The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 04, 1912, Page PAGE 11, Image 11

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PA OR 11.
Governor Marshall's Wifo Has
the Memory For Names.
Ths Notification of lit Indiana Cx
aeutlva For Democratic Vfoa Prssl
dtnoy Henora a n.cord Orsakar.
Of Damoerallo National Publicity Ou
linllntinK)ll. Jut nbout tho lime
(lint thousand of friend of tlnv.
ernor Thoinii llllcy Mil mini 1 1 were
iiuxlotiNly wauling to hi hand In
congratulation nwr liU acceptance a
candidate of liu president (in tliu
Democratic ticket n auilllng woman
Htcpped before li 1 in. nml If oni) could
Inn i- heard what she whlapercd In hi
cur It would Imvit Im'ii aoincthlug like
"Now. hurry In. Tom. nml change your
Ami Tom Marshall forgot to shako
hand with tlut ciiihulit(lc friend
ti it 1 11 I n liuil curried out tlui order of
Mm, Tom.
(milium tin honored four of her sou
na tlco prcftldciitlnl candidates on the
Democratic ticket, hut tliu croud Hint
greeted (lovcrnor Marshall In tho big
folLciim In the state fulr ground hero
today were the guuleat In the hlMory
of the party
Tho wet wnntcd lo aliow III east
what could W done In nntltlcatloti hou
om, nml. wlillo Mr. Mnmlmll was Imp
py. of roumc, orr I lie honor for her
hunlmml, alii- wna nlao worried, for her
husband itiini'4 mighty clime lo being
father, huolHiml. on nml partnrr ull In
one Ami when n woman lias Hint coin.
Miintlon on her hand lo rare for alio
tin nvery right lo l" worried
(loterimr Mnmlmll will never gain
any honor im ii hntnmer thrower. Mo
la not hullt lint wny.
While nil the country wna reading
the rigorous wonla of (lixeruor Mar
ahnll which told the rotem whnt he
exicet Democrnry to do In earning
out the pledge for the next four year
It's worth while to know whnt mrt
woman la inking In the atmlm of ti.e
ciitnnlgn-how Tom Mnmlmll tint
K)ii to lie In the Hltlou lu which he
atnmta toilny.
The good wople of Columbia City.
I ml., never tlionght Thomas lllley Mar
ahull wn n "iiiurrylnit mnn." I'or for.
ty yearn lie hud lived with hi pi lent,
nursing hoth hla fnther nml mother,
who were Invnllda, which wua the ret.
aon Governor Mnmlmll wna not n mar
rylnK man. lie felt hla ilrat duty wo
to hla parents.
Mastlno Mr a. Marshall.
After the denth of hla parenta Gov
ernor Mnmlmll dived deeper Into hla
law practice, and one day nn ursent
cnae took lilm to Angola. Ind. Ill dti
tlei called III in to the county clerk' of
fice, nud there ho met Mlaa I.ola Kim
ey. daughter of the county clerk, who
wna aaalatlng her fnthor In the otttce.
From Hint dny Governor Mnmlmll
had more liuilucaa n round the county
clerk'a olnce In Angola thnn uny law
yer In half a dozen nearby couutlea.
Governor Mnmlmll wjas forty-two
yenm of age when he wna married.
Mm. Mnmhall twins nearly twenty
yenm hla Junior,
The Mnmhulli hod been married
only n few weeka when tho future vice
president was called to nn udjolnlng
county on a en he tlmt would coiiaumo
luiuiii five or alx weeka of hla time,
"Now, I did not want to lx starting
off like tlmt," Governor Mnmlmll ex
plained to a friend one dny, no I Juat
told Mra. Mnmhull that 1 thouKht alio
should ko along. And alio did."
Kluco tlioii Gournor Mnmlmll has
never made n trip without Mm. Mar
shall going ulong. They have traveled
ull over the country together: they go
to tmmiuctx nnd political mooting to
gether until the friend of tho Indlnnn
executive refer to him nnd Ida wife as
tho "pnnla."
"Tom Mnmhall la not ovcmtronK,'
explained one of hla frlenda. "While
not n delicate man. hi constitution la
not of tho most vlKuroua typo,
"When he net a Into n political battle
he forgets his weakneaa. Ho gives all
tlmt la In him, and that will toll on
any man, Mm. Marshall soon dlacov.
