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xnw itKNn nui.t.KTJN, hend, vrink.way, BnrtRHiren oar, iiriaf.
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A good, llvo corespondent Is want
ed by Tho nullottn at tlto following
places: Prlncvlllc, Hcdmond, Sis
tors nnd Mtlllcan Vnlloy, to send In
news Items and act as our agents.
Liberal pay. Address, llullctln,
Ucnd, Oregon.
CRESCENT, Sept. 21 P. II, Funk
returned from Portland last week,
0. W. Anderson spent Sunday with
his fanitljr.
John Knott, road suprovlsor for
northern Klamath county, is hero to
begin worlt on tho road south of
Ranger Matin Is in from Diamond
Peak to remain for tho winter,
Josoph L. ltlngo, F. V. Tattcn
nnd E. A. Marshall camo In from
Camp Lonroth Monday. Mr. Patten
left on Tuesday's stago for Portland.
Mrs. C. W. Long, Misses Maynio
nnd Dorothy Anderson. William O.
Ilarrlman Mid donnau C. Hlch con
stituted an enthusiastic party who
climbed Odcll Ilutto Sunday.
Fay Howard has returned to Cnmp
Lonroth with supplies and machinery
for the Hunter Land Co. J. II.
Katon went through with him on his
way to Ited llluir, Cal.
Raymond P. Abbott, Luman C.
Hlch and Walter Hunt are nt Heaver
Marsh for j few days.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Wenandy, L.
F. Wakefield, Mrs. Sutherland and
It. O. IxKlcr were at Crescent and
Odell lakes this week In Mr. Wc
nandy's oar.
L. F. Wakefield, manager of the
Crescent Townsite Co.. is here, as
sisted by Hnglneor Robert Gould,
laying out an SO-acro addition to
tho present townsltc.
Marshall C. Hayes and Paul Fror
dlg, assoc'ated with tho forestry de
partment during the past summer,
have returned to tho Oregon Agri
cultural College at Corvallls to re
sume their studies.
PINEHUItST. Sept. 21. Road
Supervisor Root returned from Rod
mond Wednesday, where bo has been
Improving the roads.
Charles McDermott mado busi
ness trip to Ilcnd Thursday.
Mr. ShacklcL from Tumalo was a
caller In tho neighborhood Wednes
day. Mrs. M. A. Everett, mother of Mrs.
J. L. Couch, arrived Tuesday from
Los Angeles, Cal.
John Haaellerg and son aro mak
ing hay on their farm In the Couch
O. W. Saydor made a business trip
to Laldlaw Monday.
A. McAllister and family woro do
ing business In Ilcnd Thursday.
Mahlon Couch arrived Thursday
night from Goshen, Ore., where ho
has been visiting with his sister.
Chas. Sjiaugh went to Ilcnd Friday
on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Couch spent
Monday in Redmond.
A number of Plnehurst residents
attended tho fair in Laldlaw Satur
day. Mrs. John Hasselberg. who has
been conflnod to her bed with rheu
matism lor some time, is reported
a little better.
Jay Nlcboui, who has been baling
hay for Cuauncey Decker, returnod
Friday night to spend tho week-end
with his mother.
Mrs. Geo. Wlmer of Tumalo called
on Mrs. John Hasselberg Sunday.
- ---4
HAMPTON, Sept. 17 A. B. Fog.
V. T, Harrison and Uurr Wack re
turned from Hend Sunday, Mr,
Wack brought in a load for A. T,
Shaver's well drilling outfit.
Mrs. 15. F, Ilassett, son and
mother, Mrs. Flake, left for Ucnd
the 15th, whero they expect to bo
for a few weeks.
L. C. Peck seeded 20 acres to ryo
during tho last week.
.Miss Kthcl Fogg left for Portland
last Wednesday, whore sho expects
to attend school during the winter.
J. N. Crow and H. C. Miller lofi
hero Friday morning expectjiia t
haul freight fsreynJVrMuK' o
Lake county, t Messrs:. Harrison,
llluck and PecK'left today for tho
name purpose,
Lee and Louis Miller aro out and
nt work with their baling outfit In
the vicinity of Deud.
Mr. Qllham Is in Prlneville gettliyd
uis seen rye.
