The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 05, 1913, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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Tlio subject of frcilliiK fnt Into tnlllc,
or, In oilier wonls, (Im IiiIIiiimh'o of
feed iii()ll llio IH'I'iclilttKO of fnt it)
milk, l miiro or Ii'hm cimfnuliic n rid wo
are not surprised Hint our render nt
times become perplexed, snys Hoiml's
There n ro Umiho who clnlm Hint It is
possible to food fnt Into milk. Wo hold
Hint It U not possible iimlor iiorninl
condition lo innlurlnlly Inlliioiico tlio
nuitllty of milk by feed, Tlio tdtiinlliin,
n wit see It. U till"! A row kept un
iler normal condition receiving n nc
Hon In kcupliiK with her mil U pruritic
Hon, supplylm: lier with (liu iieci'ssnrjr
About jrr bko h Drawn
Hurl. Cstllt HrMtUri' soclsllon
dvcldnl to gr In lln with Ihs oth.
rr ilnlry lro nnl form n nw
rrglntr, la L known n Hi "1IK
Ulrr o( J'fOiluctlun." for animal of
utwrlor nmli Tli rtauli lis tn tatlr'aclury Whit no lh
nuinrnal rcnit hv lrn fnile.
Ill uvtrsgt Imv ttn Irish sod
uAiiar fa vui lily with thomail
ly othtr trailing' dairy brtrd. Th
Urown Hwl cww lis m cutnbln.
l tort of tomillollon. visor, eapsrity
unit illilllun Hut will toon plat
nr In lli front rank an a profits!)!
dairy produttr Tom I'ltylU, tr
llruwn HmIm bull ahuwn. I ownd
by Wallialla Karma, Hhldltburtf.
N V II waa stand champl'in u(
hi brtnt at lit Nw Turk atat
fair of IHL
nutrients for kti-plne her liodjr In good
physical condition and producing tlio
nmount of milk she la capable of.
niakfs It luitiOMllile during the chnnK
I iik of feed lo lucrvuko tlio percentage
of fat In milk.
I.xpvrlmcnt itnllon tried arl
ou combination of f ruling stuffs and
Jjiivo never been able to cbuiwe the
normul itcnciilnff of fat In a cow's
uillk. Wo are not unmindful of the
fart Hint some feeders liure claimed
that Ihejr hud n combination of feeds
that would lticrcne the penentsce of
fat In n row' milk. On tlila point
we twlleve tlirjr nave niMiiterpretrri
fnct. mid we mut hold to XUv rcults
of experiments conducted by our st
tltma. which allow that It l not ttosslble.
uudvr normul condition, to Increase
the iienetilMge or fnt In milk.
Kxpfritnciit stations tm Iwn able
through a system of whnt may tn tcriri
ed nhuonnnl feeding, n conditioning of
the cow prior to calving, to Increase
the percentage of fnt In cow' milk.
Professor llcltlre of the Missouri ex
pertinent atntlnu hna Ihtii able to do
Hit wllli dltTcrvtit breed of cowa,
With one Jerr cow, which wn lu
hlcli condition nt the tlmu of pnrturl
tlon. he took nwuy tieurly nil of her
feed, nnd the cfTvct wna a tie iirodutitl
hleher tcHiliiu milk than iiuruml
Another liminme wna Uh u llolatelu.
alo In n liluh liindlllou prior to cnlr
Iiik. nnd for aouie time nftcr ahc pro
duwl milk nlHive her normnl text Ilut
thla In the true ieiiae ciilinoi be con
aldvrttl ffedlui: fnt Into milk. It l
nilher puttlnu mi nnlmnl In condition
hr which her milk tempornrlljr cuitulu
n higher teriviitni:e of liutler fii.
I'Vcillm; (nt Into milk, ua we term H
nnd foiialder It, woiiltl lie to tnke n
llolatein low, for tiiatuuce. wtna-e ml i
tctttl llty r cent nnd feitl I km o
Hint It would teat more tle Hitlie j'enr.
