The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, January 08, 1913, Image 1

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    The bend bulletin.
NO. 44
t !
Cnstcrn Customer Pleased, nnd Orders Pile Up
Labor Expenditure Alone for Milling Adjacent
Acreage Runs Into Millions of Dollars
For the Inttt month lumber ship
ment Irotn llend Iiiivu held up well,
with the promise, of great Immediate
activity, January ntilpiiK'titn are
ttiunlril nl not let lliuri &0 or 6&
ir. bringing an average dully re
turn (if Kastern monoy to tho town ot
' Jiboilt $700,
M 1 Ijo two local lumber com
' panle have order on hand, for east
ern shipment, that will keep them
working lo capacity for muny inuuths.
livery shipment Dint linn gone lo
eastern yard linn met with a glowing
i endorsement from thu deulei who
handle, them.
TImimi statement till thn story of
tint bright outlook villi whluh bt
llend lurnlitT Industry face thn now
i year
A fact of furthitr Importance U
3 that on Monday two carload of lodge
i(ili' plno were shipped lo n pulp mill
lit Ownns, Wash. If thu test prove
ft tlttfiictory. a expected, It In ulmot
KTliilnly that n pulp mill will ho
Installed on tho Deschutes near llend.
. K:KI,H it .Month (Viinm llrrr.
In J ii iniary Tim lleud Company
1 w send uhotit 40 cam of lumber to
ililillo western innrhfti). and thn
t Uvi'tturf-t)lK-MllltT Company 16.
Thn average urt return from each
ir, deducting all freight charges, la
Unit H0O. meaning that earn tuonth
Wiinn $22,000 In being drawn tu llend
from thn middle wet to to spent
here In labor, mill operation and
That till paro will keep up, and
rolialily Ih exceeded. U shown by
thn fact that thn llnd Company ha
order on hand enough tu keep It
mill ruunliiK to capacity for several
mouth, even If no inure came In,
while tho O !)!. Co. already ha
order for 40 car.
In other wordt, thn llend lumlur
extorting busliiits la Juit coming In.
to It own, Up to the prrirut moat
of the shipment havo been In the
n a turn of experiment; now the buy
er ham letted the local pint) lum
ber, have found It satisfactory, and
are ruihlnit Id more order to meet
the rapidly growing demand all over
the country,
, The entire situation I most gratl
fvlntr. tiny the lurntwr men. One
phase of It that will plnase properly
twner Immensely I that It practi
cally make certain thn speedy In
stallation of the IiIk mills, whose lo.
ration here hs liven pledged ly thu
thrrn companies, the llrookk-Hcau.
Ions, the Mueller and the Rogers.
For Instance, despite, the hravy ex
torting nnd the plled-up order, no
company nnd the Hhevlln, Mueller
and Roger people.
AccordlUR to Clyde McKay there
are thousand of acre of lodge
polo plno available, that rould he
milled for pulp economically on thu
Deschutes within n doxen mile of
llend, This ncretigu I at present
coiiBldered practically worthless, ex
cept, perhaps, for terming and bear
hunting If the plno cm ho utlllted
It would become an euormoti wealth
producer. I'lcurt'N (limb I llali.
In discussing the promising lum
ber outlook, mill Its meaning tu llend,
Clydn MoKiiy, local representalltu of
thu Muulltrs, said:
"To i.iit an Idea of whit local lum
bering will mean In thu wuy of a
pit) roll, iinil It resulting bene lit to
llend, consider these figure. An
averuge aero of our plnu ha about
U.,000 feet. It cost about $80, In
InUir, to get an acre of timber cut
and tu tint mill slip; from thu mill
lo the car cost about another $00,
In labor. That mean $140 an acre
In labor, on an average,
"Now, how muny acre nre wo
urn will be milled at llend? Tho
llend Company ha about 3000,
Mueller 30.000, llrook 30,000,
Itoger 30,000,. Bhcvlln 130.000.
