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KJItor and Pubtlihcr.
Mnnnglnn Editor.
, An Independent newspaper stnnd
Ing (or tho squarq dent, clean bust
ness, clean politics and tho best In
terests of Uond and Central Oregon.
One year $1.50
Blx months . . . . .80
Thrco months 60
All subscriptions aro duo and
of expiration will bo malted subscri
bers and It renewal la not made with
in tlmo tho paper will be
Please notify us promptly of any
change of address, or of falluro to re
ceive the paper regularly.
Mako all checks and orders pay
able to Ilond Bulletin.
Hero aro some tag-end election fig
In tho electoral collego Wilson re
cefved 442 votes, Roosovelt 77 and
Tart 12. Tho total voto In tho doc
toral colego Is 531. That necessary
to a choice. 266.
In 1S96 McKlnlcy received 271
electoral votes and Uryan 17C.
In 1900 McKlnley received 292
electoral votes and Uryan 176. .
"in 1904 Roosevelt received 336
electoral votes and Parker 140.
In 1908 Taft received 323 elec
toral votes and Uryan 162.
Tho Now York Sun gives this es
timate of tho popular vote: For Wil
son 6,433,000. Roosevelt 4,174,000,
Taft 3,491.000.
The condition of Uio streets after
tho recent rains Is something of an
object lesson. Uend Is rapidly be
coming a real cl., anr vo of the
chief assets and necessities of a city
nro a sower system and good streets.
Tho sower system Uend Is soon to
have. And Uond can also have the
streets. Not necessarily paved
streets, for that, in tho beginning.
Is considerable of a luxury, but at
least graded and macadmlzod streets.
The ecst would bo compratlvcly light,
and tho benefits great. And Just
like the sower work, which is due to
start shortly, such activity would ac
complish wonders, not only In build
ing upa substantial city, but also In
keeping that city a profitable place In
which to live and do business durlrg
the making.
creased cost of living Is partly duo to
social aspirations on tho part of tho
women of tho fnrmora family which
aro"lncompatlblo with household la
bor." Farm wnges In 44 yoars havo
risen 79 per cent, nud tho rent ro
numeration of tho laborer has In
creased oven moro because of his In
creased Valuo represented by hla
board. But In tho meantime multi
tudes of housewives havo ceased to
cure fruits, vogotabl -a and meat, anil
depond upon tho local storo for tho
produuet of tho cannery. Tho house,
hold arts havo declined whtlo at tho
samo tlmo country girls havo be
come increasingly unwilling to do
household work for hire. In short,
tho burden of Mr. Holmes' Indict
ment Is that non-productive consum
ers aro Increasing.
Thanksgiving Day "s here. Bvory
one has something for which to bo
thankful. Kvon tho niost pessimis
tic should own up to this, and act ac
cordingly, at least once a year. Wil
son, enjoying bis last hours of poaee
n Itorniudn. doubtless is thankful
Perhaps Taft Is thankful because he
doesn't have to go through It all
again. No doubt Roosevelt Is thank
ful because he progressed as far as he
did. Her at hone, the peoplo of
Bond have muck for which to be
thaHWul. Never before has tho town
passed through a year of more sub-
etantlal development, and never he
fore faosd a year of grestor promise
With the election of Woodrow WII
on, Virginia ha anotsher honor thrust
con, Virginia has another honor
thrust uiKin her. This Is the d Inj
unction of having furnlsehd to
the I'nltod States eight Presidents, a
record that no other state can ap
proach. The other seven honoro"
boos of the Old Dominion wero Wash
ington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroo,
Wlllsm II. Harrison, Tyler and Taylor.
Crook oouuty won honors at tho
Minneapolis Land Show, taking tho
Northern Pacific cup for the host dis
play of forage plants. As this was
in' direct competition with tho dis
plays of seven Northwestern, states,
it Is something to crow over. Oro
gon farmers give a good account of
themsolvca at any show where thoy
cuter exhibits.
Thirty-four etatos have now rati
fied the amendment to the Federal
constitution providing far an Income
tax. With tho ondorsoment of two
more states, which seams likely, the
amendment will be adopted and Con
gress will have tho authority to tax
(Now York Times.)
Mr. Taft Is unconquerablo In his
philosophy and his good humor. Vic
tory and defeat alike are great testa
of a man, but possibly dofeat Is tho
greater. Ho who triumphs and
comes Into power must rulo his own
spirit, but to tho losor falls tho honv
lor lot of having to bear dlsapolnt
ment and glvo no sign. In his Iotos
Club talk Mr. Tnft spoko with no
traco of resentment, least of all with
any bitterness, but with a scrcno
mind and with his accustomed pleas
antries, of tho disastrous ending of
his candidacy. It was, ns ho said,
"a very emphatic verdict." Doubt
less the very emphasis of It mado
some appeal to his sense of humor.
