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rAGB 9.
BOOSTS Inltiirntlnl IVilodlenl In New York
Him Viiliuible A rlli Ic Tclllnjr
of Hebrew (.'olnnluitloii In
OiMilrnl HrrKUii
Through tho nativity of A. Mealier
if Portland, mi uxtoiiitlvo article, ad
rllliiK Ilmiil mid Citntrnl Oregon
-lmsJust been published lu tlio Jewish,
Dully Nuwh, uf Now York Clly, it
periodical uf very wldo circulation.
, portion jif Ilia tirtlclo, translated
IlltO English, U ItH follOWHi
"A enr o, two of tho gruntest
irtllrtiHtl (ehis In tho country cut
tliolr wny through tlm Interior of
Oregon tho OrcKOii Trunk and Des
chutes Hallways mndu n path of
rails between tho city uf I'ortlnml
mill tho clly or llend. Iltiiid In !()
uated on tho Deschutes Itlver which
In ono of tho greatest 1n tho North
west for tho developing of powrr,
Hint will noon Im heavily needed In
this part of tho country.
"During my business operations I
litiil tho opportunity to study tho
situation of thn country nml n n
farmer of tho Northwest, I foresaw
I lie oportunltlea (hut nro to lie made
In tho clly of Mo ml and Citntrnl One
Kflii. I Immediately took up Hut
matter with prominent people. In tho
rlly of I'ortliHttl and after a ureal
itcnl of work I havo formed an or
KnuUtlon known aa the Hebrew
Acrlculiurat Association of Oregon,
with nolo Intent of hating our people
fako up claims of either 100 or 320
ncrea of government Uml aa provlilml
uniler tho hoiucatead not.
'Tho Association linn Mint out n
commlttro to Central Oregon, to -Minimi
tho condition nnd resources
of the territory, nnd itftor a thorouxh
loteatlgullnn, they emmt hsrk and re
IKirted tatorably. Ktp were taken
hiiiI arrnngomenla made to settle the
oiuHlry with Jttwh rolonlc. This
colonisation will Ik? situated around
Hcnd on thn Irrigation project ami on
the dry fnriuliiK land. Thn reason
that thane IS fmnltlen have Med their
claim ao soon la on aceoiint of thn
fact that tho land In thU section of
the country I well adapted to tho
kind of farming na theto eoplu nro
to do.
"ThU new ttrrllory contain over
n million and a half acrea of land,
which la kooiI for wheat, onta, hay,
corn nnd alfalfa. Thn clluialn la
ustlsfsclory In all canon. It la not
too cold In winter with n moderate
A Valuable Silver Cup for the Best
Agricultural Exhibit
of products Krown tributary to tho Oregon Trunk. Spokane. Tort
land nml Jk-nttle, Oregon Electric nnd United Railways nt the
Pacific N.-W. Land Products Show
i'OHTLANI). NOV. 18.2!l. w I' lw jriven hy these Itnllwnyii. $9.P.r.
Kound Trip to I'ortlnml from Hcml. Tickcla on sale Nov. 18, 10,
20. Return limit Nov. 2..
$16.75 KcHd Trifi to Sfokww for Um
Tickets on wle Nov. 10th to 10th Inclusive. Return limit Nov. 20.
Train leftvlnp; CentrahOregon In morning arrives Portland
A. 6:;i0 l M and Spokane u:to r. w.
ifl Schedules, details, etc., will be furnlsheil on application.
Gen. Frt. & Tasa, Agt.
Hotel Wright
(Successsr to the New Taggart Motel.)
Lirgcst Modern tlostlery In Bend
at Bond Street and Greenwood Avenue,
Free Auto Service
hiiow fall. Tlio mi in mora nro not
uaunlly warm mid thn nights nro vory
"Tho Drat colony la now located In
l,nko county( lift miles anutHpaat of
llond. Tlio Eastern Oregon It. It.,
which aiirvoy la now complotod, will
cut through Ihla liiml which will glvo
llond three rullronda, All this land
Ilea within tho boundary of Crook,
lliiruoy mid Ialo coiintlea."
A clilllrd ml In Tho IJiillrlln I
trail Ity hundred rind Orlnu tlm nil
vertlier kwmI returns for the money
Invented, ,
Alii Hixlety Worker lrrrllr Condi
Ilium of t'lifortiinntc Children.
