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    TAGB 10.
Till. I1KN1 11UM.KTIN, IlKNT), WKHNKHOAY, JANt'AttY 1, Will
Exciting Race For Eastern Tills
Is Predicted.
In Msny Qusrt.ra Tlgsr Tm It Pick
cd to "Win Eastsrn Championship.
Columbia and Psnn Alto Look Good.
Yala Out of It
Tho fiKtit for the Intercollegiate Bas
ketball league I off to a start on whnt
promise tu be a most sensational sou
ton. LukI year's cUuiuplouslilp race
wai nip ntiil tuck all the way, but on
tho present form of tho team the ea
Bou'a battle wilt be uven mora excit
ing. Columbia, Inst year's champion,
and Dartmouth, which finished a close
second, have practically the mime play
ers ns taut sensou. Cornell has splelidld
material, and Al Sharp, a lucuibef of
tbe rules committee, for years a basket
twill odlcial. Is In charge of tho men.
Suiirpo ahould have a team fighting nt
tbe top of the heap because he com
bines a thorough knowledge of tbe
g-.iwe with a spleudld eronullty. Tho
Ithncuns dnlshed fourth last year, fall
Inj: down In tnldseason after making a
spleudld start.
i'rlneetou was a disappointment last
year, but thu Tigers aru counting on
coming back strong, and many of the
basketball wiseacres predict Prince
ton's championship. Led by the husky
fullback of tbe 1'rtnceton eleven, De
Witt, who plays guard on the tlve, the
Tigers should put out n lighting team.
The l'riucetonlaus hare Introduced a
new style of basketball this year, being
coached by F. V. Leuhrtng of the Uut
versify of Chicago, who will give the
Tigers the western open game.
Then, too. Dr. J. K. ttaycroft. former
ly of the University of Chicago and
cow the chairman 'of the college bas
ketball rules committee. Is director of
physlotl education at Princeton. Dr.
Itaycroft fc a basketball strategist, and
tbe Princeton team will bcnetlt by hav
ing many of Dr. Haycroft's aggressive
scoring plays.
Like Columbia, Pennsylvania, tbo
fifth member of tbe league, can be al
ways counted upon to produce a strong
team. The Ited and Ulue five Is led
by Lon Jourdet. who played end on
the football team. A new lot of play
ers represent Penn this year, as most
of last year's team hare been gradu
ated. Pennsylvania Is fortunate, bow In having a good staff of basket
ball coucbcN In Charles Kelnath. Artie
Klcfaber and Carl Eblcrs, three stars
of the champion 1010 Penn team.
Al Sharpe should turn out a strong
team at Cornell with the material on
Princeton plays a strong open at
tack and endeavors to play Its oppo
nents off their feet by rolling up a
large score. Dartmouth plays a drib
bling game, with Slsson. tho clever
scoring forward who led tbe league In
!olnts scored lust year, as tbe storm
Blsson Is the best dribbler playing
college basketball today and Is second
only to the wonderful Keinatb of
Pennsylvania's champion 1000. 1007
and 100S teams in whirlwind ability.
With three others of last year's five
to support him. Sissoa should carry
Dartmouth's colors to the front this
Vale, the sixth member of the league
last year! resigned because of the Ml
nor Sports Athletic association reor
ganization at New Haver), but the Ells,
captained by Bwlbart. who also catches
on the Ulue nine, will play Princeton
and Pennsylvania borne and home
games and will meet Columbia In New
York, so tbe relative rank of tbe origi
nal six teams may, as usual, be deter
mined. Tbe Ells expect to be hack In
the league In another year, and It will
be well to rank the Ulue with tbe
league teams.
"Illlly Uocho." spouted J lines
Johnson, the well known ttiiui
ugor of tlithler. recently, to tbo
AdnnU umimgcr mid refcrcv,
"von remind tm of it Spanish
toreador wvry time 1 gao uhiu
yuur manly face."
"Tbum'n kind words. Jliuw,"
responded Willie, as his chest ex
truded, "nitd t iiiirv'lito the re
mark, for I know It comes from
the heart."
When Johnson blew the olllco
Hoc he turned to Charley Harvey,
"Say, Cburles, what's n Spun
lh toreador?"
"One who tosses the bull," was
the reply.
Now Mot-he refuses to allow
Johnson's tume to be mentioned
In his presence.
! A clnssttlrt. ml In Tho liulk'ttu U
rend by liumlrdn nntl nrlngs tho nd
crtltor Kuod returns fur tho money
Invest ed,
Grsat Fight For Amataur Tltl In Nw
York la Antieipattd.
