The Bend bulletin. (Bend, Or.) 1903-1931, August 28, 1912, Page PAGE 9, Image 9

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All Our Seed is
Information for
Uvery Issue of Tho
iio nuiie-
f tin records tho progress of
Central Oregon ami tho Ilend
country. If you aro a homo
Hooker tnoklnit for a now lo
cution, or own property In
this ootlon, thuro Is no hotter
way to hcotno acquainted
with, or koep polled on, what
li being dono In this part of
tho world than by reading
thla paper rogularly. Bond
In your subscription at onco
ao aa not to miss anythlnK of
what la koIiik on In thla Mr.
resourceful country t h I a
groat Inland omplro that baa
now iKion openod for devolop-
niont by two groat railroad t
1 lyatema. X
lllCNIt la located ICO iuIIoh south
of tho Columbia Itlvor. on tho hanka
ot tho Deschutes, at tho terinlnui of
tho Hill and llarriinan rallroada.
Geographically, It la practically Iti
tins vory contor of Oregon. Kcono
inlcally, Ita location la unsurpassed,
for Hand atanda bcsldo tho greatoat
powor producing stream In tho North
weat, whoro railroad, water-power
and tlmbar flrat moot, atid surround
ed by tho groateat Irrigation oogto
gatlon In Oregon, with countless
mllllona ot ncroa ot grain landa
Tho City Itself.
Tho oitlmntod population of Ilend
today la 1700. Ia ultlludo la 3000
foot, with a cllmato that la practically
Ideal. Whiter nnd aumiuor, 'tho
weather U magnificent, tho tempera
turo fnrcly going bolow xoro nnd
only twlco, during tho Init threo
aunimora, bolug htghor than 100 de
grees. Tho highest tomporaturo over ro
corded la 102 dogrooa. At thla alti
tude, In tho dry cllmato, actual
harmful froodng doe not occur at
32 dogrooa but at 36 dogrqoa.
(lovornmont rocorda show on
avorago annual precipitation of 10
Inches with an average yoarly of
3.8Q aunny daya, That meana onough
rain for the farmer, lota ot bluo iky
nnd bright aumhlno, no oppreulve
boat, arid cllmatlo onvlronmont that
bIvoi Nature ovory ponilblo obanco
to got tho boat results from man and
Ilond has four churches many
t'&Ajvolsnt socletloi, iplondld grado
sxft'dola and a high school whoso
i1 :rrT7777.T jr. : 'l
- - 4..
C. I. BOZELL, Manager .
Thoroughly Cleaned and Graded by Special
the Homeseeker
graduates aro odmlttod to tho State
University without examination, ex
cellent banks, tho best equipped
and stocked stores of any town of;from all ovor Intorlor Oregon will
twlco tho alio In Oregon, brick yards, h col.cctod hero, that buyera will
ilono quarrlofc, lour nnd lumber) emtio hoio. that thousands of snoop
mill, a creamory, cold storago:ll i. ni,0iir,i hom n,t h i..
plants, steam laundry, nowapapor,
well appolutod hotels, and, Indeed,
atilo representatives of every class
of enterprise.
In othor words, Ilond Is well
equipped, modern and progressive,
with a lot of wldo-nwako men who
havo spent good money developing
tho town, and who nro getting good
roturna on their Investments.
Ilend has tho bost water In tho
tato, and an oxcctlont modern water
ayatottt, which Includes up-to-dato
tiro protection,
Ilond'a streets and homes aro well
lighted by electricity, which Is fur
nlshod from a now plant which cost
300,000 to build nnd equip.
A local and long dlstanco tele
phone, as well aa telegraph, aro
othor Itomi In lloud'a metropolitan
Work la under way on a $80,000
sowor s)stem.
Thoro aro more beautiful resi
dence! In Ilend, proiortlonatoly to
the population, than In any othor
town In the West.
Everywhere thero aro well tnado
and well kept sidewalks, tho itreota
aro maintained In the best condition
and aro lit with powerful arc lights,
giving tho town tho best stroot light
root iigni -
i..M .. ...... ,.. rt .. ti.i.u ,...
many boatitlful view, of mountain.,:
river nnd tlmhor, tho magnificent
troca icnttorod goncrotiily through
out the residential districts, and tho
wonderful climate, Ilond loaves little
to bo dealrod by thoso who seok
Ideal places In which to llvo.
