreet Im
protemenift INtkt Hou-c nnd
IHuIiIiik I'lnii Aiillmt-lril.
Tho common council had nn tin-
no flint to tho llund W'ator, MrIiI &. I oomnion honalon laat nlsht, going on
I'owur Co. thiu It hna Imruh to ruah I ,,, "'''k''" ""J1 'jrMlelnit all apt-cd
., ... ' ruoordn. More bUMlnuM aa trann-
inu worK on ua nuw powur iniiui in
acted than at anr tirevlotm rnoptine
ordor to get Into poaltlon to tnke'i,, thu memory of the oldest lulmbl
carn of thu domnnd. In addition tOjtnnt; nt lonat, itocorder Ullla aald ro,
thu regular dny crow, a night ahlfti"l ,' iuv hna boon on tlm Job
hn. been put on nnd will b eontln-l""1; l"c JiY.miTtv iH?. i "h hi'lH
ued until thu work la done, Hnya I-o- Jj.!" iu,"cl"a,l,' and ho ou"ht
Willi tliit nrrlval of the venurntor nn"""UH, l,"- "hulr CompletO
itn hid arrival or mo gcnurnior, , , , tmj,iuhh.l nl.whf,rn in ihi.
M.t. ... II... M.Hfl fpflltl III.. llntllirAl I " " " """
Klectrlc Comimny a plant nt Kcheti
ectndy, N. V., all the machinery will
be on tho ground and, It la expected,
The flrat In nn amendment to tho
liquor llcenno ordinance. It fixes the
bv tuv 1 ..vervtiilnir will bo In. work-'""'" " ,,lt""e '" - aunuunj-,
L "ft... J K .payable In advance on January 1.
Tho coat will bo borne by nn rh
Roanmont dlRtrlct. Dutalla of the n
portfonuient will he tnken up nt a
nicotine; of the council tomorrow.
The lioallli committee, which re
ported that n pout hoime could le
constructad on an laolfltftd portion of
rlty proporty aouth of Pilot -finite at
an RpproxluiHte cost of $340, whh Iti
tiueted to have the hoime built at
once. Tlm call for lild la puhllahod
on another page.
The mayor directed attention to
(ho financial ntrnlta In which the
Hond Library finds Itself, urging n
iBrgor monthly appropriation than
the $5 now allowed. All Joined In
praising tho work of tho library nnd
Ita value to the town, nnd Kord Im
mediately moved that tho appropria
tion bo made J 15, the motion being
paused unanimously.
An ordinance was ordered drawn
prescribing tho connections that will
bo made with the newer, compelling
all adjacent property owners to con
nect with the ecwer when completed
ind to abandon septic tanks, regulat
ing the construction of tanks else
where In the city, nnd being a general
plumbing nnd sanitary ordinance
The health committee was author
ized to nnke any Improvements ncc-
llciul IStiflneM .Moil Want llcnil
Hcliool Children to Itnlno Ucnil
KggH O. A. V. to Help Will
IlrliiK in .Moving Pictures.
Through the public-spirited gen
erosity of the linnks of Hend and sev
eral of Ita buBlnesa men, Tho Hullc
tln la able to announco a poultry con
test open to the school children of
the district to continue for air
essnry toward erecting hitching posts months. Any boy or girl under 18
in tne yard back of the city fire houno years of age now living In district
Itvarybody Ilea but Dnvoy,
Who writes tho truth all day,
Sarapplng Hurna' dutraalora
In hla own particular wny.
Prlnglo film most shocking,
Ho tinea Thu Hullo-tan,
Kvurybody Ilea In our town,
Hoys that truthful nmn
Thu dear old Duvey,
lug order.
As n result of tho lectures glvuu
by Mr. Turnbull laat Thursday, thu
company haa received orders for
new service amounting to 75 homo-
power. Among the largost of these
aro special Installations contracted
for by Corkott'a and W. I). Cursey,
lloth will equip their kitchens with
electric composite ranges, ovens,
grlddios ,nnd hot platen. At tho
Mountain Vlow, where tlm Installa
tion will bo mndo for Mr, Cursey, a
slttinllon othorwlno dlttlcult to pro
vide for will bo tnken care of.
In addition to theso equipments,
arrangements have been mado for
a water heater with a capacity of
10 gallons per day by tho owner of
a prtvato residence In town.
Hend already holds n record na a
consumer of olectrlc current, using
about 1C0 kilowatta per thousand of
populntlon, whllo the general nvur-
ago Is only 100 kilowatts. With this
new consumption, it seems probable
that tlm record will bo put at n still
higher figure, and another step taken
In establishing Hend as a real
electric city."
