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    tiih ukni ihm,i:tin, ijk.vd, wkiiNKmday, ihkt.mijkh 4, 1012.
PAflB 11.
Work Will lie lo I'lmli I'orwnrd tlio
Movement I'or Lanier Cni", M
Jcr Honda, More I'maiicrou
r'Nip't'i Heller Notion.
Thli murk (he beglnnlnr of n now
ml crentnr business servloti. It It n
cooperative movement for lancer
crous, teller roads, happier homes,
more prosperous people, ami n richer
mid better nation. Tlml Is lo say,
(lie MIC Bervloo Iltirenu propone lo
help 1)0 for nil the itnlei nml for Cum
aitn what llohlon linn dumi for Iowa.
After eoiiililerliiK many orfrm, and
flr mi InreMlnnUoii uf (he company
ami II work, Professor I'erry (I
llohlett bus cntereit (tin service of the
I II C Henlce llureau nt ChlmKo.
I'rofi'Mor llohkn I known wher
ever rnl HKrlculliirn I known. Ill
'whole ll'e I una of servlro. lln orln
lunleil llin liliin of rnrryliiK Informs
llmi illiiHit lo farmer, lie I Iho In
ther of (ho demonstration train, hort
chool courses, (be corn iliow, county
Jonionrrllen farm, and the National
Corn Kioltlnn A head of the ei
enlon department of Iowa Htato (!
lege of Arrtcullure hit did a work
rhlch, Kenator Cummtni lay, up to
th prrnt tlma ha Increased lha
wealth of Iowa $30,000,000.
The nbjrct of the I II C Service Ilu
reau l ttin promotion of agricultural
education, and a co-operation which
will trnd lo ralie Iho whole tone of
cnmmrrcUI. IndiiMrlal and farm life.
Hlnre arrleulture I the (aula of proa
perlly and proKren, naturally farm
lirofclem claim flrl attention The o'm
la hlhir erflrlency, both on and off
the farm
To do a I Ik wotk-a bljc oritanliatlon
la neerry. Not only the blrneaa.
but the prrfectlon of thn International
orcnnlaatlon a well appealed lo I'ro
feor llnhten. The hlR Renernl aeen
ole. iratterrd alt over thr I'nlled
Jltatea nml Canada: the aaleamen,
traveler and epert machine men;
the tO.OM dealer every one, an far
n poialldc, I tn be made nn apoitlo
of heltt-r fannlnR.
For year thn International liar
Tester Company baa realised the lm
I nrlance of aervlce. It iaa anent mlb
linn of dollars In Iho perfection of l.v
borsalnK machine, and now the
company Is Rolna; In for direct service
direct to Iho farmers, and direct to
the farmer' children, that the men
nnd women of tomorrow may bo mere
capaMe ana so morn prosperous than
the men and women of today
It Is no lonaer a theory that If we
nre to pet the most out of life wo
must raise more per acre. "Inten
alvo farmlnK" Is In thn air. It Is the
tattle 'cry of peace and plenty, nut
raising more Is the result of mind,
not muscle. We must know. And
not only that, we must Know wo
know, and know why wo know. Wo
must know good seed from bad, rleht
cultivation from wrong, and Iho whvs
rnd wherefora of climates, sol's,
fruits, cattle, horses, poultry, and o
forth. ,
Kor these thing tho bureau was
established. Hut the bureau and
Professor llnlden see more than an
average Increase of a few bushels.
They sen a time coming when farmer
vrllt raise twleo as many buihsls of
corn, whmt and oats to the acre,
and like yield of all other kind or
farm product They see a time when
farmers and farmers' wives and their
children will think more and work
leas. Kvery bushel raised means Just
f at much profit, and the profits of
the" farm promote commtroa and In
dustry. After a period of geod work In Mich
igan agricultural college, better work
at Illinois, and a great work at Iowa,
Professor Tlolden now enters upon a'
world's work, While tn future Pro
tMtor Holden will designate Chicago
home, hsys bels oot leaving Iowa
Vhe'U merely -carrying' toWa to tar
(cat of Uie awld. . , ..
