The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 04, 1912, Page PAGE 7, Image 7

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1'AOR 7.
tfgF SflS Wp" gv
Guarantee Everything
They Sell.
Not pnrlinlly, hut absolutely.
Every article Hint you buy at this store
MUST give you perfect satisfaction. If for
any reason it does not do so, please return
It and we will gladly replace it or re
turn your money with a smile thrown in.
We have just that much confidence in our
merchandise that wc know we will not lose.
-We arc here to please our customers and
wc know that wc cannot do so unless wc
satisfy them.
No sale is complete unless you are just
as well pleased with your purchase ns wc
arc with your money. Ask your neighbor
whether our guarantee is good or not.
'The Store of Better Values"
I. I. Hmltli wojjt Portland"
tfunday. ,
William 1'lobrans left last weak (or
K. I IMlmnn was down from l.n
1'lno Hundny. ,
J. II. Ilmmr of I'rlnovllte spent!
nunuay in noun.
I'rsnk May esmo In Monitor from
hi I'ownll llutto riuich.
IC. I. Htono spent Sunday mid Mon
lny In I'rlnovlllo on business.
Friday nftcrnuoii Mm. 0. H. Hutl
nn entertained tho bridge oluli.
J, M. I.awroneo U In I'ortlnnil
lilting Mr. I.awrenee ami Marlon.
Mr. nml Mr. (Jeorgo A. Jones went
to I'ortlnnil .Monday on n short busi
ness trip.
J. W. Irwin left this wi-ck for Port"
Inml, whor til lfo bus been for
mimo time
Mrs. II. W. Hkuso Iim roiio to Port
Inmt In spend month or moio vllt
In relative.
Dr. A. I.. (Inlder. an ojo rfirolallit
of Tlio l)lles, una In town Friday
unit Hdturdny.
I). W. Wilson Nrnt In Tlio Dalles
I'rlday ntul from thoro to Portland
on n InutncKH trli.
Thu Homl Company linn liiMtiillnl
all tho bulbs In It IIr electric sign
across Wnll street.
Mini Mcilnra Hloolo, who linn liccn
visiting horc, rotiirnml yesterday to
hur homo In I'ortlnnil.
JuMgo ami Mra. II. C. Kill went
over to I'rlnovlllo yesterday. County
Court la In session thla week.
Mr. H. Mcintosh hold her Jul I
mllliiory opening Hatunlny. Hho has
loHia stunning tint on display,
Mr. and Mm. W. II. Hunt nnd
I'rlnco dmvo to Iwikvvlew In their
luto Friday, returning Knturdny.
W. K. (liiorln. Jr.. went to Port
Inml Monday nlRht on tlio Cheney
nolal nnd will return tomorrow.
Mr. nnd Mm. I II. linlrd mid their
daughter Mnrjnrlo loft Hutiday on no
(txti'iideil Canadian nnd enstcrn trip.
A. II. Ornnt nnd little nn of llond
were In town thla mornliiR visiting
old'tlmo friend. Prlnovlllo Review.
C. H. lletiMin nttonded n meeting
of tho director of tlio rwnllry Irrl
RRtlou company In Deschutes Batur
day. -
Mr. mid Mr. O. M. Patterson
moved jcslorday Into the I.. II. linlrd
house, whlah Mr. Pattemon pur
ohated. Mm. C. F. 1irlng of Htinnlko, wtio
hna Ik'Cii vliltliiR friend nt tho
oo-osyva, a, 40&.
0m 1 0 MIIl lfi;
jSeaA Qmyi-
jCot-a of ftcoftle who are prefiaAcd to re
ceive you in their paAtoA would be ashamed
lo Unve ot cc Hie la kitchen, a? Leiiev? that
the kitchen Jiouid Jbe the tidieit Aoom in the
uAoid houie and fit foA company to enteA.
