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Hut It Wasn't llecaiuc of Klcctfon,
and Water Wan Liquid AtTeeteil.
Promptly at S o'clock this morn
Ing Hond went dry.
7000 population. For tho present
Mr. Miller will remain In lleud nntl
expects to retain nctlvo direction ot
affairs, especially as regards construe,
I Work will lo resumed liumod'ato
ly on tho now power house, which
has been delayed pending the out-
Was U the reiult of iho election? J.!i,B T.!'n!,"? ""! it! ."!!
S.r'N-R eKv 0t th W'S. wU tor the 'mS "buliS:
V The KilffSSrt come taM th' "!' l ?. .V.y
franchise, lint because the 11. W. I. & vn.T' J "'.. . ""';,", ,.".'.'
i. co. whs installing iomo new mains,
nnd had to ninko a connection, ne
cessitating tiio shutting off of the wa-
; lr.V-n II,!. JiVre kiln Z , K0.000. tlt III
was broken, tho water being turned ,.,. . , llru, ,. -..,,
stalled now will lie a 3r0-kllowatt
generator and turbine, with at least
a 2" per cent overload capacity. Tho
cost of tho plant now to bo connti ne
on again.
eluding only tho llrst power unit. Tho
ultimate cost will ot course be much
greater. Tho present plant of 2f0
?wvtr.a iitLt cLuiilfnttil L
The set of kVprtrt to tho'iJJJV": SSLd"1 U TX
. ..V..-..I i .. n o 11...1..... i.... and used as required. At work uo-
, '"d;, ', SSSSSLfhSmr Pwer ol-.talt.nble from tho present
as follows: I am pleased to nave . ... - ..,,..... ..,, ,.... .
received the set of the 'Dock of h UAl horM?"t. 'I""1' v ''."
nine acres, tho transfer Includes
three additional acres Immediately
north of this. Mr. Miller estimates
tho amount of power economically
obtainable at the Ilenham and Lava
falls propcrtiea at about 20,000 horse
power. In addition to the 2000 obtain
able directly at Dend.
Klrst Ham Sen Ice PromUetl.
"It Is the earnest desire of the
new management to give the people
ot Uend a thoroughly first class scr-
ptrron irtii ro. eirlirtre aifnt vice, wnicn win ie extenucu just as
In Ileml for the famous Llbby cut rapidly as the growth of the town
Knowledge In buckram binding. We
have already found tho books of
considerable service; I am having
a shelf made to place where the books
will be accessible and have urged
upon the teachers that the attention
of the children be called to them."
You are Invited to attend the Red
mond poultry show and bring your
birds. 39tf
glius. Adtertfecmeut.
(Continued from Page One).
the Columbus(Ohlo) Railway, Light
& Power Co. and Is associated with
many other Important electrical proj
ects. A Permanent Proposition.
None of the men associated with
the new enterprise Is a promoter, or
ever has been conected with the pro
motion of any scheme. Mr. Miller
states most positively that their pur
chase here is sn out and out "buy,"
that they intend to bring a lot of
money for local development, as
opnelngs for it arise, and that they
mean to atay with Dend permanently.
Mr. Drown was here only once, and
that time durlg a rainstorm, but he
saw enough to send him back to Chi
cago a Uend enthusiast.
Mr. Miller has been here several
times and has Investigated thorough
ly all possible local features.
T. H. Foley, hitherto In charge ot
the U. V. L. Ac P. Co., will continue
as local manager, the responsibilities
ot his work being materially In
creased. Before cotnfBg" to Dend,
Mr. Foley waa manager of the electric
Justifies and a little faster, too, for
we want to keep ahead ot the game,"
said Mr. Miller.
He further made this statement
for publication:
"The entire capital stock and as
sets of the Dend Water Light & Pow.
er Co. have been purchased outright
by the Central Oregon Power Co.
The sale, besides Including tho power
plant and water and lighting nyatcma
In Dend, also Includes certain real es
tate not formerly owned by tho D.
W. I. & P. Co. Part of this real es
tate is located in Dend, but the major
part ot it Is at Important power sites
up the river and near Dend.
"The Dend Company, from whom
the purchase was made, retains no In
terest whatever in tho property, and
all of the stock and other assets Is
cow vested In tho Central Oregon
Power Co.
"The Central Oregon Power Co. Is
an Illinois corporation, formed for
the purpose of developing water pow
er properties, not only In Dend but
In other Central Oregon towns as
such other development warrants.
