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CItKSCKNT, Jan. 11. Mr, nnd
Mrs. Earl Austin went to tho Ilamncr
ranch and returned Friday.
J. L, lllngo wns nt the Mnston mill
this week tor lumber for tho Im
provement ho Is making on his house.
E, It. Itourk returned Mondny
from llend where he met his mother,
Mrs. J. It. Ilourk, whom ho had not
seen tor seventeen years, ns she has
made her homo In Mntngalpa, Nica
ragua, Central America. She Is
visiting relatives In "the states" this
George Mnyflold, a iirosiicrous
cattleman eight miles from Crescent,
extended n general Invitation to tho
jicoplo of Crescent to atteud a dance
given In his now houso. The fol
lowing made up n sleighing party
who attended. Mr. and Mrs. J. U
Itlngo, Mrs. !'. M. Cleaves. Mrs. W.
V. Crydor and Miss Dorothy Andor.
son In ouo slelRh, and Mr. and Mrs.
B. G. Itourk, Mr. and Mrs. C. V.
Long and Miss lona Applegato In an
other. A good crowd was In at
tendance from La Pine and vicinity,
and, as all brought refreshments, a
good time was enjoyed until a lato
FORT ROCK. Jan. ll.-r-As yet
there has been no threshing machines
to come to tho loctl postottlce, but
Postmaster J. T. Rhoton saya that
dairy cans, parts of wagons and plow
fixtures havo been received.
The thermometer last Monday
morning took a slide for xcro and
landed at the 12 mark below, this
being tho coldest of tho season so
far. Tho snow fall has been very
light this winter, the total fall being
only 10 Inches, there being only
about 2ft Inches on the ground at
Mrs. M. M. Wilson has gono to
Portland to attend to some business
matters and will return In a few
days with her family.
Miss Ollvo K. Gecr. daughter of
Capt. J. P. Geer of this place, ar
rived by stage Friday and will spend
tho winter with her father.
George T. Mlchaelson of the Fort
Rock Mercantile Co. Is spending the
week with his family In liend.
The first rabbit drive In the Fort
Rock vicinity was pulled off Satur
day with a result of 1129 rabbits be
lug killed.
Floyd Llppeucott came down from
La Pino on business the first of the
C M. Krdrann moved his residence
to the Bouth part of the city where
ho Is adding more to' the building.
The Fort Rock meat market has
mcrved Into Its new quarters on Main
E. W. Groves of Arrow was a husl.
ncss visitor in this city Monday.
Otis Talbot of La Pine Is now-
driving stage from La Pine to Silver
Lake, Fred Wright retiring.
Morn, to Mr. and Mrs. Oaka G.
Heeler of thte place, an 8 pound
UUTTB, Lako county, Jan. S A
Jolly Christmas party took place at
the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Pope In
Ilutte. Mr. and Mrs. Meloue, the
Carroll family, Mrs. Smith and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. Wllmot, Mr. and
Mrs. Ede and son and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Pope, Grace Hanks, Alice
Brookings, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Rasmus
sen and Mr. Huntington, twenty in
all, were present. The guests arrived
early nnd spent the day in visiting
and games. At 2 o'clock dinner was
served. Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Melone,
Mrs. Pope, Mrs. Wllmot and Mra.
Smith had 'provided a feast that
could not' bo' surpassed anywhere.
8erv4d with turkey- and all the trim
irlns. the, guests found It bard to
realize that they were on the "desert"
a hundred tulles from a source pi
Early in the evening all present
went up to the school bouse whero
they were Joined by tho rest of the
people In the valley. Here an en
joyable program was given. At 9
o'clock Santa Clans arrived nnd the
curtains whleh concealed a gorgeous
('hrlitrasa tree were drawn aside.
Everybody there carried homo somo
roineniiiiancn of the happy occasion.