Who could bo vexed with .forty-six
sovereign states, or rago against 12,
000.000 votcrst Far from showing
that futile temper, tho President said
that ho "cherished only tho" deepest
gratitude to tho American people for
having given mo tho honor of hold
lug this olllce." That Is the spirit
that robs defeat of Its sting, that Is
the nobility of soul that lifts and sus
tains nud deprives this emphatic ver
dict of all power to embitter or hu
miliate. It was with sober dignity. In few
words but unmistakably, that Mr.
Taft alluded to the harsh Injustice
with which ho has been treated by
too many of his own party, by too
many of the people. Ho Is too well
aware of his own desert, of tho worth
of his service, and of the place he
holds In tho esteem of this communi
ty to make such a reference at all
out of place. Ho knows, nil candid
men know, that time will right this
wrong, ns it did In tho ultimate trib
ute of respect nud affection paid co
Grover Cleveland, who In his second
term was much railed at by the
groundlings and by factious foes Is good ground for the Pres
ident's belief that the period of muck
raking Is drawing to n close. Of that
conscienceless, slandering breed
many have sunk out of sight and
hearing, some of their publications
have gone with them, and public dis
gust has warned the rest to mend
tholr ways.
There U soundness and nfsdom In
Mr. Tart's suggestion of a slnglo
term of six jonra for our Presidents.
The gain to the people would be ob
vious and very great. In many ways
a presidential campelgn Is a jHibllc
nuisance. The tnlud of the people
are distracted, business, whether
foolishly or not, has acquired the
aaldt of coming to a hah, as though
some great calamity Impended
probably Mr. Taft will recall, not
without a reminiscent smile, that dur
ing the late campaign something was
said about the closing of factory
doors In esse the voting went wrong
and men, and women, too, are
drench! with a flood of utterance
nd wearied with paslonate mouth
(ngs. It Is unnecosary, it Is stupid.
if we should reduce tho frequency of
the national upheaval from three
times In twelve years to twice In
twolvo years the gain wouliT be im
mense. .Thero would bo the added
and important advantage of shield
ing the incumbent of the office from
the temptation to use power and pat
ronage In the effort to secure a sec
ond term.
According to soctlon 3204 of tho
gamo laws of Oregon, It Is now lawful
to offor wild ducks for salo, Tho sec
tion rends: "It shall bo unlawful
for any porsnn, firm or corporation
within tho stato of Oregon to soil or
offer for sale, barter or oxchango or
have In possession tor tho purposo
of sale, barter or exchange, and mal
lard ducks, wood ducks widgeon,
teal; spoonbill, gray, black, sprlgUll
or canvass back or any wild duck ho
twoen tho lGth day of December of
any year and tho lBlh day of Novem
ber of the following year,"
A union Thanksgiving sorvlco will
bo held In tho Mothodlst church to
morrow evening at S o'clock. Tho
proacher will ba Rev. W. R. Howell
of tho Bapt'at church, assisted by tho
other ministers of tho town. Special
music wll bo rendorcd-by n united
choir, Tho public Is Invited.
When you think of cut rImns, think
of Llbby'M at Pttttemon'.- Ailtrr.
Pursuant to direction of tho Com
mon Council, notice Is hereby given
thnt tho General Election for tho city
of Ilond will be held at tho Hose
House (being tho usual voting place)
In Bald city, between tho hours of 8
a. in. and 7 p. in. on Tuesday, Decem
ber thtrd(3rd), 1912, for tho purposo
of electing tho following officers:
Mayor, for ono year.
Treasurer, for ono year.
Alderman,, for two years, to suc
ceed Aid. Alton. ,
Alderman, for two years, to suc
ceed Aid. Wennudy.
Aldermen, for two yoars, to sue
succeed Aid. Lnttln. ,
And said council further nppolntod
the following election board:
F. N, May, chairman: Clydo Mc
Kay, Judge; J. II; Ilcan. Judgn: W. 11.
Coble, clerk: Clark Rhodes, clerk;
Ross Farnham, clerk.
Notice la first published In Tho
Bend Bulletin on November 20, 1912,
and posted In three public placet III
said city of Bend on November 20,
Attest: O. P. PUTNAM,
II. C. ELLIS, Recorder. Mayor.
(Legal Advertisement).
RATES: Fivo cents a lino foi
first Insertion In this column, fout
cents a lino for each subsequent In-
jortlon. Cash In advance unless
you have an account with Tho Bul
letin. Count six words to tho lino.
Including tho addross.
For Kil
FOR SALE Saddle horse, cheap.
Phone K. W. RIclmnhvHi. 3Stf
FOR SALE 10 aores (under the
Carey act) 3 mtlra of Ln Pine, Ore.