Its prlnclpsl stockholders are Chas.
A. Drown of Chicago, myself and a
few of our associates. The concern
Is amply financed by private capital
for permanent Investment.. Mr.
Drown, the president, baa been asso
ciated with the power and lighting
business from its earliest Inception,
i Sterling
Cut Glass
Imported Handpainled China
Wallace Silverware
We hnvo just placed on our shelves u lurRO ship
ment of Sterling Cut Glass, nml wo would tnko
great pleasuru In showing this handsome wnro to
you. Sterling Cut Glass enjoys n reputation nil
It own, nnd Is tho very finest wnro on tho market
today. Every piece In heavy, clcnrns-crystnl
gln&s and the cutting embraces ull the latest nnd
most beautiful designs.
Our late Imported handpalntcd Chinn has received
many compliments from tho Indies of Hond, nnd
leaves n delightful Impression of beauty and
daintiness. You enn find nothing more ap
propriate for gift purposes than n handsome
piece of Cut Glass, China or Silverware,
THORSON, The Jeweler.
going to try to do our share. Cour
tesy will bo our byword. Wo nro n
public service. corporation; that Is,
wu an.. In a inoitHuro. public servants.
Too niitity public sorvleo coriiorat'oiiM
lulniiiuloi stand their pohUIoii nml try
to go on tho assumption thut they nro
'imhllo masters' Instead of public ser
vants. Hut tho 'public bo damned
pulley Is a tiling of the past all over
the country. Wu have come to sluy.
That wo think Hond often m wonder-
ful opportunity for Is
with high water pi ensure nro among
thn things Unit Mend Is proud t.r.
A Hplimdld graded school system,
Including a high school, nro also lo'
cntod In and mound Uend.
A newer system for which a bond
IhKiio of 100,000 brought forth sovuii
bids, all above par, Ih now being In
mulled, 'iho unit of aHtom now he-,
lug limlnliml comIh ln.OOO; the eimt
ii( tho roniplotn syiitum will lit) about
$li80, 000. This will moan a month- t
ly psy-rull of not Ih than f 7000 for
shown by tho fact thai wo and our ten mouths lo rnuni
Itieuds hnvo backed Its fntuiu with
our money,'
During tho Inst mouth iiltnut $n00
him been spent III enliniieineiit of thn
local light and water mmco. Includ
ing tint construction or pole, line In
Deschutes, Wlestorla anil Kenwood.
This expenditure was made under tlio
direction of the now company.
Tho (act that Mr, Milter and his
nKocluli'a have been clunely Idmitl.
tied with the construction and opera
tion of electrical railways naturally
has glwii rise to tho prediction that
the Central Oregon Power Company
has schemes "up Its Us sleeve" In
that field. Mr, Miller, while stat
ing that ho Is not now In position to
make any definite announcements
concerning cotemplatcd pins, does
ot hesitate to say that with the imwer
It controls, the field tha Is open for
such devvlopmen, and the experience
of tho directors of tho now orgnlta
Nliico tho railroads Imvu entered
Uend thirteen months ago, tun mod
ern sloreM mid brick buildings hnvo
been erected, nt an approximate total
cost of $8fi,000. A handsome stoiiit
depot mid the largest warehouse In
tho Interior have alsii Iweii construc
ted since (ho advent of rallinnd trans,
portntlou. , '
lleud Is located where the rail
ron ds, tho timber and the river first
meet--In Central Oregon, A mag
nificent mill site, with pond and Urn
Ideas water power close to town, Im
owned by Iho Umber Interests, who
nro also heavily Interested lloml ,
city property and other holdings,
There are 230,000 acres of Irri
gated laud In tho country adjoining
lleud, nnd approximately 600,000
acres of dry farm homestead land.
Tho demonstration farms near
lleud aro among the finest In thn
tlon, It limy naturally be expected to country. The work of C. H. Hudson
Interest Itself In electric rallwny do- the lleud banker, Is worthy of espec-
tlea, principally throughout the mld-t "Tho present extent of the plant
die west. jsenks olumes for the enterprise of
"The corporate existence of the Uend. I know of no town of Its sire
Dend Water Light & Power Co. will that has a water light and power
be maintained and It will do business plant of anywhere near eoual extent.