It is rumored that relinquishments
nro selling for big prices In this
neighborhood. One man was offered
J1000 for, bis 320-acre homestead
and ,refu8qd without hesitation,
Mrs. "W. McConnell of Imperial
was a Hampton visitor last Monday.
- - - - - - - - - - -
POWELL 11UTTE, Sept. 23 A
meeting was hold nt tho Shepherd
schoolhnuso last week to plan where
by the great amount of farm produce
raised horo might bo satisfactorily
disposed of, especially tho largo po
tato crop.
Uort Reynolds and Will Drown aro
running Leo Hobb's tinier this season.
Walter Foster's attractive bunga
low cottngo la now completed nnd
tho carpenter, Kd Persson, nan gone
ovor on Crooked river to do somo
carpentering for Mlko Mayfleld.
Frank Dayn Is hauling his wheat
to tho milling company at Dond.
Mrs. A. D. Morrill returned Inst
week from a trip to tho John Day
country for fruit. Mrs. W. A. Dntea
of Dond accompanied hor over, but
returned with hor fnthor K. W,
Taylor, who has a largo fruit ranch
near Mitchell.
-- i
LAIDLAW, Sept. 24 Tho fair wui
a decided success this year and re
flected great credit on tho ladles of
tho West Sldo, who were ably sup
ported by tho Development League
Everybody was proud of tho fruit
exhibit the fruit was fine In slxo
and quality and tho flavor excellent.
Tho ladles served lunch, Ico cream
and cake all afternoon and tho re
t Because Its
tnailo ilffht.
skilled nlow exnerta whoso enu&l
ctnnnt bo found Iii
tory in tho world. There aro many different
1.m e9 rtlnwa jm,,!, Tifm!nf In Im tlin liral vpt
tho fact remains that tltrco John Deero plows nro
In use to ono of any other
iorv. tha larccst in tho world,
plows than any flvo other factories combined.
Standard of the World
For Over
Tho rionccr Plow Maker, John
band from the ulado of a saw in ltU7. Tho flrrt slab or steel roiled in
tho United States was rolled for tho
Woods, or l'ltttuurg. in 1840.
Deero Plows have shown tho way
great national industry. Is it any
world ex press Mieir rnuct in
uecro--ii'a Kisnt.-
Wo mako over 1000 styles
can bo maUc, the veal tnat
ment can produce. Ko
be. wo can supply
Hog Center s
All indications point toward Hend as the center of
a profitable and extensive bog raising section. Tho cli
matic conditions of this section aro Ideal, Shipping
facilities mako rapid transportation at low cost possible,
Farmers will do well to look into tho hog raising busl-
jSjjpcss as It Is a paying one.
"y Getting the largest profit oht of a pig, requires
simply proper feeding to dovolop tho greatest amount of
weight in the shortest tlmo, on the most economical feed.
Union Meat Company's Digester Tankage dovolops
bone and musclo in young pigs, and makes thorn grow.
It prevents rheumatism, thumps and rlckotts. It im
parts such fit and flnlsh (o "show" swine' and' market
l hogs that It lias won tho tltlo, "The food that makes
Prize 'Winners and Market Toppers." -,
Unlotr Meat Company's Dlgestor Taukftfi. la'the most
economical feed obtainable. KxporlmeMtaayo. howri'
that 1 worth of Dlgestor'TaJnkaeo puts more weight on
to n. boKnaq tl wdj;tiotany other kind of food.
, v'-V DfgcMterTahkago Is a concentrated Protein Meal.
' ,It'la made from fresh, wholesomo plecoa of meat trimmed
from beef. It Is shipped In tho form of n meal which
makes It easily mixed In mash feeds. Shipped In con
venient 100 pound sacks. Keeps indefinitely.
Digester Tankage has beon trlod and recommended
nnd is now being used by best growers and authorities
in the Northwest. . It Ib becoming more popular evory
day. It will pay you to know moro about It. Send at
once for circular No. 49.
Central Oregon Brokerage Co.
Ilcnd, Oregon.