It A Puett of the American linker)-
has rented tho store on Wall
street now occupied br C. II. IMwr
nnd will conduct a bakitry f'oru
hem nflr May 1. Mr Mr any
hat O. A. Thoraon will cmi''muo to
f rcilpV mlf of IhO Htore. J. K, Hlutf
Mn of P'lrtlind. pii oinort linker, Is
now with tho American llnkcrv.
....... .$un,nno.oo
ItiilhlliiUN CoiupleliMl Klnre Jnnunry I
Vhft Netlnnnl Hunk (brick). Coot
Im A. Snllier, (brick), ( it ,......,.
rlMiiuill lino., (brick), t'nt
Miller l.iiiulH'r Coiiipituy, pluiiluit mltl
ten I Memo l.n'iiuliy (brick), hit lulling new equipment
I . ( C h: i esldeiicn ,
II. J. Oveilurf, i-ildenie
'lilliloteinentN of water mid eltvtrlrnl ltein
n iidilltlou iiimiy c nerelp hldewnlkN Imve been laid, ninny vkmhIcii unlks
'aid nnd (i M-ore or noit of Trunin rekldeiireM Imvo Ihtii erected, nt u total
.o-t of not rss (tutu 9.'0,llll(I.OO.
Impitivrii.eiilN Now In (ourc of t'oimtrurlliin.
Muiilrlpitl M'uer nyte n, cokt $7.1.000. M)
P. W. Hmuii, btioluexH btilldliiK (htiine) IHOO.OO
Hlectrlcnl potter pliuit (niucrele nnd brick) .10.000.00
MyerN .V Wllkr-y bii.ii IiiiIIiHiik (In Irk unit Mono) JHOO.OO
A. Ii. Prcnrli, rclilence (.tone) 000.00
Ktt-enl IliiproVPineiit flOOO.OO
Commencing May 1, the data at
which all existing licenses terminate,
those itossoHslog licenses now may ro
new them, pulng on the )1200 basis
fcr the balance of the year; that Is,
ISOO In cash on the 1st of May. No
license may Ihi transferred, and they
shall terminate nt any time tho pros
ont holder ceases to bo an active
member of tho firm. No new llcenxos
shall bo granted until such time as
the number of saloons shall bo less
than five.
Drunkard Tnlxxxil.
Tho second ordinance passed pro
vides for tho enforcement of a black
list, a procedure In uso In other cit
ies. It Is very comprehensive and. In
brief, prohibits tho selling of Intox
icating liquor to any portion whoso
namo hns been placed on tho "black
list" by relatlvoH or by officials be
cause ho Is n confirmed drunkard.
Tho third ordinance limits tho
number of pool rooms to one for each
1000 population and fixes tho annual
llcenno feo at 1 100, payable quarter
ly. Tho fourth, drawn up and acted on
at tho petition of practlncally all tho
real tstnte and hotel men In town,
la designed to regulate he "curbbone
nuisance" In thu local real estate bus-
Inovs. It requires an annual llcerno
of $100 from Hend realty dealers .who
handle land or locations uon a com
mission hauls, and prohibits solicita
tion tf trrde upon the streets or In
hotel libi'(M.
This morning several persons who
snld thoy signed the petition com
plained thru In asking for the ordl-
in tho rear of tho Hend llardwara Co.
store, east of Hond street. Two gates
will bo put In and public hitching fa
cilities provided, with a wptnrlng
petition waa presented, -with 19
signatures, for tho Installation or an
arc light at the corner of Fir and
9th street. In Center Addition. At
12 and either attending school or
eligible to do so may enter tho com
petition, which will bo In two sepa
rate parts, with prizes for tho win
ners In each
The value of tho awards totals
$48. Tho primary object of tho con
test is to arouse Interest in this Im
portant branch of profitable local pro-
tms timo it was decided to place one ductlon, and to stimulate Hcnd'a
of tho smaller lights there. boya and girls In an activity that
Hills totaling $338 wero ordered
KliiiJk Wh i
11000.00 nnnc "loy "IU "rt """ that any
iiceusu ieo wuum no ouargeu.
Much StrtH't Improvement.
City Knglneer Young presented a
detailed roort dealing with proyoied
street Improvement and grading on
Nevada streot and elsewhere. Tho
total cost will bo bbout $4500, and
when completed tho vork will place
prnctlcall all the main streets la
I'.und snare and on (.irdo.
The combination of thirteen
- letters In tho name "Pilot Hutto
Inn" Is not to the liking of Joo
P. Taggart, the proprietor, and
so last week, starting on Frl-
' day, ho began calling It the
- Pilot Hutto Hotel. Joo says ho --
wasn't going to tako any chanco
with the thirteen combination In
- 1H13.
