The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 15, 1913, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
NO. 45
VUIj. a.
Tax Levy of 21 Mills Declared, Many Minor Matters
Deckled and a Multitude of Bills Paid Novem
ber Municipal Election Co$ts Large Sum
Tint county tax levy of 24
mt 1 Im. as announced In tliu
tourt proceeding, lv divided
in fnlloyvsl
Btote and county 17.40
(leiieral roud 3.60
Ituud 1-00
Hitch school 2.00
Library 0M
A reitulnr term of tbo County
Court (?f Crook County, OreKou, wim
lifKtin and held ut tho courthoiiso In
I'rltiKVlllu, In said county and state,
u J Mint (try Sad, 1913.
I'lcucnt. II. O. Kill. JinlK, prr
nldliiKi It. II. Hayluy, commissioner;
T. N. Iliilfour, sheriff, and Wurroii
Drown, clerk.
Whereupon the following proceed.
Inps worn hnd. (o wit:
Tim r'l9'C Oftbo board of yod
vbiwor wna read for the first tlmo lit
open court. In tint following roaiU:
J H. MoVey ft ftl) V. Hchredur ut nl.
'i C I), rreston et ai, nuan i.isicrci m,
J- c W.'llunter et al, L'lla U. Peterson
3 .t nl, Hoary Hlvlus t al, Albert
J Moore et al.
3' In the matter or the petition of It.
f, 4. Karly t nl for a county road, tbo
matter waa continues uccauiu oi uc
fectlve petition.
In Km iimltfr of the nctltlon of H.
I), Mustard t nl for n county roml,
Ibn matter as continued upon tbo
request of tbo board of road viewer
to whom tbo same bad beou referred
for further consideration.
In the matter ot the petition of
Dan Callow et nl for a county road,
because of defective notice tbe anmu
!U continued.
In tbe matter of the petition of
. A. Voshunc ft nl for n county road,
continued for failure to file nindnvlt
oi poning noucva.
In tbo matter of the petition of
O W. Wells el al for a county road,
.Itonrd of road viewer to view out
mid road on Feb. 20, 1913.
In the matter of tbe petition of
J. If. Dnvld et al for n county road,
board of road viewers to view out
said road on Feb. 18, 19 13.
' In tho matter of tbe petition of
Frank F. Klach et al for a county
'road, bonrd of road viewer to view
out until road on Feb. 19, 1913.
In tbe matter of the petition of
J. W. I'eteraon et al for n county
rmil. Ixinrd of road Viewer to view
out said road on Feb. 33, 1913.
In tbo matter of tbn petition of
C. I'edersen jt al for n county road,
bonrd of road viewer to view out
aid rond on Feb 2. 1913
5 in ill" inniivr "i""'"' -
scssmont of J. It. Knox ol al, It I or
I dered that tho flerk credit tbo aliur-
TT ,M It.. .,. 11111 U,l. I, IN
in mr w jwii ii'i, r.,,ii
amounts' us follow: J. It. Knox.
130; John llurnett. $3 02; llntca &
Younu. 13.20.
Is tho matter of the double asmi
ment of tho 1). K. Hunter itealty Co.,
on lot 1, block fi, lleud, rebate of
f 10.27 (tbo amount of overpayment)
Warrant No. Ii33 for 121.06 In fa.
vor of the Northwest Bobool Fixture
EXT to what n man enrns.his
Ibhhk account is his 'most closely
guarded secret.
.absolutely sure in his own mind that
his banker is just as much of a confi
dential adviser as his lawyer or doctor.
We want you to know us and have
confidence in us before you decide
to open an account at this bank.
of Bend, Ore.
D. I'HRRHLL, President P. O. MINOR, Secretary
. M. LAA, Cashier
Co. wna ordered cancelled, tbe no
cbunt for which tliu suliiu h"ud been
dntwu IiuvIiik already ben paid.
Iij tbo mutter of tho expeure fo tho
county Instltuto, It wna ordered tbut
tbo report of It. A. Ford be approved.
The request of II, A. Fouler, as
lienor, for $26 for atnuipa, station
ery, vie., for uso In his office, wua
Tbe request of Frauk niklns, aher
Iff, for $100 for Mump, stationery,
etc., for new In Ills office. wii kmiiM.
The petition of C. M. Ilvdriold t nl
for n votlnK precinct at Deschutes
win coutlniii'd until the May term.
It nppcarliiK thnt thu Itedmond
precinct wna without n Juatlcu of the
pence, tbe one elected nt tho jast elec
tion bavins; failed to qualify. V. C.