It would bv it uriNit Ihhui to Hie tlnlry
lntliilr If audi it ay mem of fcedltif
could ho dlacovereil whereli.r the IIol
atelu cow with tier wonderful flow nf
milk could to Hindu to prod me the
nutillty of milk prodmed by the (iueru
vy or tlio JemcT, Thli would wire,
Hid fnrmvr a cow for nurlor tp nu
Hint wo hnre now. Ilut, na atnted, n
normnl ayaiem of fettling hm never
been nhlv to produce n pertmitient In
creuao lu the purcvutnKe of fut In milk.
Wlnttrlng Farm Horata.
To set the beat poulble result! I
would :lro the borae wntcr lef ore feed
ing and have htiu eat hi forase bfor
fctdVng Kraln. a the stomach la small
and eating hay wilt cnue the ernln to
na from It cfor It 1 dliceated. writes
W. W. Hunter In Knttunal Stockman.
If bay I scarce about half the ration
limy tx snved by lettliiR the horses run
to the straw stack In the daytime or
nilliiit the runnier with slrnw to pick
over. About a ton of good bay or Its
Kiulvnlcnt ami flftiHin or twenty bush
els of ontn. with forty bushel of cur
tcorii or Its eiiulralent. ought to keep
Inn nvcrnge fiirm borne In uocxl condl-
1 1 Ion throughout the four Idle month
between full nnd spring work I would
prefer feeding the ont and corn to
gether, nnd I doubt whether the itvcr
nge fnrmer enn ufford to grind or cook
It ho grnlu or cut the liny. I would.
a oo ever, recommeuii sumo urmi anu
ollimul with tho crnln.
Ramsdy For Shttp Catarrh.
DlKchiirge rofq the ntwtrlla inny be
due tu simple catarrh or cold, nnfl fpr,
Hint medicine need not be jrfven. Oood
feeding nnd ndenunte shelter nre all
that In utHHled. nnd In time, the sheep
will get over the attack. He careful
to keep the sheep' pens nnd shed or
houses clenu, ns Irritating enses'tnny
nlmt Induce discharge from the no
Tin shoeing of tlio farm home
should receive tint an me ntlcii
Hon Hint In glwu tho roud liorao
or tho trotter, Winter shooluir
hIioiiIiI he mottt cnrefully done.
To lie up ii horno no short that
ho cniinoc coiiifortnhly He down
In n uectlleHH cruelty. The Ideel
Mtitll Is n Ixix Htrtll. nnd the spine
given to It pnya lu tho greiitur
comfort of tho nnlmnl.
Unless n colt Is properly and
liberally fml during tho flint two
yenrn of lis life It will novvr at
tnln the le or perfect propor
tloim Hint tinttiro Intended.
Along lu Kebrunry the fitting
of nil tho fnrm teams should Im
gln. Tho grnln rntlon shouhl be
griidunlly Increased nml mnre
cierclse glren ercry ilnjr to hiirtl
en the iiiusrlc.
Tho ilevnloiment of Hie young
homo rciiilriiH the exerrlae nf
the best Jtidgiiient lu bundling
hi in
Mssgsr flatlon and Cxpoiur Rduea
th Cw' Vitality. .
Wcnk Inmba nt birth are one of tho
moat iK-rplexIng dlfflrullle, the cnuso
of which may lw trnciil to rnrlous
source, writes W. II. Underwood lu
the lown llouieateud. Iick of proper
nsaluillstlvo ability on the part of tho
IViliniu mnj witiihvii hiu ki'umii w u-t
V. ...!.. .....u ....... I, l... ..a... ,! jt tltaa
during the stnge of drr.iop.
.. ? .V. .,.: "r. ..".:: LI
. ... n .Usulin !
'" ,'rr' mm ,J' "
nleut mnoiig old ewes which hnve lost
their teelli. However. for naalmlln
Hon mny Ih brought on lu young ewes
through wenk digestive organs, tin
Ihrlfllneas la one of tho most apparent
e lik-need of jHtor osalmllatlvo nblllty
nnd can genernlly be n-uiedlHl In tho
cnao of yuiing nulmnls by sorting out
and feiMtliiK extrn wltb a variety of
foods until tho system retains its nor
mnl condition.
