The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, February 05, 1913, Page PAGE 12, Image 12

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l'liono Frnclilo llclil up Kor Con
sideration Hills Arc Ordered Paid
Front tho Bcwer and General
Funds, at Monthly Session,
Buy at Hem.
Any resident of n community, what
eter Im) his occupation, when ho sends
nwoy to n distant place for the Roods
that he required, not nlouo docs n thtiiff
tbnt It directly nptlnst his own Inter
ests, Imt against the Interest of every
resident of tho community, lie assists
In destroying the business of his homo
town, helps ilctcrlomto tho schools, de
cease rent estate values and does his
part toward bulldlnirTip n forelgu place
In which he tins no Interest.
Little besides routine work was
taken up by tho City Council at Its
monthly meeting last night.
Tho $5000 bond of Construction
Engineer Koon was approved nnd
a sum oqual to that amount was or.
dored turned over to his account for
February construction expenses, un
der tho provisions of tho working
plan previously outlined.
The city treasurer was granted a
salary of S5 a month for the rest of
tho year.
A petition for the vacation ot cer
tain blocks in WlcstorU and Center
addition, for re-platting, was granted
by tho council.
Sidewalks woro ordered for lota 1
and 9 In block 19. the city to con
struct necessary alley cross walks.
The franchise for telephone sought
by Kempster 11. Miller, read tor tho
second time wan placed on the tablo
until the next meeting, for final ac
tion. Members of tho council urged
that some time limit for construction
should be Included In tho franchise.
A petition requesting the appoint
ment ot a night policeman was rend.
At the -time, tho council took no ac
tion on the matter. The mayor was
absent, but stated later that It the
council desires auch an appointment.
it will be made.
The following bills wero ordered
From thecwer fund
It. E. Koon, supervision to
February 1 .8
ewer .pipe. Y's. etc ....
express on bonds
From the general fund
Nixon ,.
Bend Hdwro Co
Cultlvat. the Farmtr.
It is n Rood Idea to cultlvnto tho
friendship of tho farmers moro closely.
If only the right presentation are
made by the banker, the busluexs man
of n town, much good can be dono to
wanJ'nwnkctdnir nn Interest In farm
ing communities, n pride that will bo
of great benefit In the way of Increas
ing the business of the town nnd keep
ing money from p)tng elsewhere.
Ctstatlon Period of Ewaa,
The gestation period of the ewe, or
the time she carries her lamb. Is be
tween H5 and 1W) days on the aver
age. Ewes bred the middle of Octo
ler are due to Inmh the middle ot
Marvh-n good time for lambs to come
If good abetter Is available. If sholter
Is poor, however, it Is better for the
lambs to come the last of March. A
tried ram Is of great value lu Insuring
the time for the lambs to arrive. It Is
a gteat disappointment to bnve lambs
coming fur a period of six week.
Advertisements Inserted under this
heading at the rt-e of one cent n
word for each insertion. Dlnconnt on
extended Insertions. Charges are
payable In advance except for adver
tisers timing a regular account with
Tho llulletln.
SkusV Hdwrc Co.
Wenandy Livery
Street work
Bend Co.
Crossings .;............
Supplies t j. ! .
Recorder :.. ...
Work on hoses
Cemeteryfees sTt ,'
Water and light
Chief ot police
For Sale.
FOR SALE: Fine blooded Jersey
bull. Address "M" care Bulletin. 47tt
FOR SALE Reasonable, good
Jersey bull, past two years old. In
quire Levi Ernst, Powell Butte. 50p
FOR SALE Qraln bay at my placo
six miles from Bend, ill per ton.
Address O. C. Cardwall, Bend. 47tf
FOR SALE Horao and wagon.
Morse black, 7 years old, wt 1500.
Inquire of Nick Bors, Adams stree,
la Park Addition. 47-4Sp
FOR 8ALE Ono relinquishment
near Prlnevltle and one near Terre
bonne, each $200. See J. B. Miner,
Bend, Ore. 4Ctf
FOR SALE Blue record Under
wood typewriter ribbons st the Bul
letin offlce. tt
FOR SALE Timothy and clover
hay, six miles northeast of Bend on
Prlneville road. 8. A. Outt. 49p
FOR- SALE Auto hearso, 'Very
speedy nnd In good condition, A very
attractive Investment. People nru
dying to rldo In It. 48
FOlt BALE 160-ncro roltnqutih
mont, with 100 adjoining; Also other
cholco locations, Address II. C.
euro Bulletin. 43tt
FOU SALE-Good rollnnulnhmont.
closo to railroad station, partly Im
proved, water on place. Address,
"Owner," euro llullotltt. ISp
FOU 8AlH WU ot 8WU, aeo.
