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1VUJK 4.
Movement Means a Great Deal
to Agriculturists,
Thla Type of Highway li Far Chtapar
Tnan Macadam and Uiualty Oringt
Splandid Raaulta Proper Mtthod ol
To tlic farmer hotter road fro
qtiently niettu Ihe difference Uclwrcu
nitlueiice Mini iKinkruptey." said lro
feor Rrtieat Klopit Ayre. hlcbway
vumneer ut Hit Oregon AcrU-uitunl
font's. In recent lcetun "A Wis
consin fanner neld UHW bushels of po
(tilthrw In inn cellnr. naltlni: rur n pood
price. He offered in! cema In
.Mnrch. but the potatoes must t dellr
ervd In town, nnd the road were In
Biioti cowtlthm tbut It was Impossible
to haul orer ihfiu. When the road
finally dried out he took hi potatoes to
market and irot 30 cent a bushel. "
"hi order to secure the adrnMac.cs of
better transportation fucllltltti It la not
necessary that a gnat deal ot mouey
H-H-H-K 'KW-H-r
Puth dont pull.
Don't bo a kneetttr.
You cannot afford bad roada.
The laboror ahould bo Interaet"
od In tho road queatlon.
Soft roada and aluthy atraota
add o tho coat of ovarythlng.
Qood roada do moan mora than
a maro ploaauro court for autq
It cott; noro monoy to do with
out goott '-oada than it will to
build tham.
Ouild good roada and aao
Amarica fir it.
Improvtd roada aro tho boat ad
vertiaament a atato can havo.
It ia fataa oeonomy to build a
wagon road with chaap mate
Aa aoon aa wo "gat down to
brata tacka" on tho road quaa
tion and agraa upon a ayatam to
bo built, th kind of roada to
! conitruct and an equitable way
T to pay for tham the country will
X fall ovar itaalf galling away
from tho old mud roada.
be cpont on our hlshi.-a.Ta. but what I
tUT-stl should be iireil carefully nnd
lntelll:eiitly. A very few dollar apent
nt the rijsht time will aava repair coat
ing hundreds."
Mr. Ayre theo described lo detail
the process of construction of the sand
clay road-tbe grading with
proper crowu and drainage dltcbea. tbe
distribution and packing of tbo clay,
spreading ot the sand and plowing and
narron-tnir It In lightly on top. Thl
type of road baa siren excellent Mil.
fattlon la fbe southern and middle
western state, but little work of tbe
port naa a yet been done In tbe Pad tic
oonbwoH. There t no question of It
value for rural highway, and tbe mi
inn In e(Mti over otber forma of
road I do menu Item.
The road must rtrxt be traded and
drained carefully and should be crown.
-d about one locb to Lbe foot and
HUiwithrtl wtiti tbe dm;. Tbe road can
be greatly Improved by adding sand,
ereu If do grading baa been. done, but
Itie expense will be much greater
"The wind must be sharp and roarae,
but need uut be aa clean a I required
for t-ourretu. Tbe Mind should be
What Two Old Enamiaa Did at an lm
provamant Matting.
Two of the oldest men In the town
of tiiitTa. Neuiahu t-ounty. Kun . uttttr
rrletl eight or ten yunr iigo They
have iH-eu mighty rnn-rul eer slnre
not to see each other on the street or to
Hxrtk. There bare been uu uU bustll
Itlcs. but Jtit m silent warfare. No one
know how the old grudge might hate
resulted eventually bud It not Im-cii for
one thing Nemaha comity had n good
rortd turnout recently One hundred
nnd twenty-live men. with tlfty team,
gave one day to Improving one mile of
the worst naid In the county Three
long hills were cut down nnd two old
brokeu bridge were repaired Thee
bridges are to be replaced nf once with
concrete. All tbe weed and bninb for
aeveral mllen aluug tbo road wero cut
niul burned.
