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    the bend bulletin
NO. 3
Voters In City Election Yesterday Pick Putnam for
Alnyor, nnd Snthcr, Collins and Allen for
Coundlmen, nil with BlKAlaJorltles
Two Women on Bonrd, 112 Vote
$200,000 Corporation, Headed by Men of National
Note In Electrical Development, Acquire
Local Water, Light and Power Plant
and Extensive Power Properties
At tliu -ally elcotlnti yeiiterilcy the
youth indorsed th present admin
istration In n very dedal wi wny, ro.
I v Iiik (I. I. Putnam ns mayor nud
ll'.M, Alton counullinnn by n linvy
k majority. 12. A. Hut her and A. H.
Collin were the other roiinrllinrii
I elected, nml II. J. Owrturf, the In
1 ouinhent, was again chosen for trear
iirtr. Thn innyurnlty rnco resulted In
IMiliinm'N polling 30R vote, 8. C.
Caldwell getting t'5 nml ClmrbR lioyd
. (!, giving lhe winning candidate. fi.1
more than the combined votca of his
. two oioiiriit. Hnthur received the
JilKhent oiu cnit for nny candidate
. ikiIIIiik 263; CuIIIiir anil Allen Inl
tliolr nearest opponent by over 0
voles. Tint tulttl olii v.ri 3C3, Willi
312 women exorcising their newly ac
quired right nt tlm poll.
Throughout, the elootltm wns not
nUI.) for' It order and Kood feeling.
During tlm day Ihero were only four
challenges, and only one vol waa
thrown out.
Thn flr rx war In ovldenc". not
only am vot hut alto a ofllclal,
e-ttliiK un example fur Orntun. Mr.
W II. KsllurR war n Jiulgo nnd MrR.
C H HiidRon a oltrk, their iiinlo fel
low worker t I it k FTAnk May, chair-
J in mi, Clyde McKay. Judge, and J. O.
I H bodes and Ho Parnham, clerk.
. Tlm conduct of the polling place re
sembled aii Afternoon te more than
Anything else, for certainly no small-
(own eWctlon war ever CRrrrld off'
others early In th)' day act the exam
f pie or bringing gifts, to (bA lady ofll-
cUls, which took thn form of candy.
peanut, apple And other dvllcaclea,
I so that tho table At which they
j worked was at All tiroes hesp.d with
goodies, InctrRd. a often In Ruch
'cases, with cigar bulla.
lcHe Are Urariana.
The male member oLthe offlclal
at. It la underatood, were at first
nsldcrably disturbed because they
nred that smoking would ob-
Ivctnd to by their feminine co-work-
r. However, too Udles showed
'that JURt becruse they hid entered
politics they bud no Intention of turn-
'Jng things upelde down at the out
set, and brought smile to the leugtti-
eulng vUage of the men by not only
saying that they bad no objection to
smoking, but even going ro fur na to
iurce It.
Tl? iniilrti FiKurr.
Thn complete rxturna aro or fol
low: For mayor Clinrlc Hoyd f0, S. C.
Caldwell f)G, 0. I 1'iitnam 20.
For counclliueD II. B. Allen 211.
A. B. Collins 213, J. K. UltkiD 12V, i
K, A. Bather 2C.3, II. W. Kkuee 130,
J. II. Wvnandy 104.
For treasurer II. J, Ovorturf 1M7,
H. V. I'olndvxtor H2.
Uoyd, I-amon and Wcnandy a p.
reared on the AuatraJlan ballot on
the "CltlicuR Ticket;" CAldwell. Col-
When You
of Bend, Ore.
U. I'KRRHLI, President
. M. I.AAA,
Una, Hntlior and I.nrMin apprnn'd on
thn Mend Ticket;" I'litiinm, Allen,
Collin and Bktua were on the "lltikl
iicm Adinlnlatratlon Tlcltct."
CoutilliiK of the vote wiir complet
ed nt It: 66 o'clock,
(Continued on pace four.
Modem i:iilpiiirnt Will He Installed
InrliidliiK M'lnl roiiihliintlon
lliiien- lloii lit Mote Jmii. I,
A teli-Kram received by PoetliinnliT
F, O. Minor flnturdny coutnlncd the
nowR that the I'mtufllcn Depurtuiciit
had otnclnlly decided to move thn
local olDro from It preneut tonii
rnry ouarterR and ncrept the offer
of llainey O'uonuell to occupy the
ton III loom In thn new O Doiitivll
brick biilldlnK on the went U of
V. nil Rtrvct,
The new iuurteni are Juit heliiR
ciniilettd. It Ih expected by Mr.