John K: (lllpack, of tho (llrla nnd
Doya Aid Koclety of Oregon, wna huro
Friday, mid during lila vlalt wna n
Kiieat nt tho lloild Uchoola for nu
nfternooii, Ho nddiced tho puplla
lu ovory room upon toplca connected
with tho work of tho society, telling
chiefly of tho conditions nnd tho
treatment of dollnuuout children
throughout tho atnto. Ilia Interest
lux Inforiniil tnlka worn received with
grent lutvroat hy acholata mid teach
era. Aa a roaiilt of hla vlalt thuro
will ho n Thanksgiving contribution
laknii u i atnoiiK tho school-goor.
money nnd various articles being re
ceived for dlatrlliutton anionic tho un
fortunate children with whom tho
Portland homo worka.
The aoclety now linn anmo 70
children In Ha Portland homo, mid
about 000 are under Ito general onro,
IIvIiik nt houiea throughout the atnto.
Two hoya from llend, tho Hlnvcna
youiiRaiera, who were taken by Mr.
Kllpack anmo uiontha a no, ho report
aa dolnic well. One la IIvIiik with n
family and oiin I at thn home.
.mi ifca
I'otilaml Woman, Delighted Willi
Tom it. I'luiU llnrinfiil tVlllm II err.
Mra. Uia Porter of rnrllnnd, who
la Interested In llend mid ha been
connected with tho aale of llend
properly to outaldo luveatora waa
hern laat week Kottlnx aniualntcd
with the town and tho opportunltlea
of the adjacent territory,
"I have boon an Orexonluii for S3
yen i a mid hnvo IIvihI In nil aectloua
of the atale," ald Mra. 1'ortor. "nnd
nowhere have I aceu n town with
batter proapecta than llend. Thuro
la Juat ou M)ul that iieeda ntteutlnu.
A few knock era rlKht hero In town
atioulitlie Klveu free tlcketa not re
turn tlcketa, mind ou. (let rid of
them. If they don't like the town
they ahniild be Kind to kcI out. Tho
Drat ovenliiK I wna hero n man nnd
hla wife, who wero In thn hotel lob
by, look tho trouble to tell mo Juat
why llend waa no i;ood. They
'knocked' for half an hour, and they
anld they worn old realdeuta. People
llkii that du n lot of harm, to them
aelvea mid to tho town."
J. H. CdttBrHT. At.f
Dend, Ore.
tofand from Trains.
Dreila nml I'ntenU I'lleil Ilerently
With County Clerk nt I'rluevllle
IrvliiK II. Hii-ll to (leo. IJ. Wok
Konnr, It 'i, blk 37, Center Add, llend.
Hldnoy I). I'erclvat lo ICro BprliiR
Well Co., e' Ha 0, 7, w It H, blk
, Oateway. $20.
llond I'nrk Co. lo Kmll M. I ward,
It 2, blk 1 24. lat nil llond I'ark. 1200.
Win, (I. I'ordhani to llrndcnuib
Town IrrlKntlon &, Tower Co., aoU
-' t-Ul-10. 11000.
J, II, Mean to II. J. Overturf, Ita
2-:i. blk 27. llond. $1.
I ,u I'lno Towualte Co. to M, Kit
Ketila I'ratt, It 30, blk 33, Lu I'lne.
Oeo. Koronaeti to J. II, Cartwrlght,
undivided of SO-17-12. $1,
i, K. Hawlilll to O. C, llciikle, Ita
3-1, acVi aw4 7, ie' nw'i 18-20.
11. $1.
Nowlon KAIIer Co. to L. I). Wleat.
It I. blk V, It 10, blk II, Wlcatorlu.
O, Itllaaetl Trim to A. J. Atllleraon,
MVi UH-Vi 31-17-13. $10,
C. C. Covey to W. C. Olbaon. iio4
21-10-13. $2r00.
A. J. Iloyd to -John J. Hupp, a'
nu',',, n',4 aoU 0-18-11. $10.
C. H. Itaiidolph to M. (). Coo, a)U
awVi, part of aw1, an' boliiK 22
rods on wt aide, of 27-17-12. $1.
In tho Circuit Court or tho Hliite of
Oregon, for the County of Crook.