Stood tastes io muci LetteA when ybre
paAcd in a nice, clean kitchen,
J7ly kitchen ii a Joy to me. , '
Qtxuaxfi youA friend,
P, S,-jCauAu aot heA a Leaxity of a kitchen cab
inet ifeiieAdaif fAom ,
E. M. Thompson
Where Your Dollur Does its Duty,
Altftluont Hotel, roturnud homo
(Icorgo A. Joiioh linn ImiiKlit tho
Interest of (Icorgo llnte In tho old
experimental farm nnd Pilot llnlto
Dairy nonr town.
Formal nrattionles of laying tho
coiiiorutouo of tho now Presbyterian
church will ho hold at 2 o'clock Hun
day, Hcptomhor 22.
il.nit Thuradny Mr. IIukIi O'Knuo
entertained n coro of ladle on a
pleasant picnic ouIIiik to Dutch
John' place on tlio DcMChutc.
OuorRa K, Curry and Ollf Mom
tond) who have hnmotoud In the
dOiilliooHt country, havo roiio to Ho
attlo on n leave of almonco.
Ml lono AppleRnto wa hero Sat
urday ulRht on her way to Creicaut
to tench durltiR tho winter. Bho
npont her vacation nt Drain, Ore
Paul K. Potumon loft flatnrdny for
Hnlom to tuko In tho vtato fair, koIiir
from thero to hi old home at Friday
llnrlior, Wah., to vImU for n few
Tho J. W. Flood Vnudovlllo Co.
played n nvu-iilglit oriKaRemout nt
(ho Droit in the pat wenk, their per
foriimncw pleanliiK local vaudeville
Ml Mntide Cook of OrcRon City
I vUUIiik nt tho K. A. Knott homo
KOiithoait of town. Ml Cook I n
teacher In tho Portland public
Mm. A. II. Illnck returned Hutiday
night from Iai AnRele, whero ho
ha hrcu vUUIiik her dauKhtcr for n
mouth. Hho will reopen her milli
nery huilne,
A new ildcwalk ha been Installed
nlonR tho wet ldo of Wall Ntreet In
front of tho Whlta Kitnte, Mutilg
and WleiV property, whore occurred
tlio July 3rd lire.
There will he a meeting; of tho W.
C. T. V. Thurmlay at 3 o'clock, Bept.
S, at tho Flmt Ilapttit church. All
iiilcreated In till work are heartily
Invited to he prcent.
The hand hi changed tho time of
giving It concert from Friday eve
ning to Monday Afternoon at 3 o'clock
The next one will ho on tho old
Drake lawn next Hundny.
On Friday occurred tho death of
tho Irffnnt daughter of Mr, nnd Mm.
.'.suit llallherR. Iiitormvut wn
made tho name day, Dr. 1. I. Gorhy
conducting the aervlce.
Charlc l.owe returned Saturday
night from n lx week' trip through
Idaho and Waiulngtou. lie reported
huMuomi hrlMker hero than at the
majority of tho place he wa In.
Howard Voting, George Young's
brother, left Saturday for Han Fran
cUco to enter achool. Copt, nnd
Mr. Young will remain over for
Mornl week yet vUltlng their on.
MU Vera Knott, who hna been
attending tho summer nt tho home of
her fnthor, K. A. Knott, haa Just left
for Portland for a ten day' l1t he-,
fore commencing teaching nt Itufu,
O. A. Thoraon has moved hi
JoHclry atock mid eiiilpmcut from
tho Johuiou building, where ho hua
been aluco the Are that burned him
out of hi old quartern, Into tho
Itowe atoru on Wall trect.
Mr. mid Mm. Thomas K. Cray and
son Arthur left lait week for Kugcno
to point tho winter. Mr. Gray ha a.
Iminegtead nt Whltakor and I taking
tho ttvo months' lenve of absence
which ho I entitled to till year,
W. K. Johnson nnd W. K. Thiol
vol (It of lerroboiiiw wore at
the Pilot llutto Inn Saturday ulght.
