The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 08, 1913, Page PAGE 9, Image 9

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    TIM HKNI IlUM.KTltf, HH.VP, WKOM'JiDAV, JAfcl'AIty fi, 101.1.
VAam ,
Mat 0-730. Tho NBVi of NKV Of
HVV of NB, tho W of JJB of
8WV4 of NBU, tho B of NWVi of
HW of NKH, the NBW of 8W Of
BWU of NB'. tho WV4 of WJ4 of
HW of NBVi. tho NV of NV
of NWH of HB, tho N'4 of NK
of 8WH, N4 of HK of NBU of
HWU, tho N4 of mv of 8V,
tho Ktt of BBVi of NWV4 of 8WV4.
Hcc. 17, T. 22 8., It. 10 B 8Z.&0
ncrc. 'application of Oconto T. 8ljr,
Jr., of l.ap'no, Oregon; 1,1st C-7G4.
Tho NVi of BW', of NB,. tho N4
of 8V4 of 8W4 of NB't, the 8Vi
of 8(3 K or HUT of NBU, thd BW oT
8WV, of 8Vy of ,NBV4 tho WH of
NEW of NWU of 8BW, tho WV4 of
NWVi of BB, tho 8V4 of NWV4 of
BWVi of BBVi tho Bi Qt 8WK of
8B, Bee. 3, T. 22 8.. It. 10 E 87.
iiO acre, except n strip 30 foct wldo
along tho went Hldo of tho BWUof
NB, and the NW of NWV4 of
NW" of BBVi, Boc. 3, tho not area
being 86.30 acrea, application of Wnl
demar Chrlstcnson, of Lnplne, Ore
Ron; Mat G-7G8. Aiiproved Decom 9, 1912. 8. V. I'roudfU, Assist
nnt Commissioner of the Oonorat
Land Office. 12-15
-tf.slssSfSBEtMLliii - AVTJHnMp5JjHBBBfcB2zfc
.i'?"?ar&bflBSBKBBBBBBBBBBBBBBfliBA tlpi fain ? KijBlJMPwBBfcSSz1!
Walter McCormnck, Famous Grand Opera Tenor, makes Friends with tho
Blackfect Indians from Glacier National Park
Th Fast ami thi wst ram toRMher
In a rather striking ami unusual fsililon
at thi rrrrnt conrert glvm It thoHt. 1'aill
Hjrniphony Orehrstra In tlit AuilUnriiim
nl Ht. Paul. Tha Imllsns attwlr.1 tlir
concert aa irtirsta of I. W, lllll and wrrn
wrry appreciates not only of tlio splendid
snlns sunR hy Mr, MrOnrmac k, hut of tho
rather Intricate and hlgMirow tjrpn nf
nrrhmtratlnn rrndrml hjr I'rof. Itothwcll
and hit well 'known orchestra.
Chief Krnl HIk Top, In nsffrring to tha
mnrrrt, (aid ha rnjojred It ftrj much
"hioio of It u Just lika Indian musk.
Tlio Indiana applaud! long and loud at
llmea and attracted nonaldrralrift atten
tion tlirmsclrns. Wlilln thn rllto of Ht.
I'aul were present In e?enln( drraa the
had nothing on thn Indian, who wero
re ry rlahoraUly alUrrd and carried them
aelrM with dignity and com.
After tho concert, thf Indiana were
Introduced to and photographed with Mr.
McOirmaek aa shown In tha picture
ahorr. Thsy extended him a cordial
inrltatlon to riaft their natlre home,
(Ilacier National Park, Montana, next
lM(un KrrrrlMry (fall Attention In
lliiMrt!iiice nf tlirnp AKrlrilllurol
At'tiiK nil (VmtrtiMnt o
lllitli I'rlrrd I'rult IjiiiiU.
II)' J. B. 8AWHII.I.
pec rotary Central Orrgon Develop-
nirnt lamie.
(Written rapcclnllr for The llultullti)
Thla helng tho flrat year that Cen
tral Oregon waa roproaented at thn
Und ahnwa In the Hast aud In fact
tho flrat year that Oregon aa a atato
haa made an effort to be reprcatuted
at theao rct ahowa. It la no doubt a
nutter of Interest to know
iiomo of tho reaulta and experience!
thnt wro obtained there.
Central Oregon waa represented
nl the Minneapolis show by a strict
l local exhibit Installed by tha Oro.
Kon Western Colonisation Co., J
It. Btlnson of I'rlnevllle beta In
"Imrgo and ably assisted by Mrs, 8tln
on The OreKon ft Western ex
hibit consisted alnii'sl entirely of
(trains and grnssoi. Thla exhibit
took all the prltea for the brat dls
(tin)' of foratto crops at tho Minneapo
lis ah I.eou J Chapman, secre
tary of tho Ontario Commercial Cmb,
was also very much lu evidence with
om of Urn very best dlsplaya of ap
ples In the cntlrn show, Thn Oregon
atatn exhibit contained n sample or
two of almost every product that can
id xroMii hi tho temperate lone.