The cnuse of wcnk lambs a blrtn
enn frequently bv trncetl to a too
limited rntlon. Many flock owners
entry the Idea Hint sheep, unlike tho
ilnlry cow, cnu surrlvu on n much nar
rower range of diet. Thf Is a very
erroneous Impresslou. In order to
properly mature their unborn progeny
they heed to be supplied with a ration
rnrylng In Its conitoiltlon tu as mark
ed nn extent as any animal, A ration
couiaaed of clover buy. corn stover,
ont straw nnd silage. If available,
should cuustltule the rangv of rough
ness. The grain rntlon should be se
lected with caro. Ont, bran, a llttl"
corn and ollmeal mnke n good ration.
Kxosure lo variable weather condi
tions durluff winter Influence the de
velopment of the fetus, and In somo
Instance It I cause of weak lambs
at parturition. When weather Is fa
vorable pregnant ewes should have ac
cess to n large yard of exercising, but
should never bo atkiwed to remain In
drenching storms. When the deceit
becomes thoroughly soaked from rain
or snow the wool fitters mat nnd form
a cold blanket, which lower the tern-IK-mturo
uf the Itody and retards tho
earn m of wnate matter from the sur
face. It requires an Incrensed con
sumption of food to maintain an even
ImmI)' temperature, thus Imposing nd
dlllonal Inlair umiii the digestive sys
tem, which sooner or Inter weukent. Its
ictlvlty nnd Influence In the develop
ment nf the felu.
Those who desire to nbtnln the high
est perccutiigf of strong, henlthy
lambs nt birth enn well n fiord to give
"I In I intention to the ewe flock dur
ing the mtIm1 of pn-cnaiicy. The ra
tion should be reglilnrly hiiiI judicious
'y auppllet. It Mhoitld -i.e.i surs-iiit
nitrlllon to tnnliitnln the inireut ttoily
lu a strong, vigorous couditlnu. mid
ilso supply the fetus. Willi h Is under
lonstntit development, with provi
The yard should bo iparlout. dry
and. If (KMslhle, with a southern ex
iv i ure. The shelter should iosses
mwd ventilation nnd plenty of sunshlue
and should Ik- kept In such, condition
Hint the ewes wilt occupy it froni
i liiilee
rather limn from compulsion.
Th Doardsr In th Dairy.
The "iMtnrder" cow-thut Is. th cow
which does not pny for tier kcc Is to
tho dnlrymuu like n tutllstnne around
his neck, The acrub la the cow that
hna given dairying nu uufnvorable rep
utation. Just why the dairyman re
fuses to give up lils old wnyc and
adopt such radlcnl changes as nro nio
essnry to convert an unprofluble nerd
Into a profltable herd baa always been
a mystery In dairying. We have never
known a mnn who expressed anything
but the greatest sntlsfnrtlon wltb hi
dnlry oncrntlons when he knew that
he was milking profitable cows, imys
ICansnH Farmer. On the other b!id.
wo nuver kuew n man to speak well
of dairying when he knew that his
cowm were not pnylng. Tbero are hnn
dreds of men slnvlug year In nnd year
nut. working hnrd nnd long, who nre
keeping n bunch of "bonrder" cows.
Exsraitt For Drood Sows,
See Hint the brood sown tnke exercise
nnd Hint (hey Kvt fiicculi'nt food It Is
doubtful If ittiy other fnctur In hog
raising Inn brought about quite lis
much Injury ns the practice of placing
brood own In little pens, preventing
Hieui from-guttl'iR. Julcy'roo'ts or RTeeu
food hntl citttluRoff their opiwrtunlty
for ojerclse entirely. The run of ths
pusturo field, or In Hie winter of rye
or whent lots, or In full of harvesting
peanut,s, artichokes, cowpeun, or of
Cleaning up old meadows, nil odd vigor
to the sows, largely vp out tne cost
of keep and Increase the vitality of the
comlug offspring.