At noon the good rnnd wnrkera met
at a big picnic to hear A. It l.oh. n
xNtiint Htnte highway engineer from
tbe agricultural college, give a good
ronda talk and get aomethlug to eat
And there the two old hii-dne!" ene
mies met. After the alienee nnd cou
tempt of year they looked nt ouch oth
er for a moment nnd then shook bands
"Rin. mild one. -we urely do need
work nn thee nwds"
"We surely do." said tbe other "And
thp only way to do It U to get to
Englnaar'a Noval Mtthod For Katplng
I Roada In Qood Condition.
A novel nnd unusual method of call
ing nttentlun to tbe proper way lo
which to use a good road was put In
operation by the atate hlgliwny en
ginrer of Illinois. It consists of a card
bearing tbe following legend:
riaJg ft aH B(Ltli?am3
KP15bWmEB HLaHnZaaHitJ
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in 1 1 1 ii-ii 1 1 1 1 1 1
T Thla road waa conatruetad for
j X your ot.
uon-t anve in one xracic avoid
making rutt.
If all ua ona placa all tho
' waar will bo in ona plac and
' make a rut.
'.'. If you ua a llttl care and do
not drive oxaotly wharo the laat
" wagon did th waar will b dia
. . tributad. which will kaap tha
aurfac amooth and tha road
will remain good for yar
J. othrwi it will toon b ruttad
T and th amooth aurfao gon. !....
i i i i i ri ii r
Notlco Is horoby Riven that tho In ml a
dcaorlhed holow, ciuhrncltiK 3911.811
ncrt'a, within tho DoRchittes NntUinnl
Poroat, OroRon, will ho aithjoct to ut
tlotnont nnd entry umtor tho provla
lona of tho hnmeatend Inwa ot tho
United Rtntea and tho net of Juno 11,
1U0G (31. Htnt.. 2.13), nt tho Unltuii
Stntea laud olttro nt l.itkovlow, Oro
gon, on Mnrch i, 1U13. Any aottlor
who whs ncttmlly nnd In goud fnlth
clnltuhiK nny ot anUl hiuls for ugrl
cultural imrposcs prior to Jmuinry
1, 1906, and hns not ntmndotUMl
sumo, hna n prcfoi-cnco right to niitko
n hnmeatend entry for tho Innda no
tunlly occupied. Snld Inuda worn
listed ihui the applications of thn
pomoun mentioned holow, who hnvo
n proferottco right suhjert to tho prior
right of mi)' Bitch settlor, provided
Hitch settler or nipllrnnt Is iiunlMml
to tunko homestead cutty nud tho
proferutico right la oxorclsod prior to
Mnrch I. 1913, on which ditto tho
lands will m nuhject to aottlouiunt
nud entry by nny iiunlltled peraon,
Tho Inuda aro na follnwa:The SW'H
of NBU, tho SH of NKU of NWV4.
tho 8t of NV of NK of NWVU
tho KKW of NWV4 of NKVi of
NWU. tho NKU of NKU or NWV4.
Sec. 2 4, tho 8S4 or HWU of hi:u.
the a of xru or awu or si.
the WH or SKU of SKfc, tho Wy,
or KH of SKH of SBU. tho SKVi nf
NKH of 8Ki or RKU, tho KVj of
SI.H of SUM, of HKVi. Hoc. 1J, T.
31 S.. It. ! K, w. M.. HO ncr an
l-1lcatloii of Jinnee 1.. Ilensou. (,f I !
i.'iio. Orogon; I 't ti-731. Tho IJVj
of Ni:4 of SUV, tho SWH or XKU
or sku, tho 3KVi or xwv; or xku
or SKH. ftKVt or HKU. thn HUM t
awu or sbu, tho 8i:u or xku of
SWU of SUUi 8-'- 11. T. 21 8.. It.
10 i:.. ST ttcroa, nppllcntlon of llor
iMsrt J. I'lnley, of D.tlhnrt, To.xnn:
Mat G-735. Tho XKU of XKU or
SWU or XKU. tho VU or XKU or
SWU or XU. the KU or xwu or
swu or xku. tho xku or swu or
swu or xrsu. tho wu or wu or
SWU of XKU. tho xwv. or xw'u
or xwu or sku. tho xu or xku
orswu.xuorsu or xku ot
SWU. tho XU of XWU of SWU,
tho KU of SKU of xwu or swu.