1 that the vovernor would become
ijfeuted In making a sncocli nnd the
'wit day bis toIc would bt Irtisky.
Vf'ftT "ikBaaaV
aaaaKaV WV
Hlio decided tlmt he hnd heller give up
Home of the Immlahiildiig mid tnko care
of IiIh licit I tit llmt. Ko when you find
him miikliiK a apeech ho dotm not stay
around to hear (he niplmie of tliu mi
illeuce, Hal her, he htirrlea to liU room
nnd elinngeN liU clothing,
"Home ieople have aald that Tom
Mnmlmll I not a Imndalmkliig politi
cian, He U nut. Ilia wife thlnka It la
mure Important to gtinrd hla health
thnn to curry out the old time policy,
nnd ahe la correct, as alio la In inott
all other lliluga."
"Horn Air" Pravalli.
The Mamhall home la lyplcal of (ho
mlNtreaa. It I a hoiiiu of hiMika, nnd
still one dooi not feel "hooklah," Olio
of (he Mnmhall frlenda aald he always
felt like eating when he entered the
Mnmhall home lu Cnlumlitn City or
(he executive timualon at liidlnunpolla,
Mm. Mnmhall MIuvcm lu a home llmt,
and the "homo air" prevail,
"If Governor Mnmlmll ever occupied
the White llone ntiii- would not
know that hlolorlc luatllullon," do
chirea nn admirer. "Mm. Mnrahall
would have It a real home. People
would feel comfortable even lu the
iiildat of the gold and glitter."
Hill It I not only na a wife nnd the
inlntriKN of a homu tlmt Mm. M.imhall
aliow her ability. Him I n politician
and a clever one. Hlio nlo has a re
markable memory.
Goiernor Mnmlmll ban enrned the
reputation of being In n clan of atory
tellera all by hlmolf. He can remem
ber Morion, but he forgot namea. A
mime I aoiiiethlng to bo cat aalde
with (lournor Mamhall, and IhU I
one of the legret of hi life, If ho tin
any regret. The goteruor I not a
worrying man, He I Nomewhnt a fa
tiilUt. but If he could he would like
to remi'iiittvr tmtue: but. not hating
Hint ability, hedoc nut worry, for Mm,
Mamhall I the new rememberer of tho
Hhe baa n peculiar ability alone thla
line. Not only doea ahe remember
the last nnme, but any combination of
name come na aecoud nature to her.
and ahe rnrrlca tlila ability on dowu to
the children nnd coualna of any otic
seeking the governor.
While the governor Is abating banda
and loli'K lo reinemlier whether hli
caller I Jone or Hmlth. Mm. Mamhall
I buy auppljlng the Information and
aaklng about all the relative.
Ideal Partnara,
Governor Mamhall ha no brother or
slatem. and hi parents belug dead
leave him aoineuhat barren of rela
tive. Governor Mamhall'a friend are en
thualnatlc over hi home life. When
be ha Marled on talking of hi wife
n new light In the Homier executive
come to the eurfnee.
They come near lelng Idenl married
"I wn talking lo Tom oue dny."
explained one of hi tuot Intimate
friend. "We were leaning back, and
Tom hnd l-u telling some of hi gol
atorle to illutrale vnfloiu topic of
our coiitemnlloii. We were welting
for Mm. Mnmhall to come Imck from
n ahopiilug tour, and I !mpciicd to re
mark Hint I liked Mm. Mumlmll Ul
ter every time I met her.
"Well, now tbafa the way she
atrtkc me Jim.' he aald 'Wo have
liocu married aomo alxteen yenm. and
a time goe that 1 n long or h 1
IktIimI, Juhi n you think To me It I
but n I'.rotli.g day. Thou think back
over my married life nnd (lud I have
grown tu know Mm Mnmlmll belter
etery day A man mnt tint only Into
but he r ul alii repivt Id iwrtiior
In till life reapi-ct her III all tiling.