II. J. Overturf, plaintiff, va. K. II.
Kiiiuniy nnd Helen II, Hum my, de
fendant. To K. II. Htimniy and Helen It. Hum-
my, defendanta:
In the natiio of tho Btato of Ore
Kon vou are Urreby required to -pear
nnd nnawer complaint filed
aRalnat you In the aliovo entitled
ault within alx weeks from the dato
of the flrat publication of thla aum
inona, and If you fall to appear nnd
nnawer, for want thereof, plaintiff
will apply to the Court for tho relief
prayed for In the complaint, to-wlt:
1'or thn forecloaiiro acoordliiK to
law of that certain morttcnRO bear
lux dale tho Slat day of October,
1011, executed by you to aecuic
plaintiff In tho payment of the aum
of $22150 with Interim nt 0 cr cent
K)r nullum from the lat dny of Oc
tober, 1011, and that tho premlaea
deaerlbed lu mid mortRauo bo aold
accordliiK to the law and practice of
thla Court, and that tho proceoda of
aald aale be applied to tho payment
- -
nr j
of anld aum, and $225 attorney's fees,
totfothor with tho coats and dlaliurae
meiits of suit, nnd thnt tho plaintiff
Imvo Judgment affalnat you ami each
of you for tho aum of $2250 with
Interest thereon at tho rnto of 0 per
cent per annum from tho 1st day of
October, 1011, for $225 nttoruey'a
fees and for tho coats and dlaburao
meuta of thla action, nnd such other
relief aa to tho Court tuny aeem Just
and equltablo,
Ihls summons Is served upon you
by puhllcat'on by authority of an
ordor of tho Hon. H. C. Kills, Judge
of the County Court of Crook County.
Htnlo of Oregon, said order Is dated
the 30th day of October, 1912, and la
duly recorded and entered lu snld
Date of first publication, October
3oth, 1012.
34-10 Attorney for plaintiff.
In tho Circuit Court or the Htate of
Ort'Kon, for the County or Crook.
First National Hank or llend, n
corporation, plaintiff, vu, Knrl H,
Houston, May Houston and J, O.
Hogora, defoudauta,
To J, I). ItoKora, ono or tho above
named defendants,
In tho name or the Ktato of Ore
xou, you nr hereby required to ap
pear and nnawer tho complaint Died
against you in thn nlove entitled ault
within six weeks from tho date or tho
flrat publication of thla aiimmuna, and
If you rail to appear and answer, for
want thereof, the plaintiff will npply
to the Court for the relief prayed for
lu tho complaint, to-wlt:
For the cancellation and sotting
asldo of that certain conveyance nnd
transfer made hy tho defendants,
Karl II. Houaton nnd May Houston,
conveying to you the N, Hair or the
N'. l. Quarter nnd the N. K, Quarter
of N. V. Quarter or Section 15 nnd
the 8. i:. Quarter or the 8. W.
Quarter or Section 30, Township 17,
South or Itnnjte 12, K. W. M. In
Crook County, Oregon, as fraudulent
and void against thla plaintiff. That
you account under the direction of
this Court for ull the property so re
ceived by you by conveyance rrom
aald Karl II. Houaton and May Hous
ton, nnd that you and each or said
idofetidanta be restrained rrom trans
ferring or incumbering said property,
and that aald property be adld and
the proceeds or said sale Ixi applied
to tho payment and satisfaction or
plalntlffa Judgment as secured against
the defendanta, May Houston nnd
rtarl Houston on the lGth dny of Fol
runry. 1912 In tho Circuit Court or
Crook County, Oregon, for the sum
or $90C.3h nn, $10 costs nnd $106
j attorney fees.
This summons Is served tion you
1 by publication by authority of an
- ..
Commencing November first we shall
confine our bnsiness to a cash basis.
In doing so we will be able to furnish
our customers Flour, Feed and Mill
stuffs at the very lowest prices.
IWe wish to thank our many friends
for the loyal support they have given
during the last year, and we take pleas
ure in stating that we are now in a
position to turn out a better product
at less cost than in the past.
JWe shall be pleased to have old and
new customers. call . and -inspect o.ur.
mill and our methods.
Milling (2b Warehouse
C. MOZELL, ftgMMgttv
ordor of tho Hon. It. C. Kills, Judge
or tho County Court or Crook County,
Oregon, Hald ordor lit dated tho 20th
dny or October, 1912, and Is duly
recordod and entered In said suit.
Onto or first publication, October
Both, 1012.
34-10 Attorney for plaintiff.
In the County Court of the Btato of
Oregon for Crook County,
In the mattor of tho Kstato of
Anna T. Auno, deceased.
The undersigned having been np
polnted Kxecutor or the Iast Will
and Testament or Anna T. Auno, de
ceased, notice Is hereby given to the
creditors ot said Katnto nnd all tier-
jiona having claims against said de
ceased to present them duly verified
as required by law, within alx months
from the date of this Notice, to the
undersigned nt tho office or C, 8.