In Octobor, ,1011, tho Hill and
Hnrrlman railroad systems com
plutod to Ilond their Oregon Trunk
and Deichutoi linos. Ilond ts tho
terminus of both of theso roads.
Tho hnndsomo dopot, orectod with
natlvo atone, and tho host oqulppod
warohouso In tho stato, Indicate In
what tmportanco tho railroad com
panies hold Ilond.
An oxtonslvn distributing business
already la being conducted from
Ilond, to the country south atid
southeast, and with the regular opor
atlon ot automobile truck tinea, tho
volume of this busluoss Is vastly In
creasing. Practically all of western llarnoy
county, and northorn Lake and
?' i'
Klamath, w get supplies In by way
of Ilond, and In return will oxport
via Ilend enormous clips of wool.
In connection with this latter pro
duct and Ita shipment here, tho rail
roads have announced that every
Juno thero Is to be a regular wool
aalo at Ilond. This meana that wool
tho very near future, woolen mills
win iio established.
In nil attrvoyi that havo been
made for n branch. Hill road to tho
southeast, to gptumand connection
with nmilated roads and an outlet
In that direction, lloud has boon
made tho terminus point.
A Carey Act Irrigation segregation
embracing approximately 200,000
acres, lies to the oast and north ot
Ilond. This land la watered under
tho supervision of tho State ot Ore
sou, nnd becomes tho property of
settlers who acqulro It by residence
and Improvement, paying from 116
to $40 an acre for wator sorvlce,
with an annual maintenance charao
of 30 to 80 conta an acre, tho lowest
maintenance rato in oporatlon.
Non-lrrlgnblo acrcngo Is purchased
at $3.60 an aero.
Directly adjoining Ilend aro two
othor irrigation enterprises, both
conducted on a farmers' co-operative
bails, and both exceedingly prosper
ous. On the Irrigated Innda all tho pro
dttcta of tho tomporate rono prospor.
fr,,n . .., ., ,. , -
" ,u viiuiaiv, iiuwravur. nru
,1.-,.,l ...,. . .1
tt, i!"
production of grasses nnd root
cropa. Alfalfa, clovor, grain, pota
toes and othor root crops, Including
sugar boots, do romnrkahly woll.
Tho yield ot butter tut from tho
grasses Is exceptionally great, and
this, combined with the puro aoft
water, atid tho lack of excessive heat
uud cold, destines thla torrltory to
tnko tho front rank as n dairy
country. Tho establishment of a
large creamery at Ilond, and the aid
given farmers In socurlng fine cowa
by the local banks, moans that a man
with forty acrca who will raise grass
and food It to his cowa will be as
sured of a comfortable living.
Work Is now in progress upon a
great now Irrigation canal, known aa
the North Canal, which will Irrigate
somo 60,000 acres ot land. Tho
canal gets Us water from tho Des
chutes. Dry Farming.
Tributary to Ilond on the south
oast Is a hugo dry farming area, em
bracing uioro than 360,000 acres of
lovol and rolling aago brush land,
with deep soil, no troca and rocks,
and with well wntor obtalnablo at
inodornto depths.
Much of thla torrltory has boon
settled by homostoadorn during tho
Inst your, and many families nro
dally taking ndvantago of this last
big chnco to got freo Government
land. Tho mnjorlty of tho acrcago
Is opou to homesteadlng undor tho
330 ncro law, which allows tho froo
acquisition of that amount In return
for residence nnd proportional annual
cultivation and Improvement. Tho
homestead lrfw aro being rnndo
easier and mora attractive, with tho
result that mora and moro sotllers
eomo to Ilond nnd mako homes on
this laud tributary to tho town.
(lood roads oxteud through this
country, and dally nuto and stage
lines tap It from Ilond, to which It
products will como on down grado
hauls to bo milled with tho Inox
haustlblo wntor power of tho Des
chutes Itlvor Immediately bolow
Ilond, where n dam Is being con
structed nt n cost of about IG0.00Q,
Tho work In connection with this
summer's dovolopmont of the now
canal will requlro an oxpondlturo
or f m,000. All of this monoy will
bo spent closo to Ilond. Tho ontiro
systom will roqulro approximately
$700,000 to contploto.
Tributary to Wnd, on down grado
hauls, Is 30,000,000.000 feet of the
fluent yellow plno tlmlx-r. llcsldcs
providing tho cheap power for tho
milling or this onormous timber belt.
