The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 15, 1913, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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l'AGK 4.
Editor and l'ubllshor.
MkiiARlng Editor.
An Independent nowspapor stand
ing for the squnro deal, cienn uuai
new, clean politics nnd tho lct In
terests of llond nnd Central OreRon.
Ono year $1.60
Six month 80
Threo months.. co
All subscriptions are duo nnd
of oxplratlon will bo mailed subscri
bers and If renewal Is not made with
in reasonable tltno tho paper will bo
Please notlry us promptly of any
chango of address, or of failure to re
ceive tho paper regularly.
Make all checks and orders pay
able to Ucnd Bulletin.
The total ira of Orrgon, Ot.lHK.
184) acre?), ti Kvatrr than all the
ncrenRO planted to wlieat In the en
tire I'nlteri States -tl).5t.1,(M)0 arret.
(U. S. Iepartment of Agriculture,
Year Book tail.)
It Is a very pretty scheme, this one
of "Investigating" tho Deschutes. It
Is proposed that tho state and the na
tion get togeher and put up J 100,
000 to bo spent In surveying the i low
er and Irrigation possibilities of the
entire river with a view of utlllilng
every drop of water to the best ad
vantage. Same of tho proKsed tit!
Izatlou will divest this territory of
Us horltagu of power and take It
scores and even hundreds of miles
' away. But there Is no objection on
that head for the Deschutes has
oftcr enough for all.
The objection Is this, and It Is n
very fair one: How long will the
great scheme take? You who have
had experience with the leisurely
methods of state and federal proced
ure, how raauy years do you think
will elapse before even tho informa
tion necessary to commence tho chi
merical enterprise will lie obtained?
And how many moro years will pass
before tho state will bo able actually
to do anything with its gigantic proj.
It is eminently Just that our great
river be utilised to Ita fullest capac
lty."The greatest good to the great
est number," Is the soundest of all
slogans. Hut do the lwople of Ore
gon favor tying up a mine of un
equalled potential energy for politic
ians and dreamers and red-taped of
ficialdom to play with?
And what of this "narrow conser
vation" pol'cy at which the Portland
Oregonlan and Oregonlans in general
have hut led wo many Just anathemas?
'How often have they scathingly at
tacked the efforts of "the landless
L'ast aud the treeless Middle Uett"
to tie up the resources of Oregon,
nnd yet here we see the same men
and the same organs that become hys
terical at the very mention of the
word "conservation" proposing that
Central Oregon's greatest asset, the
Deschutes, be sowed up in the tight
est kind of governmental reserve.
It is a colossal conservation scheme.
ill Is putting Into local practice the
very methods which Oregonlans de
cry when Easterners try to foist them
upon Oregon. One section of the
state, politically the strongest, pro.
poses to gag the resources of another
section. It is tho story of national
'conservatln revised and adapted for
homo use.
v Sane conservation is admirable.
But let us Brut be convinced that this
scheme actually Is practicable and ad
visable before the Deschutes river Is
slielvud lor a half cozen years. A
Mid Is the hand Is worth two In the
bush. lias the eminent Mr. Teal ev
er seen this pioject at first hand? Has
our utute engineer, father of the
- comprehensive enterprise, ever at
W tempted anything even remotely ap
proaching It in magnitude, or Is lie
quite certain that all Its details will
work out? Will tho lava fields hold
water? Who will pay for the thous
ands of acres of valuable timber and
grazing lands which It Is proposed to
Hood Whei are the millions of
dollars to come from?
Will these questions be looked into
now, in moderation, or will they re.
' mnlu to crop up ten years hence after
a decade In which the, Deschutes has
remained a dormant,'' useless stream,
Its. magnjflent opportunities fpr de
velopment locked up unapproach
ably? Tho question can bo asked with
out the possibility of Us being laid to
local fear or Jealousy. For Bond Is
amply protected bo fnr ns Deschutes
power Is concerned j even the Oregon
consorvnUonlsta cannot snatch nwny
water power that Is actually being
used, nnd there Is enough such to
cnr for Bend's needs for oar.
Tho nununl Issue of Duns Uevlew.
tho conservative nnd nuriuirntUo
Journal of flunnco nnd trade, covers
the uctlUtles of 1912 In n thorough
manner, nnd bases predictions of n
substantially prospermia now jenr
upon tho cxccllont record of the old.
An one who Is Inclined to be skepti
cal concerning the outlook (s recom
mended to read tho following ab
stract from tho table of contents;
In a ery brief way the titles of tho
articles hint at the satisfactory con
dition that prevails:
Boston reports nn exceptionally
prosperous year.
A banner year at 8prlngflotd, Mass.
Another record year for Worcrstor.
Ocnornl progress and expansion at
Improved conditions at Buffalo.
Conditions In all lines better .at
Substantial Improvements at Pitts
burgh. Notable development nt Baltimore.
Becord-breaklng volumo of trade
at Atlanta.
Trade expansion at New Orleans.
Trade letter than fair at Louis,
Notable activity nt Columbus.
All lines active at Cleveland In
Conditions favorable at Indian
nKlts. Unprecedented expansion nt Mil
waukee. New records made at St. Paul.
General Improvement at Mlnnc-
Kansas City reports improveu
San Francisco's most successful
Another record year nt I.os Angeles
All lines show gain nt Portland.
Seattle reports marked expansion.
Activity tho feature at Tacoma.
Steady expansion nt Toronto.
Mnrked expansion In Iron nnd
Hecord-brcaklng crop production.
for the use of our
customers while
having their
Clothes Cleaned
and Pressed
No extru charges.
With A. L. French.
Overturf-Davis-Miller Co.
Shingles Mouldings
Building Material
Overturf - Davis
Bend, Oregon.
The absurdity of tho last govern
ment census Is well Illustrated In the
"Oregon Almanac" rocontly Issued by
tho stuto Immigration commission
llond'n population Is given nt R30 and
llndmond'a nt 800. A renlly accu
rate census taken a few months
after tho "tlCtlclM" nbHiirdlty showed
moro than 1700 peoplo here, whllo
now It Booms fnlr to Bay Ilia number
Is In excess of 2000. Evidently the
ltodmond ehumcrntor was n moro
nctlvo Individual than Bend's.
Every Oregonlan Is sincerely sorry
tor the people of southern ColKnrnln
where prnotlcnlly the entire citrus
fruit crop has been destrood by
frosts, eutnttlng enormous flinticlnl
loss. In stteli Instances compari
may be unkind, but n Central
Oregonlan onn't refrain from remark
ing that for n land where people
sometimes complain of the fiosl Cen
Oregon gtts along prctt well,
The Bulletin hns arranged for a
special news aervtco covering the full
activities of tho Legislature, and will
also publish tho full text of Gov
ernor West's message.
Tho Bulletin ban Itecn iletlRnntril
by the County Court of Crook County
In puhlloti oMrlntly nil the proceed
ing" of the court.
By " J T3 1
, W,H
Jan. 15, 1913
t. mmM u
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