That a a very conservative estimate
of the stun already owned by com
panies that will mill here. The total
1 313,000 acres. Multiply that by
$140 nnd you gut $39.fc30,000. that
ultimately will bo spent here In
"Hut you're not done. It' safe
to say there la half a much again
now In private ownership that will
milled here, and per Imps twice a
much In the forest reserves, a third
of which will be milled within a few
yeara. and almost all of It In a rea
sonable space of years. Double that
figure, or treTile It, even, and you
ha the labor xpendlture that llend
cnu expect during a couple ot de
cade, In luinberlug lune."
Champion of Poor Unmarried .Men
llldliulrw "L1aH Legislation."
Forbes Will Introdure Circuit
J u l k e Halary mil.
"Tax bachelors? Absurd-"
That, minus the trimming, wn
what State Iteprescntatlve Vernon A.
Korbc said Monday when he read
that a bill will l) Introduced In the
legislature placing a ban on cele
bary and n premium on matrimony.
Hut Mr, Forbes goes further than
simply branding the proposal absurd,
and calling attention to the fact thut
It will drive many a lawyer Into the
rank of the benedict, for economy "
ako If for no other reason. If It
goe through a I Improbable he
premise to devote the remainder of
hi political llfu and activities (or
something like that) to gutting a law
passed taxing old maid.
I'lionc Company, Planning Improve
ment, I Instructed to l'lce Mne
In Alley Many HUN Are
Ordered 1'ald Hy the City.
County Court Orders The Bulletin to Publish Com
plete Proceedings, diving all Official Actions
and News Following Court Meetings
Tho new c'ty officer were aworn In
at the meeting of the council last
night. Mayor I'utnnrn and Council
man Allen, re-elected, qualified, a
I did Councllmen A. 8. Collin and E.
A. Bather, chosen to replace Lattln
and Wenandy at the lust election.
Treasurer II. J. 0erturf also quail
fled. The mayor appointed committees
and ofllcUU a follow:
I'ollce, liquor and fire: Allen,
Hleldl and Kronen.
Streets, alley and fewer: Kord,
Slither, Allen.
Way and mean: Steldl, Kord,
Commencing after tho next meet
ing of the County Court, Tho Hulle
tin will publish all the court proceed
ing Immediately following each sit
ting. At the meeting of January
3rd this paper wa officially desig
nated a one In which the court pro
ceeding nre to be published, It be
ing ordered that Tho Bulletin I to
"publish the Identical proceeding
that are to be published" In tho
I'rinevllle paper that ha been up lo
now the only paper officially publish
ing the proceeding of (he court.
The I'rinevllle paper remain the
"official county paper", but The
Hullctln I supplied with exactly the
name matter a goes to It, and re
ceive a nominal remuneration from
tho county for the publication of the
official proceedings. Which mean
that hereafter readers of Tho Bulle
tin will get at first hand, and prompt.
ly, every Item of official county news,
a well as enjoying the advantage
of a paper which print from threo
to four time a much news a ariy
publication in the county.,
Heretofore but one paper in Crook
county baa been authorized and paid
to publish tho county court proceed
ing. The action of ordering Thn
Bulletin also to publish them wa
Uken because of the largo circula
tion lu the county shown hy this
In it award of the county print
ing to Tho Bulletin and to the
"official" paper, tho new court
ahowed Itself bent upon nn economic
administration. Tho prices formerly
paid for this work wore materially
reduced, to some extent owlnr tn h
low bids put In by Tho Bulletin,
wmen wero on a basis far lower than
hitherto allowed. Tho result mtns
a considerable saving to taxpayers.
'es. lr," said he, "that's but 'rvililn.
common Justice. We'll nuku a real I li.alth! Kutber. Preaiih. Collins.
suffrage luw out of this, and make Cuinetery and olty oroDertv:
It work both ways. No clsss legls-1 French. Kord. Allen.
Itules, election, etc.: Collins,
The detail of the feminine law as
yet havo not been worked out. For
what ago
Bather, Steldl.
S. K. Huberts was reappointed as
It is not known at Just chief of police; George Young, olty
the cltlieness would be, engineer; ,V. A. Forbes, city attorney:
obliged to choose between taking un
tu herself a husband or paying a
teclal tax, for bettor or for worse.
A battle scarred local bachelor en.
deavorrd to get the Itepresentative
to pledge his support 'for nn amend
ment to the bachelor bill, should Its
passage seem Imminent, ill pro
posal wa that any bachelor should
be exempt from the lax provided he
made sufficient affidavit showing that
he had honestly tried to get married.