Mr. Johnnoii, who la editor of tho
Torrehonno Oregonlan, went down to
Motollus Sunday morning mid canio
hack on tho llend Park Co. special.
Dr. It, 1). Kotchum and wife camo
over tho lattor part of tho week from
llond to visit friends and relative,
and to remove their furniture to
their present location. They are
permanently located at llend and do
ing nicely.' Prlnovlllo ltovlow,
Jack Wenandy, John Klktna and
Frank Kulp returned Sunday night
from a prospecting trip In the moun
tains, They repot t lieuvy rains that
almost drowned them out. Three of
tho party stayed In tho hill, con
structing a cud lu near tho claim.
Miss Glondora Davlea of Fremont.
Nob., arrived with Mis Martha Shi
ner last Thursday moiling, leaving
Sunday morning for her home.
Wlnle Intro sho had tho misfortune
to lose her" watch hut It wa found,
after sho left, lu tho Hotel Taggart
Governor West has appointed dole
Raton from Crook county to the
National Irrigation Cougresa which
meet lu Salt Lake Cty on the 9th.
Among them nro Colo K. Smith and
P. II, Doucor of llend, W. D. Ilarncs
of Uldluw and C. M. llodtlold of
' Thoro will bo n congregational
meeting Sunday morning nt tho closo
of tho Presbyterian services nt tho
Star Theater, for tho purposo of lin
ing vacmiclos in tho board of trus
tocH, Successors to W, 11. Hollers,
deceased, nnd I II. Ilalrd, who has
loft llond, will ho olectod.
Nina Splnlng, tho 12-year-old
daughter of Mr, nnd Mm. Howard
Spilling, has nu exhibit nt tho Salom
fair this week which may bring nor
u premium. This Is a handstltched
dress. Sho has taken prUos nt a
niimbor of fairs lu Washington,
whoro she formerly llvod.
Guy Oliver, who Is In a hospital lu
Soattlo recovering from Injuries re
ceived In a runaway accident, last
week sold through J. H. Miner J 40
acres of ' dry farming land In tho
Powoll llutto country, Tho prlca wn
not given out. Tho buyw was Karl
Mooro of Bhorldan Oro who with
hln family will tnko etinrgo of tho
ranch this fall.
W. 0. McCuUton leave Hundny for
a month's trip to tho Kant.
J. II. Putnam of Now York, fnthor
of (I. P. Putiinm, arrives tonight for a
week's visit in llond. Ho was horn
throo yours ago,
Mr. nnd Mr. W. K. Baylor wero In
town Hatunlny night from Turnnlo.
r.Mm, Hnylcr was formerly Miss Ilnttlo
Dlckoy and n rosldont of llend. Hho
was married to Mr. Haylnr at Pendle
ton recently. They havo boon re
siding at Tumalo but will go Knst on
nn extended trip. Mm. flnylor'it par
ents, Mr. and Mr. Both Dickey, left
hero In tho spring for Hatern Orc-
I gon.
IIUWAUD A g onerous ro
wnrd to anyone taking up and re tu ru
ing to tho Oregon Investment Com
pany a Mnck mnro branded "M N"
snd weighing about 1100 pounds,
l.nst soon nenr Fly Creek, In Motollus
river country. 2Clf
ciiAiitH 1'oit ham:.
Tho Hlnr Tin-litre Iiiin I'M flmt
clioiN foldliiK tlmlm for Mile nt n loiv
Or ii re. Hro f. S. Miifliimn.
Tho choeso factory at Fremont, In
J.ako county, Is now In operation,
having started up last week, W. H.
Coble, who was thoro on business,
brought homo with him Saturday
night ono of tho first cheoso turned
out by tho factory. It Is of good
quality and It Is probable that tho
Central Oregon product will soon bo
on tho market In llend.
council mi:i:ti.n ti'khdav.