O'Douiitfil nnd Mr. Minor that the
inovi can lie accompllahed perhapa
by Jaii'inr 1, or ery rooii thereafter
The preiviit office wn fuken after
the lire of July 3 which deatroyed
tho building formerly occupied, on
Oregon Rtreet wtet of Wall.
The fltutet for the new office hivo
been ordered, They will be modern
In every repect, and, Ray tboao who
are familiar with their, general char
acter, will be at tine ar any In ue
In town evcrl ttmea the rIxo of
Hend All tua wcoowoiit will be
qiiAite" Rawed o.ik There will be
4 HI im tRl ttoxeR, tl automatic and
VeylitR ioiuii n loxe. Tin
nV ire will come fem IndUnapolla
abd will cont about 12000. The
lnj covet five year. The new
office will be commodious, and, o
far It brick building And metal
equipment can roaVw It, prutically
flii'iioof. None or thi old er.iilp
mtnt will be uied.
Amount for Next Year to Ue Decide!
on Nrxl Week,
The school board of llend district
No. 12 met Monday nnd called a
meeting of all the taxpayers, to bn
held at the schoolbouse tjt p. m. on
Saturday, December It. to docldo on
tho amount of tax levy for school
purposes next year. This Is one of
the most Important tueetlugR of tho
veAr And the board dcrire a Urge
attendance of property owners to as
sist in levying the tax.
At tbo meeting Monday Clerk J.
M. Lawrence resigned and his res
ignation was accepted to take effect
tomorrow. An election will be held
some time soon to fill the vacancy.
i i . '-.' i 1 T
When You
V. O. MINOH, Secretary
Dnvhl, In C'liatnber of
,ViniMirrie llullelln Hny "Onlral
O i o o n Ih (Jient Mild
IUiiiI In Itx C'enirr."
The follow Ins article appeared In
the November Inhiic of tho Chambes
of Commerce llullelln, I'ortlnnd. It
win written by tint editor of that
journal, David N. MokcrroIiii. Mr.
MoKfRohn enmu to lli'iul enrly In
Kepti'inher, bvliiR a client on the Be
little oxrurRlon trnln which W. I).
Chcnoy brought down from (he I'iik
ut Kound city, londed with 7C Sent
llelte wno were lutereiited, In one
way and another, In Hend:
llend Ir a city.
Its booster claim that It I to bo
a wonderful center tlmt It will be
the Hpoknnu of Oregon. They arH
right. I have read a good deal nlKiut
the Central Oregon country and Its
eiiterprlaliig tow iir. I have heard
Col, Wood eloquate alrfiut the aalu
brluuH climate, the fertile earth and
the other what-nuta that so to make
up a splendid country. I havo read
urtlcleR galore About Central Oregon
sent In for publication. All of which
I coufcRR I Rwalowed with a grain
of a?lt. Finally I was Induced to
make a trip to a portion of that ter
ritory which up to a year and a half
Ago waa Isolated from Portland ar
Uck of suitable trAnsportstlon fscll-
Itlca could raRke It. I took a trip to
llend. thnnka to Mr. W. U. Cbeuy oflaDl, ,ome Dreiimin,ry dearinir was
Seattle, Mend's premier booster, and
am now ready and willing to swal
low everything that. I have ever read
or heard about the Central Oregon
country and Hend, Ita thriving cen
ter, and will omit the grain of salt.
Central Oregon Is great, And llend
I Us center. (This with due apolo
gy to the line which 1 read somewher
and bAVe paraphrased.)
Whllo in llend I kept moving. A
person has to down there. Ita
friends aay that It la growing ao fast
that Ita cltlten have to keep going to
keep up with It.
llend la the logical distributive cen
ter of a vast territory just commenc
ing to be populated. Instead of tb
usual single Rtreet country town Hend
ha a number of wide street logical
ly surveyed, splendid atore, an un
usually well edited weekly newspa-
per with possibly tho best equipped
printing plant of any town In Oregon
up to &000 population (Hend la 1800)
good hotels, fine dcot and a bunch
of united boosters.
Its 3C00 feet altitude does much
to put the vim and vigor Into a per
son that cau lead to out one ultimate
result SUCCESS no matter what
avocalon one may follow. The seven
mountain peak, anow-cApped the
year 'round, axe never dimmed by
fog or vapors, but stand out in bold
(Continued bn last pose.)