The opeuliiB of the he hm-key season
In New York Is looked forward to with
much interest by the followers of the
game. Tho Amateur Hookey lenguo
will start on Jan. 7. with the Crescvut
Athletic club, the champions, and thu
Hockey club in tbe attraction.
Tho Hockey league will have n new
contestant for this schmju'b champion,
ship, and the race for tho title will be
marc Interesting than In the prvvlmw
years. Having wou honors In nearly
every other siwrt. the Irtsh-AiiU'rlcuti
Athletic club will bo represented this
year on tbe Ice by n team thut should
le capable of holding Its own. For
years thu wluged (1st club has endcuv
I Is -J Wp
ssssssssssB ssssssssW
ssH ssssV
sssssssV asHmHV
Rocksfailsr's Grandson Takas Ltasona
From Mordaeai Brown.
Fowler McCormlck. fifteen years old,
on of Harold Y. McCormlck and
grandson of Jobn D. Rockefeller, took
up a course in baseball pitching re
cently under the tutelage of Mordeca!
Brown, formerly star pitcher of tns
Chicago National League club.
The boy, who, some day probably
will rank with the world's wealthiest
men, Is bains; trained for pitching in
Princeton University. His father la a
graduate of Princeton, and It la bis am
bition to watch his son strike out the
batsmen of Yale and Harvard, for
Fowler JlcCormlck is to enter the uni
versity as soon as be is prepared.
Iirown will give his pupil two lessons
each week, aud when spring comes
Fowler will try for a pltchiug berth
on the team of the preparatory school
ho now attends. '
8yrscusa to Reconstruct Navy.
Syracuse university will reconstruct
its navy, destroyed by a recent cyclone.
The nlumnl committee will rulso $3,000,
the student committee $3,000. and tho
citizens of Syracuse will contribute
$2,000. .making $8,000.
Shanghai to Hold Rao Mast
A Sydney (N. S. W.) dealer recently
shipped twenty-flro well bred geldings
to the International itace club at Btuutf
sniBirr, osn or -ran cuiscxxt anna.
ored to secure u place In tbe league, but
has been unable to do so until thU svu
Tbe club has secured tbe services of
several star hockey wlelder. and with
Uarou. the former Wanderer, to lead
them on tho Irish-American Athletic
club Is likely to make the champion
Crescent team hustle to retain Ita hock
ey prestige. The Irish-American Ath
letic club will b represented on tbe Ice
by the following players: On run. MItcb
eil Klnsella. liaron, Harmon. McDon
ald. Lnpat. Btlckuay. Uryan, Kelly and
Tbe Hockey club will also be strength
ened by new players from the disband
ed Wanderer and New York AtblKIc
club teams. Several of tbe best play
ers in the league were on tbe wluged
foot and the Wanderer teams, and aft
er tbe clubs declared that they would
pot be represented In the league this
senium tbe star players were" quickly
signed by the IrlshAmericun Athletic
club and tbe Hockey club. The Huckey
club wlir be captained by J. Gordon.
Tbe Crescents will have nearly all their
old veterans on the learn this year.
Neither Kbireff nor Llffton has lost an
or ni si!, una the Urooklynites ex
pect to capture the title again.
Femur Lightweight Champion Mads
This Sum n Three Years.
Ad Wolgast has beeu deprived of his
lightweight crown, but he bus enough
of earthly wares to act as homuwhat
of a balm. Manager Tom Joues has
made the statement that durluj,' the
period of clone to three years that Wol
pint was tbe lightweight champion of
the world he made f-'KUXX).
Half of this big fortune was mado
up In purses, mid the rent was art'iiuiu
In ted lu bets, theatrical engagement
nud outside Invfbtments, -
English Rugby Turn la Coming.
In all probability n combined Itugby
team from tbe universities of Oxford
and Cambridge will pay n visit to Cali
fornia next year. William W. fill . the.
referee of the big name this year ortd
secretary of the New South Wales IttijM
uj uiiiou, now in i.ngiana. win strive
b arrange a our for the. combined
English unlveraltiMi to Australia.
United Stnteo.
President Wllllnm II. Tntt
Mco President ..James B. Hhormult
Secretary ut Btnto P. O. Knox
Secretary of Treasury .P. MnaVeaRh
Secretary uf lntortor , ,V. L. KUhet
Secrctivry of War. ...II. U Sllnifou
Secictnry of Cominirco nnd Lnbor . ,
i .,., . ...Clnrlcs Nagal
8ocrotnry of Navy fleo. Von i. Atojer
Soorctary of ARrlctilUiro Jas. Wilson
Postmaster General J II. Hitchcock
Attorney General G. W Wlckutsham
attorney Prod W VHson
Governor Oswald West
Secretary of Stato .... 11. W. Olcott
Trossurcr . , . ,s ... .Thus, It, Ka
Atty Gcnoinl A. M. Crawford
Suporlntondont Public Instruction . .