A classified rid In Tlio Hiillctln Is
rcml by liundrtMls nnd 'Orliign tlio nd
vcrtUcr gttttd returns for tlio money
Mat your fiinii nml city property
with me. I Mill innko mi lioncwt
cffoit lo sell It. (J. V, HlliVIK Atlr.
NOTM'K Will 1,''ATIO.V,
Dopnrtiiivnt of tlm Interior, U, K.
I.ninl Oltlco nt Tho Dulles, OroKOii,
.lununry Oth, 101.1,
Notlco Is lioroby given Hint l-Vnnk
J, Klkstund of llnud, Oregon, who on
November 1st, 100(1, iniiilo homo
stood imtry No, 0MJI3, for BKVi,
WV4NH14 nnd HKKNKU c, 1,
nnd HV'NWVi. noctlon 20, town
ship 111 south, rniign H onst, Wll
Inmotto .Morlillnn, lian filed notlco of
Intention to mnko flnnl thrco )enr
proof, to oxtnhtlnh clnlm to tho Innd
nbovu dosorllied, beforo II. C. Hills,
V. H, Commissioner, nt bin olllco nt
Hend, Orogon, on tho 3rd tiny of
Mnrch. 1013.
Clnlmnnt n nines ns wltueiscs:
Knluknor I'. Ilnfiior, John A. Ilntti
kn, Uiron 11. Itobb nnd I'rnnk Mas
seiiKiite, nil of llcnd, OrcKon,
tO-ROp (!. W. MOOHK, Itnglitor,
fulled Klntes.
President William II. Tuft
Vlco President Decerned
ifocrotary of Htnto I'. O. Knox
Hocrctary of Treasury .F. MncV'oagh
Ht-cretary of Intorlor . ,V. U. Klshor
Becrt-titry of War. ...II. I- Stlmton
Secretary of Commferco nnd I Alitor . .
rhrtm Knenl
;;;".-""-- "-;;
Hocrotnry of Nnvy Geo. V.
8crHry of Agriculture Jan. Wilson
Postmaster General . F. II. Hitchcock
Attorney Uenorol 0. W. Wlckorahaui
Governor Oswald West
Secretary of Htnto .... II. V. Olcott
Troniurcr Tho. H. Kn
Atty General A. M. Crawford
Supcrlntenilcr.t Public Instruction ..
! It. Alderman
fitnto Printer
.W. H. Dunlwuy
Labor Statistics .. .
... ............ .... , v7, 1 . I lOW
Gamo Warden W. !. Flnley
State Engineer John II. taU
United State Senators
, . . . Georgu K. Chamberlain
Jonathan Hourno. Jr.
Congressmen A. W. Iifforty
...................W. O. liawioy
Kctciitli Judicial District.
Crook County.
J ml go V. I., nradshnw
Attorney W. II. Hell
Judge G. Springer
Clerk Warren Urown
SherltT Frank F.lkln
Treasurer IUlph Jordan
Assessor 11. A. Foster
School Supt J. K. Myers
Coroner P. II. Polndoxter
Surveyor Fred A. Illco
Commlsslonera II. H. Hayjey
t Wlllla W. Ilrown
Hie Courts.
Circuit Meets first Monday In
May nnd third Monday In October.
Probate Meots first Monday In
each month.
Commissioner' Meets first Wed
nesday In January, March, May, July,
September and November.
llcnd School Dlntrirt No. IS.
Directors H.J. Ovorturf. Chmn
F. M. Itay
Clydo M. McKay
Clerk H. K. Allen
City of Hend.
Mavor G. P. Putnam
Heoordcr II. C Rills
Treasurer H. J. Overtarf
Chief or Police S. K. Ilobert
Clt Engineer ....George 8. Young
Counollmcn H. H. Allen
,A. h. French
.A. S. Collins
H. I). Ford
John Steldl
G. A. Snthcr
Juktlecti of (tic Pence
Hend Precinct Ward H. Coble
Deschutes Precinct ...W. W. Orcutt
Help Fight the
Great Red Plague
Cltiiens of tho state nfo urjred to inform themselves re
jrnrding this pIoruo which 'is causing Kjreat sulTerihg amonjr
boys and younp; men, and dspccinlly among the innocent girls
and women of tho state. 1'arentB are urged to protect their
children, and to provide clean, wholesome information in place
of unclean misinformation they cannot now help getting. ,
Send for any of tho following
Clrculnr No. 2 Tho Four Sex Lies.
