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Mrs, Woodrow Wilson Has De-
.elded Views on Subject.
Wifa of Damocratio Candidal Gtvss
Out LatUr Taking Strong Stand on
8moklng Habit.
Now York. For tho first tlmo slnco
Woodrow Wilson became tho Douio
erotic presidential candidate has Mm.
Wilson appeared. Sho attended In
person her husband' dally conference
xrlth reiwrters, although heretofore
she hns mmlo special requests that sho
bo not quoted nor written about In tho
What Mrs. Wilson wished to hnvo
fully understood was that tf sho be
comes tho first lady of tho land sho
will not, as has been satd In n widely
distributed Interview, linvo packages
of cigarettes In her personal desk at
tho White Houso and Indulge In smok
ing them with her callers.
Through Governor Wilson. Mrs. Wil
son naked that publicity be given to a
letter sho bad written to the editor of
tho Btato Journal at Columbus, 0.,
repudiating an alleged Interview with
her In which she defended clgarctto
smoking for women. The Interview
had "come to her In a letter signed
American Cltlxcn," which said:
-tear Madam I can acaroaly think ot
anr ircatar calamity to tlia young worn
n of tha nation than to read such a
rreachnwnt as your IntcrvUir otters thtm.
am a worklnsman. and I kii mtn loa
thalr loba almost avcry day tecau thy
ars Incapacitated for work by the u of
xn cix-raua. 11 imumnn uot inia lur
strong man what will It do for stria and
Tho "interview" was Indeed a cor
til Indorsement of tbo woman smok
er. Hero arc- somo of Its assuring
phrases, all credited to Mrs. Wilson:
"A woman writer for a syndicate of
Sunday newspapers asked Mrs. Wood
row Wilson If she agreed with (Jcr
trudo Atherton's opinion of the smok
ing of cigarettes by women. Sho smil
ingly exhibited three clgarctto boxes
piled in tho corner of her desk, all but
" 'Why shouldn't a woman smoko if
she enjoyn ltf she queried.
'Why hasn't she Just as much right
to a clgarctto as a man? Certainly 1
agree with Mrs. Atherton that any ex
isting prejudice a7ilnat women smok
ing It to tho Inst silly nud absurd.
"Smoking cigarettes Is n question
of innnucrs, not morals, it promotes
good fellowship.
" 'Somo women feel that n cigarette
cnlms their nones and helps their
bruins Into working order, rersoimlly
smoking diffuses my thoughts Instend
of eoncentrntliig them. I enjoy It as I
enjoy after dinner coffee, itoth are
pleasant ways of ending nud flulshlug
oft; both add to conviviality and good
fellowship. H
'lie editor of the Ohio State Journal,
It was clear, had been much Incensed
tit tho apologies for tho cigarette habit
among women attributed to Mrs. Wil
son, as ho wrote on Aug. 10 mi edito
rial tn which he cntlcd for the defeat
of Governor Wilson or it repudiation
from his wife. If there was nt mis
take nlwut It. ho wrote, "Mrs. Wood
row Wilson shouldn't bo mistress of
tho While House."
If tho Ohio editor was emphatic Mrs,
WINou was certainly not less so. Aft
er tho reporters had said they would
gtndly publish her letter to tho Ohio
editor sho asked for an hour's tlmo In
which to write one. This was what
she prepared:
tVar Sir t hnvs Just rrlvd a copy of
tha Journal with your editorial cnlttld
"Smoking Women," and I beg lv to In
dignantly drny tha statement that I an
1'rovo of women smokies' clBarettea. Tho
Inlervlrw utntt wnlch your editorial waa
bated I a pur Invention. I Intensely ills
like tho cigarette smoking hnhlt tor worn-en-ln
fact, ao strong la my feeling on tha
uhject that my real dancer Ilea In bain
unjust and unkind In my Judgmrnt of
those it ho differ with me In this respect.
Hut certainly no woman In our house
hold ever haa or ever will smoke. Quite
apart from tha bad taalo of It. I believe,
with you that It haa an extremely Injurl
oua effect on the nerve.
tMra. Woodrow Wilson.)
Governor Wilson, In npprnvtug the
letter sent out by Mrs. Wilson, offered
what ho thought might provo an ex
planation for the Interview.
"1 do not think It was maliciously In
Tented." ho said. "There Is a rather
well knowu writer who signs herself
Mrs. Wilson Woodrow, and she no
doubt has been confused with Mrs.
Mrs. Wilson Woodrow was formerly
married to a relative of Governor Wil
son, and it Is understood that her vfow
on the matter of women who smoko
are different from tluwo held In tho
household of tho Ik'tnocrntle candidate.
The divided Itepubtlcan party Is like
the boy "blowing agnlnst tho wind."
There wilt bo a lot of bluster, but It
will not take votes away from Wilson
and Marshall.
Winning with Wilson menns mora
than n mere Democratic victory; it
means restoring real prosperity.
People Trust II, Says Woodrow
Wilson, and It Must
Make Good,
Wilson Is the best equipped man
nominated for tho presidency slnco
Sea Girt. N. J.-Woodrow Wilson at
tho "Kittle While House" at Sea Girt
Is dally called upon to demonstrate his
ability as a ready speaker.