. . U K. Aldurman
State Printer W. 8. niinlwu)
Coinmlsstonor L.tbor Statlstlco , , , ,
,,. . ....O, P. Hod
Ganto Wardon W. L. Plnley
Stnte Knglneertj, .... .John H, l.owU
United Stulcs Senators , . ,
Gcorgo 10. Chamborlalu
Congressmen .......A. W, Lnftcrty
Jonathan Mnurne, Jr.
V. C. Hawley
Seventh Judicial Dlitrlcl.
CiimiIc County.
Judgo W. L. Mradshaw
Judgo .11. C. Kills
Clerk ...Warren Ylrawn
Shorlff T. N. Unlfour
Treasuror Halph Jordan
Assorsor J. D. UiPolletto
School Supt. It. A. Pord
Coroner Dr. K. O. Hydu
Surveyor Pred A. Illco
Commissioners It. 11. Ilayloy
................ v. . . .James Itico
llio Courts.
Circuit Meets first Monday lu
May and third Monday In October.
Probate Moots flrst Monday in
each month.
Commissioners' Moots first Wed
nesdny In January. March, May, July,
September and November.
Mem! School District No. 1-. I
Directors II. J. Overturf, Chmn ;
P. M. Kay I
Clydo M. McKay
Clerk II. K. Allen1
City of lleitd.
Tho llodtnund poultry ilnw will ho
hold Jnuunry lb. 1, 17 ml 18, 31144
Doimrtiuont of tho Interior. United
States Laud Olllco, Tho Dalles, Oru
gnu, Dec. 4, 1012,
To John II. WIUInniH of Huinnor.
Wash., Contesteo:
You nro ho ruby notified thai I). P,
lloou, who given lluud, Oregon, an
his postoinco address, dl'd on Octo
nud securo tho citncullntlou of yuur
humuHtend vnty No , . stirlnl
No, OtlfilO, inudo May 10, 1010, for
WU, soctluu 4, township 20, H
ruimo 18, H Wlllamutto Muilillau,
and lis grtnimls for his contest ho nl
liiKi'H that said John II, WllllntuH has
fallod and in'loottnl to uRlnhllsh rest
douce uiun, oultlvnto or Improvn mild
I.miiI mid uns abandoned thu sumo for
morn than ono yunr last pnst,
You nro. ttliuriifoto. furthnr uotl
lied that tho sold allegations will bo
tnkuu by thin ultlca kh having hcu
ronfessod by you. nud your said on try
will ho caucolud thereunder without
your further right to ho lienrd them
hor 2, 1912, filo In this olllco his duly
corroborated application to contest !n,t t,tm,r iioforo this otllca or on no
poai., it you law to ui in .m in
within twenty days niter tho
POl'KTH piihllcntluu of this notice,
as shown below, )our aiiswor, undr
uath, speclllcnlly uieetlug nud to
spoudlug to tlioso ullcKUtlons of con
test, pr It you fall within that time to
(lie in this unico due proof that you
have served a copy of your nnswor on
the snld Contestant In person or by
registered mull. If this swrvlco is
made by tho delivery of n ropy of
your answer on tho said contestant
elthtir In person, proof of such ser
vice must be either the said contest
nut's written acknowledgment of his
receipt of thu copy, showing tho dnto
of Its receipt, or tho affidavit of tho
Clover Leaf Dairy
- --
and wo will deliver
S. L. STAATS, Prop.
put son by whom thu ilitllvury wm
in a ilo stilting whmt mid whiii'u tho
copy was dellvtirodj If iimiln by renin,
lured mull, pi oof of mucIi servlco must
consist of tllu nlllldiiVll of tho pnrsua
by whom tU copy was mnlliul Mttitltit;
when mid tlio poHlotllco to which It,
wus uitillml, mill this itlllilnvlt must
ho Rccoinpanlnd by tho lioMtiUHntnr's
receipt for tho lotion
You slioiilil Htutn In your iiiishit
the muni! of tho pONtolllco to wlihli,
you ilculri) furthor nntlcvH to b sent
to you.
O. W, MOOItlJ, ItoRlstrr '
Into of llrst pulillcntloii, Hoc. 11,
1012. ,
l)Ato of secoud pilbllontlou, l)c H.