For Instance, three pVoposal and the
Mine number ot refusals might be
considered an ample matrimonial all
III. a1 tn MlutAl Tha tiA,h..lnf In
NO FREAK HAIL HATTER HERE raftr"""' ""' " """"
Ix-al Official Hate Been More For.
lunate Tlmu Koiun Other.
The parcel ost which went Into
effect January 1 has bren causing"
trinililo at many totofflct, but thu
local officials hae got off without
any freak of mall matter to haudle.
Only ordinary packager both n to
'content and sire hao been mailed
effort I lielng Hindu to get a railroad bure, and the uuraber lis not been
pur into tbn present mill. hyT.ur(.u rnough to reult In any great
llecauso It I only temporary, and ,.. . ... , .. ...,.. , .....
-robably before spring. Jf such a """ ,",'- 4MD """"
sldlug were built It would have to arriving also has not been ex-
le re-located to lead to the ultlmatu traordlunry, to the great pleasure of
mill alio at the old Hlsemore J thn rIoku line operating out of Bend.
meadow. I The greatest trouble locally ha
' l.MiKrMln IVrhup tlobl .Mine, I been In the matter of sthiupn Many
Thu ludgepole. or black pine ship, i person have affixed regular stumps
, incnt sent to Ciiiuhk wa thu direct I Instead of the parcel post hind, the
work of John K. Kynn, local repre-1 result being that the package can-
entatlvo uf tho Iiercbutc Lumber 'not be sent through thu mall until
Company Tho nxiense of thu ex- tha proper kind of tamp has bien
perlmntit Is being-bom Jointly by his affixed.
Serious Plans, Too.
However, Mr. Forbe ba more
serious plsns In connection with bis
Initial legislative experience. He
has been asked to, and will Introduce
a bill giving Circuit Judges an annuul
salary of $4,000.
A measure that will receive his
social support Is to have threo terms
of circuit court In this district In
stead of two adJourned terms, as
now. It is malntalnea that this
would b of great-convenience and a
decided economy in the long run.
At the meeting Friday at i'rtno.
vllle the retiring county officer
turned their keys over to the now
officials, who formally took office.
They wero O. Springer, Judge and
Willis Brown, commissioner. Tom
Klklns has taken over the sheriffs
office and Addle Foster that of as
sessor. The other officers either held
over or wore reelected.
ii. C. Kills, recorder; Br. B. Fcrrell,
health officer. On motion of the
council, a committee was sppolnted
to har special charge of sewer con
struction matters, consisting of Ford
nii'l Al.en, with the mayor ex officio
Allen reported trat after thorough
testa the electric fire alarm siren had
juood unsatlsfacl ry. An effort Is
being made to get a whistle to be op
erated by compreMed air.
The Mayor brought to attention
tho fact that the light company has
tried out a light for street work that
will cost about $3.00 a month, In
stead of IS. 00, now paid for arcs.
It Is, of cuurre, far less powerful, but
after discussion Jill agreed that four
such lights outside the business dis
trict would be more advantageous
Lthau ono arc The streets commit
tee was authorized to do away with
such arcs us they saw tit, and to re
place them by a number of the smal
ler lights located where they would
do thu most good. It Is probable
that In the neighborhood of twenty
additional lights will be Installed
under this change, materially im
proving the lighting of residential
Through Engineer Young the Pion
eer Telephone Company Informed the
council that it plans to place new
poles on some of the principal strets
Itapld Stride of the Town Iteflcctcd
in Gain in Uncle Hain'n lluii
nei for lt Year.
Iteflectlng the growth of the town
during 1912, the business of tho lo
cal pontofflco shows a big Increase.
The number of patrons has grown
steadily during every month of the
past year, says Postmaster Minor, and
tho business at present is greatly
hampered by the cramped quarters.
However, It will bo only a short time
till the new O'Donnell building will
bo occupied. Four hundred lock
boxes will be Installed there, but Mr.