Khe mint lutte wonderful nualltle to
make the lute mid reapovl grow deeer
and loiter each d.iy, That'a Ik-vii my
"The fact that Mm. Moralmll tus
leen In ayuipnthy lu my work, my
play, my life, la good Hut I have been
Mb''' 1 m
In sympathy with hem. Oum Is not a
euo sided life. We have beeu rt
uem, and that's tbo way It should be
lu this world.' "
Mm. Mnmhall has watched orer his
administration of the affair of ludlana
with n Jealous care. There has beeu
nothing of the spectacular In hla ml
mlulatrutlou, It has been a Millie gov
ernment. The laws that ho has
fought for and won aliow the spirit of
the man. They are uplifting. They deal
with tho Improvement of man, woman
and child,
Wlillo Governor Mnmhall Is describ
ed na n "tender hearted" executive,
nevertheless he Is n lighter. He be
longs to the old lighting stock of Vir
ginia. '
Governor Marshall Is not n dodger.
He has bis opinions, and be lets them
lie known. While he la an organisation
man, he knows that organization are
not perfect that they cau mnke iuIh
takes, If they make mistakes he
thinks It Is his duty to say so and
get tho saylujf over at the first pos
sible moment.
Mm.- Uurshatl Is not satisfied with
wMmMfti ',,.. m immmm ml
I 'to t.. bv.. yv. -"Z
I ' Nw York World.
I -
her domeatlc duties nlone. Mio'wnnt
to do her share In problem of the po
litical and IiunIuc world. Mm. Mar
ahalt la aabl to have dUcuaacd In de
tail with her hutband Ida ncttou on
the llaltlmore convention, and when It
waa aeen that Mamhall wna the mnn
who waa going to go on the ticket
w'.lh Wllaon he wanted to know what
hi wife thought about lb
"It won't I any harder than being
Governor of Indiana, nnd If tho party
thinks you are the man It only agree
with my opinion," alio aald, and that
actlled the matter with Governor Mar
Mrs. Mamhall had the' honor of be
ing tho flmt woman In Indiana to bold
an otllre. Hhe was appointed county
clerk of HIcuIk-ii county by her father
and held tlmt ofllco for n number of
When Governor Mamhall nnd hi
wife were nlxiut to lie married she de
cided Hint her ldt official net of the
offlce would he to mnke out the mar
riage llcrnae. Governor Mamhall ac
companied hla wife to tho county
clerk'a otneo nnd watched her with
care n ahe noted tho record In the
big book nnd filled out the llrcne and
watched her a she carefully signed
her fnther'a name, with her own as
Mm. Mamhall. having blotted the
Ink. said. "Now we can go."
"Not yet." laughed Governor Mar
shall. "Why, we are all fixed," explained
Mm. Mnmhall, Hiluttug to the llcenae
"Ye, but I have to pay for It." n
piled the governor. "It's nil light for
you to mnke It out. but It's up to me
to pay the fee." And he did.
Mm. Mnmlmll I n keen student, nnd.
having calahtUhcd tho practice of go
Ing with her huiband on nil hi trip,
lie they abort or long, they mirVo It n
tolnt to carry along some book.
Mm. Mamhall I aa much of a hu
manitarian aa the governor. A glance
nt some of the bill that have tx-cn
passed by the 1011 Indiana Icgbdature
give an tmdght Into the governor:-
To curtail child labor.
To regulate aule of cold storage prod
uct. To require hygienic schoolhouaes
nd medical examination of children.
Tu prevent blindness a birth.
To regulate sale of cocaine and
other drug.
To provide free treatment for hy
drophobia. To establish public playgrounds.
To Improve pure food laws.
To protect against loan sharks.
To provide police court matrons.
To prevent Unfile In white slave.
To permit night school.
Tu require medical supplies as part
of a train equipment
Governor Mamhall has nlao ployed
an active part In providing for protec
tion of labor, as is cxumpled by the
following ucts;
To creuto a bureau of Inspection
for workshops, factories, inlnea and
To establish free employment agen
cies; To require full train crows.
To require safety devices on switch
To require efficient headlights on
To require standard cabooses.
To provide weekly wnge, etc.
And Governor Mamhall has con
sulted with his "iwrtner" on all these
bills. He Is quoted an saying n man
can't go far wrong In taking tho advice
of a wife if she In his partner as well
us bis wife.