- - - -
ceipts for tho day were JIOMR. Tho
Pioneer Cream Co. donated n ton
gallon freexer of Ico cream to tho
ladles for which tho Indies nud the
Development League wish to thank
tho donors through tho columns of
The Dond llullctln,
R. C. Cunningham nnd wife of
Santiago, Cat., were among tho ninny
visitors Saturday who helped mnko
tho fair n pleasant nnd profitable
succors. Mr. Cunningham Is look
ing around with a view to locating,
W. K. Sandol nnd George Snyder
went to Dond Monday on business.
Mr, Snndel began baling hay today.
L. II. Root nnd family wont to
Dond Monday.
Mrs. Flshor arrived In laldlaw
Friday ovonlng. Sho Is tho wife of
tho local merchant. Gcorgo Flshor.
Tho Laldlaw Dramatic Co. was a
howling success Saturday night In
tho farco, "The Dressing Gown."
Grovcr Gorklng manipulated tho
dressing gown very artistically and
his falls woro both full of grace nnd
from Grnco considering tho way ho
threw his wife, Mrs. D. C. Cady, nnd
his daughter, Miss Mnrgnret Mock,
Into tits of rage nnd floods of tear.
Tho butler, Jack Wlmer, nud tho
matd, Miss Fay (lurking, were also
caught In tho tldo of passion nnd nnd
a lover's quarrel. Hut after tho
much-Insulted wlfo had out n foot
or two of goods from tho bottom of
tho offending gown, mid tho daugh
ter, not knowing of tho shortening,
had also taken off a foot or so more,
then IhiIIi survnnts following suit,
ponco was restored and a very stylish
Eton Jacket was tho result. Hron
a Deere
br a force of
ncr other nlow fac
kind, Tho John Deero Fac-
turns out cvenr year inoro
60 Years
Deere, mado his first steel plow ly
John Dcrro plows by William
Ana ever since inoso cariy-osys
and maintained tho lead in this
wonder that the farmers of tho
wo jomuisr punuc, u
or plows, cacn as gcoa as it
brains and poriect equip
matter wnat your neeus may
Uiem irom our unc.
- - - -
Cady, as Miss Mock's lovor. quite
"extinguished" himself In tho last
net. Miss Ellon Crawford nud Miss
Dora Ford furnished tho music,
which all enjoyed, both young Indies
liolntr vnr nfllnloiit uiimlnlniiH. 't'lin
until "Mr IWnliin Dnii.i liv Mliill
Nellie J nines, and "Tho Plrnto Chief."
by Ncal Ray, woro greatly enjoyed,
nnd tho Laldlaw quartet, consisting
of Ncal Ray, Rny (lorktug, Grover
Gerklug nud Mr, Hnrr. sang "When
tho Dow Is on tho Rose" nnd uucoru
"Tho Daisies Won't Toll." Tho boys
are nil good singers and did lino,
Roy Winters and A. F. Cutting
hnm woro in Laldlaw Inst week from
tho "high dcHorl" buying supplies
and n seeder npleco from G. W,
Horner. Mr, Winters Intends to
sow wheat this fnll, Ho la very en
thusiastic ovor some recent experi
ments. Ho will also enlarge his
houso nnd build n barn.
L. II. Root nud family wero In
town Sunday morning looking nt thu
exhibits as they were unable to at
tend tho fair Saturday,
Rev. A. O. Walker of Alfalfa
closed his year's ministry hero last
Sunday but hns offorcd to fill the
pulpit again two weeks from that
time when It Is hoped to hnvo ar
rangements mado to keep him next
- 4
REDMOND. Sept. S3 Presiding
II, O, Perry will be hero Friday ovc
nlnr to hold thu first quarterly con
ference. I A boy wns born to Mr. and Mrs.
ndrow Sears Monday morning,
Mr Ferris' mother came from
Lllensburg, Wash., to mnko him nil
cxtonslvo visit.
A reception was given In the M
E. church Inst Wednesday for Rev
and Mrs. Crenshaw. A good pro
gram was Hindered nnd light refresh
ments wero sorved,
Mrs. Clem Drown, who underwent
an operation two weeks ngn, Is now
refuted on the road to recovery.
It Is understood that Mr. Hush Is
to erect n fine house on A nnd 1st
streets In tho near future. The
foundation Is now being laid.
