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1'AOK S.
116 teachers, S7 male and 89 female.
According to the tnbulnttonu Crook
county has nn area ot 7,778 square
inlloe niul n populatlou ot 9,315, giv
ing nn average population of 1.3 per
sons to a squaro mile. However, n
there aro now actually nbout 1400
residents In the county, this Inst
figure Bhould lie Increased to 1.4
nnd oven nt that there enn ho no
complaint Uf crowding!
Tho Alnmnnc classifications show
the followUiR apportionment of
Crook county ncrenRo not patented '.
Indian reserves, 208,303 ncros; forest
reserves, l,31&,63r; public lauds, 1,-
t , .102,001: state school lands, 1 0,300.
' ' ' 1'rlvatcly owned: Cities nnd towns,
o . ,. I, ill,ur.0; cultivated, 70.9S0; uucultl
Dnt Onnrornlng State Compiled J"; M8. lm',rovci,( W7l.
Under Chapman Makes a nlunhlc
Publication of Universal Interest
Some Rxtrncts of IaiciiI Import
The "Oregon Almanac," Just Issued
by tho State Immigration Commis
sion, contains a vast lot of valuable
nnd Interesting data regarding tho
state. Thoso who desire copies or
wish to have copies sent to friends
In tho East, should address C. C.
Chapman, at the Commercial Club,
Below aro some abstracts from the
Almanac, ot special local interest.
Oregon Trunk Railroad (Hill sys
tem) and Deschutes Railroad (Harrl
man system) enter tho country from
tho north and traverse tho central
portion to Dend (ISO miles from tho
Columbia river and their connections
with two great transcontinental rail
road systems), and afford the pro
ducts of the Central Oregon Empire
an outlet to the markets of the
world. Auto stage lines from Dend
and other Important trade centers iu
tho county radiate in all directions.
Extension ot railroads from Hend to
south, cast and west, and construc
tion of other railroad lines Into this
region Is In Immediate prospect, and,
In some Instances, actual construc
tion work is under way.
Deschutes river. Crooked river,
Metotlus river and numerous other
smaller but mportant streams, trlbu.
tary to the Deschutes, the main
drainage artery, afford an abundanco
of pure mountain water for domestic.
Irrigation and power purposes. The
maximum discharge ot the Des
chutes river Is only about four times
the minimum. This river and its
tributaries are capable ot developing
over 421,000 horsepower.
Surface: In the main it consists
ot fertile valleys, broad plains, and
easy slopes to the-mountains. Soils:
Volcanic ash and silt (mud or fine
earth deposited from running
streams or standing water) of excel
lent texture, light gray In color;
greatly Improved by use of green
fertilizers. Highly productive ot
small fruits, hemp, hops and other
agricultural crops when irrigated.
Approximately 260.000 acres of arid
land now In process of Irrigation
under the Carey Act provisions. Im
mense area of public lands, suscep
tible ot cultivation under dry farm
ing methods, open to entry under
provisions of enlarged homestead act
allowing 320 acres to the person eli
gible to entry under the homestead
3S8. Total number ot acres 4,7,
920. In other words, Crook county
Is almost exactly tho slio of Con
necticut, nnd Is larger than Now
Jersey and Hhudo Island combined.
A new class wilt bo organized In
tho first grsdo next Monday. Chil
dren who aro now six years old, or
will bo six before March 1, will bo
received at this tlmo. This will bo
the last opportunity tor beginners to
enter school this year.
As opening exercises In tho High
School. Professor Shouso has been
reading various articles on English
government and about experiments
In surgery mndo by Dr. Carroll.
A largo number of boys from the
lower grades have been enjoying the
rnr treat of good coasting on the
hill near the school buildings.
This Is examination week In tho
High School.
Tho fuel supply was exhausted
Monday, but moro arrived that eve
ning in tho form of cordwood. As
the saw dIU not arrlvo early enough
Tuesday morning tho Janitor was
seen chopping tho wood Into more
convenient lengths.
(Terrebonne Oregonlan.)
For three days past tho people ot
Terrebonne have been up against a
water famine owing to tho fact that
Jack Frost got busy with tho engine
In tho pump house and inserted a
small piece ot Ice at the end of tho
piston rod. when Fred Taylor at
tempted to start the engine Tuesday
morning the bit ot Ice objected so
effectively as to cause some of the
essential part of tho engine to part
company, rendering It useless until
new parts could be obtained, A
telegram was immediately dispatched
to the supply house at Portland but
the parts are stow about putting In
an appearance and yesterday Messrs.
Wilder and Nceley went Into tho
blacksmith shop and repaired the
broken part so as to bo of service
for a time.
(Sisters Herald)
A deal has been pending for some
time and was closed a few days ago
whereby J. P. Duckctt purchased tho
Interests of E. M. Ashmoro In tho
Duckett and Ashmore sawmill. Tho
title of the new firm wll be the J.