MM iKin
t MD
jtfk NkH
T AtT dy
,lHF"v v
Tlio llino (0 bring n herd of cow up
to tholr minimum milk production I
wliurtly lifter they hnvo cnlred. for a
week or two after a cow lin dropped
hor calf enro uiut bo tnkun not lo
overfeed her. for there la Brent dntuter
of doliiK Injury, nt lemtt for (lint period
of lactation, anyi llonnl'a Uiilryiiiitn
I'eeil lluhlly at Oral, gradually Increns
I11K the Hllovfiiuco an (ho re
cover from thu alrnln of parturition
mid mo lohtf im jUo respond generousl;
lo I ho InereiiHetl nuiouui or teeu.
Tor a cow vtoluhlui: 1,000 pound II
li well to feed dally thirty pound of
hIIhuo mid from clsltt to twelvo (Hjundx
of Bood clover or nlfnlfn hay. The
niiioiinl of Rniln fed will depend to n
Initio ih'reo upon Iho crtpiiell or She
cow mid her nblllty to do work. It
U well In ImcIii wllh nn olio nance of
only three to four iwiiihU of feeil dully
mid Kiiidiiiilly Iiiiiciiho It w b'tiK nx
(he niilmiil recpmid with nn Incinisi-d
Mow of milk. When aim coiiho Id do
IliK drop Die reed n xmnd or tvio,
Ah a rill.', row fi'il L'ooil nllni!U mill
clover or nlfnlfn huy nml produce milk
l'(ln from a',4 to 4 er cent will re
mit not more Ihnu otio ihmiiiiI 01
khi I n fur null four pound of milk
produced. Wo consider this cenerou
Photo ly Kinui Acilcultursl colUc.
MM llanrr, lli cow hrre shown,
la lliltttfii-ynr-ol.J llolataln own
nl by lli Asrlcultural col
li K lo lli laat Irti month aha
tiaa moil ntl proni nt tUtUt for
rut ownr Ilr output In that wa MM .loarla, which atM
for rnita n iurL It wotilJ ln
inaila .91 turnla of tnitter Hli waa
(il torn cliiip. bran, ollmral, n few
arouml ixia. alfalfa hay and corn
a id ran alia, Thp nvmiC eoat
(if liar fl uaa about H rnl a
day, or IIM fur lha ttti nionlln,
Tit Inlal valu of Imt mil at I
rmla a )Url w VKt.U.
(iiillnu". Uf iiiurxu If It la the object
of the ftitlcr lo iiiiike n liirue record
i to allow the extreme tildllty uf the con
It uoulil not be coiiMldcn-d ciioukIi
W'n took unjii the etiw iu nn
Hint Ihm to fuiicllniiH lo iorforui
mllk phMliicllou nml the production of
n atmiiir cnlf If n IiIrIht rvtonl I to
Ih liliiilc the iinlmnl ahnuld lint Iw brill
fur lite or lx inodtlia mid iiinyln loiitx
it nflt-r rnlrluc, but If rihnI iblrj
work U dilril and then U mi objii-l
In mUlmt u cixal, atroiiK cnlf the mil
mill should I , bred about three month
mMit dropping hercnir. Title will kt
mil her lo rrcflhen once a cur. and If
ehe 1 4 not forviil he will ttlvv birth
lo atroiiK and hralthy cnlvee. A ret
of mini nix to cltht week ebould le
prti Idiil.
Cone that hnvo ratnb1lbed their
milk tlowa-thitt la. hae Uvn mllkeil
fur two month or more iiinnot lie
tmilrrlitlly nilaitl In milk production
by niiy ayntem of rcedliiis. We hnve
iiicmiIuiiimI the iim' of hlliiue nod tiny,
whlili nil iN-lleve nhould form the
foiiiidntloti of nil dalr)' mllum. but lr
(here I no I torn1 the next Uwt thlOK
Ik riHiK lr riHit nrv feil then ple it
HImtiiI iimotiut of noid Iniy. preferably
diner or nllnlfn. nml Increnn.' thecmlii
iim Me NtlUKextrd where hlhlKe la llicor
HirniiHi Into the rutbni.