A recoptlon was given nt tho home
of Mesdnnies Fry and Dtttumoio last
Friday ovonlng in honor of Mr. nnd
Mrs, Perry Itccdy, alxiut SO peoplo
bolng present, flames woro played
during tho evening nnd liefore tho
guests departed luncheon was served.
Tho Itedmond Robokah lodge was
entertained by tho Prlnovlllu lodge
Friday, Sept. SO, tho occasion being
tho Cth nnnlversnry of tho Hebekah
lodge. Until time to go to thq hall
Mrs. McDowell's hotel was open to
J tho Itodmoud Ilobekahs. The
'guests wero welcomed at tho hall by
a largo crowd, An excellent pro
gram was rendered, at tho close of
which tho Itedmond lodge was 'in
vited to put on Its floor work. After
this tho visitors wero escorted to II, e
dining hnll, whoro tho tables woro
loaded with everything ono could
--- --- oft
---- -v
TUMALO. Sept. 23 Mr. and Mrs.
P. A. Woolloy attended tho West
Sldo exhibit held nt Laldlaw on tho
Chester Reeves of tho Columbia
Southern hoadgato visited at tho
Star ranch Wednesday , returning
with a bunch of men from Hend who
camo out to fight a forest fire, which
after difficulty thoy located about
four or flvo miles southwest of this
Gcorgo Campbell of Tumalo at
tended tho play and dance at Lald
law Saturday night.
Arthur Ilrlnson and Cris Oalleberg
of Hend have taken n contract of
grubbing for Wlmer & Sons, but at
this writing Mr. Galleberg Is vory
sick. The boys aro occupying one of
the buildings at the old Smith-High-.tower
Mr. and Mrs. F, F, Smith wore out
to tholr land here Sunday.
Jack Kelloy and party of Bond
men passed through horo on tholr
way home from a prospecting trip
along the Illuo river, west of tho
Joo Hanson of Redmond was in
Tumalo Saturday,
. Charles Uufbln of Antolopo passed
hero with a band of sheop Saturday.
lie" hos a lino band and they-aro In
flno'' condition. " ' , ,
.(pJiucloB Wlmer wns over In tho
Gist country last Sunday. Ho pur
chased several hoad of cattle of Print
Vantassel. Tho Wltners nro on the
market to buy nil tho young stock
thoy can find, as thoy nrp going Into
tho cattlo business again.
J, L. Cody of Ilnndon, Ore., a
friend of Mr. Wlmer, was visiting for
several days at tho Wlmer home al
Tumalo last week,
P, A. Woolloy has Just completed
the cutting and stacking of his largo
crop. He is also doing consldorablo
plowing and grubbing of late. Ho
has a largo crop of potatoos.
George Campbell of the Star ranch
will go onto his homestead soon for
the winter and will mako extensive
Improvements. He has a flno place
southeast of Gist.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Cook were in
We Are Locating Fifty Families on
Thla la just ono group of thu ninny for whom wo nro Rot
ting frco homed In Control Oregon. Those fifty fiimlllcn
hnvu como to us through tho Ilobrow Agricultural Socluty
of Portland.
Why Did Thoy Seloct CBNTR.AL ORJEGON?
Uocmiso Investigation proved that tho host free lamia In
America nro found horo.
Why Did Thoy Select Us to Locate Thorn?
HecnusQ Investigation proved thnt wo nro thu best Informed
nnd tho most rollnhla Incntom in tho buslneiw.
Ore. Land & Immigration Co.
Low Fares West
rvrrnv inrni
. is.Ba
&wt-m;mv mi u
Chicago . 1K 00 St Paul (10 00
Clucluuattl. . , . 41 85 Kansas City 30 00
Milwaukee fl 70 Omahn So 00
fit. UmiIh 17 00 Dotunnltiea .18. X.I
New York H6.00 Indianapolis 40.60
Detroit Dnnter 30.00
Prom Other Hnstorn Points in Proportion.
Toll your friends In tho Hast of this opportunity of moving West
nt low rates. Direct train service vln llurllngton Route, Noilhnrii
Pacific. Groat Northern. "North Hank" nnd Oregon Trunk Hallways.
