The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, September 04, 1912, Page PAGE 10, Image 10

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Pop some unknown ronton It seem
nluumt ltuK0Hlblo to Induce dairymen
to study tbe methods calculated to
produce the beit results In breeding,
write 1 J. Meredith In lowu Uome
Mend. Tbpy cannot understand tho
jtrvnt value that la wrpod up In n
good dairy sire. Ily weeding out nil
unprofitable cows with the senli nml
HitU-oct; test ami raising the best de
veloped heifer cnlve from the bvt
produclug cown we Imve n reasonable
usiunince of mwtwi In building up
berd of economical producing cows
With an Inferior, chance bred mongrel
bull Nt the bend of our herd we nro
ctrtnln of failure Ily till menm we
should eleet ti good Individual uf well
neertnlnel purity of breeding mttl n
true tjpe ' the breed that be rvpre
MeUtK. .
llefore we start out In search of n
suitable wire we should nutVe n cloe
examination of the UMt rows In our
herds, noting their wetik and jrmxl
iHtlm.t. but more- especially the wenk
olio, nml resolve In our mlnd'n eye to
select the kind of bull that H needed
to correct these weak points mid
strengthen the good ouch. When we
nre equlpin-d In our mlnd'a eye with
un Idea of what wp want we may
make h visit to wiroe of the Ik-hi hrcisl
cm uf the breed we wnnt nud keep go
Ins until we find what we want
A bore nil. wo mum not pet "stuck4, on
tame One looking bull cnlf and make u
Perseverance In sure to bring It re
ward. We will not only be able to see
the bull, but the wires and dams which
Brtn y-sra io but two llolrttln
cows bad irconlsabor twenty four
poundt of fit tn seven day- Since
then 1SJ cows hvo either reached
or exceeded that hlh mark, and
twel of the number have record
In excea of twvnljr-eJgbt pound.
Similarly the yearly leet work bat
been deveteid, fiM cowa tvartns
qualtncd with highly -atlifai'lorr
full lactation period record. Otll
ctat tetlna ha. In fact, been car
ried on by seven statra. the Ol-trtct
of Columbia and fuur Canadian
provlneea. The lloldeln cow nown
herewith waa a prize winner Uit
)nr and U an txcetltnt example of
the breed.
they dew-ended from. Never be tempt
ed by ii likely cros-brvd bull cutf from
your own pure bred sire and one or
your grade tluma. To ue blm would
uienn philnly n-trun-Axin nud ruin,
for here the principle of utiivlxiti nud
cToe InbreeilliiK would get In Its wort
nnd the size and form us well n the
Inherited p"l iptalltleit frutu the pure
bred hire would be lMt.
Whenever the time comes when you
rail mi looter use the pure bred sire
to itdvHMma' In your herd start out In
search of unnther. and Itefore lenrlnc
borne make another rtow exatnlnatltoi
uf your txt-t conn and tlnd out what
vnrlatluna bHte taken lme and what
tyi of u bull la needed to carry nut
your Ideas of further Improvement
Cboofp one of the snrae breed as the
discarded bull and preferably one bred j
. along the same llncx, ly strictly ad
berlnx to this rule yon will gradually
be able to grade up yonr herd and not
( ciwubrved. as la proctb-ed by u lurge
aumU-r uf dairymen,
(.'grading Is gradually bringing the
herd up to the standard or pure bred
- cattle, while crossbreeding ns com
kinonly practiced uieiius initblng more.
7 than leaving some establNlicd rund nnd
I driving off Into the u-IluVrue. tirade
;cowm will long continue to be at the
bead of the list as dairy producers.
Thus there must be a rigid weeding
uui ui iiurriur ciia, iiuu reni varv
; must exercised in the selection or
. breedlne bulls to uae wltb the grade
i .
Hogs Need Abundant Watsr.
In most places water doesn't cost
anything. It Is Just na Important Jq
making a fat bog. however. aa.Jcornor'
nth ofj
le bos'
alfalfa. Its cbenpnesa baa led us
times to overlook Its value. The
Is a big thick bunch of fat and Icao, ,
Tie gets bot easily. He needs water td
keep bis body cool, to keep bis blood
thin, to aid In digesting bis food and
to prevent constipation I
If corn came down from the sky
and we had to grow water our way of
looking at the two would be reversed.