Charcoal For Meg.
Ctuirronl, iir I km nml null help to keep
the lii'lt itlueNtlve Hteiu 111 tfood con
dllloii n nd nlimild bo kept within the
rench or the nnlniitl nt nil t linen
Corncob tnnke tool clinreonl lly
iIIkuIiijj n pit nbotit four feet deep mid
ipille n bit amaller at the bottom thnn
nt the top It U n almple mutter lo pre
pnre the corncob chnn-oitl In the right
form for the Iior. Hturt a tiro nt the
txittom or the pit and Kriulimlly till the
pit with cob nnd rou-r with n elnvt
trots cover iih itiMin nn filled, nml lt
ataiiit tclxe lioure' time there will be
a good Knido or chitrconl. I'lvo biiHhel
or thin ihurconl, one bushel or wood
aNhcii, elx hmiiiiU or milt, two quarts
or nlr ntnkrtl lime, two pounds or eul
phur nnd otto miind of coppern make
mi en client mixture to plnce In feed
dm Ikixc. where the Iiorm tuny hnve
uccviM to It nt nil 1 1 nice Hitch n mix
tore U at oticv a food, vermifuge aud'
Llv 8ook an the Farm.
Did oit over lienrof Hcruli hoea tnnk'
Imt money out of htsh priced reetlt
)ld you ever henr or ecritb cowa pay
I m? n profit on blub priced bind?
)ld you ever bear or n rnrmer buy
Iuk more land, bulhlltiK more bnrti
or pnlntliiK the old onen without live
toik on hi fiirmT
Did you ever henr or any farmer,
any plnce. t-evtlng anywhere wltuoii!
good stock, and
Old you over notice that the man
who dooii "arrive," who "ueta thoro,"
who hits "money to burn" nnd who
rldea In an nutomobllo la alwayw t!;e
man who rnleea good live etockT Kan
su Kuruter.
Hag fee Phatp.
Corn allago la every bit an valuable
In the sheep tuenn na It la tn (he dairy
ration. It should not be the principal
Ingredient In the sheep bill of fare, but
should be. supplemented by foods that
nre rich In protein, attch as clover or
rdfalfn hay or wheat bran, orollmeal. k
1 h, -Liy
A clnMnltlnl nd In Tlio llulletlii la
read by hundreds and orliiK tlio ml.
vertUer kxh1 return for tlio money
Dcpnrtmont of (ho Interior, U,
I,nnd Olllco, Tho Dalles, OroKon,
October 31, 1012.
To Philip June, of 313 lnt Bt
Portland, Oregon, Contestoo!
Von nro horoby notlllod that Hrnlle
N. Lnndro, who kIvch cnro-K. B. Par
ker, llend, Oregon, ns hi postolllco
nddress, did on Keplembar G, 1912,
nio In this olllco his duly corroliornted
application to contest aud anctiro the
oHiicellittlou of your Ituiiiestond entry
N'o. . , . , Kerlnl No. 07122 mndo
Inly 1, 1910, for l', Kectlott 10,
Township 20, K Itntigo 17, B Wit
Inmotto Mcridlnn mid na k round for
Ilia contest he iiIIckch that anld Philip
Joik'h hint never established residuum
upon wild Imid; thnt ho bus never cul
tivated or Improved tho miiiiiii.