Hcnson, lawyer, Hend, Oregon.
Hated this Oth day of October, 1912.
Kxecutor or tho Last Will nnd Tcsta
mont of Annn T. Aune, deceased.
In tho Circuit Court or tho Btato of
Oregon, for tho County or Crook.
Tho Hend Company, a corporation,
Plaintiff, vs. O. C. Cooper and N. A.
Cooper, co-pnrtners, doing business
under the Arm name nnd stylo of
The Terrebonne Lumber Co., De
fendants. To O. C. Cooper and N. A. Cooper,
nltovo named Defendants:
In the name ot the State or Ore
gon you are hereby required to ap
pear and nnawer tho complaint f"d
against you In tho above entitled
ault within alx weeks from the date
of the flrat publication of this sum
mons, and If you fall to appear and
answer for want thereof the Plaintiff
will apply to the Court tor the relief
prayed for In the Complaint, to-wlt:
for Judgment against you and each
ol you ror tho aum of $719.20 with
Interest thereon at the rate of 10 per
cent per nnnum from April 17, 1912,
until paid, and for tho costs and dis
bursements of this action.
This summons Is served upon you
by publication by authority ot an
order or the Honorablo H. C. Kills,
Judge of the County Court ot the
State of Oregon for tho County or
Crook. Bald ordor Is dated the 24th
day or September, 1912, and Is duly
recorded nnd entered In aald Court
nnd action.
Date or first publication Septem
ber 26, 1912.
29-35 Attorney for Plaintiff.
:. ?
S !
In tho County Court of tho State of
Oregon for Crook County.
In tho matter ot the Kstato ot
Arnt Auno, deceased.
The undersigned having been ap
pointed Kxecutor 01 the La Will
and Testament of Arnt Auno, Do
ceased, notice Is hereby given to tho
creditors' of said Kstato and nil per
sons having claims against ssld de
ceased to present them duly verified
as required by law, within six montha
from tho date of this Notice, to tho
undersigned nt tho office of C. 8.
Hcnson, lawyer, llend, Oregon.
Dated this 9th dsy or October, 1912.
Kxecutor of the Last Will and Testa
ment of Arnt Auno, deceased. 34
In tho Circuit Court of the Btato of
Oregon, for tho County of Crook.
Central Oregon Irrigation Com
pany, a corporation, Plaintiff, vs.
Frank Stevens and S. L. Dew and
Desert I-and Hoard of Oregon, De
fendants. To Frank Stevens and S. L. Dew,
Defendants. -
In the name of tho Btato of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to
appear and nnawer the complaint
filed against you In tho above entitled
suit within six weeks from tho day of
the first publication of this summons
and It you fall to appear and answer,
for want thereof, tho plaintiff will
apply to the Court for the relief
prayed for In complaint, to-wlt: For
the cancellation and aettlng aside of
a certain contract, dated October 21,
1904, mado between you and tho
Deschutes Irrigation and Power
Company and assigned to said plain
tiff, relating to the settlement of cer
tain lands, and the purchase of water
rights appurtenant thereto, situate In
Crook County, Oregon, and for such
other and further relief as may seem
to the Court Just and equitable.
This summons is served upon you
by publication by authority of an
order of the Hon. XV. L. Hradshaw,
Judge of tho Circuit Court of tho
State of Oregon, for tho County of
Crook, and said order Is dated the
12th day of September, 1912, and Is
duly recorded nnd entered In said
Court nnd suit.
Date ot flrat publication, Septem
ber 18th, 1912.
8-34 Attorney tor the Plaintiff
Central Oregon
Brokerage Co.
; Agents for the
Wo carry a complete stock
of hams, bacons, salt meats,
J lards and compounds with
the United Warehouse Co.
t at Bend. Prompt attention
f to mall or phone orders.
Wholesale only
t Office ant Salesrooms ''
f Bend, Oregon.
Selling Agents for
Aubrey Heights tj
The most beautiful resi
dence property in Bend. Only
6 to 8 blocks from business
center on easy terms.
Fire, Accident and Liability
Surety Bonds.
All classes of Real Estate.
Oregon Street.
Sanitary Ptambiig
Promptly Attested to.
PMtotfk Box No. 171
Roofing of all kinds. Repairing
promptly done.
Y Furnace Contractor
Guttering, Spouting,
Cornices and Skylights.