Circular No, 9 Sex Truths for Men.
FOR OLDER BOYS (13 to 18 years of nge)
Circular No. 8 Virility and Physical Development.
FOR YOUNGER BOYS OO to 18 years of nge)
Circular No. 7 Tho Secret of strength.
Circulnr No. 4 A Plnin Talk with Girls aboutjthelr Health,
Circulnr No. 10 Physlcul Development, Mnrrlage and
Motherhood. ' f
Circular No. 1 Tho Need of Education in Sexual Hygiene.
Circular No. 3 When and How to Toll tho Children.
'. "Circular 'No. 6"A lls'tfbf books for use In thof amlly on Sex,
, t ,
Send 2-cent stamp with your address to i
Department D
The Oregon State
703 Selling HOlldlng,
Tho Ilullatln tins for snla n now
swinging typowrltcr stand. Can bo
nttnebed to any desk and Is n Imndy
nnd convenient olllco fixture,
I. O. O. K.
llcnd Ixtilge No. iilH
ItoKular Mcatlngs every Monday night
Visitors welcome.
V. I.. Wing, U
N. Q.
.V, Horfmnn,
ltcc. Bcoy,
.M. OK A.
Pilot llutto Camp No. 979 I
Meet every Tuesday In Bather Hall
Visiting Neighbors- always, welcome.
11. P. Palmer, Consul.
N. P. Welder, Clerk.
I)I)GK. N O, 1 O
K. of P.
Meets every Wednes
day evening at 8 p. m.
In Castle Hall, K. A.
Hather Hide. Visiting
Knights welcome.
Joe In lies, C C.
I.. M. Mcltvynolds,,
K. of It. & 8.
i)ih;h SO.
A. 1. & A. .M.
Meets on Thursday on or be.
fore tho full tnoon of each
Visiting brothers
always welcome.
J. D. Davidson,
W. M.
M. Larn,
Itegjlar meetings held by Mend
Lodgo No. 897 In Bather's Hall on
tho first and third Thursday evening
each month. Visiting members of
order always welcome.
J. 11. MINER. Prcs.
llcnd Ixidgo No. SOS meets every
second and fourth Friday evening,
athcr'a Hall. Visiting brothers
and sisters welcomed.
Mrs. I.uoy French, N. G.
Miss Lota V. Force, Kec. Secy,
Hegular meeting on first and
third Friday evenings at Bather's
MK8. A. C. LUCAS, Oracle.
MIIB. A. OHCUTT, Recorder.
First Class
J. J. KLEIN, Proprietor.
Board of Health
l'ort,lanq; uregon-
is nt nn average elevation 100 lcet
above the city of Hend. '
Commands a chnrming view of the
city of Bend nnd the surrounding
15 minutes walk from business
center. Lots 50x110.
Bend, Ore.
Carter's Wood
keep you
Sec me when you want wood.
F. M. Carter
The Wood Man.
We United Warehouse
Our nursery is located on Powell Butte, fourteen miles
east of Bend. Our trees are the kind we recommend
aft;er oyer thirty years experience in the fruit business
in this neighborhood. Our prices and treatment will
please .you. Catalog free on request. Come and see
our orchards and nursery. Office address, Frinevlllet Ore.
First Class Work
of all kinds
done promptly.
Warhlnglon anal .Mayer
Shoes Sold.
Wall street, Bend, Ore
Steam and Hot Water Heating
We carry the largest
stock of goods in Cen
tral Oregon. Jobbing
promptly attended to
If yon ban n IstchUco or y
pUnt matter, write ImmcdUttty to
W. W. WRIGHT, rr(Ulrr4 ttomjr
Loss & Tnut BMf SW Mhlntton JD. C,