You are, therefore, further notl
llod Hint tho snld nlloRntlotiN will bo
tnken by this olllco nit having been
eoufcKHfd by you, and your en Id entry
will ho cnnculed thereunder without
vour further rlcht to bo hoard there
in, either before tills olllco or on ii
peril, If you full lo file In thin olllce
within twenty dnya after tho
I'ODUTIi ptiblluutloii or till notice,
art nhowit below, your answer, under
ontli. specifically moelltiK nnd re-
spoudliit; to theno nlleKntlona of con
lent, or If you fall within thnt time to
Hie In this ofneo duo proof that you
hnvo served n copy of your answer
on thu snld eonlentnut either In per
noli or by registered mall If this aor
tlce Ih made by tho delivery of n copy
jf your nnawer to the contestant In
pcteou, proof of audi eervlco must be
either tho aalil conlcstnnta written
nckitowlcdKomcut or his receipt of
tho copy, showlttK tho dnto of Ita re
ceipt, or tho aindavtt of the portion
by whom tho delivery waa itmdo stat
ing when nnd where tho copy waa de
livered; If mndo by registered mall,
proof of hicIi Hen Ice must consist of
tho nlllldnvlt of tho person by whom
tho copy waa mnlled etntltiK when
nnd tho xit olllce to which It waa
mnlled, nnd this nindnvlt must bo no
eompnnled by tho poatuinstor'a re
ceipt for the letter.
You should atato fn your answer
tho iiiiuio or tho post olllco tn which
you dcslro fuluro notice to Ire sent
.o )OII.
C. W. MOOUK, ItoKlstor.
Ditto of llrat publication November
C. 1912.
Dnto of second publication Nov.,
13. 1912.
Dnto of third publication, Nov.,
20, 1912.
Dnte or fourth publication, Nov.,
at -'
HtriioKraplier nt The llulletlii of
fice will lake ropyliiK nnd general
lypowrltlttK work nt renaonnble rate.
Keo llio beautiful pntlrmn of Llbby
cut KlniN now on display nt Patter
Nin'nr-Advert Uement.
In tho Circuit Court or tho fltato or
Orogon, for tho County of Crook,
II. J. Ovorturf, plaintiff, vs. B. II.
Hum my and Helen II, Hum my, de
fondants. To K. II. Hum my and Helen I), Mum
my, defendants:
In tho nutno of tho Htnto of Ore-
koii you nro iicreny required to nn
pear nnd nnawer complaint filed
ngnlnnt you In tho abovo entitled
Hull within six weeks from the dnto
of tho first imbllcntlon of thlu miiui-i
moiiM, nnd If )ou fall to nppear nnd i
nnawer, for wont thereof, plaintiff
will npply to tho Court for the relief
prayed for In thu complaint, to-wlt:
I'or the foreclosure nccordlng to
law of that cerlnln mortgage benr
Ing dnto tho 21st dny of October,
1911, executed by )ou to secure
plnlntlrf In thu payment of thu sum
of 12210 with Interest nt fi per cent
per annum from tho 1st dny of Oc
tober, 1911, and thnt thu premises
described In said mortgago he sold
nccordlng to tho law nnd practice of
thin Court, and that tho proceeds of
snld milo bo applied to tho payment
of snld num. mid $225 attornoy's fee.
together with thu costs and disburse
monta of suit, and thnt thu plaintiff
hnvo jiidKinout ngnlnst you nnd ench
of you for tho nuitt of ?22Bo wtu
Intoreiit tliereon at tho ralo oPc tier
cent per annum from thcr 1st day of
October, 1911, for $220 attorneys
fees and for tho costs nnd disburse
ment of this action, nnd such other
relief as lo tho Court may seem Just
nnd crttltnble.
This summons nerved uKin you
by publlcat'ou by authority of an
order of the Hon. II. C. KIIIh, Judge
or tho County Court or Crook County,
Htnto or Orogon, aalil order la dated
tho 30th day or October. 1912, nnd Iu
duly recorded and entered In tutld
Data of first publication, Octolter
3oth, 1912.
31-10 Attorney for plaintiff
In tho Circuit Court of the State or
Oregon, for tho County of Crook.
First National Hank or llend, n
corporation, plaintiff, vs. Barl It.
Houston, May Houston and J. I).
lingers, defendants.
Commencing November first we shall
confine our bnsiness to a cash basis.
In doing so we will be able to furnish
our customers Flour, Feed and Mill
stuffs at the very lowest prices.
JWe wish to thank our many friends
for the loyal support they have given
during the last year, and we take pleas
ure in stating that we are now in a
position to turn out a better product
at less cost than in the past.
JWe shall be pleased to have old and
new customers call and inspect our
mill and our methods.