Minor fears that even this Incresse
of 150 over the present number may
not be able to take care adequately
ot the great demand for 'boxes. A
big business Is alio done at the gen
eral delivery window, ono man be
ing required there practically all day
I the Masons, both men and women be
ing eligible to membership. It Is ono
io. the leading orders, and tho organi
sation of a chapter hero b an impor
itant step.
The following officers were tilert,!-
Worthy Matron, Mrs. II. O. FarTis;
assistant, Mrs. Clyde McKay; con
ductress, Mrs. O. W. 8hrlncr; assist
ant, Mrs. P. C. Garrison; treasurer,
Mrs. A. M. Lara; secretary. Miss Ar
rle Black; worthy patron, E. M. Lara.
Mr. Harriett Evans Flntt of Ten
Clilldmt to Itecclve Final Summon
Mrs. Harriett W. Evans, who came
to Bend about a month sco from
Twin Falls, Idsho, and was residing
with her son, C. L. Evans, in Des
chutes addition, died Sunday of
paralysis. She was bom In Wilkes
barre, Pa., and was 68 years of axe.
Of a family of ten children she was
the first to bo summoned by the
Death Angel. Survlvine her am
three brothers, six sisters and three
and Mrs. A, F. Haoter and Mrs. O.
W. Iteela or Fort Bock. Mrs. Evans
was a member of the Presbyterian
now to wait on the constant line ntlchllJren- The latter are Mr. -Evans
the window.
The totsl money order business In
1911 was $5438.19. whilo in 1912 it
ran up to $GS0C09, a gain of $1,.
077.90. about 20 per cent.
The receipts by quarters the past
twelve months were as follows: First,
$1443.88; second. $1711.97; third,
$1688.27; fourth. $1704.97.
Organization Effected at Meeting
Held Loot KvenlnX.
Organlxation of a chapter or the
Eastern Ktar van pffwlrd In nn.l
. . . - - -- ---...
anu to replace some wires witn cinies. Uat night, at a meeting held in. Ma-
The Royal Neighbors gave tho M.
W. A. lodge members a surprise last
night, and a most enJovahle evening
I was spent In Bather's hall by about
io people. Tnere were game, ouc
Ing and plenty of good things to eat
which the Royal Neighbors and their
Invited friends brought with them.
The Jollification ended about 13:30,
with all participating wishing for a
repetition of the occes'on at frequent
The council ordered that wherever
changes were made within the fire
limits, so far as possible the wires
wuru to bo located In the alloys.
The offer ot the First National
Bank to give the city the use of a
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771 EXT . to wlmt n mnn earns, his
II bank account is his niost closely
guarded secret. He wants to feel
absolutely sure in his own mind that
his banker is just as much of a confi
dential udviser as his lawyer or doctor.
We want you to know us and have
confidence in us, before you decide
to open an account at this bank.
" '
of Bene), Ore.
, ,B. I'liRRBLL, President V. O. MINOR, Secretary
' K. M. LA1U, Cashier
"' ''"' ' ' ' ' I
i We spare no pains to supply our custom-
S ers with the best in all'Iines of Hardware.
If you are particular about QUALITY )
I of goods you buy, join our long list of s
I satisfied customers.
$ BUILDERS' SUPPLIES a specialty.
N. P. Smith
Wall Street I
sonic hall. The lodgo starts off with
a membership of about 30. It will
be known at the Bend chapter and
will be assigned the proper number
when its charter Is lrsued. Meetings
(Redmond Hub.)
The Golden 'family is qusrentined
for smallpox. Georso is the only one
will bo hela in Masonic hall probably who has as yet taken it His case Is
one a month. very light. It Is not known how tho
The Eastern Star is an auxiliary of 'disease got into the country.
Ihe First National Bank
Or. U. O. COe. rWdaM WHtt, Vic.
Capital fully paid ... .28,000
Bleckhold.r.' liability. . . 029.000
Surplu. .... . .10.000
REPLACED? If they were stolen
how wduld you obtain new ones? Rent one
of our Safety Deposit Boxes and be indepen
dent of thieves and fire. We have a special
vault built exclusively for storing your valu
ables. It is fire proof and your box cannot
bo unlocked except when you are present.
They rent, according size, for $3.00, $5.00,
and $7.60 per year. Come in and let us show
you the vault and boxes and tell you all
about them. .