P. Duckett Lumber Co. This mill
was established In Sisters last March
Average value of farm lands and has run almost continually since
$17. M, an acre cultivated and un
cultivated (U. S. census 1910).
Lumbering, livestock, (sheep and
wool) and agriculture. Principal
crops are hay (both grain and grass)
rye, barley and oats. Cattle, sheep,
horses and swine are raised exten
sively and profitably. Crook county
Is the home of the Isrgest blooded
sheep ranch In the world. Highest
awards for dry-farming products at
National Dry Farm Congress at Spo
kane. Washington, 1910, and Colo
rado Springs, Colorado, 1911, and at
International Dry Farming Congress
t Lethbrldge. Alts.. 1912.
Altitude 3,600 feet. Southern
terminus of the Oregon Trunk and
Deschutes Railway lines. On the
Deschutes river, which affords a
plentiful supply of water for domes
tic use, Irr'gatlon and power pur
poses. Located In timber belt; two
sawmills In vicinity. Principal in
dustries: Farming, lumbering, live
stock. Surrounded by many large!
Carey Act Irrigation projects. Alfalfa, J
clover, oats, wheat, root crops and
small fruits are the chief products, I
Large area of arid lands In vicinity
subject to entry under the Enlarged
Homestead (330-acre) Act. Irrlgo.,
ted area adopted to dairying, bog
raising and all kinds of hay crops, j
Water and electric lighting plants!
are under private ownership. Has
high and graded public schools and
churches, Woman's Club, Orange and '
numerous fraternal organizations.
Among the 34 Oregon counties
Crook ranks 4 In area, 20 In popu
lation, 10 In wheat production, 14 In'
oats, 11 In barley, 2 In rye, 10 In po
tatoes. 8 In hay, & In alfalfa, 21 In
In tho amount -' timber Crook
ranks third among all Oregon coun
ties, with 2,024.231 acres.
In Crook county the number of
school children between the agea oft
4 and 20 years is placed at 2,424, j
wiiu a iuiui eiirumueui ui i,uui
The number of acre feet of water
Jq tho Deschutes river at Henhum
Falls capable of Irrigation is placed
at 1,100,000. Crooked river Is
credited with "250,000, Tumalo creek
With 80,000 and Squaw creek with
q;q00, making Crook Counfy's total
'1-J8AAAn anra faaf flint nt thjWAff
tire-slate being 4,990.000-' With tt-j
meagre population Crook county has
that time. Much or the lumber has
been marketed at Redmond, Terre
bonne and ether points on the rail
road. ..Mr. Ashmore Is attending
business college In Portland.
(Sisters Herald.)
Samuel Wlehl, who lives about
three miles south ot Sisters, has ob
tained patents on several Inventions
that should make him all the money
bo ever needs. A suare trap made
to set on a log that lies across a
stream or canyon and Is used as n
bridge by wild animals; also a dead
fall trap for use of trappers or any
one troubled with wild animals,
either small or large, are two Inven.
tlons or Mr. Wlehl's that will make
quite a difference In the trials of
trapping. Mr. Wlebl has also se
cured a patent on a sheep apron
wbfch will be found very useful for
use of sheepmen.
Methodist Kplacopnl.
Rev. E. O. Nowhnm, pastor. Ser
vices every Sunday nt 11 n. in nnd nt
7:30 p. ni. Sunday school nt 10 a.
in. Kp worth 'Longuo nt 0: in p, in on
Sunday, Choir practice Thursdny nt
7:30 p. m.
Thoro will bo special Presbyterian
sorvlcoH ut the Btnr Thuutro Hunday
conducted by tho pastor. Preaching
at 11 n. m., subject, "JcsiiM nnd Ilia
Enonilea." Thnro will bo specliil
music, thu Misses lllaok nml Miss
llrldgon will sIiir a trio and tho choir
and orchestra will render n special
number. Tho Sunday school will
meet nt 10 o'clock. Ross Fnrnham,
Thursday Gcorgn Jones went on
tho water wugon. The wnter supply
nt his Pilot llutte da'ry ranch gave
out. tho cistern going dry, nnd as
tho Irrigation company could not get
water through thu cannl for some
days ho came to town nnd borrowed
tho wnterlnR cart from tho city, with
which ho took a load of water to tho
dairy .
The reputation of lnne & David
son's barber shop has been Rallied
by tho best of service In their line.
Satlsllod customers aro constantly
being added to tholr list of patrons.
Aro you one of these? If not, It will
be to your advantnRQ to Join tho
crowd that Is served by this popular
shop, located os Oregon street across
from Lara's store. Adv.
