The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 15, 1913, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    TH.K WWifll nVhhKTtll, IIKM, WKH.VKHIMV, .TANl'AtlY Ifl, 1013.
I'linner Wnnt to (let hilt) Climrr
Touch Willi Mcrcliitnl Hede.
1 1117' of Klihitt mill 1,0ml
Men Will HKiik.
Tomorrow, Thuradny nlwht. tint
lo wi I urKitiilxiitlim of thu I'uriiiura'
Union will hold a mcotltiK tuul lum
lint nt thu (IrmiKii Unit al mile
mit of town, tthoto chlof feature
will Im tlin innklnif of prnpoaala
whoroby the farmer and local mor.
tlinniH nnn Kt cloier toRothur 10 that
leaa money will bo nent out of the
o 11 11 try niul m Iho aamo thnn bettor
buying arrniuoiumita lie nrriMiRril for
4 ha farmer,
I,at Thuraday t:ia Union niul nt
thu Hlchardaon achool hnnau with
about 30 In attendance, nnd eloitod
Iho following omcerii I1, II. Dan
coV, prealdunl; It. M. Klder, vice
lirraldtMit; Coin flinlth, cocretary
tronurcr; (Jeorgo Moore, conductor;
Mr. Ktuinr WornatnfT, clinplalti; K.
I), llnvomanti, doorkeeper,
Thu organisation Im loon In (
Uteuco hern for atiout nix inoittha.
Mini It I expected that with Mate
Secretary F. A. Hykc In attendance
thu dinner tomorrow night will ho of
. pec 1 11 1 Intorcat, I'rcaldeut Oencor,
who wna In town Hatnrdny, laya
trcaa on thu fact that thu farmcra
lelru everyone In Mond who care
to to Join in the evening entertain
went, nnd morchanla ant especially
Invited. Alio lit 75 men and woman
Jim ox pec t I'd to Imi in iitlcndancc.
In nddltlon lo Heoretnry 8yke. C
H. llmUon nnd (I. I'. I'litnnm of llund
hatu been aakrd to apeak.
UeciU 11111I Other Inttriitiicnta I'lled
Willi foiinly Clerk nt I'rlnctllle.
Tim llond Co. to Mnry I.. Fox, II
3, I.Ik 13. Center Add, llend. $1.
The llend Co. to Mary U Vox, It
S. hlk 13. Center Add, llend. f 1.
The I W111I Co. to Mnry l. Fox, It
I, hlk 1.1, Cantor Add, llend. f 1,
(I. W. Ilornor to l l. Dayton,
wVi noVi, nw't ooVi, 27-10.11.
The llond Co. to Until It, Ovorturf,
Itri L2, hlk 11, 1'nrk ndd, llond. $1,
C. T, Chnlfnn t nl to IM11I11 Vlow
Irrigation Co,, rlRht to llurkhnrdt
Intttrnl, $1,
I.oiiIho Mnrali to Itlghnrd King,
wtt hw, noVi wV4. "w' ne',4,
I'D-10-II. II,
Northwest Townalto Co. to Win, I,
Putimm, It 8, hlk 20, NW Townalto
Co.'m 2nd ndd llend. $1,
Northweiit Townalto Co, to KniirH
II. fitch II, 1, hlk 0, Northweiit Town
alto Co.' lat mid llend. 1.
A. II. Ilowdun to Onksti M. Toinp
kin, It 4, hlk 1.1, llend Vlow Add to
llend. $2r,D.
Uualo A. Knoll to T. Wntkln, It
2, hlk 3D, llond Cuntnr Add. 10.
Kenwood Promotion Co. lo V. A.
Merger nt nl, Ita 1M2-13H1B-1G
17.1K.10.20, hlk I, Kenwood, $1.
I'atonta Krticat T. I.tilhy o'4 a 'A,
Ita 3.4, 7-20.12.
The llend Co, to llend I'nrk Cp
It 7, hlk 40 Center Add, llend, fl,
i:. A. Rather to Mnry II. Ityan, It
3.1, awVi nwW 1, It 1, ace 2.19-10.
Head Park Co. to C, J. Jlnnaon Ita
23-24, hlk 114, lat ndd llond Pnrk.
The llend Co, to Knima A, Itiidow,
It 19, htk 13, Park add. (lend. It.
Huale A. Hnell to Ilyuro I'utnkowa
Ita 1-2, hlk 40, It 10, hlk 37, Cantor
Add, Hand, $10.
Cyrua A. Keppln to A. II. Ilnwden
It, 4, hlk 13. IJetnl View add, llend.
Flora I.. Ijwla to K, F. Ilnttcn,
Ita 12-13, hlk 20, llend. II.
l.aldlaw Townalto Co. to J, C,
Thorp, It 10, hlk 13, Uldlaw. $150.
Paopla go to plac wlurt thcra
art good rpad and avoid plaoa
tohr thr r bad roadi.
In ordtr for you to gt th
banefit of a good road It mutt ba
built bofort you aro daad. Dulld
thtm now.