Mrs. Reynolds entertained tho
people of Jlutte at a watch party
Tuesday cvaaliig. Dec. 31. At an
enrly hour 'thirty people arrived ut
tho Reynold's home and were soon
Maying gumos around, an Irojnente
houtlro. 'ihu games ended abruptly
when a call to pull taffy was heard,
and for tho uext hour everybody was
busy with a supply of molasses candy,
B.upper was served at 11 nnd by 12
all were ready to give 1913 a noisy
welcome Au amateur band was
boon oricuQlrml. nil tho tin cans nnd
comb on the place being oalledrthfo
service, indoor games kept every
body awake and happy until 3 o'clock
when the guests departed after a si
tiring Mrs. Rgynolity ..that sbj had
given'Uhem' a most? pleasant tlmo.. ',
MILLICAN, Jan. 11. -Louis Mc-Adnw-
left for Missouri n fow dn)s
ago to visit his family. Ho will re
turn hero enrly In tho spring, bring.
Ing them with him. They will ro
slilo on their claim.
J. U Owens has hauled lumber out
front llend nnd is building n houso
for his mother on her claim. It Is
understood that Mrs. Owens will ar
rive from North Dakota soon and
make her homo In tho valley horo.
P. 11. Johnson has moved his fam
ily from Pond nnd says ho expects to
havo his store open for business Jan
uary 16 or thereabouts.
Mr. and Mrs. Ream and sou moved
out from llend a few- da) 8 ago ami
will resldo on tholr claim.
Harry Morrison and Al Yancey
have gono to Hear Creek to look after
stock In that vlclulty for George Mil
Ilcnn. Tho notices asking for a school
hero have been pottod through tho
valloy and tho returns forwarded to
tho district boundary board for its
Ed Kopper, who left horo last tall
for Astoria upon the advice of his
physician for a change of climate,
has lecn greatly benefited and will
return here with his wife In tho near
Next Bummor wilt seo a great
chango In the valley. Tho writer has
been Interviewing a number of tho
homesteaders In regard to Improve,
meats to bo mado on their claims
this year. Each and every ono talk
ed wRh Is preparing to fence his
claim and will sow from 20 to 50
acres of spring rye for hay. Con
siderable wheat and flax will be sow
ed and experiments w be made.
A. D. Norton and Fred Kigcr havo
commenced work on Frank Glndor's
well, after tho completion of which
thoy will commence work on Mr.
Glndor's houso nnd outbuildings.
Thomas Moffett returned Satrr
uay from a business trip to llend. Me
taught another horse, giving him
four altogether now. Mr. MotfeU
I Buy at Home
"Because this is the place where I mnke money and this is
the place to spend it.
"Because my interests are here.
"Because I believe in transacting business with friends.
"Because tne community that is good enough for me to live
in is good enough to buy in.
"Because I want to sec tho goods.
"Because I want to get what I pay for.
"Because every dollar I spend at home stnys at home and
works for the development of the city.
"Because I sell what I produce here nt home.
"Because the man I buy from pays his part of the city and
county taxes.
"Because the man I buy from holps support my 'school, my
church, my lodge and my home.
"Here is where I live and here is where I buy."
Central Oregon
t&iou Should Employ this Symbol
When Traveling
jBttween Central Oregon and I'ortlund,
because of the THROUGH SERVICE.
Between Portland, Tacoma and Seattle,
because of the four .splendidly equipped
trains Steel Flyer, Owl, Puget Sound Ex
press and Shasta Limited Train Do Luxe.
Between Oregon and the East, because of
three solid trains daily in each direction
O-W Limited and Portland & Puget
Sound Express to Denver, Omaha, Chi
cago, Kansas City and all points East;
and the Soo-Spokane Train De Luxe to
St. Paul and Minneapolis.
.1. H. CORBETT, Agent
- - - -
says ho Intends to turn over all tho
sagebrush ho possibly can as noon
as spring opens up.
John Davis, who hns bees em
ployed at tho Mlltlcttu ranch, tuts ru.
turned home nnd Is now busily en
gaged getting out posts for his
father's ranch.