A recetpo for cakes which may be
used as a foundation for nU kinds Is
given In Domestic Science Circular
No. 2 Just Issued by tho Oregon Agrl
cultural College. It is ns follows:
Ilutter tt cup or 0 tablespoons or
other fats.
Sugar m cupa granulated or 2
cups powdered.
Eggs, four whole.
Milk cup or cup water.
Salt U teaspoon.
Four level teaspoons baking pow
der. Flavoring, 1 teaspoon,
Uio tho butter or fat firm, and add
tho sugar to It and mix well. To this
the yolks of tho eggs aro addod af
ter beating them until creamy. The
baking powder and salt aro sifted
Into tho flour and this and the milk
aro added alternately to the first mix.
ture and beaten to a smooth consis
tency. Tho egg whites beaten stiff
are folded In then, tho flavoring ad
ded and thoroughly mixed.
A moderate oven should 1h used In
bsklng cakes. Tho addition of spice
will make this a spice cake, of fruit
a fruit cake.
Tsxan Maka Auto Trip From Dallas
Is 8an Antonio.
A good road nutomnhlle tour was
participated In by alwwt a hundred
farmers and rancher nt TeH It
started nt Dnlla and ended ai Hnn An
tonlo n week Inter The trip wn pro
moted by the Farm nnd Itnnch J no nml
or Dallas, and the purtoe wu to Im
press upon the furmety the Imi-ortnni-e
nnd value to them ot pmperly con
unified niirhwny.
The trip wn routed with a view to
shnwltiu Iit contraM the difference lw
tweeii a good roiid mid a lnd one H
ran throm-h -entnil Ten nnd turnup
plnres where good mint nrv unknown.
Prize were offered to the NintMint ot
Jl.nm. whbh was divided Ini" nir-e
of Wfl, tS nnd H fur touring ear
(Old f.V) for ninnl-mit A tnipnr run
wn also awnrded to he car coming in
first rvgnrdlvHM of clans
Bouses to Hslp Build Roads,
ll I reported that a legislative men,
urr has nv-ently een eimm-d In .Sen
Mexico whlrh provide Unit any promo
ter who atage s prizefight shnll paj
Into Ihe county lrenurv n license fee
to he turned over m the Mute roar
rand H the flchi I le Itinn twenti
round the promoter urn! puy n per
rent of ihe cro receipt with a mini
mum of rr U the flcht I more than
twenty round the prntwiter ar r
nnlr-rt to pn7 a fee id itl.
There's a world of satisfac
tion in the possession of a
perfect rsnge one In which you mty re
poie every confidence and obolulelyiic
that your cookint andbtklnf wlllhetfonc
jutt s you with. You may depend upon Ihe
Malleable Range
lo five perfectly lallifaetory lervice every
day for year and yean. The Monarch
doe not require nearly s much care at
ordinary raofc and cotfa much let lo
You'll futilj be pleated with the Monarch,
Jm Mil
IT '
Bend Hardware Co.
A steam bollsr has Its safety t
vslva and a boy has hi. You I
can sit on th safety valv of a T
team boiler If you ohoott, but
you are an awful fool If you do,
Out what l I It w have batn
doing until quits recently but
sltllno on the safety valve of th
boyf Th boy' esftty valve I
his play. Bit on that, hold It
down Hard and you will have
troubl. Qlv him th guttir
for a playground and nothing
lie and you will have crime a
a mttr at court. Jacob nil.
Whtro I thr an acre glvn
to childhood that it may glory
In aport and grow into phyiioal
and moral manhoodf It
I for lack of (rath air garden
In our oltl for the little on
that w have to many mall
htadtton. Samual Brown
The unlvaraal Impull to play
I a dlvlntly ordered thing. If
God give the Initlnct. man ought
to provld th playground. Jo
Ian Strong.
Th control In will managtd
playground la largely of th mu
tual eonttnt kind, It Is that con
trol which obtains throughout
wall rgultd tooltty th con
trol of public opinion rather than
th control of lthr fore or
(tar. Dr. Luthtr Haltty OulleW.
Tho llullotln tins for salo n now
swinging typewriter stand. Can bo
attached to any deak and Is n linndy
nml convenient olllco llxtiirv.
. i
Appllcnilon For flmxlnit PeriultH.