Walker la appointed Justice of thu
iiuiico to servo until thu next Kenornl
In th mutter of the petition
for an election under the local option
law, ut Mvtollu. Oretion, ordered
thnt an election an prayed for In said
petition bo held February 18, 1913.
In the matter or the bill of It. M.
Hitler for building brldacs over thu
Central Oregon Irrltntlon Company'
canal, ordered that tbe county clerk
notify ald Irritation company of
ald amount and request the pay
mom of the aame,
I loud or II. A. Foster a ai.ossor,
for $6000 with the United State Fl.
dellty and Ouarauty Company, ap
proved and ordered filed.
llond of Tred A. Itlce. a surveyor,
for 15000 w'tb T. M. llaldwln and F.
II, Fopter as surety, approved and or
red flled.
llond oi 1'. II. Folndcxter. as coro
ner, In tho out!) of $3000 with W. F.
KIiir and V. A. llootb as surety, ap
proved and ordered .lied.
Viewer report load second tlmo In
open court and the following: road
were deolared public highways: Hugh
Uster et al, C. O. I'reston et al, V.
Bcbreder t al, Henry Hlvlns et al,
Albert Moore ct nl, J. S. McVey et al,
C. W. Hunter et nl.
llond r Warron Ilrown aa county
elerk In the sum or 110.000. with V.
A. llootb and a. V. Noble ns sure
tie, approved and ordered flled.
In tbo following road tbe papers
were ordered sent to the district at
torney for his opinion as to their val
idity: U. O. Hyrnni el nl, 8. K.
West et nl, It. A. Merchant et al, V.
M. Orb et al.
Iteport of county clerk presented
showing payment or lounty on 629
eiyote sculps and KG bobcat front
feet, amounting In ll to $906.60.
In the matter or tbo K. A. Knotta
et al petition for ctginy road. loard
of road viewer to view out said pr
posed read on February if. 1913.
In tho uiulttr or tbo claim or Hen
ton oounty against Crool; count, con
tinued to allow rot investlfttlin or
the atuic.
In tbo matter of the amount of tbe
Ktid of tbe county treasurer waa or
dered that a bond of $20,000 would
l ample security until further or
der or tbts court.
In tbe matter or the petition or
Klla I). I'etemon et nl for a county
(Continued on page six.)
He wants to feel
I'lopeity Owuv.rn Who Polio Ton-
iK-rlloim Miulo at Kpeclnl I'olriU
Air Asked to Notify KuKlnrcr.
On tho sewer work 200 feet of 12
Inch pipe tins been laid In the nlley
west or Wall street running south
from Nevada street. Today n sec
tion or 8 Inch and !' Inch plpo Is be
ing laid on Ohio street.
A tho plpo I laid special branches
nro plnced for the ptirposn or nuking
connections to each property. If tbo
proporty owners desire their branch
located on any particular point along
their property, they should bo ad
vise Mr. Koou when the plpo 'a being
laid a otherwise the branch will bo
placed at tbo moat convenient point
abutting tbe property and connection
to houses must bo mndo thnro. A
new Imller Is being Installed at tbo
Intersection of Wall and Ohio street
nnd four more steam drill will bo
put t work.
AdtUablllty of liming t'iltlvrr Man
n Deputy L'rgeit on AulhorltleN
A petition has been circulated re
questing tbe state game warden to
appoint John Usher a deputy game
warden on salary for tho ensuing
year. Mr. Usher served last year it
a ipeclal deputy, without compensa
tion, and has been reappointed on
that bnsl for 19K. Tho proposal
Is to have him devote all his tlmo
to the work, It being maintained that
many violations or the game law
arc made, and that a he live on
tho upper river he ;s well situated
to handle the work. A. F. Bh Ire
man, at llend, Is a warden now. It
Is not proposed to deposo him, but
to add another warden.
Mr Usher I now engaged In con
structing n fish way around the falls
on Fall Illver, for tbe atate authori
ties, to permit trout to get nbovo that
point nnd Into what la believed Is an
excellent stretch of water ror spswn
Ing. Ho propose to ask the atate
to finance tbo destruction of the
"fish trapa" by blasting out tbe rock
at tbe bead of tbo rails. Here
hundreds or fish are killed Illegally
each year.
Club Will AImi (Jle Program at the
Star Theatre Saturday Night.
Tbo Prlscllla Club met with Miss
Arrlo Illsck Monday evening, Mis
llc lllack and Miss Lucy Ilrldges
being guests. At tne New Year's
irtii4uei a prophecy telling what each
member would bo ten year hence
was read, and Monday tbo various
young ladle took tho parts which
that prophecy bequeathed them, 19
participating in the entertainment.