Ilend offers tho best of mill pond
Tho manufacture or this timber
ot Ilond la a cortalnty, for tho largest
of tho companies Interested aro
heavy property owners In Ilond lands
and waterpower developments, and
havo signified their Intention of lo
cating their big mills hero.
At prcsont thoro are sovcral
smaller mills, employing In the
neighborhood of ISO mon. Whllo
theso manufacture lumber primarily
tor local consumption, not only aro
many carloads exported to the towns
north of Ilond, but also many are
shipped to the mlddlo western mar
kets, which later will bo supplied
heavily with the Ilend lumber pro
ducts. Water Power
Thoro la at least 360,000 tiorso
power easily obtalnablo from the
Deschutes at and noar Ilend.
Already a 1700 horsepower plant
is in operation in tho town, which
offors aa cheap electric power for
domestic and manufacturing uses aa
Is obtainable In tho Northwest. The
Inexhaustible and cheap power at
tior doors guarantees flend'a exten
sive manufacturing future
The man who cornea to fiend or
the adjacent sections of Central Ore
gon will be agreeably surprised at
tho plossant surroundings he will
encounter, both In what nature has
supplied and In social matters.
For Instanco, a University Club
recently was organlied In Ilend with
36 charter membors. That Indicates
tho character of tho men who aro
building up Central Oregon.
Tho sportsman w Cud tho Ilend
country a vorltnhlo paradlso. Fish
ing In tho Deschutes Is n famous
attraction, that rlvor's giant trout
bringing sport lovers from alt parts
of tho Northwest. Door, bear, rab
bits aago hens, ducks, gecso, swans
and other gamo afford ample recre
ation for the out-door lover along
tho river and In tho foothills.
Canoeing nnd boating directly at
Ilend and up tho broad reaches of the
Deschutes, coupled with excellent
auto roads, hoiao back riding possi
bilities without end, and near by
snow clad mountain peaks, combine
near Ilend Interest tor every sort of
nature lover and health seeker.
How to Ret Hero
From Portland take elthor tho
V.tFil. Il.i.l i.iiwi..i" - k r
...,. .m..h .., awwu u, tuw uio-
gon-Washington Railroad Navi
gation Co. system direct to Bond.
Tho faro Is $7.45. Through tickets
from all Eastern polnta are good
directly to Ilond. The route up the
Deschutes Canyon is tho most strik
ingly beautiful railroad trip In tho
Northwest, and, aay lovers ot fine
sccuory, la in Itself woll worth the
Thoro are town having gwd sum
mer cllmatot.
Thuro are towns having good
There aro lowni at tho right
Thoro are towns having attractions
for tho outdoor enthusiast.
Thoro nro towns having building
There nro towns having brick
There nro towns having Irrigated
There are towns having timber.
There aro towns having mills and
There aro towns having wator
power. ..
There are town having great tribu
tary areas.
There ore towns which ure tormlnals
of two railroads,
'But whore Is, ihore a town having,
all ot these advantages? ...
nENDlssuoha town.
And that Is why It will pay you, no
mutter whether you aro an' Investor,
u home.seoker, business man or tourist,
to Investigate what Ilond and thn ri.
jucout country has to offer' you.
aleim niljnt4 Whsn Thaeksray and
CharlotU Bronte Mst.
Those do not always shine who
should, nri ninny n chagrined host or
hoMtess has found out. Amusing In
retrospect. If quite otherwise at the
moment. mut bnve been tho occasion
when Charlotte Ilronlo, "tho little lady
from Ynrkxhlre nf whom all England
was talking." appeared at the London
house of tho author of "Vanity Fair."
The story Is told In Lewis Melville's
'The Thnrkerny Country."
Thackerny pive n dinner party to
meet Charlotte Ilronte In Juno. I&7),
and among tho guests wcro the Car
lylea, the Procters, the Itrookllrlds, Mr.
Crowe, Miss Eliot and 111m Perry.
"It was a gloomy and silent even
ing," Lndy Itltcblo has recorded. "Ev
ery one waited for the brilliant conver
sation which never began at all.
"Miss llronte returned to the rofa In
tho study nnd murmured a low wont
now nnd then to our governefs, Miss
Troclock. The room looked very dark?
tho lamp began to smoke a llttlo: the
conversation grew dimmer npd more
dim: the ladles sat round still expec
tant My father was too much per
turbed by the gloom and tho silence to
be nbte to cope with It at all. Mrs.
