The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, December 04, 1912, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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Mimli of tha capital liiyostod In liml never been to the top, It makes
llcnd iMHwtltlticnpltnli mill ovury titty , mu Nick1
mom niul mora Heutilo peoplo nro In- "I will lako It for Krnnled tlmt yon
U'Atlug Jiere. Why In this? Wlmt hnvo boon to tliu (up of Pilot Unto
do these limn roii hero to nttim.t Well, wlmt did on see tlicro If yon
jthuiiiT How dots lloud look to the climbed tint hntta ono year ago, yon
oj'ti 01 u m'luuu iiimmrn muni i iiuKii iiw n iown surriitiuuoti ny trees,
questions worn recently nuked of n town tltut has since grown to pruli
Beattlo business man, and this was nlily 2000. Two railroad wore there
j have dust storms and high winds?
Yos, 1 know you liad ono dust storm
onco, which you will remember in
long nn yon llvo, Tim dust crirna
from 1R0 miles away. Quito n curl
oiilty, wasn't It? -
"Now turn around, mid look In tho
other direction, nwny from tho town,
What nro those shining, crooked
Much that urn hero and thorn nil over
tho level nnpo-liiiid? Irrigation
ditches? Well, how inniiy neros do
they supply wltll water? Two hundred
niul fifty thousand? (lood gracious,
onnt, south, will roll Its product down they are tho resource of tho whole land will build Sonttlo Into n city of
hll to the nenrest and cheapest power 'world; and the proportion received 'a million' people, will Just h$ J(vl
and that In at (lend, You will hnvo at ahy Riven port will ho governed by tnhly lnilld (lend Into tho lament In
n flour t nil II tiK center not equaled the safety and she of It harbor, the land city of tho Went. Neither wilt
anywhero unless at Minneapolis, amount of hungry and productive t you ever, catch.up with PortTari'd,; nntl
"And tho noirto thing hold good to population back of It, tbo Hospitality It will, bo your own fault that you do
your timber Kvcry fool of It can 'of Its peoplo to foreign capital and not, bocaiuo tho aamo resources
and likely will roll down hill to your commerce, and tho energy and fore which, feeding Into and through
cheap power, Bo Mho with all the! sight of Its citizens In soliciting for- llcnd, will mako yours n great city,
products of your Irrigated farms. All1 elu trndo. All at which Is vory true, yo'u will In turn feed Into and
this Is also trtio of your Immense salt, and ho will say that the growth of 8c through Portland. Portland will
soda and potash deposits, which wo attlo Is no criterion by, which to on- WAko up to the fatt como day that tlio
up hero In Hoettlo expect will produce, t'.malo tho growth of llcnd. .town of Ilelid Is her greatest external
between 0000' and 12,000 carloads! "you can afford to Ignoro theso (resource.
Is that nil? Oh, thoro Is probably (is. annually, beginning with tho year, chronic peslmlsts. They nro the men I "Given such resources, and with
much mora tlmt will bo Irrigated? 1013
hln reply:
'Tliu question Is propounded juat
'at a tlnip when nn l.nsleni mngaxluo
Is printing two pictures of Oklnhomn
C'ty Que, taken recently, shown n
modern city In every particular, with
already. lloyond tho town to tho
west Mora pine forests containing
somo twenty billion feet, ItuunliiK
through tiu town was the greatest
power stream In the West, capable of
producing 250,000 horsepower close
i:von thosa products which ' who. In their ofd age, tell with tears a map before us showing that all of
U'iiII. wlint lli'i bflvond tliomi I r ileal do not aton at llerlil rriiint fied to and In their eves of tho 'booi! old llrnea' them must (low Into nnn town, itn
od mid Irrigable Iands7 Dry farm through your town, and that moans when they trsded (he slto of Chicago peoplo ofVflcnttle, with tho growth
lug ImidT How much? Ten mil- an Immense city. for an old white horse. of our own city and tho slmultnne-
( lion acres, do )ou sny? Do you "When the eyes of Seattlo Inveat- "Name one city In tho United ous growth of our experience, have no
know that theso figures, both ocrcngo.or first turned toward your roglon.jfltntcs that, When It was as young ns dlfllculty In seeing what n great city,
and production, are furnished by tho J they did not need to leave their desks 'Hand, bad the resource possessed by .and with your high altitude, scenery
greatest living authority on tho sub' to see that you would grow Into ono I your town." Tho writer tried hard end sunshine, what a beautiful city
iject? You do? Shakot Wall, wo of the greatest cities In tho West. In; to do so, but could not. "No, sir, yours Is certain to bo In twenty years;
up hero In Seattlo know theso things, the center of the great state of Ore- you cannot' Now, resources make a and with pictures heforo your people
too. Wo also know that tho samogon, with tho Cascades running north city Just ns Certainly as grains of , to show what Seattle has done In tho
n population of 05,000 or mora. The at hand mid 000,000 horsepower li
other, taken twenty years ngo on the 'Its entire length, Your own statu
same spot, snows six woouen mum
lugs and n water-tank, beside n Hue
of rails and telegraph poles.