Notice la hereby given that nil np
pllcatlonn for purmlls lo grnio cat
tle, luirt nml Mhtiop within the DEH
ing tho season of mill, must ho lllud
In my olllco at lleiiili Oregon, on or
heforo February 30, 10EI. Full In
formation In regard to tho grilling
fun to be charged mid blank forms
to bn used In making application
will liu furnished upoli request M,
li, Morrltt, Supervisor, 4fi, iH, to
For Eczema
Dae a mltil snolhlllg waah that Instantly
stops tho Itch. ,
V bnvn unlit ninny other rm1li for
akin trouble but none that wwcuulil pr.
tonally, ursntio a wo do llie 1,,I, Ii,
at (its'i vvaviiii u U
1'raavtllHloil. It I linn
1). D. D. Prescription
Pntterao.i Drug Company,
Medical EpH Qlv.a Flult For Halih
Having regard to the constant recur
feme uf epidemic mining school chil
dren and to Die fntlurv or all existing
preventive measure, routine dMnfec
tlou of schoolroom hould le given a
tburnugh trial, any Dr. J T. A. Wnltrr
In the Amerlran City. In the alienee
or this pniautlonary nieaure the In
fective luateriul dlffucd by children In
the uurvwglllxed Ntuges of icrtalli In
f if tlou dlt-vucca mut accumulate on
the schoolroom dour mid constitute a
standing menace to the health of pu
pit and teachers ullke. Comvdlng that
the major part or school Infection Is
due to direct contact, a certain propor
tion U alo due to tbe liibulatlou of
bacltllferou dut.
Routine disinfection was Introduced
Into the elementary schools of Great
Itrltatn In llJ7. An experiment extend
ing orer a year was carried out by the
Ilucklngbamahlre education commutes
with the view to obtaining reliable data
as to the effects or routine disinfection.
This ronalatrd In comparing tbe at
tendance at two group each ronsUtlng
or twenty-four nvhool. or which one
group hud iM-en dMiifected and the
other not. Tbe reult showed an ap
preciable superiority In the nltendance
at the dMtifcctcd school over tho at
the nondlslnrcctod wtiool
For school dtluftH-tlun the liquid
apniy method I preferable to that of
runilgnllon. fnr three reiiwins. It cots
le. ll Injure nctunl conflict lctwccn
tbe dMlifcclnut n lid the Infected mate
rial, and If prevent dut fmm rlln
Al the clo-r of eiieh day the clHro.mi
floors should le thoroughly iiiolHiened
with an vttlrU-nt germicidal Million
and the tick mill scut wiped with n
ilofli wrung out or the nme prcpnrn
tlou Once n week tbe ine should
te extended In Include the wall to u
height or six nr seven feet itlive Ihe
ground, nnd once a quarter the class
room should be thoroughly sprayed
from floor to celling. .
Spoken Chamber of Commerce Pre
pare a Working 8chdul.
The Municipal Journal reports that
tbu HK)knm- chamber of commerce lias
outlined the following topics fur dis
culuu nt public meetings:
The placing of shade trees on resi
dence streets and their maintenance,
uduptlou or artistic styles or bridges
nnd approaches, artistic nud practical
schemes for river bank Improvement,
erection nud supervision uf statuary.
fountains and other ornamental works
In purl; nnd nt Intersections or boule
vards and thoroughfares, consideration
of u uniform incihod for cleaning nnd
sprinkling streets, uttolltlou nud re
moval of all obstruction to streets
nud sidewalks, more artltlc gas and
electric light posts and other public
utilities sltiititi-d In nr encroaching upon
streets nnd public plncc. regulation or
billboards for (lie purpose or their
gradual diminution, especially In the
residence dlstrkls nud more effective
armugemenls or street Hunting.
Tills h very comprehensive review
or Improvement need.
pratarvatlon of Afltd Treat.
At a meeting III MiissnchUHftts one
nr the speaker wns Christopher Clark.
for a fiiiurtcr of n century tree warden
or Northampton. Mr, Clark ha lived
lliere for eighty-one yenrs lie told
the iiudlenre bow much Ihe people
prized the iigeil tree plnntcd by the
first settlers, lie staled that over
twenty barrel of cement had been
used to stop the decay mid till the
cavUle or u single large tree. Will
other towns please sit up nml take no
tice? In yeurs to come they should
hnve streets lined with glmit trees.
em b one valued nt nt least 1.000. Fu
ture residents will then gladly spend 04
hundred nr two dollars to arrest decay '
in one HHter plant your street u full
thls'seasou, ' '
We enn mnke you nny kind
of Hnrness.'or repair
your old set
H. J. Eggleston
llsrness Msnufsctursr.
The best grocery business, in the best lo
cution in Bend. Stock, fixtures etc. for
stile, store for rent on a 2 1-2 year Icnse.
An exccptionitl opportunity for some one
to step into n thoroughly established
business doing about $11000 n month.
Everything complete in every way.
Up-to-dute fixtures throughout.
For full particulars address the owner
P. O. Box 50, Beml, Ore.
In New Building
I wish to announce that I have moved
my store into my new building,
where I will be plensed to receive my
old customers, and all new ones will
be cordially welcomed. I will carry
a full line of groceries, having placed
orders for a large stock, and popular
prices will prevail.
Ever the same old reliable
. A. Sather
Your Fire
placed with us will always be
written so that your protec
tion will be complete. There
will be no expiring of policies
without your knowledge.