(Too late for lubt week's Issue,)
1A PINE, Jan. C. William
Kvrlitghnm wont down to Itond niter
J, E. Kngebretson on tho 21th of
Dec. so that ho could spend Christ
mas with his family. While here ho
made soernl noticeable Improve
ments on his homestead. He return
ed on the stage on tho 29th.
Mrs. R. C. Richie spout tho holi
days with friends nnd rolatlves nt
Rostand nnd La Pino.
Earnest Evrlnghnm was down
from camp to spend tho holiday at
A. 11. Rldgley has left up horo to
work In llend.
The Mnatcu school has continued
right along during tho holidays, the
Paulina school opening last Thurs
day after a vacation ot twelvo days.
The I .a Pine school opened Mondny,
Jan. C.
George Mayflold announced nt tho
last dance at La Pino that ho would
llko everyonu to come up to his
placo on tho evening of January 10,
as hla new house would be In rcndl
nots for n good, old-time, house
warming and for everyone to bring
a good lunch.
Tho snow on tho ground hero last
week measured nbout twenty-two
Inches on tho lovot and broke down
ttho telophono wires between I Pino
and iinnu nnu nisu botwecn Crescent
and la Pine. Tho service was re
ewed between La Pino nnd llend
Tuesday and tho Crescent coplo
were working on tho line from I a
Pine up, last Thursday. Slncu the
thaw of last Thursday nnd Friday
tho snow Is not over ton Inches deep
on tho level.
Alfred Shultz spent Inst week
Brokerage Co.
- ---- - - -
- - - ,
visiting with Mr. nnd Mrs, Tom Park.
or nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Curtis llooaloy
and also n dny at Croscent,
Mr, and Mrs. Harry Rly wore at
ltnlph Caldwell's Inst Thursday,
school building nt Prluglo Flats Is
finished. It Is 10x30 feel and was
put up by subscription by the people
of township 10, range ID and 2010.
School will commence nt once. Just
nuother little Improvement for this
part of tho country,
Chnrle Mills walked to his Prlngln
Flat homestond from llend last week,
lie uiiulo It In two da) a over u bad
Charles Marrln I getting nloug
nicely with his house, but will have
to make n trip to llend for material
before ho can finish.
Lots ot people nru string hero
tor tho winter becnuso there Is no
better place.
A good many potatoes will lo
planted hero this spring,
There Is good skating here on the
overflow from tho wnrn spring and
tho children aro having good times.
Mrs. Fred Hamlin and Mrs. Martin
called on Mrs. II, Evans New Year's
Wo didn't have many turkeys out
hero for Christmas, but had lots of
chickens, which could not be said
a yoar ago.
Mr. O'Keef will make a trip to
llend Tuesdny.
- ---
ALFALFA, Jan. 11 Mr, Coll,
who has been visiting nt the Dan-
borry and lloyd homes, loft for Port
land today.
I.eo Ferry Is home on a visit.
Miss Pyatt returned to her school
Sunday niter a two weeks' vacation
spent with hor parents.
II. L. Moloney spent n few days
at homo last week, returning to hla
work at the Pino Forest mill Sunday.
Preparations are being made for
an uiuoiulumeiit and box hocIiiI nt
tho school house Saturday evening,
Jununr) 18.
Mr, and Mrs. A. W. Wlllsrd are
back on their ranch for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Sum Johnson expect
to leave soon for Vancouver, Wash,'
11. L. Moloney Is putting up n now
barn on his ranch.
A. O. Walker went to Portland to
attend tho Irrigation Congress ns a
delegate from this section,
Mr. Hansen, Mr. Johnson and Mr.
Williams are hauling hay to llend.
Joan llnllore, who visited In this
neighborhood during the holidays,
has returned to his homestead on
Powell Ilutte.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnlker and children
visited a few days in Luldlaw last
(Too late for lust week's Issue )
IIKNI), Jan. 8---C. II. Auderson
left Huudiiy morning for h short lslt
In Seattle.