We ninke a specialty of dealing in every arti
cle in the lmrdwnre line that is needed in the
construction of n house, whether it be a big
or !i little one. Contractors who figure close
on ti job should get our prices before submit
ting his bid they tire the lowest for the
quality (jf goods we handle.
Also Full Lino of Builders Supplies,
Sash, Doors, Glass, Paints, Oils, etc.
N. P.
Transfer of Valuable Properly to IO-
cal (V(iKrMtlon Mark "Hwan
KoniT' Here of Man Who
Flint Hanked On ltad.
The last holding of A. M. Drake In
llend have been disposed of, and the
final property Interest In the town of
Its pioneer owner and developer has
terminated. On Saturday n deal was
consummated whereby Mr. and Mrs.
Drake, sold the eleven ticrcR Immedi
ately west of the DerchutCR river op
posite the town, to n company headed
by O. I I'ulnnm.
The land lies Just south of tho II.
W. L. k V. Co.'h power dam bridge.
and emhrtici'R tho entire jiolnt opjn
slto the Hoy Scouts lodge and the
"narrows," extending westward and
taking In tho high ground adjoining
Tho Henir Company lloulevard ad
dition Htid practically cornering on
the southeast corner of Kenwood.
The land In wooded with many
handsome pluc treeg and ha an ex
tensive water frontage and Rome of
tho finest mountain views obtainable
anywhere, as well ar commanding a
beautiful view of the attractive river
front side of the town. Mr. Drake
when be Rold the rest of his Interests
here to The Deud Company, retained
this projierty a home site, an
nouncing that be would build a baud
some residence there and lay out
elaborate grounds. Plana for the
i..,.r lH.rf-ct.d .r Mra. Drake.
No Definite rian Made.
Tbe'purcbaalog company la a cor
poration, calling Itself the Pinelyn
Park Company. No definite plana
have been made regarding the devel
opment of the property, which will be
held intact at least Rome months.
with the probability of Its being plat
ted Into large lot for a restricted
restdence dlstr'ct later.
Mr. Drake, whose Hend realty swan
aong this transfer marks, came to
llend in 1900, on a bealtb-eekng
trip, lie wss attracted by the possi
bilities of the location and gradually
acquired extensive laud, timber. Irri
gation and power Interest here, and
In 1911, on April 10, The Hend
Company acquired all the remaining
Drake Interest here excepting the
property transferred Saturday. Mr.
and Mr. Drake now make their home
In Paaadena, Cat,
The bstaar conducted by the Lad
les' Library Club will be held in the
Fulks building next door to the Star
Theatre Friday and Saturday. The
ladle will have on aale many arti
cle that will make excellent Christ
maa gifts. Friday evening a cafe
teria aupper will be served, begin
ning at 5:30 o'clock.
A big now orgsnltatlon, equipped
with ample capital nd backed by
men of national reputation, has pur
chased all the property and right of
the Hend Water Light & Power Co.
The name of the new holding com
pany I the Central Oregon Power Co.
While it now exclusively owns all the
stock of the 1 1. W. L. tc P. Co., the
name of the latter will be retained
for the unit of the Central Oregon
Power Co. 'a activities Included in tho
local power, water and light plant.
The president of the new organiza
tion and Its heaviest financial backer
la Charles A. Drown of Chicago.
Kempster II. Miller of Chicago I gen
eral manager nnd I also extensively
Interested In the ownership of the
coriKiratlon, which Is capitalized at
1200,000. Harvey u. Hanson of
Chicago Is secretary. The Hend
Company was the former owner of
the property, the sale living consum
mated last week. Included in the
transfer Is ail the stock of the H. W,
L. & P. Co., which covers ownership
to It entire water, light and power
plant equipment and water right in
llend, 240 acres at Henham Falls and
80 acre at Lava Falls, both Includ
ing the power rlghta of these two
great ,water falls, just south of Hend.
Mr. Miller, who Is hero and made
Hie announcement of the purchase
Sunday, would aay nothing more def
inite concerning the amount Involved
In the trasfer other than that ha and
his asoclate bad "paid a large
amount and bad paid most of It in
Has Great Significance.
The blggeat significance of the deal
la contained In the business reputa
tion and character of the men com
prising the new company. It Is be
cause they have done big things, and
are able and more than willing to do
big things for Hend, that men fami
liar with tne fact unreservedly aay:
Thla 'a the best thing that has ever
happened to Hend, excepting only,
perhaps, tbo arrival of the railroads."