It is Inteerstlng to uote In tho
"IJew York Times" an advertisement
of the salo of the furniture of the
Democratic National Committee.
Hereafter, for at least four years, Un
cle Sam supplies the furniture neces
sary for Democratic use.
Springfield Republican).
Qeflrgo KyJIolmes of the agricul
tural department reports that tho In-
---- ..
and New Year
Sather's Hall
Saturday. Evening
Dec. 28
- -- .-.4
jST dessert"
If I I
c, " " ."
27, 1912
Sterling Silver Peposit
For glassware that is beautiful, dainty and ar
is absolutely the best ware in table adornment.
, Here are a few suggestions ":
Cruets Sherbet Dishes
Vases Fruit Dishes
Plates Card Receivers
Etc., Etc.
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7 -&
Will sell reasonable and ghc terms.
It "111 pay to Investigate this. Write
Jerry Madden, care 1. O. MallliiK Di
vision, Portland, Oro. 1710
FOR SALE -10 uries of ohulco Ir
rlgtited laud southeast of Uend, cith
er Improved or unimproved. Price
and torma attractive. Also wtor ,HIM)a ))te
right to 25 ncrcs under the North onn iinnk.
lateral irrigation t,o. hu univnr
son. 37tf
FOR SALE Nlco camrortahto cot
keoplHK rooms In Otttrnl IrrlKattoa
building apostle Hulleiln otHce. Up
FOR RENT It. M. (fenders' 4
room huuk, furulwhett ar UHfurnUi.
od. Hco F. ,L ltny, s&lf.
I'OR UU.VT Tonaor Irrigated
tract near town, with Itunm. out-
Enquire at First Nat
FOR RENT lit rooms wmd
fliMir of my new stone bHllttlnic on
Wall iLlrriMt. MlMIM ilUafaMl l&lll Al,
nR III Ikiulevord addition, RcniM the .UHvi.p.inuuiv. i it iL. a.i
Pilot, Butte
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Acreage on the Market.
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''as'', Orw
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I don't think there
io anything nicer for
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two nice big slices of
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Mama has canned peach
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Your friend,
' Jacob.
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gain. Promunl Cash Htnre, Mock
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many other HiIiikh. Itoa-on for toll-
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Mislnevs Ih tin I can attend to. Cull
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sold as I nm Kolng away soon.
31tf W. J. McOlllvrny.
FOR BALK Potatoes, cabbage,
onions at reasonable prices. Inquire
P. C. Hnnly oTi Judge Hills' ranch.
Telephone. ' " 363Sp
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furniture, dlnlngrnom chairs, stcol
range practically now. J. C. Rhodes.
New First National Dank llulldliiR
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coll springs, cotton mattrers, prac
tically new, uud n few other holme
hold goods. IiKiuIro "S", llullitlu
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housework. thtri Uy. I7()i
WANTKI) Work by IndMstrlous
young malt. P. O. Rox ?6. ftp
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nbln prleea. Call at first house imrili
Rend stwm lauiidry.-Adverttsumeiit.
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Ore. 3 Itf
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For hnle or Tutdr.
TO TRAIII5 A iHwInesti trttirtr
valuo 1 1. tot), how rnnied. to trade
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Rend. Ore. &tf
IXMT Small nay mare branded
box II -on left stltle. shod all roHn4.
ItewHrd of l. Xotlfy A. W. Wlllsrd, .
Uend. M-lip
LOUT On the street hetwnen O (
DuiiHslt'a liiilcher shop and The Iteud
Co.'m electric shop on Wall trel. oiim
SI-JmwoI Klfeln walrh. sllveruld raw
Finder pleam teste at J. It. Miners
real Mtatti oiilre and neelte re
ward. XTtf
LOKT Pair of gold-rimmed siwc
taelus. Fludnr leave at Hhiie)' store
Tiiki-n up,
TAKI.N UP Ono bay broken
horeo, wt about 000; ono whlto hind
loot; about 0 years old; branded u
boot and spur loft shoulder and loft
Jaw. Owner can havo by proving
property and paying charges, 8 tow
art ranch, lk miles northeast of
Rend. Charles Lowo. 38-IOp
For Rent.
FOR RENT Furnished hoimo
across street frqm Ilaptlst church,
next to blacksmith shop. Inquire of
Mrs. B. D. Wilson or Dr. Forrell. 38ti
FOR RKNT Good pasture, Tolo
phono or call on Or, P, II. Doncer. Otf
FOR RBNT Oood five-room
liouso, close in. Bee F, O, Minor at
pobtolllco. 2 Otf,
FOR HUNT Two suites houso
i nnnrninh
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Bend Hardware Co.
Bend, '