That many kind of future lie
before these llend :.l was Indicat
ed by tho diversity of their roles,
which Included a prima donna, a
mlsslouaryY n botanist, a lecturer, a
circus performer, a lawyer, a count
ess, and other. In the course or tho
evening, rerreshments were served.
Tbe Prlsclllas will give so mo spec
ial singing 'and dancing at the Star
Theatre on Saturday night. While
their exact program Is being kept a
secret, It Is known that they nil will
appenr dressed aa old maids.
? We "spare no pains to supply our custom- j
) ers with the best in all lines of Hardware.
If you are particular about QUALITY )
I .of goods you buy, join our long list of S
I satisfied customers. i
N. P. Smith
) Wall Street S
Willi Ioral llcprrwiilnllce I'roml-
ni'iit In l'rwceelliig, Central Ore-
Kou to (.ct Hlinrc of Attention,
KTATI5 OAI'ITOL,, Balom, Jan. 14.
(Special to Tbe Bulletin Yes
terday tho Legislature met and today
tho law makers got down to business.
In tbo appointment or committee
Control Oregon and llend come off
with flying colors. Iteprestptatlve
V. A, Forbes baa been placed on five
committees, tbe greatest number oc
cupied by nny one Itepretentatlve.
Mr. Forbf-a la chairman of tbo coun
ties committee, and la a member or
the committees on Irrigation, public
lauds, revision or laws and Joist
A telegram received this morning
from J. K. Bawhlll, tecretary or the
Central Oregon Development League,
who Is at Salem, auaounevs that "we
will bring home tho bacon." The
"bacon" In which this section Is es
pecially Interested concerns better
Irrigation laws and state aid ror tbe
Columbia Southern project.
A. A. More, l't 7(1 Year Murk, to
lie Itetlred Kon.
A. A. Morse, the veteran special
representative or tbo Harrlman roads'
traffic departments, was here yester
day, bidding an official farewell to
tho territory. For Mr. Mono bns
passed tho 70-year mark aud is to
be retired at once. He has been
with the roads 26 yean, almost en
tirely on tho Pacific Coast.
"Going to quit now, but I can out
run Wilson here," said Mr. Morse
laughingly, rcferlng to E. J. Wilson,
local traffic agent. And Judging
from bis appearance be might, though
I Mr. Wilson Is more than a quarter or
In rnttirv vnnnefir.
.., .,-.- ,
Itod Spell Contlnne Hehe an at
Other Place.
The stormy weather ba continued
through anotber week locally, and It
begin to look ds If all records ror
this community will be broken ror
rough treatment by tbe elements. It
has been a bad mixture or rain, snow
and slush, and sarao sunshine thrown
In to accentuate tbo badness or the
bad days and nights. Tho storm
ha prevailed nil over the country,
however, so Uendltes are not alone
those who have fe,t tho effects of
old borets and bis cohorts. Tere
has been no piling up ot snow In the
Deschutes canyon ns was tbe case a
year ago, when railway traffic ws
tied up ror n week. In the Cas
cades In Washington both the North
ern Pacific and Great Northern ronda
nnd tbo Milaukee line as wee have
been blocked, the anow being as deep
as 40 feet In place.
Duo to an error In the nattcos that
were posted calling for n special elec
tion to vote on the question of Issu
ing $40,000 bonds for the construc
tion of n unit of a blgn school build
ing, tho election, which waa caHsd
ror the 20th, will cot take place.
Now notice will be posted at once,
and te date or election set probably
about tho Cth of February.
Carey Act is Censured and Substitute Plan Pre
sented A. O. Walker and J. N. B. Gcrklng
Were Among the Important Speakers
The net result or the Oregon Ir
rigation Congress held In Portland
last week sectn to be about as fol
lows: Unqualified declaration that the
Carey act has not operated success
fully and presentation of a substitute
plan whereby tho settler can give a
first mortgage and secure Immediate
title to bis land wore contained in
resolutions adopted.
A resolution urged the state Legis
lature to provldo funds for tbe Im
mediate relief of settler on tbe Col
umbia Southern project.
One of the most Important and
the shortest resolution provide
that no reclamation project be open
ed for settlement until the water Is
ready for distribution. This would
prevent such disastrous results as
those experienced by the Columbia
Southern settler.
Hosldence requirements on Irri
gation projects constructed by tbe
lteclumatlon Service were declared
unjust and unreasonable and action
was urged that will allow water
user 25 years in which to repay the
government construction expense.