Mr. Hrown is a lawyer. He Is a
man of great wealth, and baa been In
timately connected with the electric
light and power businesa since It in
ception. He has owned a number
of plant throughout the middle west,
and Is considered not only ono of the
most powerful financial backer for
electrical enterprise In the country,
but also oa being a notable expert on
po)er development.
Mr. Miller i a partner In the Chi
cago firm of McMcen Miller, con
sulting engineers. While Mr. Mc
Meen Is not financially Interested In
the new company, he Is actively as
sociated with It In an advisory capac
ity, An idea of the standing of the
firm la given by. the fact that after
the San Francisco fire it engineered
and built In that city the entire plant
of the Home Telephone Company, an
enterprise involving the expenditure
or over $7,000,000. After Ita com
pletion Mr. McMeen managed it for
two year."
Handled IUg Jobs.
Mr. Miller Is now consulting en
gineer for a number of large railway,
light and power companies. Mr. Mc
The First National Bank
Or. U. O. OOI. Prsildtnt C. A. BATHER. Vic PrlJM
O.8. HUORON. Osthltr
Capital fully paid ... SJB.00
Stockholders' llabllltr S3S.OOO
Surplus .... . SO.OOO
Our beautiful new Hanking home Is nearly complet
ed. When v move we shall be better prepared In every
way to handle your business, and render you more satis
factory service.
In the meantime come and see us in tho old location.
Wo have occupied this building since March -Oth,
11)01), the day we opened for business. Wo then hud 17
accountN and $1H,000 deposits. During tills tlireo year
and n half we have Increased the number of accounts to
nearly 1 100, and our deiolts to nearly $30,000.
It lins been our privilege to assist In nearly every
movement Inaugurated for the betterment nnd upbuild
ing of Hend and tributary territory.
We hope In tho future to bj able to do still more for
tho town mid country front which we derlvo our business.
Heal service to u community gains lasting prestige.
Meen wa president of tho Mt.
Hood Hallway Light & Power Co., un
til Its absorption by tho Portland
Hallway Light Power Co. Anoth
er Important project conducted by
Mr. Miller was tho complete plan
ning of tho telegraph flro alarm sys
tem for tho Hurrough of Manhattan,
In New York City, the most valuable
property area In the world. Ho was
conaultlng engineer tor the New
York Hoard Flro Underwriter. For
merly Mr. Miller' chief business wo
with telephones. He Is tho author
of "American Telephone Practice,"
a manual of telephone procedure that
1 today the supreme authority In Its
field. In 1911, for five months, ho
conducted a telophono rate Investi
gation In Los Angeles, on behair or
tho city. Of late his chief activities
have been as an advising engineer,
principally for electric railway com
panies. .Mr. McMcen Is president of
(Continued on last page)
New York Clubman anil Ills Xely
Won Wife Abandon Morgan anil
Footlights For Simple Life.
Mr. and Mr. Thomas Barnes
moved last week to the old Taylor
ranch near Prlnevllte, which Mr.
Barnes recently purchased. Jtegard.
ing their Central Oiegon migration,
the New York Herald has the follow
ing to say:
From a life in the best clubs In
the city and a position In the office
of J. Plerpont Morgan &Co-, to life
on an alfalfa farm at Prlnevllle,
Ore., baa been the change made by
Tbomaa Barnes, Yale, 1910, mem
ber of many prominent clubs, slnco
bla mariage to Miss Helen A. Ma
gruder, known on the state as "Oil
lee ClaggetL"
Men who bad been associated
with Mr. Harnes In tbo banking of
fice, as well aa fellow club mem
bers, tell of his determination to
give up work and amusement in
the city to take his beautiful wife
to the alfalfa flelda or the Pacific
While nearly all of his acquain
tances were surprised to learn of
"nls marriage, the few who knew
the secret tell of the commence
ment of the romsnee when Miss
Magruder, hailed as "Uilleo" by
her many admirer, was with the
"Kiss Walts" company, which ahe
joined in Philadelphia. When they
met Mr. Harnes repeated the words
of a aong then popular.
"And when I walk I want to
want to walk with 'Blllee That
settled It. When their acquain
tance progressed far enough both
decided to continue walking to
gether for life, and finally were
married in San Francisco Novem
ber 5.
Oyty.ggiM jt yii)ff .M
kyftfVffElKl.yfi'jKl aw