Wo mutt gat politico out of our
road building.
Z Our unlvanltUa muit thor
A, oughly aqulp many highway tri'
V glntar.
Madam, Read McCall's
The Fashion Authority
" MtCAtX'S U Ufi., wtUlU. U4
B.lf lUwUaUd IUO-m iMMtlilr
MuuUl lll U 4ilmt la id kaspl.
ad IMlNr ! S.ZOO.UM
Kwii Imu I, Itlmrut til flMhlont, finer
k. InirfMi n tiMHl liM.nJ mwm
l I4l..evnf n. ii,nn.r-Mlii M-l
tt llwr ' mon tiiui u f
III n-. l lUMtnt uf th nl-lalt
Wrt AIJ. I-ATTMIMH n rll Umm.
MrMt.t, l-ATTKHNK r hiiiwii tw
! . nt umirtKiir ,hI Krxieoir. Only
Tli M,MIt of MrTAl.t.'n -III init
IIwhu.Ii nl la, rllr In llH,n.w
KnnllnnMli k. UrCAMXlM.!
H.I iHHlhUtl klaitp l oUvr
Hnn nr rl. Ilbwrr,
l.i Al.l a 11 onlj Me a Mr, HMiuilr
w.lii lira.
1 T M' f 0- M.W r.H yy.
rtmirn'rt r..ruf MiCALI.XIf r"
lUlxtlla quKkl
im tuua coirixT, 73 1 i jt, nv. Ti
K"TK lt,lmntt1M'rAt.l ...
m . VMo, Im l m rMi4.
1 1 Ir nOUf XHfr
"l Got This Fine Pipe With Liggett
& Myers Duke'a Mixture"
All kliuli of turn unnkc Duke'. Mixture In all klnila
of liK-a a well at 111 cigarette and they all tell the me
tor. Tliry like the genuine, natural tnbaccu tatte of
Choice bright Ifafajed to mellow tnlldneai. carefully limrad
and then fTanuUtrd ery Rrain pure, blxh-Krada tobaeeo
tbat't wbtt you Rt In the L'Xftlt & Myri Duko'i Milium tacV.
You Ret one mnJ m AaZounre of thu pure. mild, delivhtfut
toharco.'uniurpatird In quality, for 4c and "lib each tack yuu
gel book of paper (tn.
Now About the Free Pipe
IneerrMckof,iffS'1-ri Uuke'a Mixture we now rrk
a coupon. You can exchange throe coupon for pipe or for many
other valuable and uieful article, llir.o prntrnt coil mil una
penny There I komrthlna; for erery menilier of the fninlly
ukatn. catcher' !". tcnnl racket, cainent, toilet articlr.
uitcac. cane, umbrella, and doieni of other tbliiRt, Jutt tend
u vour iuiiio ami aililret on a pattal
ami a a pci'oJ offtr during Jan
uary ana Ftbruarv only w will
nd vouour ntw Utaitratid ca(a-
rinfa FREE of any
pen up a uck or lAjgiU
1 &
aitarttd f
rj 1 T. , nv1 UfinWk l .iJM wi "f I
f . t sm mwMirmm '""' .v
3' I . f.. ,Xi 'JMUU IX.YtrJxUi MV4TI UUk
1 I 1ll'lTWlljWW 0omt tttm
",,1"f"aaa"aaMiiiiiiTawWi aivlitl 1
I . liaic. -XJ n - TOUR
LafKJiiK. w' wvTf'yl "' 1 w
wBttk JmFs
Ilxture totUy,
Ptiti't Mttitdti mutt A
. and fbbAMl It
KOStS il-It JHt cMl,
I, ritOMONT tlliA.
(imfjiH nikAf tr m.
tatt irom iiwkjc aiiui. tm
TWIST, and AkiMl Ittmt K
11 i
Premium Dot.
Olant Strldat Mad by Kayatona En.
ginatra Dine July.
Orer 4.7IK) mile of atnto hlslnrnraln
IVnimylvniilii hnve Urn repulred nnd
put In ikkmI condition alum they came
under thu atnle Jnrlxdlrtlon In June of
till yenr. Prnrtlnilly nil of till work
wiipf nnne In three motitlm, conaldorablo
lime lielim riiiilriHl hy the atate htch
war department to jfnt Ita repnlr work
under way. It wna not until July I that
Mf malic oprntlona were tioealblo.
One of the Unit thlnira nccorapllabed
waa the ellmliintlon of the old faab
lonetl wnter brrnka which uaed to be a
aerloua Imjwdlment to travel through,
out th atate. All theae bar been re
moved, and It I atated that there la
not 0110 left on the 4,700 rnllea of ronda
which bare received Iho attention of
the atate department
Next In lniHirtnnre hnn been the
work uf dllclilnu, underdmtntng, tb re
moral of underbnuli nnd overbaDctnK
blithe at the rondaldea lu order to el
low the ronda to dry up quickly after
rnlna and the rccrownlng of the road
aiirfacea, SIot of the work baa been
done with the materia l at hand nl
Ihotich In Mine lntnncea oiacadom
cnii'tnirtlon hna been uaed. All of tbeae
roada wilt he (tunc over again beforo
the winter eta In. the preeent work
belnir to n counlderahle extent of n
teinixinirr cha meter rtwIimiM to keep
the mnln hlchwaya In the teat oailble
entidltlon until the money to he dc
rlvrd front the linii-xed f.V).000XK)
bond ine ahnll provide fund for the
more thorough refuilr of the blcbwar.