Adjudication of tbo water right
under the Central Oregon Irrigation
Company's project, which was the
subject of an addrre at Friday's
meeting by Iter. A. O. Walker of Al
falfo, was asked In a separate set or
resolutions, which recited "that ac
tion along this line be taken at an
early date and that land holders un
der the above named project be re
quired to speedily clear said land
and bring same under cultivation
and put tbe water to beneficial use."
Legislative appropriation or SS0,
000 to be used wltn a like amount
llend 1'liyt.lcLan am lUlde on Honey
moon Trip Through the South.
Tbe Evening post of Marlon, III.,,
a copy of which Tbe Bulletin ba re
ceived, contains an account ot tbe
marriage ot Dr. II. Ferrell on Janu
ary 2. The bride was Mis Kate
Uurkbart. daughter of Mr. and Mr.
J. M. Uurkbart, and the ceremony
was performed at the family renl
dence at 4 p. m. The Post says:
"Tbe marriage that took place on
Thursday here followed a romance
which began several yesrs ago, or
while they were young folks. To
claim his sweetheart and mike her
bl bride, Dr. Ferrell made a lose
Journey, coming from Head, Ore.,
where for four year he has been
and where he has established an ex
cellent Ho left this coun
ty almost Ave yeare og going Wet
to seek a benefit for his rolling
health. He found It and not only
found health but round professional
success In the new country. During
his absence correspondence betwetn
tbe couple continued but It was not
until all plan tor bis return and
ror tbe wedding bad been made was
It known to their relatives that their
marriage was a happening or tho
near future. He arrived here a few
The First National Bank
Or. U. O. OOI. Prldnt C, A. BATHER. Vlc frldnt
O. B. HUDSON. Chl.r
CUplUI fully pld ... S3S.0OO
Stockholder' liability S2S.000
Surplus .... . 810.000
J REPLACED? If they were stolen
how would you obtain new ones? Rent one
of our Safety Deposit Boxes and be indepen
dent of thieves nnd fire. We have a special
vault built exclusively for storing your valu
ables. It is fire proof and your box cannot
be unlocked except when you are present.
They rent, according to size, for $3.00, 55.00,
and $7.50 per year. Come in and let us show
you the vault and boxes and tell you all
about them.
C COB 8. A. SATUAK C. 8.
already promised by Secretary Fish.
or of tho Federal Interior Depart
ment, In Investigating irrigation and
power projects, was advised.
J. N. D. Corking of Laldlaw sup
plied one of the features of tho con
gress. Concerning bis talk upon
the Columbia Southern project, Tho
Oregonlan say:
HI earnetnet and his sincer
ity as be told of the almost titter
boplessnes or tbe Columbia
Southern settler appealed to
"The Carey Act has been a fail
ure In our country," said Mr.
(Jerking. "It appear to us that
It Is opersted largely in tbe In
interest of the promoter and tho
people looking for a big rakcoM,
"The promoter havo sent ad
vertisements ovor tho country
showing how tbe state I back of
these projects, when, In fact, tho
state Isn't back of them at all.
People are Induced to come to tbo
state under false pretense. They
go on the land not knowing what
conditions they will have to meet
He charged that tbe state baa
shirked It responsibility If It la
back of tbe Columbia Southern
"I nm not a lawyer." he con
tinued, "and can't tell whether tbo
state Is duty bound to back It or
not. I certainly believe, though,
that the state I morally obliged
to give It aid to those people who
have gone onto this project, when,
tbey were given reason to believe,
and Justly so, that the state would
aid them."
day since and not until after bis
arrival was tbe wedding date an
nounced, and then to only the near
est relatives ot tbe two.
" His bride is tbo daughter of
one of the section' ost known aad
moat highly respected citizens, a man
who, until recently, was for many
years a leading merchant'of Marlon.
She is educated and refined and has
always enjoyed tbe close friendship
of many.
"They departed soon after their
marriage for a visit In Florida. New
Orleans. Texas. Los Angoles and San
I Francisco and other places ot Inter
est, after which they will go to llend
to make their future home."
CROOK GETSJ15,879.25
Apportionment of State Levy for
Counties In Announce!.
Tbe apportionment of tbe state
levy of fl.lS2.214. 48 among tho
various counties has been completed.
Tho Central Oregon counties- aro
cared for as follows:
Baker $ 27.277.7S
Crook 16,879.5
Grant 9.S99.7&
Harney 9,282.00
Klamath 18,500.00
Lake 9,268. CO
Malheur 12,291.50
fil J7