Sec. 17. T. S3 8., It. 10 K., 82.B0
acres, application or fleorgo T. Sly,
Jr.. or ltp'ne, Oregon; l.lst 6-75i.
Tho XU or SWU or XKU. the XV4
or su or swu or xku. tho swu
or sku or swu or xku. tho su or
swu or awu or xku. the wu or
xku or xwu or sku. tho wu or
xwu or sku. tho svj or xwu or
swu or sku. tho su or swu or
SKU, Sec. 3. T. 22 8.. It. 10 K., 87 -oO
ncres, except a atrip 30 rent wldo
along the weat aldo or tho SWU or
XKU. nnd tho XWU or XWU or
XWU or SKU. Sec. 3, tho net nren
being 8C.36 ncres, nppllcntlon or Wnl
demar Chrlatenaen, or Lnplnc. Ore
gon; Mat 6-7E8. Approved Dccolii
her 9. 1912. S. V. I'roudnt, Aasltt
ant Commissioner or tho General
Land Ontco. 42-45
In tho County Court or tho Stato ot
Oreton for Crook County.
In tho matter of tho Batnto ot Taut
O. Volstad, Deceased.
To Klccta Olcna Volstad. Irono Chris-
tlno Volstad and OUf Percy Vol-
atnd, tho known holrs or Paul O.
Volatad, deceased, and to all tho
unknown holrs If any, or Paul O.
Vatatoad, deceased. Greeting:
In tho nanio or the State of Oregon;
You and each of you nro hereby
cited and summoned to appear on
Monday, tho 3d day nf February,
1913, at 10 o.clock In the forenoon of
anld day, at the County Court room
In Prlnevlllo. Oregon, and then and
thire show cause. If any thero bo,
why nn order for tho salo of SWU.
Section (35). Township (18) 8.,
Range (12) K W. M., should not be
inado to John Steldl, administrator
or said estate, as prayed for In tho
petition of said administrator filed
Witness, tho Honorable U, C. Kl
Ms, Judgo ol tbe County Court of tho
Stnto ot Oregon for the County ot
Crook, with tho of said Court nf
flxod this 24th day ot becambor,
Attest: Warren Ilrown, County
U 'I
rooatT DBiomo iisout noa-D,
bniught to the road and piled alone
the shoulders In dry weather low ,
nun" uint MiCeii the rlay tieore cou- 1
WnntloN inn lieglli. but the cost of
teuiiiiin: Is iiiocli less nheti rhe roods
tire tmrd and tlrui. The clienei uieth
ol nt luipniteiiieiii is fit spread the
Hind fom to six Inches deep over the
wet Ha) and lei the trutlli' mis the ma.
"I in not Hssiune that your road la a
failure Iminise It does not compare
fiivor.-ilii) with gravel or iiiacudum a
soon as the sand Is addml. It con
firui'tlmi b ii graduiil prcxrss. and tbe
siirtwe will not reacb Its liest condition
In le Ihaii six months, ir It geta
miidd)'dtir1iig Im lohg ruins add more
mho; If ;lt.w-omes ton dry xiid dusty
durliii; the soiumer more clay Is needed
fn till Ihe'vnl'is. All thill I needed for
maintenance i thf'add!rt4nrp);4!lttle
umrv saml every year sua in occa
alouAl ua ol'tbe 4rau.'V s --..
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of, the Pine Forest Lumber Co.,
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Building Material
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Brick and Fire Clay.
0Yertuf-payjs-jyilei: 9,,
, : Bend, Oregpn, , .
1 1.
... -., ' , . ... 'V.
. m V
N The Bend Bulletin of December; 4,
there were some articles comparing
J BEND and its future with Seattle and
:: its past. Did you read themr1 T ou
undoubtedly did. If you did not, loose no
time to do so and while you are reading
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opportunity as those now wealthy men in
Seattle who could see into the future took
advantage of then invest in Bend property.
Once there was a man who said he
would never do anything he hadn't done
before. Fortunately there were not many of
his kind, so the world continued to advance
just the same.
Bend Park Company
Bend, Oregon
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