Ditto of third pulillcntloii, Dec. IT.
IMtn of fourth pulilliHitloii, Jan. 1..
Candies, Fruits, Nuts
Photographs of Deschutes Valley
lloyd llullJlng(lrtenNNood Avenuo
i a
. ...G. P. Putnam
Recorder II. C Kills
Treasurer .11. J. Overturf
Chief of Pollco S. K. Roberts
City Knglnccr ....George S. Young
Councllmcn It. K. Allen
A. L. French
M. S. Latlin
If. II. Pord
..... John Stoldl
J. If. Wcnandy
Separator mnilo. Kosy to clean, IIkIiI to run, nntl It'a tho
CLrLNEST SKIMMER MADE. Wo hnvu them In stock.
durable. For salu by
White River Flour
ti A t a.
f) frv ,
Manufactured by Oregonfs
finest Mill. Notice the
taste you'll like it. Made
to comply with the pure
food laws, therefore, NOT
s ,,"'W ' ,
' Si''
4 ,l
Bend, Oregon.
nopnrtmuut of .thu luter'or, Unlici
Mtnlos l.nud UtllM, Tint Dulles, CW
koii, Deo mbvr 11, 1U12.
To liwls (Irutitiloitf, of CuutrOln,
Wash., Contesteo.
You nro hereby notified Hint Kr-
nest O. Taylor, who xlves Corn l r),
lloiison, lleuil, OrtiKou, uj IiIn ion(
olllre address, did on Nov, IK, 1012.
(Ilo lu this olllco his duly corrohorn'
ted aiillcntlou to contest nud secuto
tho ciiiHtilktloii of your liouiostiuil,
Uutry No. ....... Kvrlnl No. OKitai,
mndo Julio 3, It) 10, for VUMi:t,
I.HHWU. Hectlon U, Townchlu 1 t,
H., IUiiko 11, K Wlllaniettr) Mvrlitl'
nil, nnd as (-rounds for hls'coutint lm
nllcK" Hint imiil eiitryiuuil never in-,
tnbllshed or iimliitntued nsdnuce ii
on snld tract; that ho novnr tins culti
vnted or Improved snld tract In any.
iloxrco whntever and liss m holly
nbntidomid said tract for iniiro lliiui
oho year Inst past.
You are, therefure, further utl
lied Hint tho suld nllimntlons will tm,
inken by th's ottlro its hnvltiR Imii
eontessoil by you, nud your snld entry
Mill bo onnrelud thormiuiler witinnii'
your lurther rlttht to b liounl tli-r-iu,
either before thin oinrn or ou
Ileal, If you fall to tllit lu Ibis otflre'
within tneiity dn)s nfter tlm
Put'ltTII nubllcatioii of this uotlie..
nn shown l-olnw, yuur answor, uinl-r
on th, sttecllleally inenlliiR and re
sHiudlng to thwin alleKnllons of run.'
test or If you full wiiiiin mat time in
Hit In this otlleo due iiroof that iu
have snrvoil n copy of your nuswer on
tho said contestant either In person
or by reKistored iimll. If this sen ire
Is Hindu by tho delivery of a copy uf
your answer to tho contestant In r
son, proof of such service must l,
either Ihn said eouti'statit's wrll'ni
acknuwledi-nicnt of his receipt of tlm
ropy, showliis; the dnto of Us receipt,,
or the uttWUtlt of Ihn ix-rou by
whom delivered; If tnndo by rnrtlster
ed tunll, proof of such servlcn iwut,
consist of tho arfldnvlt of tho person
by whom the ropy was mailed stntliic
when and tbo postorflcn to which It
! ll,Hlf7U, R1IU 1111. HHIIIHfU IllUVk ri
be nccotnpnnled by the Kstmastr s t-
receipt lor mo icner. r i
You should state in your nnr '
the name of tho ioitomci to which
you deslro future notices to be sent
to )ou,
C. V. MOOUK. Itestster
Hftta nt ftrmt tttili1(i-nllnn !! f.
Date of second publication, Jan. 1,
1913. ,
Data of third publication, Jan. J,
Dntn of fourth publication, Jan. 1',,
KtrtioKraplirr at Tim lluUetln of
(Ire will take ropyloK and Kenernl
lypfwrltlnn work at reasonntde rates.
Blrtnk Notes
Receipt Books
Sales Contracts
Crook County Maps
Central Oregon Maps
Scratch Pads
Township Plats
Cruisers' Books.
We tuke orders for
Rubber Stamps.
Bend -Bulletin.