Mrs. Charles lloeoh. who lyis been
visiting friends nnd relatives In Kpo-
kimo mid llnrtlliie, returned Hiindu)
C. K. Hmlth. It. M. Hlder nnd O.
C. Cardwell attended tho meeting of
tho vtator users' association nt Hod
mond last Bsturdny afternoon.
Eastern Btar Orange No. 482 hold
an Interesting meeting last Saturday
evening nnd Installed new officers.
They are as follows:. Master, C. M.
Bragg; overseer, P. Peterson; tec.
turer, Mrs. O. C. Cardwell; chaplain,
Mlsa Holla Monitleld; steward, N,
Heyholdst assistant steward, Alonxo
Monro; lady assistant stoward, Mrs,
Kiln llragg; Ceres. Mrs. II. -:, Ktow.
art; Pomona, Anna Moon, Flora,
Mrs. K. Nelson; doorkeeper, Autls
Moore; treasurer, P. K. Mosler; sec
retary, II, K. Btewart.
Charles lloech Is moving Iho Willie
Hooch dwelling, which ho purchased,
up to his place,
C. K. Hmlth lost n valuable mnro
Hunday, The cause of her death Is
not known.
Mr. nod Mrs. Hnrnest Ilnvninnnn,
Mr, nnd Mrs, I.eo Young, Mr. nnd
Mis. W. Ilodgeu nnd Mr. and Mrs.
II. M. Wider spout Hiinduy with Mr.
C. K. Hmlth.
IIKNI), II. T, ., Jan. 1 1.- C. 1!.
Sale j
Thursday, Jan, 23 I
One-half mile west of I
I'lnehurat School House, !
Smith attended the FnrmerM Union
mooting nt Madras Saturday an n dot
Mrs, Mnrcluiiio Is nbto to hit
Mr. and Mra. Charlie Hooch aro oc
cupying tholr now homo now,
An enjoyable party was hold nt the
Grnngo Halt limt Saturday iiluhl by
i!hu Grange.
A -.-.-.- -
PLAINVIHW, Jim. 13. Mr. and
Mrs., George McAllister nnd daugh
ter llentrlro loft tho latler part of Iho
week for Clielialls, Wash., whero he
will have the cancer on IiIh lip treat
ed. Ho will be gone for a mouth or
Mr. While of Prlnevlllo, biother of
Ml Ruth Winkle, Is visiting at tin
Winkle homo.
Mr. Schumacher has purchased two
flue cows nnd n calf from Mr. Van
George Crawford was transacting
business In llend Tuesday.
Miss Josle Crawford of l.nldlnw
spout Friday, Saturday and Hominy
with her sister, who Is sta)!ng at Mr.
Strati til's.
Ed Strahm nnd Ellen nnd Joslo
Crawford were In Sisters Sunday,
Tho Plalnvlew Irrigation Company
noin its nunual election Saturday,
C, F. Chalfan was re-elected presl
dent: T. M. Post, vice president; A.
Lovorem, secretary-treasurer, Mr.
Chalfan, Mr. Lovoront, Mr. Post,
Walter May and John Strahm wore
chosen ns directors,
PINBHCR8T. Jan. 13. Tuesday
morning (ho homo of I E. Wimor
caught on lire from tho chimney, but
by the prompt action of Mr. Wlinor
ami neighbors the flume were ox
tlngulsod before damage was done.
Tho Socialist local met al the
homo of J. II. Nichols Saturday eve
ning nnd elected the following iifll
cers: Organiser, Alex. Ivercnt,
thiamin! secretary, J. It. Ilenhsm,
recording secretary, Mrs. F. W. Lov
erenx; program rommlttee, Mrs. L.
K. Nlchnl. J. W. Peterson nnd Mrs.
Alex. iHivereiu.