It we can let oar Imaginations carry ,
2 tbnt fur we will realize more fully
the value of water.
A .good supply of pare water la a
splendid disease preventive. If the
bogs are required to quench their
thirst Insufficiently in n tnudholo their
chance of escaping disease Is on the
face of It not as good ns though they
bad free access to a liberal, unpollut
ed supply of trzsh water. Especially
during tbe hot rnmvr months giro .
the hogs nil the fresh, pure water tbey I
want, tecaue It Is healthful, econom
leal and necessary.
Watsr In the Cow Paitura.
In the summer It sometimes hap
pens (bat tbe water In tbe pasture
falls before tbe owner la nwart of ltf '
the cows shrink In milk and tbe yooni
rattle suffer, netterlook after iroftea,
v aBs" a ( w jf Ai''0"7as tT3a-P-P n m
On Wat Anaworad Btfora nd th
Othar Aflsr Marrlao
A silvery summer moon shone awect
ly on the llkowlsu silvery sands.
Tho summer sweethearts wtt In sl
leueo. She was piling up at the dim
blue vault over them, where tho little
stars twinkled In A million tiny Kitnts
of rltuno. He was giulng tit her as If
he'd like to eat her.
"Dearie, what make the stars shlno
no dimly tnulglitJ" she gurgled.
"They are outshone by the glorious
j light of your eye, my darling." he
whispered foolishly, "and xo thoy palo
In their splendor nnd-er and"
He didn't know bow to o on, so ho
klwed her Instead. And s!ie was ipilto
sathttKM, perfectly content and plfld.
And n solemn Bllonce uuwnipHHl tho
summer night
ame moon, snme Mmls. stimo peo
pte only tlioy ore itwrrltl now.
"I wtmdor how many ti'lecraph
poh1," slw miinnurotl tlimwlitfully. "It
aM tnkc tn rvoh from here to the
lie lotiked at her n If ho'd like to
bite hur.
"One. If It was lmi enoiiBh.' he
snapped. "Dun't ask sueli silly nuw
tloim!" And a solemn silence enwrnpped the
summer uIkIiL Lomlwi Aumwudi.
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those photo enlargements, or set of
album prints.
ii -3 eea i inn
The BEST all-round Family
Sewing Machine that can be
produced. Made in both'RO
, TARY k VIBRATOR styles,
i -The rotary makes both
Lock and Chain, stitch. The
latest up to the minute steel
attachments with each ma
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Send name and address for
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Tr?8 Development
4i pnges of interesting
articles about Bend and
Central Oregon. More
than 10 0 illustrations.
Wrapped for mailing.
Get in your orders while
they last and send them
to your friends in theEaft
a Copy
Tho Dcnd Hrlck Company desires
to cull npcclal attention to the ad
vantages uf itnlnit brick for cltoru
nnd Imllar wmk. It Is tho most
economical nml tho must satis
factory material. -Hit
You ought to hnvo your photo
Nona: ok noM) s.m.h.
Xotlco Ih hurehy kIvimi that seated
proposals will bo received nt the
otllco or tho City ltcoordor. Iloud,
OroKun, up to six (ti) o'clock P. M.
on Tuiwday, the 24th dny uf 8o
tumher, 101 J, fur tho purchase of
Municipal llouds of tho City of Itond,
Oregon. Said llouds are In tho sum
of jtJO.000 par value, Issued In de
nominations of ItOOU, nud Issued fur
tho puriose of coustructltiK a sower
If ovi he mi or r
IMtttnt miller wilt lniinr.Hlrly to
W W WRICIIT tcul.lfit.l ulloinry K Ttutt UMit W'thlnttun II C
system nud ntitliorUod by vuto nt n
special election held in tho City of
Iloud on tho .Oil' dny of July, 10U,
Hnld bonds nr dated Heptuinlior 1st,
11UU, nud liiu.r Intel est nt u rate nut
oxceodliiK six (0) per cent per annum
Interest pnynldo Homl-aiiuunlly.
Hnld bonds maturo Koptomber 1st,
tun J. Interest and pitirlual pay
able nt Iloud, OroKun, or tho Oregon
Klsonl AKoncy In Now York City.