I'rof. Thomas flhaw of thn flreat
Northern Itallwny tuado tho attte
in nut after n visit to the Oregon
luoth that Oregon vn eapablo of n
.treator variety of agricultural prod
duels than any other atite In tho
l-nlon. I, W. Kill proma-acud tho
Oregon stale uxhlbll to be the finest
ttihlbll Hut he had evr aeen at any
land shot. O. W. Ire)tag of Ore
Ho ii City had charge of the Installa
tion of the exhibit at both the .Mill
Neaios and Chicago sIiohs and was
on hand at all times lo sing tho
praises of tho Willamette valley. Tho
writer used bli best efforts nt both
ahowa to let people know a few of
lAe wonderful resources of the Cen
tral Oregon country.
Not AH Fruit Und..
The greatest benefit that the stnte
of Oregon In general and Control
Oregon In particular received front
the'land ahowg was In dispelling the
Impression that prevails throughout
tun Bast that Oregon had no lands
to offer the prospective aettler ex
cept high priced fruit lands. Tha
quality of the gralna and grasses
shown In the exhibits demonstrated
that Oregon not only ranka Brat In
the quality of Its fruit products but
that she U destined to bo a strong
competitor for honors In gralna and
sjrassoa. The class of aottle thatr e
must look to for tho settlement of
thn Cenral Oregon country Is not the
type to wh'ch fruit Und literature
will make nn appeal. It It capable
of proof that the same amount nt !
money Invested In the production of I
livestock will brltiR greater returns I
than It will If Invested In tho bestl
fruit land that I ex out of doors, J
W hove In Central Oregon every
condition that goes to tho proiucMon
nf high class meat and dairy products
and wo should dovoto more tlmo and
energy to tha exploiting of thla
branch of our nglrculture.
People Don't Know.
Another Important lesson as a re
sult of attendance upon the land
shows was tho fact that the great
majority of thu (a-vplo who nro look
ing for homes In the Northwest aro
entirely unfamiliar with conditions
as they exist. This makes It Imper
ative that wo devote inoro of our en.
ergy to the taking caro of the settlor
after lie reaches us. Tho facfthat
wo wern making an endeavor to es
tablish demonsttatlon farms In every
community to which tho now asttlcr
can go and get reliable Information
ns to tho beet methods and best crops
waa a very telling arnument with all
of tho prospective settler to whom
the writer talked.
Central Oregon has demonstrated
that profitable agricultural crops can
be produced and II 'e now demon
strate that wc are ready and willing
to do all In our power to assist the
new settler to gel started when he
comes, complete settlement of Cent
ral Oregon will be accomplished In a
very short space of time.
The keen Interest that was shown
by tho visitors at Loth tho Mlnnoap
oU and Chicago showg In tho Cen
tral Oregon country and the fact that
many of the largo colonltstlon com.
pantes are now Investigating the pos
sibilities of thla section aeem to In
dicate that we will have a larger In
flux of aettlers next year than we
have had before.
Over 70,000 attended the Minne
apolis show and over ,250, 000 visited
the Chicago show. The land ahowa
have lost much of the novelty that
attracted visitors In previous years
and from now on tho attendance will
be made up largely of peo?! Inter
ested In tho back to (he farm move
ment The personal contact that Is
pidilb'e at Mich place at the land
fhowa Is the most nffcctlvo kind of
publicity. It is to be hoped that or
eryono Interested In the development
of Central Oregon will make It u
liotnt to sec that this section Is prop
erly represented nt the land ahowa
illicit will bo held next year.
iH tapgaMBBSHBjBBnBsgsjaa f FHkflgsBsBsBv aBsH1 stlflVglbBaHkBBLlBBSs4BsBKlAkgSkJ
IH IPwBhS .vSiB' j jjiaWPggggKkT1 gaM' HgggBtfialsfciliBiaiaM SlffiHiiB
bbsMa aHalHBBlBafiU'H lawifBBHBBH jSffifa jjLftVMWff v HwBPMBbBs cH
HiKBE?.asWflBiKH Psi mBHBMbVsW 't it V3Kxlmkx iiuersiiTgtf' HM
HlflHHHBftuflHTj HHHitt TBI BBaLBlBLaBBBBTBBBBV 1 sWaffPPE rtTv!1 IlyK fWTti i nfli JtJfEiBsaaaB H W
HuEwitfKBElBxsM&i&& SbPilB ' tlaaaBrTHBBtWTwtH
'iHf ' 5f5?T'ivSBilB' rjuKJttX ' jBrV ' -' ?" ' 'TPgaaaH
HgSSe W v U.t - 0lp6HBBBWlFtknBlB?i' m v'W-lrjBgaM3EWL2. - ' wy sCHteaBBgaBsl
I am negotlatlnR with a large cor
Itoratioii with ample funds to enter
thla district and niako farm mort
Kgo loans and dealro to secure a few
good applications to submit for con
sideration. If you desire a loan call
and see me.