There Is uot u day passes but what
ho meets various delegations who call
to assure hint of thulr support.
In scnklng of political machines to
tho llrooklyn Democratic club Gover
nor Wilson said: "Machines are Iwd,
but an organUstlon may bo very essen
tial, l'or Installed 1 have been. sur
rounded by nn organisation hero In
New Jersey while doing my lnst work.
A machine uses Its political opimrtii
nlttes for the sellltli ends of Us mem
bers. No member of our organisation
would ever thluk of doing that. Pub
lic opinion In New Jersey has drawn
; tho distinction. It haa killed tho ma
chines, and It Is going to keep the or
ganization pilng.
"It seems to me that we nro stand
ing In the presence of something high
er than allegiance to the Democratic
party. The country bos Ihhmi dln
pointed In the Itepubtlcan party, and It
Is turning to the Democratic party.
That party Is willing to show tho way
toward those things which must be re
"Somo gentlemen seem to find It
easy to make personalities nut of ti
tles, but It seems to mo thnt whenovcr
that Is doun politics Is dotHisod.
"Men who nro In search of reform
are now resorting to tho Democratic
party, lecause, for my own part, I do
not know where elso they will turn to
expect tho results. There Is no dis
counting tho strength and serviceabili
ty of n united party, and the splendid
part Is that the Democratic party Is
"Speaking seriously, nothing affords
mo more geuuluo pleasure than to rot
celvo such greetings from men In Jer
sey who have at least tested my quali
ties. Ilecauso you havo known me
at close range and If you will Ixj kind
enonch to vouch for me perhaps tho
rest of the country will bo credulous
of your report.
"I have sent a great deal of tlmo
slnco I became governor of New Jer
sey defending your character. It was
supposed In the old days, when tho
board of guardians was In charge of
tho state, that you were all of you
disposed to give the most monopolistic
trusts ot l ho country a ureal nuiriug
welcome In Now Jersey.
"Now Jersey wna known as tho
tnnt her of trnsts-n very troublesome
and questionable family -and I had .to
spend my time outside New Jersey a
sitting the people uf the Union that It
had not been tho fault or tho disposi
tion of tho people of Nw Jersey that
there were certain gentlemen who had
undertaken lo carry tho Hepnhllenu
party In their pockets and to adminis
ter Independently of the rank and 111"
of llepubllcans In the state.
"Now Jersey Is progressive, but the
Unit til States Is progressive, and wo
havo here merely a delightful sample
of tho people of the I'lilled States.
"Now, these people are not bent on
destroying anything, but they are lieut
on setting everything In order! they
are bout Umu justice; they are bent
upon seeing to II that tho tcorle In
general are partners of the uovcni
incur, as I was tr.lng to show the
other day. And the Democratic party
Is now placed under n evulliir rvspnn
nihility. It has to prove that It Is
the worthy Instrument of that seal on
the part of the people of the United
States. If it does not prove It nnw It
will never lw given another -rlmme to
prove It. No party that proves un
faithful to that Ideal will ever again
bo trusted by the people of America.
And therefore we are standing at n
turning Hut In our politics. We must
makn good or go out of buslnosn. In
the vernacular. It Is a case of 'pJt up
or shut up,' because words are going
to bo discounted. Nothing will lm hon
ored except tho actual carrying out of
such programs as sensible men may
unlto In for the common betietlt."
JUSTMENT. Wo are servants of the people,
tho whole people. The nation has
been unnecessarily, unreasonably
at war within Itself, luterest
has clashed with Interest when
there were common principles uf
right and of fair dealing which
might and should have hound
them all together, uot as rivals,
but as partnersi As the sorvauts
of all we are bound to undertake
tho great duty of accommodation
and adjustment. From Wood
row Wilson's Speech Acceptlug
tho Democratic Nomination.
Tho Democrats are not taking the
election of Wilson for granted. They
are working and working harder than
lu n score of years and working as a
nutted party.
Tha Otnulns ArtleU.
"I understand that Mr Urnhwell
started In Hfo J borrowing M. J nil
must admire a man with couniKo llktt
"No, I don't," replied Mr. Growehcr.
"Tho man I nilmlro Is tho one who liml
the coiiraKO to lend him tho tlfty.' -Washlnutoti
"What n lot of old fashioned bollsfa
haio been shattered completely l
these modern days."
"l'or liiHinmer
"Well, you never hear anybody ml
vise a young couple-now thnt two can
live as cheap as one."-Detroll I'rve
. ii
Correcting Him.
The Huslmnd-1 wna taken by "r
prise when you accepted ma. The Wife
-You were taken by mistake. John
Don't make any mistake about that.
Bt. Louis I'ost-Dlspalcli.
Up to Oats.
Howard-Is their hotel up lo dntei
Coward-Indeed It U. Thsr furnish
Ireplnu isiwder with every bedroom,
-Philadelphia Times.
Tho Hiillullii Inn lu stock u num.
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TU CUs. H. LBr C, SmsU
It Is reporteil that paMrs which are
supporting the bull monsor have or
derrd extra fonts of "i's."
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vr "i
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..iasashr.tic mimtmju:-