Hnld ImitilH nro Issued nud to bu sold
tn nccordauco with tho provisions uf
thu Clinrter of tho City of Iloud.
lroposnlri for said bonds shall
stnto tho rate of luturest on which
tho pmiHisal Ih based,
Hitch proposal must lie accompan
ied by a certified chock In tho Hum of
One Thousand ($1000.00) Dollars.
Made paVRlde (o tho City Troasurer
f tho C'ltv of Mend, as n KUHmntco
of tlirt Kood fitlth uf the lilddwr.
Tlit City reserxwi the iIkIU to re
ject any or all bids.
My order of the Common Council
of the City of Hand. OrHflii, dated
July XOth, 191. rirt publltHtlun
July .llh. 19 1 it.
U. l. I'I'TN'AM. Mavtir.
II C KI.I.IS. Iterorder.
In Jostle's Couit for lleud Precinct
No. a Prints: Coun, OreKvn
Mrs. Nellie rlsht. Plaintiff, vs.
New Steel County Bridge
Conned; Bend Direcft With
Do you know what the new bridges across the
Willamette have clone to the prices of East
Side Portland property?
Well, prices of East Side Portland property
have doubled and tripled during the last few
Has it occurred to you that this new bridge
across the Deschutes into the very center
of Kenwood will greatly increase the value
of all the splendid residence property there?
. And do you realize that our prices are 30 per
cent lower than those of any residence proper-
- ty the same distance from the center of the
rbusiness center of town? And that our terms
. are the easiest offered? And do you know that
Kenwood is the best view property in Bend?
And do you know that there is a first class
water service in Kenwood, many blocks of
sidewalk and many attractive homes?
Prices of Kenwood Lots will be advanced
10 per cent on September 1st.
Corner of Wall and
J, K. Kolloy, Dorondnnt
To J W. Kolley, tho nhovo tinmed
In tho iiainn of tho slnto of Oro
koii! You aro lioiuby roiiulred to
nppenr and nnawur tho fiiniplalnt
llled nitnliiHt yon In tlio nhovo un
titled action on or before Ootobur
1st, 11)1.. nnd If you fall to so
answer tho plaintiff will tulio judg
ment iiKiilnst you for the sum ili
mnuded In her complaint herein1) to
wit for tho sum or 1-0. 00, hosldoM
the oust and dlshumuiuuuu ut this
Thin summons Is oi dined to bo
twrwd upon )ou ) (Iih pulillualloit
llmrnof In Tho Hand llllllfllll. H
woekly nowspnpwr published In Crook
County. OieKon, by I ho order or J
M. Iwrtmee, Justlco of tlm above
outltltd Court; said order hclnn
dated Auaust 4Ul. lUtl. date of first
publication An mist 7th, 1!H.
iHiorih of publleatlnn six tirut
Dstsd AuRiist Ttb. lint.
Attornt) for I'lalHtirf.
Justlco of the Pear" for
Mend. I'rfciivt No J.
22-27 Crook Cuuut. OreMou
Oregon Streets
RACES $3000
Tho Anmml Wiihcd niitl Hood IHver
County Fnlr will liu litilil at Tho
DhIIm, Octolmr 1, 2( , -1, llii'j.
Thin Hxlilliltlun will comprint) hornes,
ciitlhi, fht-op, nwltiu, poultry, fnrtn
IllodllCts, frtllt, IIOWITN, IIHTChlll)., iimmifiii'ttirvH, innchlnury, wo.
iimn'H work, art. clilldrcii'n t-xliil.itn
of nrl nml itiirik'iiInK, loeil con.
teHtH. novel nttmctloiiH nml enter.
(nlnnumlH that will tlcklo you very
mtichly. Coino nml luivo thu best
liino of your life, nml you will l.v
llfty yimra lithnor. DON'T Foil-
JUDD S. FISH, Kocty.
A two horKiWMr KwlrhtttM-.
Morte KmllHH iimriIih for sale at n,
creat baritalu at (lit llnnd llMril..t
('nupauy'H stnrtt. In first claim if
llltlllll. u
The HulletlM lis- n xopply of npi..
ciitliiii blioilio for liuotliiK IIiyii.i--ulilih
nu)oue tun secure by ralliiiK
at (til- mine,
to bo oo tbe s-f side; It pays.