Hrookrlcld. who was In the corner In
r which Miss llronte was sitting, bent
forward with a little commonplace,
since brilliance was not to bo the order
of the orcnlng.
' 'Do you llko London, MUa Uronte T
sbo asked. Another alienee, n pause;
then Miss Uronto answered very
M Ves-no.'
"After Mlas Bronte bad left I was
surprised to see my father opening tho
front door with bis hat on. He put
bis Oncer to his lips, walked out Into
the darkness and shut the door quietly
behind him. Overcomo by the gloom
and constraint, be was running away
to bis club."
A Drsmatlo tneldint of th Political
Unrttt In Russia.
TTere Is tbe story of a Russian an
archist outrage In tbe words of one
who was nearly killed In the explo
sion: While staying at Cannes n.
Jones Thaddeus, author of "Recollec
tions of a Court Painter." met tbe
Grand Duchess Elene of Russia, who
gave-btm an account of tbe then re
cent attempt anon tbe life of the czar.
The czar was a few minutes late In
his arrival In the dining room, and for
this reason the explosion waa prema
ture. After describing tbe event the
grand dnebcas told Mr. Thaddeus:
"When the echoes of the explosion
died away a dead silence succeeded,
which, united with tbe darkness pre
vailing, so donao aa almost to be felt,
conduced to render our helpless posi
tion still more painful and unendur
able. We dared not move. There was
no escape from tbe peril which sur
rounded us. Present! out of tbe dark
ness came tbe clear, calm voice of the
cxar. My children, let us prayr The
sound of his voice, white reassuring
os as to his safety so far, relieved the
awful strain on oar nerves and brought
comfort to onr hearts.
"We sank to our knees, sobbing.
Dow long we remained eo I really do
not know. It seemed an eternity of
anguish before the guards appeared
with randies, little expecting to dnd
us alive. Pome of us were nearly de
mented when the welcome relief ar?
Blank Notes
Rent Books
Receipt Books
Sales Contracts
Crook County Mnps
Central Oregon Maps
Scratch Pads
Cruisers' Books.
We take orders for
Rubber Stamps.
rAOR .
rived, and our feelings were not calmed
as wo then contemplated tbe awful,
nature of the destruction we bad e'
"A fow feet tn front of the czar was
a black chasm where so short n time
before bad been the brilliantly lit din
ing room filled with servants. Not a
trace of It or of them remained."
Tht "Copper."
There ore two theories as to the
source of tbe term "cop" or "copper,"
tho familiar name for an officer of tho
law In tbe mouth of tbe mlscblovous
gamin. One derives It from the letters
C O. P. central office police-but the
othor nnd more usual explanation of
the word Is that It referred to the
eight point star made ot copper and
surrounded by a coptwr ring worn by
tbe Metropolitan police of Now Tork
In tho late fifties. This bndce. a huge
affair, which was fastened to the but
tonhole by a chain about four Inches
long, was later superceded by a special
badge of smaller size.
Fee His Own Plsssure.
"I sappoxe your wlto was moro than
delighted at your rabe of salary, wasn't
she?" asked Jones of Drown.
"I haven't told her yet. but sho will
be when she knows It," answered
"How It It that you haven't told
"Well. I thongbt I would enjoy my
self a couple of weeks first." Judge.
Two of a Kind.
Pecunlons Father So yon daro to
say you are an ideal match for my
daughter? Impecunious Youth I do.
Indeed, slrl Pecunlons Father Why.
you baro never earned n dollar la your
Ufa Impecnnlous Touth Neither bs
she. Philadelphia Ledger,
Established a Rscerd.
'What did mother say when jroa pro
poM to bor. daddy?"
"She bone ber head and waa silent
for several minutes. And that U tbe
only time I havo ever known ber to be
silent for several minutes." Detroit
Free Press.
Mlsssd th 8tory.
"Say, what waa that story about,
"Well, can yoo keep a secret?"
"So can L"-Olfc
The stone sharpens knives, but &
dnll ItnelC-Plutarch.
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A 3C
Selling Agents for
Aubrey Heights
I .. J -4J LU-.B
Tho most beautiful resi
dence property In Bend. Only
6 to 8 blocks from business
center on easy terms.
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