15, T. 10 8 It. 11 E W. M 80
ncres of tlinlnir closo to railroad. Ad
dress W. II. Ilelborg. Elgin, 111. '49p
FOU 8ALK Ucd clover hay 12,
also mammoth clover hay JR. nil of
It bated. Four miles west ot Lald
law, Ore. Winter & Spaugh. 4Stt
FOU BALK Eggs for sotting, both
thoroughbred Rhode Island Rods and
Black Langs linns. Address Mrs. O.
W. Shrlner, (tend, or loavo orders at
Mrs. Herring's.
FOU SALE llouso In Park Addl
tlon, tilk 1C. It 3, 24x24. No. 1 lum
ber, 3 rooms; dining room 12x18,
bedroom 12x12, kitchen 12x12. Ev
erything fenced. Lot 50x140 feet.
John Dhets. 48p
FOU SALE High grade Jersey
hclfors, selected from tho hoavlcat
producing herds of tho Wlllaniotto
vnlloy. Will freshen during this
coming summer. Phone or address,
L. B. Lafollotto, Prlnovllle, Or. 8151
FOU SALE 160 acres Improved
Irrigated farm. 50 acres act to clover
and alfalfa, 6 miles from Bend, mod
ern bungalow, 12 head Holatclu
cows, S head yearling Holsteln hclf.
ers. At very low price. J. A. Ens
tea. 47tf
FOR SALE 40 acres ot cholco Ir
rigated land southeast of Bend, elth
or improved or unimproved. Prlco
and torms attractive. Also water
right to 25 acres under the North
Lateral Irrigation Co. Ed Halvor
son. 37tt
FOR SALE Cholco winter apples
In 10 or 20 box lots at tho right prlco.
C. II. Hatch, Laldlaw, Ore. J6-49p
For Rent.
f m ll Mil 4 S wsTiirowin J
J si wTX .few... ,i-
- .'BVM''iif JIT, TVliA fft.,SS. A' n cncuLAutesauTC
i ,ssuwit4 1 j ; Jo I ( jrf 'f1 r ' W o ? ' HWTiwrnHw.
1 ) ?i lii$ Jpjg V V tiSR8S!Umm i
I ? S yPrk ' u C 6aNrmii I
I SflVETW.c'So'er !l..
m ...... "nrjuur iiihvc3I in i c Htsu
FOR RENT Furnished cabin, 5.
W. B. Leah, lot 11. block 16, Centor
Addition. 48tf
FOR RENT 3 furnished rooms.
M. M. Lesh, lot 10, block 15, Center
Addition. 48tf
FOR RENT Good furnished
housekeeping rooms, modorn In every
way. Inquire at Altamont Hotel 48f
FOR RENT Good storo room, al.
so housekeeping and other rooms,
In postotflco building. See F. O
Minor at postofllce. 46tt
FOR RENT Improved Irrigated
land In Powell Butto district. Apply
to G. A. McFarlane, Redmond, Ore
gon. 43tf
FOR RENT Ten-acro Irrigated
ciccr riA rMnnMu
Mrsn iicotji
,a1, dktJI Oo t It' . ainlltttutrouniliBf cvuntri. Thtttiitla tlth, ittp volcsnlc ih funn
I 0S ultOUlQ OCC JLa "in rock. U Irrrl, h wl l(ln(. t cinlltut dilnklns wilr
nr ilnixr than m fr I. Tin Irilntttt Uii.l with a ttl!"! Ur
nn b put(httJ t Jj4.on prcteon fijr tftm. The utrotirnllng f'n cofl wounulm i futlul ualutit ml juM Iht 'lt
for cllon La llnrlionljr about two )tr old. but ituwliig t)!'' It UWphont ajrilcm, two goct huUW, two til( rim
ntrchanillw an tta a Rtittlaaatlrtry an J led alablr, an clltnl'iKiIHir lth t.a llni Inlrr-MouaUhi). una of Iht rntxl iiMrtli
tommtrctal cluU In th atatr- anil IMacluu, br t.t way. bMltniif iruirlyaiut lh ( ytar ffrttnt thtrron an allfattltt dab hixiw
Tbtratrlhttiman.w mllUIn lhelctnllyof l.a l-inr whl tiVJutl Iht twilnnlns oMhablf lumbcilnf anl mllllne bulne thai will t
dont bf. Thtit ait aood otwnlnia In tiiakufuctuilnc and uthir builntM Ultra htrt In ntuialloml ntaiura A rinr It intiaifultt . It hat