J 80m on aaid. "A good road, ...
i. itrvicaabl throughout tha ytar.
j anabU th farmtr to watch th T
markat and not th road." ?.
A Th piratyilng (fet of bad f
f road run throuph builn and T
X social lit. .
V Th prading ol th doctrin f
of good road will bring a larg
X Incr In th voium or null
J. n( for vrybody.
Thy Would Tend to Lowr th Cott of
The '.'.OIXI.UXI mllea or unimproved
ronda which the country luia to Ita dla
cnnllt 11 n- ua henry 11 bunion upou the
iinfortunute "tililnuitr conmituer" aa I
1 1111 executive CHrttT. Uery rund of
1 pnxiure iniuiiii rnmi uie nirin 10 me
uinrket UiirM 1111 liittHtnl prht Ihs-hukv
of tin- rri"tt iiwt of Ita tnitlKiorlA.
linn Innii Hie furiu to thu point uf
I'm in-lHiHo. It iiwtK nn niernpe of
MlliiiHt iviita iinirv to limil 11 liilliel
if ulntil fnim the fnrui to the Million
iilli.' mill'- iiwiiv tlmii tt iIim'ii to nlilp n
liiiln'l of whent tnnii New York lo
l.lieriKMil, .'him iiiIIi-h nwuy Till ex
-cNle lrnii)rliitlini i-okI miiHt tie
uimle up liy the fnruier In charclnc
niiiri' for 111 whent. by the miller In
rhiirtfni; unin tor the Hour, liy Hie
baker In chiirv'lm; more for titviid mid
tliinlly, or iiiiirne. liy the "iiltlnntle coil
auuier" III W) lnu more fur bU bread
Am the fnruier unit the miller nn hIso
conHiimera. the exceaatve cimt of road
tratortiitliii n-nlly levlen n tnx iixin
all Whatever donht there may hare
letn about the neel for ayatenmtle
rond Improvement In the Cnlte Suite
facta and Itinirc xiicti aa thee tlimliy
If then waa ever any work calculated
Jo till the proverbial -Ioiir flt want" It
waa the work uf the ottlee of ixibttc
nmow th Mud Tax Burdan.
No plan for aprlni: work la i-omplete,
wfiV-h o.ih'h not Include dniBcJnij the
ronda If thta la attended to nt tho
proper lime It linoire kimvI roada for
the aeniuin nnd remnvea the Inrcar
hnrv of Hint nwful Imnlen. the rand
tnx In ihla uintler the town nnd
i'ltlM nre iipmlly IntereHtiil with the
fnrmeni, iiinl their iiepnenitlon li tint
ceiiernlly hnnl to Hccure If the mutter
la hmiil'iHl rluhtlv. Iduiil ilriiUKlnt-' la
one of thoe thlllKM Hint luilxt Im h
ureil Ihrouch co o erntlon If wlne
Nireuil IhiiicIUh nre lo be eiijoyetl.
U ol a Drag, on Qravally Rod.
In hiiIIm lull nt Iimixi. hlulieH or even
...null lt.,ii.jl,.j ,lii. 1lr.11, li.i ilnlm .(uhi
-...,.,....,. M,n - .,... ,..." . r.-.f.
Kervh-e The looe atnnea ntv ilmwn
Into 11 windrow down the center of the
rni'il. wlilln tho ,'iirlli la iIiMhisIIimI
. -, j
nrcniwt lli Iuiu'IiIitm In Hitrli a wuv
thitt tln Hiirftict la leveled The 0"S
milium In the center of thu mud alumni
of course he removed. Where there, la
11 larue pnivirtion of hiiiiiII Htuitea r-t
.travel the drnu will keen down tb in
Himilltle In the Kiirfuce. ;
111 1
Good Road.
tliMid rnnrtu nre the rewnrtl of conV.
rnmi I'li-o nppllwl to the locni mnuni.'v ,
uient of lown or county iilTiitnt. Uiiu
f ..'f
If not we will be glad to
give you an estimate.
t No job is too small to re
ceive prompt attention.
Bend Water Light & Power Company
Special Attractions
4 Wednesday Night A
The Priscilla Club
Will Perform, with SpeciafMusic and Singing,
and thero will be FOUR REELS aa well.
The Coming of Columbus"
One of the most interesting and elaborate three-reel features
ever produced.
STAR. THEATRE Wall Street.
ua liidiutriaiut, . . '
mill ii mmntnm