11088 KARNIIAM Attorney at,
Old 1st Nat. Dank Did. Ilend, Ore.
Notice Is hereby given that the lands
described below, embracing: 393.86
acres, within tho Deschutes National
Forest, Oregon, will be subject to set
tlement and entry under the provis
ions of the homestead lawn of tho
United States and the act of June 11.
1906 (34 Stat.. 333). at tho United
States land office at Lakevlew, Ore
gon, on March A, 1913. Any settler
who waa actually and In good faith
claiming any Of said landa for agri
cultural purposes prior to January
1, 1906, and has not abandoned
same, haa a preference rlebt to make
a homestead entry for the landa ac
tually occupied. Bald landa were
Hated upon the applications of the
persona mentioned below, who have
a preference right subject to the prior
right of any such aettler, provided
such settler or applicant Is qualified
to make homestead entry and the
preference right la exercised prior to
March i, 1913, on which date the
landa will be aubject to settlement
and entry by any qualified person.
The landa aro aa followa;The NWU
of NBVt. the SH or NKH of NWU.
the 84 of NWU of NBU of NWU.
the NBU of NWU of NBU of
NWU. tho NBU of NBU of NWU.
Sec. 2t. tho SK of SWU of SEU.
the 8V4 of NBU of SVl of SBU.
'the Wtt of SBU of SBU. tho W'V.
of BU of SBU of 8EU. tho SBU of
NBU of SBU of SBU. tho E',i ot
ai.y or shh or hku. sec. 1J, T.
34 a., it, k., w. .m., no ncrea ap.
l-iicaiioii oi jninen i tieuson, cr I i
i 'no. Oregon; Ust C-731. Tho BVi
of NBU of SBU. the SWU of NBU
of SBU. tho SBU of NWU of NEU
of SBU. &BU of SEU. tho SBU of
SWU or 8BU, tho SBU of NBU of
SWU or 8BU. Sec. 11, T. 21 8.. R.
10 B.. 85 acres, application ot Her-
oert J. Kiuiey, ot Ilalhart, Texas;
Selling: Agents for
Aubrey Heights
The most beautiful resi
dence property in Bend. Only
H to 8 blocks from business
center on easy terms.
- j
Fire, Accident and Liability
Surety Bonds.
All classes of Real Estate.
Oregon Street.
I Tha itate of Oregon was fully repro
tented at tht Northwest Products Exposi
tion by the tlnest collections of fruits,
grains, grsaics and vegetables that tha
ttate has ever sent Ksit to an Industrial
and agricultural tkow.laTcUrif of the
booths were Messrs. O. B, Freytag ot
Oregon City, J. B. Sawhlll of Hotvl, and
M. J. Duryea of Bugene, Oregon,
. AH three gentlemen wero prominent
speakers at banquets given by tha Min
neapolU Olvlo-mnd Commerce Association.
during tha course of the land show.
Thousands of booklets, leaflets and fold
era ot handsome appearanco were dis
tributed, to the land seekers who crowded
tbe.hqw.(luriiuj tha entire two vreeka..
Roofing- of all kinds. Repairing
promptly done.
Furna.ce Contractor .
Guttering, Spouting,
Cornice and Skylights.
Every Day in the Year
Through Train to Portland
j&ZcmK flnrnniiTriiiiii ihl
ffinrrltnxil iUrlvIIM lUIlllii HV
vlWiirlisMVOsRLUUii IliUlill I mli
Seattle TocofM Sjtokaae
Mirtneafolk St. Paul Chicago
Denver Omaha St. Loris
Bank Road, Northern Pacific and Great Northern Rail
ways. Fares, schedules and details supplied on request.
Gen. FrU & Pass. Agt. Agent, Bend.
The Bend Bulletin,
Bend, Ore.- .
Gentlemen: -. . "
r a
Please discontinue our'advertiae
ment for the present. Wo are receiv
ing more orders than ve can fill, and
want to catch up before ve go after
Very truly yours,
C. I. Bozell, Ugr.
i ' '
'". I'fftl'lA 2
Under New Management
Is now in charge of J. F. Taggart
First Class Service and the Comfort of Guests; -is Our Motto.
FREE .AUTO Between Hotel and Depot.
We Deliver the Goods
liqht' and heavy livery.
Hay, Barley, Oats, Wheat and Bran at lowest prices.
The Largest Barn in Central Oregon.
Bend, Oregon.
I ' t