You en ii dnHislt funds with mo nnd west bound tickets will be
furnished people In the (fast.
Details will bn furnished on request,
A fifty page Illustrated book dsscrlblng tho districts of Central
Oregon will bo forwarded to you or your friends If you wrlto W,
E Coman, General Freight Agent, Oregon Trunk Hy.. Portland.
W. E. COMAN, General Frl. nnd J. II. COIIIIKTT, Agent,
Pass. Agt., Portland, Ore. Rend, Ore.
Tumalo Sunday on their way to tholHopt, IGth with Miss Ellon Crawford
I, E. Wlmer farm.
-- -
ItmClKWAY. Kont. 23 (IllUirt
and Kills .Kdglngton wore Bunilyv,",,wl "l ,ho HH"tK,n homo
visitors at W. F. Lovercns'. , a,rlf1?," M,arK ""V1.,
I from Willamette valley nro visiting
Tho Plalnvlow neighborhood hoaltluy MeCallutcr at his farm near
preaching' services, each nlturtnito (list."
Sunday at 3 p. in., by Rov. It. Town
of Slstors.
Thursday Mlra Dorrla S. Keel re
turnod to her homo In Portland from
n three works' visit nt tho Scngglu
- Thursday Miss Lucy Crawford re
turned to Corvallls to continue her
courao nt O. A. C.
Saturday evening tho young jieoplo
of Rldgoway enjoyed a bonllro party
at Mrs. M. Crawford's as a farowoll
to Miss Lucy boforo her return to
school, Tho evening was spont In
pantomime program, music, toasting
msrshmallows, etc.
Tho school at Plalnvlow oponod
Talk About
I 'have hcen fbrJUi-. -nute
enough to pro
cure the exclusive
agency on mx Ore
gon hand-made:
Deer killed in Ore
gon, hide tunned in
Oregon, glove' iriad'e
in Oregon and sold
in Hend.
And guaranteed by G, V.
Fisher, Manufacturer, at
Brownsville, Oregon
For solo by
Ilcnd, Oregon
Mrs. John McKlnney Is visiting
hor Mother, Mrs. Ixitt Pulllam.
Ralph Limbeck has been hauling
lumber to build a resilience on thn
homestead of Mrs .Smith.
Sunday II. Schumacher and family
(Reported for Tho Hullolln.)
Fourteen now pupils woro received
last week and nine up to Tuesday
noon of thla week, making tho total
enrollment 245. There woro also
thrco visitors who expect to enter
school this wook. John Hates, Nerval
Sprlugor and Lloyd Kelly entered
tho High School Monday, These
boys woro In school hero last year.
Inquiries concerning High School
work have boon received recently
from Edward Oraborhorst, Flarher,
N. I)., Dorothea McCauloy, Felton,
Minn., and Rev. W. A. Pratt, Hopp
nor, Oregon.
A complnto list of officers, teachers
and pupils wns deposited In tho cor
ner stono of tho Prcsbytorlnri church
lost Sunday upon Invitation1 of l)r,
Gorby, addrcssod lo tho board.
Tho following program was rend
ered at tho formal flag raising last
Friday afternoons "Throo j,ttlo.
Sisters", firsthand sooonir'Krndea,
,.,Aluerlca-,',(wo stnnras) second nud
third grades; "Thoro nro Many
Flags," third and fourth gradoa.
"Columbia, tho Gem of tho Ocean,"
fourth nnd fifth grades; "Flag of thu
Froo." fifth, sixth nnd seventh
grades; "Flug Hnluto," gradea ono
to fours "Star Spanglod Hannor,"
grades flvo to twolvo; "Amorlcn",
(last stanza) entire school. Many
vlnltors woro present nt tho ling
. . ...... . .'
w.i.w 'rnucor hub noon instni oil Just
outsldo tho schoolhouso for tho uso
of pupils during recess.
Tho football boys nro practicing
regularly, Lottors havo boon written
to dlfforont schools in an attempt to
got a.gnmo soon,
The High 'School Athlotlo Associ
ation has Installed a cold shower In
the bnsomont. It was first used by '
tho football lioya Monday night after
practice, .
Portraiture onlarg'ng and copying
at the Seward Studio,