attn-actcachnnlpatk n Iht hiatl orihtttakltnrt arttlun.and now lrachtauploltr twtlfth gtadt. A Catholic tburih will lw bum htrt
thlarptlnc. and plhtr thurthea art planiilnj tonuhlUh ihtniKlirtt. La lint h ovtr ii.iui araltablt tlrnrlc hoiat wtr which tht
owntaahaTtrommtnml to dtrttup. and which alunt wotiM bulUI ! alirdcUy. Tht big art of farm land Inbuiary Id t.a I'lnt would
alont build anduiamlaln a yeudtCrtdclly Tht IraclaoflitnUr Itlbulary to M I'lnt wunld alont Imlld a uul alitd cllr With Iht
com Inn oflht two bin railroad aytrm to Ua I'lnt whlcb wlllbt aoul, dtrtlopmtnl In and around t.a I'lnt will m rapid U rint
call bt rtachctl mar ct M J O W- H rM and V P Kya. You can makt menty by imtloc roitriy al ia lint In adT.nct oflht
rallroada. iithttaart dolni II. why not VOl' WAKK VI tolht fact that aolid. wtlldnalcd lowu In unt of Iht ntwnt and tM Mtllont
oflht Norlhwttt It lajund to irvw rartdly and that urupttly valuta will climb acturomiiy rrictt uuw nom ijncouu Tnt itrina art taty
only a few dullara itr month vn tacn lot You dont wIm tbt tnooty, but you tuun amuirt taiuabit iiruMtty. wi
ana icrmtto
Rttlablt anli. with ood bank rtft'tneta, wanltd In all part, oflht Vnlltd Slatra,
I'rllt today Ivr ptal, pikta
tract near town, with house, out
houses, etc. Enquire at First Nat
ional Bank. 29tf.
FOU RENT Oil SALE 160 acres
ot Irrigated land under Arnold sys
tem, 6 mites from town; 25 acres un
der cultivation. Call on or address
Chas. D. Rowe, Bend. 48tf
FOU RENT Fam of 160 acres,
80 cleared and 20 plowed, water for
80. Maw C-rnoin housn furnished
complete, sood barn 32x60 ft. Good
layout for right man. Call on or
wrlto W, II. May, Olat. Ore. 47-49
WANTED A hair ralalng atory by
a bald man.
WANTED 30-30 ride. State the
price aud condition, for caah. Mack,
I'. O. Box 73, Bend. 47-48p
WANTED Bookkeeper and office
man. Do not apply unless experi
enced. U. E. Koon. 48
WANTED Offer for timber claim,
namely aw',; of 26, T. 16 8., R. 10 E.
II. P. 8chnetder. Itlce Lake. Wla. 9p
WANTED Team, harneaa and
wacon. Cllvo welsht nnd nrlce. for
cosh. Mack, P, O. Box 73. 47-48p
For Kale or Trade.
model Potaluma Incubator nnd hot
water brooder. Albert Harper, I.old-
law, Ore. 4 Dp
WILL TUADE 61 stmrea Bwallwy
(D. II. A I. Co.) for clearing land.
trees already pulled. He Wm
Johnson at Deachutes or (). A Mc
Farlane at Redmond. 48-51
1X)HT Canvas collapsible bucket
between llend and Laldlaw, on Tuta
day. George Young. 4K
13000 or less to loan on real eal
late, current rates, Iloaa harnham.
iiMinmiimmitMHMMtmimnii ),niMMiMM,uMttnMMM.M,mM
,-,.. MMMIMIMM .-. e -yi.
-t.-a-'---'-V-----' --gg
ss-xyy-t' f f ? t yyryTT'?TTTVTyyy--y t t vt pB-aTa7j
t - t
: a
0 ' ,v
: i
. 'f
Operates the Largest and Best Equipped Saw Mill and has
The Largest Stock of Lumber
in Central Oregon. We can manufacture what you want,
when you want it, and at the prices you want.
Special Bill Stuff furnished at short notice. Your inquiries
are invited, and will receive prompt attention.
T ' '
t T '
T T '
X ' '
X - -
I.I .y?fl
The Bend Company
Bend, Oregon
Mll Irim
a a a a a i a aa'a aat
Mr. j. .,.,. .