Mrs. L. J. Wlmsr of Lnldlaw wilt
spend some time with Mrs. Jackson
nt the llayluy much,
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. W. l.oereni of
Tuiualo woie cullers In the neighbor
hood Uednesdny, the guests of Mr
and Mrs.. J, M. Patton.
Juy Nichols made
to (list Wednesday,
s business trip
Mr. nnd Mrs. (I. W. Horner wen tr
lnldlaw on business Wednesdt..,
McDerinolt HriM. went to Uldluw
the last ot Ihu week.
Fred Anderson has recently pur.
chased an nutoiuoblln.
Miss llerthn Hnnnelhorg, who has
lHen III, Is much Improved.
G. M. Couch Is quite III nt Ills homo
northwest of hero.
Little Velms Nichols was quite lit
this week.
Presser of Wslla Walls Wash ,
""" si nug n lew iIhmi vtin
We Ouarantce
Money Returned If
Pioneer Cream Company
"The Hend Creamery"
- -
Headquarters for Commercial Men
; lilectrlc Lighted Thi'oughout
Quod Rooms
Free bus to
and from trains
ilnuglitor, Mrs. Kruchok
Mrs. Iliinwldo mul children nn
Thursday afternoon with Mrs, E M
Mr. and Mra. Huckloy spout tiit
latter part of, (lie wouk nt Redmond.
14. M. Pray wont to llend Tlnirs.
day for a load of mill feed.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Job entertained lint
young people Friday evening.
I lurry Howes h hiivlng Ills Iioiimi
finished mid will soon go lo Redmond
to spend two or three mouths,
Mr. Woltiso took a load of sheep in
Redmond Thursday,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Templotou were m
Sisters Wednesday.
Sterile I'ryrear wont to Cliua Fulls
Mrs, Wood and daughter Jennie,
of HUlers spent Saturday with Mi'
POWELL lll'TTK, Jnn 13.- Kill
ForrcNt returned from llolllughnin.
Wash., Inst week with hi hrldo ninl
will try ranching this xmr, III.
father, J. I. Forrest, will route in
tho spring. Mr, Forrest will coum 1 1
a dry much here, alio a "10" or.
Irrigated laud In the rlror bed.
MU Helen I 'eery, teacher of N(
SI, has returned from her visit to
her home In Portland through the
vacation. .
J. I). DftvliUou I visiting Mr
Davidson n fow da) a.
Charles Charlton had what might
havo Iwoii n serious sccldent while
coming home from Prlnevllln not'
long ago. While crossing tho hrldK
over ono of the numerous lateral
that oros the road near the Milliard
ranch, tils team became frightened,
one Jumping off tho bridge on oin,
side, the other on the oilier side,
throwing Mr, Charlton out ntnl
breaking two ribs. Tho tram thui
ran nway, one of the horses nut )i-i
being located. Till I seven rl'
Mr. Charlton Ims had broken In dlf '
ferent runaways nnd accidents
Powell Ilutte ranchers
the chlnook that I taking on tin
uow and nUo taking the frt nut
of the ground. An open winter h'
been eiiJo)rd here, so far.
Parcel Ht Is proving ltlf
great thing to people here Wlihe
the ninouiit coining In or going o i(
I not so large, yet the nmouiil .!
In a ear on iKtstnge will be ion
There wilt be n basket sorlnl n
the Alfalfa school house on the evn '
nlng or tho 1Mb An iuteretliig
program Is being arranged d
Bixisa-s tuAi jucaroi
'UU U S.IU N. IImImm. AtrUlwIU
tatx m our MtmiiMti ctuiMatr.
PrlK Collection ,tirhiiffii:
II Um SMt i Tnt. T ML4 1 ImL, I.M
U4 1 IS '' t-i T.tiMMt la kU.
Write todMyt Mention thlt Patter, i
IrtMll, lltftnifWl lSl llk
r villi : 4
Our Product
not Satisfactory.
C I! A At
Special Attention to
Transient Travel I
Uood Moals
All arrangements made for persons
desiring to jru south and oast of hero
---- ;
- ' . . r
. ..