In Dend as before, but on au enlarged 1 1 promise that the local company will
scale. Just as soon as arraugemeutai Immediately extend the plant to meet
can be made nnd w'thln n few weeks, ' all possible demands for service, and
the oRlees will 1 moved to other' will further meet the public more
quarters, but until this change can i than half way in establishing thn
be made the omco will continue at friendly relations tat we hope will
Its present location, by courtesy ot exist."
The Dend Company. I As Mr. M'ller has had experience
"Work on the new power plant haa'on both sides of the fence, as regards
len begun. This will be a concreto' public service corporations acting
structure and we hope to have tho J for tho producer as engineer and for
velopmeut, 'u addition to caring for
tiie local llghtln ami (tower require
A. O. Hunter, who, with his broth.
er, i. K. Hunter, wan Instrumental In
getting Mr. Miller Interested In tho
local project, came In with him and
will bo hero several days.
(Continued from Pago One),
first new unit In service within threo
months. The capacity of the present
plant la crowded to tho utmost. Al
ready during the laat few wecka, be
fore tho final closing of tho sale,,
which was consummated last Satur
day, we have been extending the elec
tric light lines and also tho water
mains Into territory not heretofore
reached. This policy will continue
as we Intend to keep the extent
of the present plant at all tlmea com-
meuaurate with the expected rapid
plant In Fa'rbanks, Alaska, a city of and has owned and operated proper- growth of the town.
tho consumer when conducting Inves
tigations for mulclpalltlcts lie hau
some clear cut Ideas regarding the
rlghta ot tho consumer, and Ideas
that aro becoming more and morn
general of late. In speaking along
this line, ho said: .. .
"Wo want the good will ot the peo
ple or tiena; . we como ntre as
strangers and at neighbors. Our In
terests aro Identical with those ot
every man, woman and child In Dend.
We all want our town to develop
and grow Into a big city. We are
relief at all seasons every day.
The climate of Dend Is not merely
delightful, but everything that one
could wlnh for himself nnd his loved
uues, The water, electric light and
powrr sstems are far more adeqimto
than necessary at present,
A large distributing business Is
growing dally from Dend, particular
ly south and southeast of the city.
The population of Dend was about
1000 In 1S11, and abuut 1800 at this
writing. A 150,000 pay-roll julds
materially to the protpcrlty of Dend.
Two large lumber mills, each lo
cost a million dollsrs, are to lie con
structed by the Drooks and Mueller
timber Interests, each of which owna
one-third of the lived townslte co to
tal mention. Ho saw an opening for '
hogs and dairy cows In and around
Dend, so he linxir(ed Uith from thn .
Middle West, which he sold to thn
farmers at cost, taking their notes
where necessary nnd carrying them
until they were able to pay up
Tho Dend Dulletln Is one of Iho
beat edited weeklies In the Northwest,
and devotes much spare to the up
building of Uend and tho surrounding
Fully one hundred handsome real- ,
deuces nhflut a score constructed of
a beautiful pink, gray and black
building atonn quarried within a mllo
of Dend- have been constructed
within a short (line, A brickyard
with 30,000 dally capacity is located
two mllen from town,
Tho Central Oregon Irrigation Co. '
haa now under construction thn
greatest Irrigation diversion dam In ,
Oregon at Dend, which when com
pleted will water 18t0Q0 acres ot land
In Crook county.
Doth the Hill and Harrlman rail
roads maintain a regular dally ached- ,
ulo In and out of Dend,
Twenty mlllon feet of yellow pnn
timber stands tributary to Dend on a '
down haul. At least 3(0,000 horse
power aro eailly obtainable from thn
Drachutea rltsr at and near Dend.
Dun to lack of apse, the writer
must necesarlly omit statements of
that make
Five churches, six mllrs of side-1 the many other things
walks, several concrete, good streets, Dend and Centrsl Oregon Indeed tho
an admirable fire Oghtlng system, land of oporlunlty.
i -
::h '
" t
. . .
, . . .
.. . .
i "',
Operates the Largest and Best Equipped Siw Mill and has
The Largest Stock of Lumber
in Central Oregon. We can manufacture what yon want
when you want; it, and at the prices you want.
Special Bill Stuff furnished at short notice. Your inquiries
are invited, and will receive prompt attention.
t .
V -v . a-w-" r- V . -
! . . . '
JC if
M f7 T
end Company
i !
, " st
-'7-3 I,
i' ' 'X : A
Bend, Oregon
t 4
4 f
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