Having oxhauHted his supply of ad
Jectlves lu denouncing Tuft, lloosovelt
Is now leading n campaign of denun
ciation of every oue who does not
agree with himself.
Partners hnve pulled against the
short end of the yokp long enough.
Wilson and Marshall promise to see
that tho pulling Is made mora nearly
Wonder how the colonel likes being
an outcast
Democratic National Treasurer
Is After Small Contributor.
Thare la lo Da No Tainted Monty' j
Uaad In Clscttng Wilson and Mar
ahall. New York. A small, smooth shaved,
middle aged man with a coat ot tan
that gave etldence of much outdoor
life recently came Into the Waldorf
carrying a suit case early In the after
noon and registered as "Holla Wells.
8t. Ix)ul. Mo."
Tho smooth shaved little man, who
Is to lw the watchdog of tbo Wilson
campaign money from now on, waa
a.kcd for vital etalltlc. whercniwn
It wna learned at llmt hand Hint be I
a banker and ex-mayor of Ht Iiul.
Is nfty-slx yearn old, was graduated nt
Princeton In 1H7H. or three yearn U
forc Governor Wilson wns graduated:
that he ha two mm who are Prince
ton men nnd n grandson who some
day will le n Princeton man; that he
hnd no notion of seeing New York
this summer until the Wilson organi
sation selected him as Its treasurer
and Hint Juat nt present the one thing
Hint sticks out In the npiolntincnt in
his mind Is that the new Job cut In se
riously ukiii a moat beautiful vacation
which be and Mrs. Wells bad been en
Joying in a camp at I.lttlo Traverse
tyty. Michigan.
Mr. Wells believes In getting nt bis
desk at 8 o'clock In tho morning.
"We are going to raise our campaign
fund through the small contribution."
said Mr. Well.
"1 am sure that a large part of the
tnouey will be raised by popular sub
scription. "The people bare confidence in
Woodrow Wlli-on, and they will give
what they can of their means to elect
such a man president.
"I am a great believer In publishing
broadcast, before and after election,
the various contributions made.
"There are menVho can well afford
to give the committee $3,000, but I
want to assure the public that we are
not going to have any tainted money.
"We are npieallng to tbo people, and
we are relying ou them to help elect
Wilson and Mumlmll
"l have two boys who have been
sraduated from Princeton, one Ave
yearn ago and oue seven. Hut It Is not
because oum Is a Prlncetou family that
1 like Governor Wilson. He Is a great
big man and the typo that we should
have In public life."
Voodrow Wilson says this Is not a
time to bo ufruld to "speak out in meet
ing." That he wns not nfruld is dem
onstrated by his logical speech In ac
ccptlng tho Democratic nomination.
Itoosevclt was willing to crawl from
Hie White House to the cnpltol lu ltwS
if be could help bis friend Hoot. To
day he would like nothing better than
meeting Hoot up u dark alley.
Tbo Democrats nre depending on the
small contributor to help elect Wil
son and Mumlmll. The appeal U being
made to tho people, aud the people are
Wilson will make the most accessible
president who has ever occupied the
White Houso. Ho Is typically a Dem
ocratic man.
Partners have awakened to the folly
of the so called blessings ot a protec
tive tariff. - - -
Wait, Ladies. Wait!
till you see the new Roods
now on the way to Bend.'
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"iooh.ih :-L0XHixoasHiiuo3 xoo:io ao .uisuhaixa aiix
Headquarters for Commercial Men
Electric Lighted Throughout
J OoodRooma BEND.OREGON Qood MeaU
Free bus to
and from trains
Schmidt A Musgrove, Props.
t Bond Street
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DOITNOWI So4tWtlamptlalw a4 rrr & r Ml 'J- f-
aal ur U. caUWa of all M&i r.ull. A TfJOTUH SlrirS LA
iUIm aaa laalnM hr fm aulL li WUacw Sr4 Hw HataViCHi,
T '? I ! --I-1 .1 -
over G8 yearn
Plow has been
a peer," and it's
ino require
Dttre Line for
mat guarantees
nut, ncam,
Line of flows.
Special Attention to
Transient Tf avvcl
All arrangements made for per6ns
desiring to so south and cast of here
Dend, Or es; on
aImiu .n. ta.J. In 19 mkA 1A fuuM (6 ftLti.
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