As Allen, I.attln and Putnam wero
the only members to show up, tho
city Council mettlng scheduled for
Isst night was adjourned until next
Tuesday Chairman Allen of tho Are
committee Is arranging to havo a
iKiwerful electric siren Aro alarm sont
In for trial, and should It be as suc
cessful as anticipated doubtless tho
council will purchase It and havo it
Another Improvement that adds to
tho metropolitan aspect of tho Lara
storo Is a monoy carrying system
which has Just been Installed. In
stead of going to the cash register to
got change, tho dorks now send the
money to Cashier Arnold over the
cables and In n moment havo the
ehango they want. Thero are four
stations located at convenient points
In tho storo.
(Continued from Pago Ono).
than hitherto has ten tho case.
With well water positively obtain
able. In large quantities, the probiom
of "proving up" on desert claim will
he an easy ono, and the exceptional
opportunities for acquiring valuable
lauds under tho desert acts doubt
less will attract a great number of
fliers during tho next sixty days.
The now well Is also vastly Im
portant to llend. Flmt, It practically
"cinches" tho grain production
future of tho southeast country, with
Its hundred of thousands of acres
tributary to llond. Secondly, the
water means big Improvements In
transportation facilities on the road
to Hums and tho southeastern
country, with a resulting Increase In
tho already heavy business conducted
from Uond is a railroad supply point.
Will Aid ltullrond.
Another factor that doubtless will
(inter tmportnntly Into consideration
later Is that tho well establishes the
fact that there Is auro water supply
for construction crews, thus mater
ially lessening posslblo difficulties on
this scoro when work Is commenced
upon the Hill eastern railroad al
ready surveyed from Uond through
tho heart of tho homestead country.
The country affected, which Is all
of a generally similar nature, occu
pies tho southeastern portion of
Crook, the northern part of Lake
and the western portion of Harney
counties. During tho last three
years hundreds of settlors have flled
on the lands, and today hundreds of
acres are In successful cultivation.
While many wells havo been estab
lished, few have boon of permanent
character, thoy being mostly more or
loss surface wells, not capable of
furnishing continuous Biipply. The
now woll Is tho flmt oxperlment in
Practically all of tho locating on
tho government lands has been con
ducted from llend. proxlmltv and
oray tr importation naturally having
centered tho business hero.
Wnter nt Tea Feet Also.
Walter Taylor, who has, a homo-
I hnvo located in Horn! to ac
cept pupils for the piano.
Ucfrinnors nnd advanced pu
pils a specialty,
A term of four lessons for
$5.00. Address
Prof. G, L. Miller
caro Bulletin,
' Appropriate music for lodges
banqueU, etc., furnished.
Our Establishment
is Headquarters for
In all apparel which gives neat
appearance but never at the
sacrifice of quality. We are
showing this season's authentic
- styles in
Skirts, Dress Goods
and Trimmings
Knit Goods
We'll appreciate call to have
you look over the latest things
in these Beesana you'll he
glad you canra..
Almost everything in fall goolt
has arrived.
stead In section 2, township SO, rnngo
lit, on the old road to Burns, was In
town tho last of tho week and rc
(ortcd that ho had one of the finest
wells In all tho southeast country
whloh he dug himself. He went
down ten feet and has two and a half
feet of water.
"I can't go down any further,"
said Mr. Taylor. "For two hours I
dipped as hard as I could with a 14
quart pail and could uot lower tho
vrater wore than a few Inches. This
Is tho fifth well I havo dug and now
I have plenty of water for myself and
all my neighbors. All the other
wells I dug aro deeper and have a
scapago ot water, but this one Is cer
tainly a dandy."
will reopen for business in the store; room
BUILDING on Bond Street as soon ns
the quarters are completed, probably
about September 10th.
Somewhat crippled by the fire,
but still in the running, with
new stock and low prices.
Ralph Poindcxter, Proprietor.
: PKK-t.
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ww r&?MtsttrcJ)
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- StSagama-'
Skuse Hardware Company.