"Oklahoma City stands In tho
midst of a level prnlrle, without scen
ery, with ono little river that goes dry
Jit sunimor, no timber, no Irrigation,
no topography to control or direct the
construction of railroads, no water
power, no rllmsto to recommend It,
no anything except wheut and cdrn
Iook at tho picture!" And the Ho
nttle man thrust I Into the writer's
bund, He continued "I will not In-
engineer furnishes tho figures.
you over see them before?
"lle)ond tho town and tho forosls,
did ou notice a little range of snow
covered mountatna known as the Cas
cadoa? Do you know that such scen
ery, lu a country where they liavo
320 days with sunshine every year,
Is an asset? The tourist who goes
to (Kilnts on the other sldo of that
range, who comes right here to Beat
tlo, for lustanco. often stays several
days without seeing a mountain.
Tourists oven go (o the Inn, away up
on the side of Mount Itnlnlor, stay
suit you by asking If )ou Imvo overt two or three days and never see the
been on top of your own particular mountain. Tourists will soon learn j
bill, Pilot llutte, because I think I that they will not bo disappointed
Mo signs of Intelligence In your fen-when they visit your town, liven tho!
lures, but I asked the same question mountains are accommodating.
of another llcnd man recently utvd ha "Are your summers hot? No? I
said that It was n stiff climb, nod ho Are nur winters cold? No? Do you
man who furnished those figures 1st and south to tho Imedlato west of
now at work In Central Oregon, Wo (you, and with tho Hluo mountains,
also know what he did In Montana, forming nn Impenetrable barrier to
Two years ago Montana produced commerce to the northeast, and your
practically no wheat, and, largely bo-town exactly In the mouth of this nar
cause of this msn's work, Montana row valley, down which your products
produced this year s(5,000,000 bush
els, That means In round figures
"Hupposa he docs no better In Ccn
could roll without stcarn all the way
irora your cheap power to tho sea,
whllo all tha products of your for
ests and y6ur vast agricultural lands
wheat, thrown one bv one Into a same leneth of time. ther. loo. should
bushel basket, will fill the basket, j be able to see what Is going to happen
Just as surely a boards, piled ono by I to them; and many of them will sxs
one, will make a umber pllg; and you and wll take advantago of their great
havo one of tho largest baskets and 'opportunity. No man living In Uond
one of tbo biggest lumber piles In the, today, if he is still living thero twon-
"You have the resources to make
the largest Inland city In the West,
and while you can never catch up
ty or even ten years from now, has
any excuse for not being In comfort
able financial circumstances.
And yet we people of Seattle
with Seattle, with her fine harbor the i know from long and exasperating ax-
nearest In this count.-y to the world's 'perlence that a surprisingly largo1
densest population, Just awakening J number of people are constitutional-
to modern civilization, tbo untold and
unnumbered variety of products that
will Issue from the factories that will
group themselves around your cheap
(tower, and your natural resources,
many of which will bo changed Into
marketable- form by that same power,
trnl Oregon, whero ho has several could and must roll to that samo
times as much material to work with, cheap power In converging lines. All
a country of which he says: 'It will 'the Settle Investor had to do was to
produce mora than twice as as 'look at a map. It was a cinch!
Is now being produced by the entire "You say you want this Interview
Pacific Northwest, and will become for a Seattle edition of your paper, In
ono of the. famous wheat producing which you expect to print some corn
sections of tho world.' Whero will , paratlvo pictures showing tho growth
that Immense volume of wheat bo 'of Seattle, and tho sultscrlber to your
milled? Where IU Is grown, and paper who has never climbed Pilot i
in ii I lu, s rou ml bv atoam nower? i llutte whlln living nt tho foot of It will flnrf their wav to theno aamo for
... ..-..,.- f ,- - - .. - - - - --. -- -- --- -- .-- - .-
Never, It will go to cheap power, will ask you what your Seattlo com-(clgn countries; and combined with agination. Olvcn a collapsed balloon
oven If It has to go uphill; but It will parlsona signify. Seattle, ho will tell your own wonderful resources which . they cannot Imagine what it wilt look
not go uphill If It can go down. All you, la a sesport, and the resources of Seattle lacks, the samo forces thntl
of this producing area, east, south-in seninirt are not to bo estimated' , havo built Seattlo Into a great eltyl (Continued on Pago Nine)
ly and willfully blind. It is only men
of Imagnation and men who aro In
terested In tbo great, big, hosthy
game of building this country and de
veloping Its resources, who can ac
complish much In the modern busi
ness wprld. Hut many people, un
fortunately, are not blessed with im-
These Pictures Tell the Story of Seattle's Great Growth