Bend Milling (8b Warehouse
. .nf3vft.,,l. J. M4Cte1
--'-- ---
To J, I). IloRors, ono of the nbovo
named defendants.
In tho namo of tho Htato of Ore
gon, you nro horoby required to ap
pear nnd nnswer tho complaint filed
against you In tho nlioro entitled null
within six week from tho dnto of tho
first publication of this ntimmons, and
If you rail to appear and answer, for
want thereof, tho plaintiff will apply
to tho Court for tho relief prayed for
In tho complaint, to-wlt:
Kor tho cancellation and sotting
nalde of that certain conveyance and
transfer made by tho defendant",
Karl II. Houston nnd May Houston,
convoying to you the N. Half or the
N, B. Quarter nnd the N. B, Qunrter
of X. W, Quarter of Hectlon IS and
tho B. B, Quarter of tho 8. W.
Quarter or Hectlon ,10, Township 17,
Houth or Hnngo 12, B. W. M. In
Crook County, Oregon, as rrnudulent
nnd void against this plaintiff, Thnt
you uccottnt under tho direction of i
thin Court for nil tho property no re
if its
i ri.nri
DccatMC its
made rleht.
skilled tdow experts whoso equal
cannot be found In
tory In tho world.
makes of nlows. each clalmlne to bo tho best, vet
the fact remains that
In two to ono of any other
tory, the Urgent In tho world, turns out every year more
plows than any Hvo other factories combined.
Standard o! the World
For Over
The Tlonccr Plow Maker, John Deere, msdo his first steel plow by
band from the blado of a saw In 1837. Tho first slab of steel rolled In
tho United States was rolled for
Woods, of PltUhurg. in 1810.
Deere Plows have shown the way
great national Industry, la It
woria express Micir veruici in
l-rn'la Dlf
Wo mako over 1000 styles
can bo maOe, tlio dcsi
ment can produce, tio
dc, wo caa supply
. f
ceived by you by conveyance from
said Barl It, Houston nnd May Hous
ton, nnd that you nnd each of said
dofcndanto be restrained from trans
ferring or Incumbering said property,
and that said property bo sold and
tho proceeds of said snlo bo nppllod
to tho payment and satisfaction of
plaintiffs Judgment as socurod against
tho defendants, May Houston and
Barl Houston on the 16th day of Feb
ruary, 1912 In the Circuit Court of
Crook County, Oregon, for the sum
of $9(5&.38 and $10 costs nnd' $105
attorney fees.
This summon la nerved upon you
by publication by authority of an
order of the Hon. II. C. Bills, Judga
of the County Court of Crook County,
Oregon. Hold order Is dated tho 29th
day or October, 1912, nnd la duly
recorded and entered In said sutt.
Date of first publication, October
3oth, 1912.
31-40 Attorney for plaintiff.
a Deere
bra force of
nnv other plow fac
Thcro nre many different
three John Dcero nlows are
kind. Tho John Dccre Fac
60 Years
the John Dccre plows by William
And ever since tuoso caiiyuars
and malntaineu mo icau in uus
any wonuer inai ine laimers 01 wo
uio issuiur purosc,
of plows, each as good as It
that Drains anu periect equip
matter what your necus may
mem xrom our uoc.
Central Oregon j
Brokerage Co. :
Agents for the t
or rortTLAND, one. I
Wo carry a completo stock X
of hams, bacons, salt meats,
lards and compounds with
the United Warehouse Co.
at Bend. Prompt attention
to mall or phono orders.
Wholesalo only
Office and Salesroom
Bend, Oregon.
Selling Agents for
Aubrey Heights
i i
The most beautiful resi
dence property in Bend. Only
G to 8 blocks from business
center on easy terms.
Fire, Accident and Liability
Surety Bonds.
All classes of Real Estate.
Oregon Street.
Sanitary Plumbing
Promptly Attended to.
FostoKIco Box No. 171
Roofing ofvall kinds. Repairing
prumpuy aone,
Furnace Contractor
Guttering, Spouting,
Cornices and Skylights.