Ijtrgo Audience Knjoyn Program at
tlio Star Theatre.
will bo both of real educational com
mercial value to them and alio provo
Interesting and amusing. Tho local
school authorities and the Oregon
Agricultural College are cooperating
with The HuIIetln to mako tho con
test a success. That It will give Hend
much valuable publicity Is evident.
The two classes are: (a) The Poul
try Contest and (b) Tho Iteport Con
test. In the former class tho con
testant must begin with at least 12
chicks, or ono setting of eggs, and
may have In addition enough older
birds to bring tho flock up to 26.
It Is not essential that ho have tho
full number of 25 hut it Is required
that he have the chicks or the set
ting of eggs. Each contestant shall
choose his own chickens, and they
may bo of any breed or variety ho
nrefers. or tbev mav l crnnm Thn
I . tf . , .
Itrltes will be clven to thosn srorlnir
Tho humorous and dramatic re-'the highest In tho manner Indicated
cltal given last Wednesday evening 1 below.
at tho Star Theatre was enjoyed by I Hlanks on which to keep records
a largo audience, proving to bo a de-'wlll bo furnished by Tho Hulletln.
llghtful entertainment., All those All food must bo weighed and tho
taking part acquitted themselves with ' amount placed on tho record sheet,
honor. , its cost will also be recorded; like-
Miss Nclle Rauch's readings wcroiwisA the number of eccs lal.i each
excellent and she was heartily en-1 day, nnd the amount of money re-
cored, as wore the others on the pro
gram. Miss Ilauch showed good abll-i
Ity In this line, presenting dramatic
and dialect selections that won much
favor. 8ho gave "The Yulo Yarn."
"The Squl of the Violin." "Just
celved from the sale of eggs and
chickens. These records will bo eas
ily kept with the blanks that will bo
The flock and yards of each con
testant will bo Inspectod once a
A-Wetryln" For You." "I Canna Mar- month or oftoMr by ono or more of
LmaL m'Ai
i&? j r tv itmrnmmta im
saWaasasPiJt?r51r3aw tl ?H2iTfTl
ytttR tutitUvjm3imidtm
" "TBJg-;iTTTTI--
Jam ft t.
. B4Ji4MMM Wt tktf
-S--l .test-
Hotel BUls
Hotel pcoplo nnd others who deal with travelers,
nil over tho world, ore glad to nccept "A. B. A."
Cheques, becuuso they nro good ns gold nnd identify
tho person tendering them. Wo Issue theso cheques
nnd recommend them ns tho best form of funds for
your next trip Abroad or At Homo.
II, PimUHLiL, President P. 0. MINOR, Secretary
It. M. LARA, Cashier
. , Dirkct.omb:
Going Fishing?
Of Course You Are.
Then you will need TACKLE
---and the best place in town
to get It is at this store.
Everything you need Is to
be found here, at reasonable
prices. It is all the A-l kind
and with it you can land the
smallest or the biggest fish
that is unlucky enough to
to the nngler catching the larg
est trout before June 1st with
tackle bought at my store.
rv lloth of Them," "Skldoo," "At tho
Photographor'a" and "Money Musk."
Miss Arrla Hlaok was at bor best
In tho two solos which she sans,
"Good-bye, Sweet Day," and "Little
Hoy Hlue."
XI If Kva Graves ployed the accom
paniments and also, rendered Grieg's
"Wedding Day at frpldhougen" and
"Huttorfly" and Chdmlnade's "Au
tumn."' The Hoy Scouts will uso their
share of tho proceeds to help outfit i
them for their annual camping trip. '
the Judges and markings will bo giv
en en the following basis:
1. Good record-keeping to count 2C
2. Good condition of tho tlock 25
3. Good housing IC
4. Oood arrangement of yards 10
6. Cleanliness of yards and houses IS
C. Completion of reading course 10
Marks will bo deducted from tho
(Concluded on page cloven.)
The First National Bank
Dr. U. O. OOE. Prildf t E. A. SATHER. Vie Prttldant
Capital fullr paid ... (2B.0OO
Stockholdtrt'llabllltr SI 6,000
-Rurplut '. . . SIOOOO
N. P. Smith
Wall Street
f hend of high grade,
Holstein Dairy Cows
from Illinois will ar
rive in Bend about May 5ih.
They will bo sold at miction about
May 8th. Definite sale date will bo
advertised in The Bend Bulletin and
by posters, at the different stores in
and near Bend.
Terms will be part cash, balance
payable Jan. 1st, 1914, or one-half of
cream check.
We do not tie you up to sell your
cream to any particular party, but
where you get the best price.
Write or call for particulars.
in,rnjcTKiATiniUaM hauv av &.
jots' saw a imiiwivnw axruin. war avjbnv .
u. v. w n. n- an ma, .-. o. MtUKJON X